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Birthday party ideas for 2 year old

Yearly, birthdays are coming. Being blessed with the chance to enjoy life for another year is priceless; that’s why birthdays are to be enjoyed and celebrated. At the first birthday party of your child, you might go to the traditional way of celebrating it.  You might throw a big party on your little one’s first birthday, based on how you would like the party to go. But, this time, it will be a little different. 2-year-olds these days know what they want, and the others were able to speak too. Taking your celebrant’s wants and likes into consideration is a big plus in making the celebrant happier on his/her important day.

Things to consider when hosting a birthday party for 2 year old

Keeping it Simple

2-year-olds do not remember much of the events around them but making their birthdays celebrate the way they will enjoy it will bring joy to them. Keep the celebration short, so it would not be stressful to her/ him. Little children will get tired of long occasions.   You might as well want to take a lot of pictures or videos of her and her friends, so the memory will last and be enjoyed when your kid gets older.

Party Time

Toddlers need time to rest in the afternoon, so it will be better to invite your child’s favorite playmates starting 10 am up to 1:00 pm. Three hours of uninterrupted fun and games must be enough and will make them all tired but happy.

Party Food

Food must be simple as well and easy to prepare. Choose your child’s favorite food to make sure that he/she will enjoy eating with friends. Serving them finger foods will surely be ok for them, like nuggets, sandwiches, pretzels, cakes, and ice cream, of course, some chosen fruits, etc. Have several options of food for some picky eaters and for others that have allergies.


Design your invitations according to your theme. Lovely invitations are easy to make. State your message clearly and do it well. Invitations were like a small glimpse of what the party may look. An interesting invitation will create a sense of excitement for the people you are planning to invite. Inviting people to your child’s party may help you build stronger relationships for your child.

Party Place

Partying at home is better if your place is wide enough. If you plan to have it in a rented place, ensure that the area is easy to access and sufficient for your child guests. Go for a location that has a good ambiance and will make your guests comfortable. Parents of the kids will indeed look after their kids even from a distance, so it is better to have a not crowded venue to hold the party.

Have Theme

It might be challenging to think of a theme for the upcoming party of your toddler. Considering what they usually like or favorites may help you to decide.  With everyday bonding with your child, you might probably have theme ideas that you can put up.  By choosing what he/she loves, finding things to decorate the place will be much easier for you.

Importance of having a themed party

  • Sets the party mood

Having a theme will help you set your guests’ mood. The theme may excite them as soon as they reach your party place. It may also motivate them to participate in your prepared activities for the party. You may have a successful party if your little guests are inspired to cooperate and enjoy. Every theme can cause a unique feeling that comes with it and maybe sustained throughout the party. From decorations, venue, food, and everything that the party is composed of, it will automatically awaken the guests’ mood if it has synchronization with the theme.

  • Easy decoration

Knowing what the theme is will make it easier for you to buy things to use for decorations. You will not get confused while selecting things to use. Thinking about the theme will serve as your guide. 

  • Create a buzz

It is just a 2-year-old party, but the parents who attend your party will indeed talk about it if it goes well. You may inspire them to do well when it is their turn to prepare for their parties.

  • Promotes unity

Your guests will go according to your theme. They will know to dress to fit in your chosen theme and know what to expect at your party. The party vibe brought by the theme will unite the celebrations feels as people gather.

Loot bags

I do not know when the giving of loot bags started. Honestly, I find giving these small goodie bags unnecessary. But, when you are the one who organizes the party, and you know that your guests will be expecting the loot bags, you may have to prepare some.

Prepare loot bags to take out. Fill it up with things that match the party theme but with some useful stuff. It will be nice to extend the party feeling until the kids reach their respective homes. May it be food or things that they can use that you put on a loot bag, it will surely make kids smile and still feel the party vibe even the party is over.

Keep It Lively

Keeping the party lively with your child’s favorite people is excellent; bonding and building memories together. It is best to have a list of activities to do so you won’t be running of ideas to do. Here are some ideas that you can make for your 2-year-old’s birthday party.

