23 Products a Newborn Baby Needs

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23 Products a Newborn Baby Needs 7

Getting ready for the most awaited day of your baby to be born brings so much excitement. Being able to bring life into this world is such a great blessing. Imagining what lies ahead, living a life with a newborn brings so much joy and fulfillment. Before you indulge in that great feeling of having a new family member, it is essential to get ready for particular stuff to help bring comfort to your little one that makes taking care of your baby much more manageable.

23 Products A Newborn Baby Needs

Many products may come to our minds when planning to buy things that our coming baby will be needing. Here is the list of 23 products that are essential to have for newborn babies:

1. Newborn Clothing Essentials: Unisex Baby Side-Snap Bodysuit Cardigan

Clothes for your little one do not have to be an extensive wardrobe. Purchasing only the basics is enough. It is necessary to choose what your little one will wear meticulously. Always consider the umbilical cord that is still connected in their bodies for a few days. Buying clothing with light materials used on it is a must ensure comfort to the baby. The side-tie or side snap t-shirts were good during earlier stages, and later on, babies can wear many comfortable everyday outfits such as socks, long pants, gowns, t-shirts, and bodysuits. Buying a couple of pairs of these clothes is a good idea. Having enough pairs of these clothing saves your time, and you will not be obliged to do the laundry every day. Little ones were messy all through the day because of spit-ups or blow-ups and sometimes diaper leaks. Consider changing the clothes few times per day.

Newborn Clothing Essentials
  • Grab these soft solid color or assorted print side-snap bodysuit for babies with cute kimono design! These bodysuit offer plush softness for everyday basics, given their ultrafine 100% Cotton composition. Perfect for any situation for your baby. Includes a snap on button bottom opening for easy diaper changing
  • Made from 100% soft cotton, breathe freely each bodysuit is soft so your baby does not feel the least bit of discomfort!
  • lovely design of kimono shape with snap buttons; Easy to change-Open and close with metal buttons; Long sleeves design, keeping cool during summer

2. Diapers: Huggies Snug & Dry Baby Diaper, Size Newborn

Some hospitals put on diapers for the first time on babies, but it is necessary to bring your packs of them for later use. Diapers were essential because newborns have to change often. You could have at least two stocks of it ready. Consider picking that kind of diaper that is absorbent enough to keep the baby dry and prevent it from developing skin rashes. Be mindful of the sizes; some babies grew fast. Extra dry diapers may be much pricey compared to the “economy” ones, but adding a little amount in exchange for the baby’s comfort and sound sleep is a good reason enough to choose the one with the better quality.

  • Huggies Snug & Dry diapers size newborn fit babies up to 10 lb. (4.5 kg)
  • Up to 12 Hours of Day or Night Protection – Huggies trusted Leak Lock System helps prevent leaks for up to 12 hours, day or night
  • Absorbs in Seconds – Huggies Snug & Dry absorbs wetness in seconds to help keep baby dry & comfortable. Wetness Indicator- Changes color when wet, easily letting you know when it's time for a diaper change

3. Baby Wipes: HUGGIES Refreshing Disposable Alcohol-Free Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes

Baby wipes come in handy. It has so many uses and not only to clean your baby, but to clean yourself too. They come in different sizes and different fragrances, but non-scented ones were available as well. To be able to keep the skin healthy, it is always necessary to make it clean. Use these wipes to instantly clean the skin or surface that your baby will touch. Based on research, baby wipes had an equivalent effect on skin hydration than cotton wool and water; and it is found out that there are no adverse effects using wipes. The studies gave the parents that are using the product confidence in using it. Reviews also made the professional support them. (Lavender) It is like having a disposable wet towel, and it is always a good idea to bring them anywhere.

4. Blanket and Swaddles: Upsimples Swaddles and Receiving Blankets

Your little ones must feel cold. There must be available blankets in the hospital, but it is better to bring your own to ensure that your baby will be using clean and comfortable blankets. Swaddles were like hugs to babies, and it is like giving them the feeling of warmth and security until they will ultimately adjust to the outside world. Swaddled babies tend to have longer sleeps because swaddling prevents unnecessary wake-ups due to startled reflex. (Trani) It can also cover the baby when leaving the hospital or going somewhere to protect it against the sun or the wind. Just do not double the swaddle or blanket when not needed, for it may lead to overheating the baby that may lead to SIDS.

