21 Outdoor Family Games with Your Children

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21 Outdoor Family Games with Your Children 7

You always want your family time to be memorable and creative. For working parents, having this special time with your children does not just give you a break but also give you a sense of happiness. On the other hand, your children would feel more special and loved when you do fun activities with them. Doing this would draw them more near you.

Benefits of Playing Outdoor Activity Games

Improved vision

For children, playing outdoor games does not just give them fun but also makes them less likely to develop a condition called nearsighted vision.[1] 20-35 minutes of outdoor games with your children could help in saving their vision.

Lowered risk of physical health issues

Today’s technology is amazingly great, which makes children spend more of their time indoors and losing interest in physical activities. When this happens, health issues like obesity and heart disease can occur.[2] But if outdoor games are always considered, a healthy body and mind may be achieved for both parents and children.

Parent-children relationship is boosted

Being able to spend time with family is already an amazing thing. But playing games with family is a great way to boost communication between you and your children because you both share an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Less stress

After working or studying the whole week, enjoying family time playing games can help you relieve the stress of life. This is because your mind to be refreshed and calm, especially when you see your family members laughing and smiling and enjoying the time with you.

Social and personality development

For both parents and children, playing outdoor family games does not just give you a positive attitude but also lets you acquire social skills.[3] When you can communicate with your family and other people where you are spending your day off, you are enhancing your social skills because you tend to be more kids towards other people. Also, for children, their personality is developed when they are learning to be independent while playing outdoors with you. They become more confident and disciplined.

Improved vocabulary

Being able to explore and physically touch new things gives children the chance to learn new words.[4] So, playing outdoors is an opportunity to widen your children’s sensory knowledge.

Children become more creative and appreciative to the nature

Outdoor games can make children more creative because of the beautiful environment that surrounds them. Their imagination can be improved, which can make them more artistic. Additionally, for both parents and children, appreciation for the nature and adventures of life can be felt. It will not just be a parent-children bonding, but it will also be parent-children-nature bonding as you both explore the beauty of nature.

21 Outdoor Family Games with Your Children

Here are 21 outdoor family games which you can consider playing with your children:

1.Treasure hunting using flags

This is an exciting game for all ages and if you do not want to use flags, you can use other stuff like surprise eggs, kids’ toys, or anything you have in your home!


    • Children and parents have to make paper flags, and the number depends on how many paper flags you want.
    • One person who is not included in the game should make a map that leads to the treasure pot. The treasure spot should have an “X” mark. After, the same person should put the paper flags on the different areas of the place where the family wishes to play. It is important to follow the map which was created in the first place when placing the flags.
    • Once a person reaches the “X” mark, he should put all of his flags and then he wins
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2. Hide-and-Seek

This is a popular and conventional game, and everyone can enjoy this simple activity at no cost!


  • This game needs no rules. The “chaser” will close his eyes and will count ten seconds or fifteen, depending on what you have agreed upon.
  • You just have to quickly hide before the “chaser” can seek you out.
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3. The Hanky Game

Can you imagine that with just a piece of a handkerchief, you can enjoy this classic game with your children of ages 5 and above? Yes, it is true!


  • Divide your family into two equal groups and line up on opposite sides.
  • Each player in each group should have an assigned number. For example, if you are four in the group, you have to assign numbers one to four. This applies to the other group as well.
  • One person who will stand in the center should hold the handkerchief.
  • This non-player will call out a number, and those called out should get the handkerchief as fast as they can.
  • When a player gets the handkerchief, this player should run back to the base without being tagged by the opponent of the same number.
  • If the handkerchief is brought back to the base without being tagged, the team will win. However, if the player got tagged, the point goes to the other team.
  • To make this game more fun, assign numbers based on the age and skills of the players. For example, for team A, if player 1 is a 5-year-old kid, team B should also assign player 1 to a 5-year-old-kid or an age near that.
The Hanky Game
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4. Hopscotch or Piko

This is a traditional game in the Philippines, and it is an easy game for everyone. All you need is a pebble and piece of chalk when playing on a concrete floor or a stick when you are playing in the sand.