 2-year-old birthday ideas

1.    Bubble Party

2-year-olds love bubbles; if your child is one of the many who love playing with bubbles, having a bubble party will surely be perfect for him/her. It is a great summery theme that fits as an outdoor activity. Kids are often mesmerized by floating bubbles. Arm the kids with bubble guns, bubble wands, bubble machines, and the bubble mixture for a ready refill. Play music that your kids love, and the kids the mood for celebrating. Check this bubble party decoration at amazon:

2.    Pool Party

If your 2-year-old’s birthday is during the summer, a pool party would be a fun and refreshing choice. Kids will enjoy spending time with water but, of course, needs adult supervision. Using inflatable pools in the backyard is still a pool party. It may be simple, but it will be enough for toddlers. You can get creative and prepare plastic bins, drawers, spray bottles, or any of the water-safe toys they have. You can fill the containers with water and put the toys inside; they can simultaneously play and enjoy the water. You can also add up balloons and filled them with water inside for water balloon pinata. You might want to consider checking this product:

Beach Ball Birthday Party Supplies & Table kit, Pool Party Decorations
Complete set of pool party supplies and decorations, you don't have to waste your time searching for matching things for your theme.

3.    Face Painting Party

Face painting is something that toddlers would be excited to have. It is perfect entertainment for children’s parties. From choosing colorful images to feeling the brush and painting to the skin, it will surely entice them to fall in line for it. They will have their attention focused on watching the painter do their artwork of colorful pieces. It may act as a party favor for your guests. You can hire face painters, but you can also do it yourself if you have the talent. It doesn’t have to be perfect, for kids at early ages are easy to please. If you decided to do it, then choose the paint that is FDA approved. Provide kids and their guardians or parents information on how to remove their paints properly.  It must be removed after the event and can not stay on the skin for a long time because it can lead to possible skin or eye irritation. Removing the paints may vary on what brand you use. Be sure to read instructions carefully or do some research first for safety use. Here is a face paint kit that you might want to try:

Face Paint Kit for Kids
The great face paint kit for kids, safe and easy to use.

4.    Don’t Grow Up Two Fast

This party is a car racing party for the little one that loves cars so much. Set up the party vibe with race tracts as designs and toy cars of your kid for display. Have banners, and you can use Disney Pixar’s car for reference and inflatable tire designs to hang on the wall. Here are the party theme decoration supplies:

Race Car two Fast party Decoration Supplies
Beautiful sets of decorations that you will surely love.

5.    Cardboard Castle Party

If you are a crafty person and in the mood to be creative, then making your kid’s cardboard castle will be an easy task. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly activity for toddlers, a cardboard castle party is one of them. 2-year-olds were easy to please and will love to have a cardboard castle for the party. It is not only for decoration purposes; it will also encourage kids to create situations in their minds for pretend play.  Pretend play is beneficial for kids to cultivate their imagination and enhance their social skills. Add some pretty glittery castle on your tabletop to make it more appealing to kids.

4 Pieces Gold Castle Table Centerpiece
This castle centerpiece will add a magical feel to your birthday party from its glittery look.

6.    Ball Party

Toddlers, girls, and boys love balls. Deciding to have a ball party is something that they will surely enjoy. It works well even with the older kids. You can use few inflatable swimming pools and pour colorful plastic balls on them. Having that sight will excite kids to play and enjoy releasing their extra energy with the other kids. Little kids benefit from developing their motor skills in playing balls; they also have their social skills to grow by sharing with other guests. Choosing to have a ball party for your 2-year-old is a good idea because kids enjoy it, but materials to use at the party were easy to find. Adding these ball decorations will surely make your theme afloat.

UNIQOOO 8 Pcs Sports Paper Lanterns Party Decoration Set
These are reusable decorations so having these will also let you save money, can be used in many occasions.

7.    Two Wild

Two wild is a safari party theme, a good neutral party to go. Toddlers love animals and were fascinated by them, so having tigers, elephants, monkeys, zebras, and more for decorations is something that your little one will surely appreciate. This theme is also like the safari theme. There are a lot of balloons in the market that has animal designs on them. They will serve as perfect decorations for this theme.

Two Wild Safari Birthday Party Decorations
The perfect two wild party set, beautifully made and worth your money.

8.    Sandcastle Party

If you can’t make it to the beach, you can still have your kids’ sandcastle party outside your home. Provide a sandbox or sand tables for them. Kids adore playing in the sand, making shapes. Having a sandcastle party will surely be fun for kids, provided there must be adults on their sides because 2-year-olds tend to put their hands on their mouths often. You can use a light blue table cloth to mimic the sea breeze or ocean waves for decorations, starfish cut-outs, and other things that will provide the summery party feels. Have several shovels and pails ready. Toddlers love digging and playing with grains of sand as they sit with them. If your toddler loves sandcastles, you can let your child play for a short hour to feel and enjoy its texture.