Blanket and Swaddles
  • Soft and Safe to Baby Skin:Muslin Cotton. Breathable and comfortable muslin cozy fabric helps reduce the risk of overheating and is gentle against baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Generous size: 47" X 47'' (120 x 120 cm),which is way large enough to easily wrap or swaddle babies from new born infants to toddlers.Easy steps, no late-night struggles.
  • Practical and good-looking:Ideal for swaddling, sunshield, tummy time, privacy throw and more.Four individual unisex patterns that suit for both baby girls and baby boys.

5. Burp Cloths: Muslins Cotton Absorbent Washcloth

Having a baby means you are always prone to mess all the time because babies drool, spit, have wet burps, and make lots of something to clean on. Burping your baby is essential for his or her comfort. These burp cloths come in handy whatever comes your way. Burp cloths are multi purpose with many practical uses, including holding a baby bottle in a feeding position, holding a pacifier, using a diaper changing mat, and using it as a traditional burp cloth. (Archambault) They are thin little pieces of layered fabrics that may be a lot of help than they seem to be at first look. Go for the ones that are absorbent enough and easy to wash, soft to the touch, and gentle when rubbing into the babies’ sensitive skin. Better to be ready all the time; having these on hand will save their clothes clean longer.

Burp Cloths
  • Soft and Gentle: Our Comfy Cubs muslin burp cloths are made from 100% muslin cotton, making them soft, gentle and perfect for your baby's delicate skin. They are also lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for use in any season.
  • 6 Layers of Thickness and Large Size: Our burp cloths feature 6 layers of absorbent muslin cotton, providing superior protection against spills and spit-ups. At 20x10 inches, they offer ample coverage for your baby's clothing and your shoulder. The extra layering adds thickness and durability, making them long-lasting through multiple uses and washes. Keep your baby clean and dry with our muslin burp cloths.
  • Premium Quality: Made from 100% breathable Muslin cotton, we pride ourselves on using premium quality materials to create our burp cloths. Cotton is super gentle on a baby's sensitive skin, and our burp cloths are highly absorbent, durable, and machine-washable, ensuring that they can handle all of your baby's messes and last through multiple washes.

6. Hats: Gerber Baby 5 Pack Caps Newborn Hats

Newborn babies might need to wear hats, especially during their first to third months. It will keep them warm and maintain their body temperature; serve as an extra layer of clothing on their thin scalp. Having these cute hats not only protects them from the weather but also makes them stylish too. However, it is not advisable to put a cap on a baby to bed because it might increase the risk of suffocation or overheat, leading to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Baby Hats
  • Includes five caps
  • Made with soft cotton rib fabric
  • Soft cuff edge for a comfortably snug fit

7. Scratch-Proof Mittens: No Scratch Mittens From 0 to 6 Months, Unisex, Newborn Baby Cotton Gloves

To make sure that the baby is protected effectively from scratch, rubbing the face, sucking their fingers, and from the cold temperature, purchasing a couple of mittens is a must. They can still move their fingers freely with these.

8. Healing Ointment: Aquaphor Healing Ointment

You will be going to fall in love with this product for so many reasons. It suits the sensitive skin of babies. This healing ointment has so many uses and very effective in healing diaper rashes, irritated dry skin; and also worked well with healing chapped lips. Such a good buy for newborn and adults use.

Healing Ointment
  • ONE ESSENTIAL SOLUTION FOR DRY SKIN: Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment is clinically proven to restore smooth, healthy skin, a perfect multi-purpose solution for your baby's many skin care needs
  • SAFE FOR TENDER SKIN: Provide extra gentle care for your baby’s tender and delicate skin by applying Aquaphor dry skin ointment to irritated and chapped skin from teething, drool rash and more
  • DIAPER RASH PREVENTION: Use Aquaphor Ointment as a preventative diaper rash ointment and apply with every diaper change to protect the skin from wetness, acidity and chafing to help avoid rashes

9. Crib: Dream On Me, Bellport 4in1 Convertible Mini/ Portable Crib/ Mini Baby Crib Includes 1.5 Mattress

Having cribs makes more secure space for the growing babies. It may also serve as small nurseries. Some cribs were convertible, offering options to keep pace as the child grows. Possibilities are, it starts with mini cribs, and then you can turn it into a mini day bed and twin size bed. It is a good buy because it serves the child as he or she grows. Choose a crib considering the baby’s safety, the one that is tested for lead or other toxic elements, and those that meet the safety standards. It is essential to have a crib to prevent your little one from falling, especially when they can already turn or move independently.