  • Using chalk or stick, design your court. Usually, the court is made up of square and rectangle tiles, either two per line, with numbers written from 1 to 10.
  • Taking turns, a player throws a pebble on the box with the number 1. If the pebble gets in touch with the lines, the player loses his turn.
  • Jump on every empty box up to the second to the last box using only your one foot. If a player fails to hop using one foot, he loses his turn.
  • On the last box, a player can hop and put his two feet down.
  • Going back, hop again using one foot up until the player gets to the box before where the pebble is located.
  • Pick up the pebble while still standing on one foot and jump out.
  • If successfully done, pass the pebble to the other player and that player will do the same.
  • For the second round, this time, throw the pebble on the next box or box number two.
Hopscotch or Piko
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  • GROSS MOTOR SKILLS - Not only is the hopscotch hoop game fun and engaging, it’s a great way to help younger children build strength and develop their gross motor skills and balance.

5. Seven………Up!

No, this is not the tapping game, but it is a cool game for parents and children, especially the little ones. Without using any stuff, the family can enjoy this game!


  • Depending on an agreement, one player goes first.
  • This player then should look away from the other players and should shout “seven” while others are running farther and when he says “up”, the runners should stop immediately.
  • Any player who is caught even with just a little movement is out.

6. Badminton

This is an amazing sport that can also be played outdoors, like for example when you are at the park or even on your driveway. All you need is a shuttlecock and a rocket.


  • Badminton has its specific rules, but if you are just playing for fun with your children without using any net, the only thing to bear in mind is to not let the shuttlecock fall on the floor.
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7. Jumping Rope

Almost everyone played this skipping-rope game. It is a fun game, especially when you are jumping as a group. This is an easy game, yet fun for the kids and parents, too.


  • Get a skipping rope and decide on where you want to play. Much better if you play on grass as long as the floor is sturdy.
  • Two people should hold the end of each rope and move the rope from left to right.
  • When a player gets to enter and jump, move the rope in a circular motion.
  • Take turns when the player failed to jump successfully.
  • To put a twist, try this game using different levels. For example, level one should be played by jumping using both feet. Level two should be played by jumping using on foot. Level three should be played by jumping while sitting down, and so on.

8.Chinese Garter

If you are a family of three, this game is great for you. All you need is a stretchy, oblong rope.


  • Two people should put their feet inside the rope. Then, they will move out to stretch this rope so the third player has enough space to jump between them.
  • This game is played per level. The first level is ankle level, followed by knee and so on.
  • If the player fails to jump on the rope, the player loses turns.
Chinese Garter
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9.Mommy Says

This is a simple “bring me” game where a parent is the one who calls out the things she wants her children to bring to her or things she wants her children to do for her. The good thing is that this game can be played anywhere, but it is challenging when it is played in an unfamiliar area. Since things are not always available in an unfamiliar area; children will have to work harder.


  • A mother or a father should say “mommy says” and this is followed by a command.
  • Anyone who can do the command first is the winner.

10.Whipped Cream Fight

This is a messy but really enjoyable game. This can be included as the last part of your family day! All you need is some goggles and a can of whipped cream!


  • Fight with other players by spraying whipped cream on them. The player who has less whipped cream on the body is the winner!

11.Backyard Bowling

This game is a great practice for your children who love to play bowling. You can buy a bowling set or you can use plastic or glass bottles, too. An inflatable bowling set can also be bought and used if you prefer so.


  • Grab some bottles and arrange them in a triangle.
  • Roll a heavy ball and the player who gets to put down more bottles is the winner for that round.

12.Touching Ball

This game is all about avoiding the ball being thrown. Even kids of ages 3 can enjoy this game just make sure that the ball you will be using is soft so as not to hurt anyone. You would not want your kids to get a boo-boo this time!


  • Divide the family and create two groups.
  • Depending on an agreement, one group is assigned as the thrower and the other as the player.
  • The thrower will throw the ball to players in the middle.
  • The ball should be able to get in touch with a player in the middle and any player who gets to touch this ball is out of the game.
  • If one player in the middle gets the chance to catch the ball, this player can call out one person who lost a turn and this person then is back to the game.
  • After the last player is out, it is time to take turns. This time, the thrower will be the player and likewise.