Toy Race Sand Castle Beach Bucket Toy Set
With these molds, kids will be inspired to come up with more beautiful sandcastles.

9.    Bounce House

Having a bounce house for a 2-year-old party will result in hours of fun. You can’t go wrong with renting a bounce house for a party because little kids love jumping and bouncing. Children of all ages love spending time playing in them, and it can make your visitors’ spirit higher. It is rare to find frowning kids at a bounce house. It will keep them entertained all through the party and will also serve as their exercise too. These are versatile, a great addition to parties, and can add up for decoration because they have a lot of design to fit your theme.

AirMyFun Inflatable Locomotive Bouncy House
Awesome inflatable fun giver for kids of all ages. Your party will not get boring with this.

10.              Art Party

Kids will always love arts. Let your kids and his/her friends enjoy arts the way they wanted by having an art party.  You can prepare sidewalk chalk, crayons, and watercolors for kids to enjoy. At an early age of 2, your kid would love painting or coloring. It is nice to have the chance to handle brushes and discover their talent in arts. They will be encouraged to engage in art activities if they find out that they can do something beautiful out of the materials you provided them. Having an art party will offer chances for the kids to enjoy and unleash the creativity they have in them.

13 Pcs Art Party Supplies
Art decoration supplies, that your child will adore.

11.              Tea for two

This theme is for toddler girls, usually with dainty color decorations, simple and pleasing to the eye. Tea parties don’t have crowded designs; they stay elegant but straightforward. You can set up stations for this to keep your guests busy. You can add-up a design station, where kids can decorate their biscuits or cakes. Have plenty of beautiful candies, fondants with different colors, and icing for them to use. You can also put up a coloring station, just ready coloring sheets and crayons for kids. These stations will take their time and keep them busy. They will have the chance to express their creative sides while playing with other kids.

DXary Tea for Two Birthday Party Decoration Set
A complete set of attractive decoration for your tea for two birthday party.

12.              Balloon Party

On any occasion, balloons make the party’s atmosphere much fun and attractive. Our little ones love them so much and are being attracted easily by them. Balloons have many varieties; they offer different colors, styles, and shapes. You can hire someone to do balloon twisting to turn long balloons into balloon toy animals, or you can learn the skill on youtube if you have time. Your kids and your visitors will be impressed and entertained as they see you transform the balloons.

RC&Z Navy Blue Balloon Garland Arch Kit
120 Pcs set of high-quality metallic balloons, elegant looking and easy to use.

13.              Two Sweet

The party idea two-sweet is a party for kids with a sweet tooth. The theme may have feminine colors, but the sweets to be served will not discriminate against any gender. All kids, regardless of age or even adults, will love to have loads of sweet goodies. Inflated giant doughnuts, ice creams, and colorful balloons will surely fit this theme.

DXary Donut 2nd Birthday Party Supplies Set
A decoration set that will add the party feel of sweetness and fun.

14.              Character Party

If there is a particular character that your little one loves, partying with many decorations with that specific character will surely make his/her day special. Having a character party is like supporting or honoring your kid’s interest. Hiring some mascots or someone to dress up like your child’s favorite character will surely make him happy. These mascots will entertain your visitors and will keep them busy with few interactive games. It will also be helpful because you can rest for a while and enjoy yourself with your child. You can request your guests to dress according to the theme so it will look good in photos. Take as many pictures and videos as to store the memories of the special day. Play the favorite theme song of your kid that goes along with the theme. Sample character theme:

15.              Construction Party

Many kids are amazed when they see gigantic construction trucks on the streets. They are like being dazzled staring at them. If your 2-year-old is a truck-obsessed kid, then the construction theme is just right for him. If you have time to be creative and decorate, few boxes may serve as add-up decorations. You can cut and turn them into trucks and paint a little. You can also create a photo booth by drawing a truck and cut-out the windows so your guests can stick out their faces for a photoshoot.

Construction Birthday Party Supplies
The best decoration kit for your construction party themed birthday, fun and easy to set up, worth the price.