Baby Crib
  • CONVERTIBILITY OPTIONS: Keep pace with your growing child’s changing needs with the Bellport 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib. Starting as a mini crib, you can convert it into a mini daybed and twin-size bed (bed rails sold separately)
  • IDEAL FOR SMALL SPACES: The Bellport boasts a compact and modern design. Internally roomy, it occupies a small footprint, perfect for co-sharing and making the most of small nurseries. Product specs: 39L x 25.5W x 37.5H inches
  • LONG-LASTING BUY: The Bellport is made of durable, sustainable and renewable New Zealand pinewood. Choose from 4 pleasant non-toxic, child-safe, water-based finishes & combine with varying patterns and textures to create your dream nursery

10. Pacifier: Nano Baby Pacifier 0-3 Months- Orthodontic Curves Comfortably with Face Contour, Award-Winning for Breastfeeding Babies, 100% Silicon, BPA Free

These are new-moms must have! Moms tend to overfeed babies unintentionally to stop them from crying for a long time. Giving pacifiers to babies will teach them to self soothe after each feeding, while in the car, or falling asleep. There are many pacifiers in the market, so choose the preferred ones that stay in the baby’s mouth and comfortably fit their faces. Silicone teething pacifiers were ideal for promoting healthy oral development, plus it is gentle to the gums and teeth. Also, choose the ones that are free from harmful chemicals.

Baby Pacifier
  • THE MOST COMFORTABLE FIT: 100% silicone provides mom like softness. The ergonomic shape curves comfortably around your baby’s face, nose and chin. Rests snugly on baby’s face to stay perfectly in place.
  • ONE-PIECE BABY SAFE SILICONE: Seamless, one-piece silicone design recommended by pediatricians. Adheres to the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for safe pacifiers. BPA and Phthalate-free.
  • AWARD-WINNING BEST PACIFIER FOR BREASTFED BABIES: Ultra-soft silicone, skin-like feel eliminates nipple confusion to calm and soothe your breastfeeding little one with ease. Loved by newborns from the very first moment.

11. Breast Pump: Momcozy Double Electric Breast Pump Portable Pain-Free Rechargeable, Strong Suction Power, 9 Speeds, 2 Modes, Timer and Memory Function, Hospital Grade

When a woman gave birth, the milk will not flow that easily. One of the challenges that the new mom must face is expressing the milk she has and maintaining the flow. Breastmilk is the best for babies and expressing it will bring comfort for the mom too. Having a breast pump ready will get so much help. It is good to consider whether to buy a manual pump or an automatic one in purchasing a breast pump. Manual pumps were much cheaper, plus it is easy to set up. There is no need for a power source too. It can also be a backup for the electric pump. If moms have enough time pumping and are hands on with the new baby, manual pumps were the right choice.

On the other hand, the electric breast pumps were much easier to use because it will do the pumping for you. Consider reading on the packages, too. Choose the ones that are safe and BPA free.

Breast Pump
  • New concept of the double-sealed flange made from suction-sealed materials makes spills a thing of the past. It is designed to give moms that “barely-there” all-around comfort fit, and a spa-level pumping experience.

12. Milk Storage Containers: mDesign Storage Organizer Container Bin for Kids/Child Supplies in Kitchen, Pantry, Nursery, Bedroom, Playroom

Milk storage containers are used to store expressed milk, formula, snacks, yogurt, or any food that has to be put on the fridge. It will be a great help in organizing babies’ food. Moms need milk storage containers mostly when their milk flows heavily, and your little one spends so much time sleeping and will not be able to help you lessen the amount of milk in your breast. Regular pumping also helps to make the flow of the milk sustained. Stock up milk on the breast will bring discomfort for breastfeeding moms and may stop its production. With the help of these containers, you can express the milk from time to time, whether your child asks for it or not. You will be able to maintain your milk supply.