13.Family Soccer

If you have a soccer field near your area, this game is just right for your family because all you need now is a soccer ball.


  • A minimum of three players is required when playing this game.
  • You can also buy a portable soccer goal if you are playing in a park. If you do not want to spend a dime, you can designate objects like trees as your goal.
  • On a family of three, you have to have one goalie and two players. This is best for a family with a kid of age 4-5.

14.Rice Sack Game

To play this game, you will need around two or three empty rice sacks. So, before throwing your empty rice sacks, try to save and use them for your next family outdoor game. Interestingly, pillowcases can be used, too!


  • Divide your family into two groups and designate a starting line and finish line.
  • Line up on your respective groups and one player should stand in the sack and make a trip by jumping from the starting line to the finish line and then back to the starting line.
  • After reaching the starting line, the sack should be passed on to the second player and the second player will do the same.
  • The family group who finishes first will be considered the champion.

15.Langit-Lupa (Heaven and Earth)

This is a classic game in the Philippines and it is best played in a wide area as it is all about running and chasing.


  • One player is considered out.
  • Earth is considered as the whole ground, while heaven is considered as any place aside from the ground.
  • All the players should run and find their heaven.
  • If one gets tagged while on the earth, that person replaces the “chaser”.

16.Lawn Tic-Tac-Toe

This pen and paper game can also be played outdoors using a giant version. You can do it yourself or buy this giant product, too.


  • Make a 3×3 square grid and assign X for one player and O for another player.
  • Players take turns placing their assigned letter on the empty squares.
  • The player who gets three of their assigned marks in a row is considered the winner.
  • If all nine boxes are full and no one wins, the round is restarted.
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17.Giant Jenga

Jenga is an intense game when played. Amazingly, it is more exciting to play this game outdoor using a giant one.


  • Stack all the wooden Jenga at a level of three alternately.
  • Take one from any level except the top part.
  • Place the block on the top.
  • The game ends when the tower breakdown.
  • The loser is the one who caused the blocks to fall.
  • In return, the loser should arrange the Jenga again.
Giant Jenga
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Originally, this is an Italian game, but everyone can adapt and play this easy game. This is a great game for a family of four.


  • Divide your family into two groups and make sure that each group has four balls.
  • The goal is to get your balls closer to the small ball.
  • The group who has their balls closest to the small balls wins the round.

19.Water Cup Race

For kids who like to play with a water gun, this is an amazing game too. All you need is some plastic cups, string, and a water gun!


  • Cut or punch a small hole into the bottom of the plastic cup. Much better if it is near the edge.
  • Put the string on the cup hole and tape the string on the walls or wherever you want to tape them.
  • Use the water gun to release some water which will make the cup go near the finish line.
  • The one who first gets his cup at the finish line is considered the winner.

20.Water Gun Game

Summer or not, this game is a wonderful game for all ages. All you need is some water guns!


  • There are no specific rules for this game, but to put a twist, you can do hide-and-seek while playing it. The person who gets to be shot with water is out. However, if you just want to enjoy, use all the water on your gun and chase your family!
Water Gun
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Yardzee is a bigger version of Yahtzee and parents and teenagers can enjoy this game. In this game, you will need dices made from wooden blocks.


  • Depending on an agreement, one player goes first.
  • Players will roll the dice one at a time and the goal is to make the following:
    • Full house
    • Straight numbers either small or large straight
    • Four of a kind
  • The one who gets the highest result wins the game.
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Things You Need to Consider

Kid-friendly play area

Always choose a clear, dangerous free area for the safety of your kids, especially for children age below 7 years old.

Choose engaging games and tools

Every child has different likes and wants. One may love to play sporty games, while another may be fond of vocabulary games. Depending on your children’s interest, choose the game that best fits their interest as this will make them more enjoy the time you have with them.

Choose the best day

The day depends on your schedule but it is important to consider getting some sunshine vitamin as this can be of help in bone growth and muscle development. Also, consider the mood of your children when planning to play outdoors.

Safety kit

Unexpected events may come even when you are enjoying your time with your children, especially the little ones. It is important to consider bringing emergency kits in case there is an occurrence of small accidents.

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