16.              Twotti Frutti Party

Cute and colorful theme tutti frutti is a picture-perfect theme. Your 2-year-old will surely love this theme for its various colors, and it will not be hard for you to find the kinds of stuff to use to decorate your venue. Some balloons have fruit designs on them, perfect for this theme. You can prepare multiple fruit toys for kids to play with and set a play fruit stand area. Prepare shopping bags, cash register toy, money, and basket for kids to pretend play.

Tutti Frutti Birthday Decorations
A fun and colorful decoration set for the Twotti Frutti birthday of your child that will bring your venue the happy vibe.

17.              Photo Booth

Providing a photo booth at parties will interest your guests, not only the kids but also the adults. People these days love taking photos. Photo booths have backgrounds that will make people look good on them, plus you can provide accessories for them to use, like hats, shades, wigs, or any other items that will make taking photos fun. People attending your party will love this idea because they will have the chance to participate and have remembrance. Mostly, photo booths bring people closer together. Having it, people will have a reason to gather. They would love to take group photos, may it be formal or funny looking.

Joyin Toy B01F3288OE Photo Booth Props
This photo booth props will make posing for photos much fun.

18.              Two the Moon

“I love you to the moon and back,” -sounds familiar? This idiom has been popular for at least a few decades now. The phrase expresses their deep love for someone far more prominent than other mere earthly emotions. This party is somewhat based on that idiom, too, not to mention the idea attached to it: outer space. If your toddlers love rockets or astronauts and the planets’ images, which are often included in the youtube nursery videos that your child is viewing, then having a two-the-moon party is the right choice. There are a lot of things that you can use to decorate this kind of theme and plenty of toys to use, considering the space idea in mind.

Two the Moon Birthday Decorations Outer Space Theme Party Supplies
Wonderful decoration set that all ages will surely love, high quality and easy to assemble.

19.              Have Several Stations

Whatever your chosen theme, maybe, I would personally suggest having several stations at the party. In every station, assign an activity that will make your visitors busy. Children have different interests, so having several stations offers them options for enjoying themselves while at the party. Adults may also find each station interesting. Some sample stations were:

Coloring station

In this station, you can have coloring books and crayons ready. You can also print several drawings for toddlers to color from the internet, so you don’t have to buy coloring books. You may consider purchasing these drawing mats to be shared by kids, so they will learn to socialize and make friends:

Puzzle Station

Kids love puzzles; you can have different jigsaw puzzles ready for them. Jigsaw puzzles have different designs., choose the ones that are base on the theme that you have.

Petting Station

This one will fit the theme “Two Wild” or “Safari”.  Petting stations may have simple animals like bunnies, cats, ducklings, puppies, piglets, or any other animals that you can easily have or borrow. Toddlers love animals, and they will enjoy the feeling of just only looking at them or touching them for a short time. You can also add some stuff animals; your little guests will surely love playing with the stuffed animals.

JOY FOR ALL – Silver Tabby Kitten
Gorgeous stuffed animals that kids can play with.

Design Stations

It can be something edible; you can provide plain biscuits or bread for your little kids to decorate and take home afterward. You can have different colorful candies to use for their designs or jellies, jams, yogurts, and many more.

Wilton Animals and Stars, Bright Baking Supplies, 2.4 Ounce Assorted
This comes in different bright colors and shape, kids will surely love decorating using this.

Toy Station

The toy station will be composed of different toys. You can choose the toys to provide for them. Since your guests will be toddlers, it is better to check if the toys have small parts that may cause choking hazards. You can consider having building blocks that are not too small, plush toys, and other ride-on toys.

Lewo 115 Pcs Wooden building Blocks woth City Map Construction Building Set
This comes in 115 pcs colorful blocks that kids can build together, promotes hours of fun and sharing.

Final Thoughts:

Personally, I would recommend Tutti Frutti Birthday Decorations; the decorations were super cute, they are not only enticing, but this set is an attention grabber. Having such colorful decorations will uplift your party spirit and make you happy by merely looking at it. Have your party extra special by spending it with people you love, may it be simple or grand. For the whole year that we have, over the other 365 days in a year, we have this one day that belongs to us; and making it unique is something that you could do to make that single day stand out among the others. It can be a simple thanksgiving for having your baby healthy. Birthdays bind people, so your child must learn to share his/her special day with the people who matter to them, so they learn to socialize.

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