Milk Storage Containers
  • INSTANT ORGANIZATION: These bins are great for creating a clean and organized nursery or kitchen; Ideal for vegetables, canned food, formula, pacifiers, bottles, bibs, pacifiers, and other essentials; Great for storing breast milk and vitamins; Use side by side to create the storage solution that works best for you; Maximize storage space in the pantry, inside cabinets, cupboards, shelves, or inside drawers; Set of 2
  • PORTABLE & STACKABLE: Built-in, easy-grip side handles make it easy to transport from shelf to table or island; Organize all of your baby's food essentials and create handy go-to supply baskets to make organizing and everyday living a little easier; Raised feet on the bottom of each bin lets them stack to create space-saving vertical storage; Use multiples to create a custom storage system, stack or use side by side
  • FUNCTIONAL & VERSATILE: The perfect depth for lower cabinets and deep shelves as well as inside the closet or drawers; They hold everything from clothing, to food and toys; These versatile storage bins can be used in any room of the home - use them in craft rooms, laundry/utility rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, garages, toy room, playroom and more; Versatile, light weight and easy to transport, these are great in apartments, condos, dorm rooms, RVs and campers

13. Formula Milk: Enfamil A2 Premium Infant, Milk-Based Powder with Iron 19.5 oz

Other hospitals may not recommend giving the newborns formulas to take,, but it takes hours or sometimes days to produce breastmilk. It will also be painful to breastfeed the baby for the first time. The pediatrician will prescribe the right formula to purchase. Infant formulas were alternatives to breastmilk. Through it, babies will get the nutrition they need to grow and be healthy. This will help them to reduce the chances of getting infections and other illnesses. If you are the one that will decide what formula to give your child, do some research first of the good benefits of the milk to make sure that your little one will get all the nutrients that she or he will need.

Formula Milk
  • EASY TO DIGEST: Enfamil Premium A2 is the FIRST and ONLY leading infant formula that provides both naturally, easy-to-digest premium milk sourced from grass-fed European cows that produce only pure A2 milk protein
  • BRAIN DEVELOPMENT: Complete vitamins and expert-recommended amount of brain-building DHA nutrition inspired by breast milk
  • A2 MILK PROTEIN: A2 has a unique dual prebiotics blend for immune support which promotes digestive health has pure, naturally easy-to-digest A2 milk protein, similar to that naturally found in breastmilk

14. Bottle and Nipple Brush: Avima Baby Bottle and Nipple Cleansing Brushes and Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle, Anti-Colic, Breast-like Nipple, BPA Free

Brushes are needed to clean the feeding bottles. Choose the ones that can reach the most inner part of the bottle to ensure that no milk molds will be left. Curved or bent ones are most likely to get all portions of the inside of the bottles. Choose the ones that do not have a sponge on them, for sponges suck the specks of dirt and not easy to clean. Good brushes are the ones that are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Bottles are necessary to have, especially during the newborn’s first days, where moms cannot produce milk yet. They can also be a storage of expressed breastmilk. At first, babies have to use small feeding bottles, usually up to four ounces. These little bottles must have nipples that are slow flow. Using breast-like shaped nipples was the right choice for a comfortable and natural latch. Go for the silicon nipples that feel smooth and closer to the skin texture for that realistic feel and have an anti-colic valve for less air intake to lessen the chance of discomfort for babies. These kinds of bottle nipples have a high probability of easy transition for breastfed babies.

Feeding Bottle
  • Anti-colic: Closer to Nature nipples feature an innovative anti-colic valve which prevents excessive air from getting into your baby’s milk, helping to reduce the symptoms of colic
  • Natural latch: Our bottle nipples are made from soft silicone and have a special breast-like shape that encourages a natural latch and prevents nipple confusion when switching between breast, bottle and back again
  • Natural pace: The soft silicone nipple flexes and stretches like mom and allows your baby to feed comfortably at their own pace

15. Changing Pads: Blue Snail Bamboo Quilted Thicker Waterproof Changing Pad Liners

Changing pads will make life easier when changing diapers to prevent leakage to beds, which means less chance of getting your bedsheets of getting dirty. There are highly absorbent changing pads that are soft enough to provide that comfortable feel to your baby. Check the pads you are buying to ensure that there are no sharp edges that will irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. Go for the eco-friendly ones–the machine washable and dryer friendly.

Feeding Bottle
  • 1. HIGHLY ABSORBENT 4 LAYERS & SILKY-LIKE SOFT PADDING - Quilted design of these toppers ensure that the air is trapped which provides a soft and comfy feel. The quilted knitting fiber is naturally round & smooth, hence it is gentle for your baby's skin, This makes our modern liners a partner for your infant
  • 2.REUSABLE & DURABLE - MACHINE WASHABLE & DRYER FRIENDLY. Our mats are reusable and easy to clean off dirt, machine washable and hand washable
  • 3.EXTRA PROTECTION-Liner helps with messy changes, providing extra protection

16. Baby Carrier for Newborn to Toddler: Viedouce Ergonomic Baby Carrier with Hip Seat for Front Back Carry Side Pockets Newborn, Infant, Toddler, Child

Some people may not consider baby carriers essential, but for those who want to bond more often with their new child even when they were busy, purchasing these carriers may serve a lot of help. Baby wearing is something that can help develop more close relationship with our little ones. Most people wear their babies as they work around their houses. It’s much convenient to have these carriers, especially when you are busy. Not all carriers have the design to be used by newborns, so before totally buying one, better check or read on their descriptions to know if they fit your baby.

17. Nursing Pillow: White Nursing Pillow, Newborn Breastfeeding Pillow, Multifunctional Nursery Pillow for Babies 0-6 Months, Soft 100% Cotton, Portable for Travel

Most mothers were suffering from back, shoulder, and neck pain while breastfeeding, so a nursing pillow is needed. These pillows are formed especially for positioning the baby. Moms gain body aches due to leaning or bending their backs while feeding their babies many times a day. Having these pillows will allow you to relax your body and your babies as well. Bringing the baby to the preferred height while feeding and serve as a latching guide is also its purpose. If a mom had a c-section surgery, the pillow would be the buffer between her child and her abdomen. It can also be used in burping the baby or tummy-time, provided adult supervision because babies might slip from it. Nursing pillows that are made with non-toxic materials and are soft and firm were the excellent choice. Also, choose the ones that have replaceable covers so that you will be able to wash or replace the cover when needed; these pillows can serve you for a long time until you finished breastfeeding.

Nursing Pillow
  • 🤱VACUUM PACKAGE - We use vacuum packaging to save space and keep away from moisture,so you need to pat the pillow as in the video before use.
  • 🤱 COMFY DESIGN - Made of skin-friendly materials, creates cozy and safe environment for baby and parents, our baby sitting pillow features a genius design that wraps around your waist so there are no gaps for baby to slip in between, and it stays secure throughout the entire feeding session.
  • 🤱 VERSATILITY - This portable nursery pillow can be used for feeding (0+ months), propping (3+ months), tummy time (6+ months) and sitting (9+ months), good support for baby's first year.

18. Infant Tub: Summer Comfort Height BathTub- Elevated and Spacious Baby Bathtub with newborn Bath Support–Extended Use Features Include Stand Alone Kneeler and Stepstool

The best benefit of having a bathtub for your little one is that tubs prevent the baby from slipping. It will be easier for moms to bathe him or her because most of the tubs have a contoured shape that keeps the baby’s head above the water. Studies show that Tub‐bathed babies experienced significantly less temperature loss and were substantially more content than were those who were sponge bathed. It was said that babies taking a bath with tubs are experiencing pleasurable time than the ones that are sponge bathe. (Bryanton)

Infant Tub
  • ELEVATED BABY BATH TUB: The Summer Comfort Height Bath Tub offers ultimate comfort and convenience for you and your baby. The elevated bath center makes it easier to bathe your little one at the best height for you.
  • NEWBORN BATH SUPPORT: The removable infant insert provides a comfortable incline for baby and can be placed in both the sink and bathtub.
  • ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE: The sturdy platform on this bathtub safely raises baby to parent’s level. Additionally, the locking tabs ensure a snug fit between tub and base.

19. Baby Soap or Cleanser: Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Bath & Wash with Relaxing Lavender & Vanilla Scents & natural Oats Extract, Hypoallergenic and Tear-Free Formula, Paraben-, Phthalate- & Soap-Free

It is essential to choose which baby soap or cleanser to use for your babies. There so many variants of these cleansers in the market. Keeping the babies’ skin healthy is a must. Always go for the cleanser that is mild and moisturized the skin, gentle enough for everyday use. Consider buying the tear-free, hypoallergenic, and paraben-free. Warm baths can soothe and help the baby calm, and they will feel relaxed and help your child sleep comfortably.

Baby Soap or Cleanser
  • 8-fluid ounce bottle of Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Bath and Body Wash with lavender scent to help soothe and relax your little one with a gentle formula to cleanse and moisturize baby's delicate skin
  • Moisturizing baby bath is made with lavender and vanilla scents to help calm baby before bedtime and features natural oat extract
  • Specially formulated for infants, this tear-free baby bath & wash is soap-free and cleanses without drying so it's gentle enough for everyday use and is free of parabens, sulfates, phenoxyethanol and phthalates

20. Nail Clippers or Scissors: Nail clippers Set- Fingernail Clippers and Toenail clippers with FILP OUT Nail Piles/Cleaners – safe Precise & Easy to Use- High-Grade Stailess Steel nail Clipper Set

Keeping baby’s nails short and clean prevents them from getting the dirt to be stuck underneath their nails. Unlike adults, babies tend to scratch and hurt themselves uncontrollably. It is vital to keep your little one’s nails trimmed. It is advisable not to use adult-sized nail clippers because you could clip the tip of the baby’s fingers or toes accidentally instead of the nails.

Nail Clippers or Scissors
  • Superior flip out nail file/cleaner & keychain holes - the handy flip out nail file with two grades of roughness is more effective than the small inset nail files on other nail clippers. And the nail cleaner will clean under your nails quickly and easily!
  • Easy to hold – Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into your hand. The wide, easy press lever on each nail clipper is especially suitable for seniors and arthritic hands.
  • Cuts cleanly, without risk of injury - unlike other nail cutter designs which make it difficult to see or judge exactly where you are cutting.

21. Baby Thermometer Kit for Newborn: Baby Healthcare Grooming 14 kits, 13 in 1 Baby Care Products, Nail Clippers Trimmer Set, Newborn Essential Stuff, Comb Brush, Thermometer Medicine Dispenser, Nursery Care First Aid Kit

Having a thermometer kit is a must. Parents must be ready to take the temperature whenever the touch of the baby’s skin feels hot, especially if they are newborn. Being sensitive is needed to prevent unnecessary emergencies, especially during the early stages of the baby 0-6 months. Detecting the fever or illness immediately and taking action saves lives. Being responsible and alert all the time is crucial when having small babies living with us.

Baby Thermometer Kit for Newborn
  • 【Baby Care Products Essentials Kit】--- Stuff for newborn set. Newborn essential girls boys baby gentle care brush comb set, Hair comb, hairbrush, tweezers, trimmer, toothbrush, etc. Meets the daily demand for baby.
  • 【Effective Gentle & Portable Bag】--- Milky House baby grooming kit. Eco-friendly premium comb. All-in-one solution. Great for baby shower gifts, birthday and Christmas presents. etc.
  • 【Safe Materials & Easy To Use】--- Made of high-quality materials. Pacifier & Dispenser helps parents measure & easily administer the proper dosage to the baby.

22. Medication in Case of Fever: Little Remedies Infant and Pain Reliever| Natural Berry Flavor | 2 FL OZ and Little Remedies Children’s Fever & Pain Reliever With Acetaminophen Grape | 4 FL OZ

Sometimes, first-time parents do not have ideas on handling situations wherein babies get sick in the middle of the night. Having medications ready for home remedy is better than panicking and not knowing what to do to reduce a baby’s fever. Having necessary medicines ready is useful. Storing medicines to cure fever or pain relievers is good. It is best to know the numbers of the pediatrician or the hospital to get help when needed.

23. Baby Monitor: HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor with Remote Camera Pan-Tilt-Zoom, 3,2” Color LCD Screen, Infrared Night Vision, Temperature Display, Lullaly, Two-Way Audio, with Mount Kit

A baby monitor is used to keep an eye on the baby while you are farther and would not be able to hear if she or he cries. You do not need a baby monitor if you live in a small house or apartment to hear or notice your baby when crying.

Baby Monitor
  • 3.2" LCD DISPLAY & 2.4GHz WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: This video baby monitor is equiped with a 3.2 inch TFT LCD display. Application of frequency hopping and digital encryption technology ensures secure and reliable connection.
  • REMOTE PAN TILT and ZOOM: Remote control camera rotate 355° in horizontal and 120° vertical ensuring you always have a clear view of your baby from any angle.
  • TWO WAY TALK: The crystal clear two-way audio feature allows conversation both ends as clear as if you were in the same room with your little one.

Our newborn’s essential needs may vary depending on our locations, situations, and sometimes even cultures. The above products were just a few examples to choose from to consider deciding what to buy. Some listed above may be found not that useful for some; but essential to have for others. Whatever our situation may be or culture, what is important to us, parents, were to give our children the optimum care they deserve and give them all the best that we could provide to develop and grow beautifully. All we aim for our little ones is for us to see the best versions of our little selves on them.

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