27 Homeschooling Activities for 4 Years Old

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It is in your home where your precious ones begin learning that is why it is important for every parent to balance the playtime and educational time of their children. Homeschooling activities allow every parent to educate their child comfortably and at their own pace. In fact, much homeschooling happens during the first four years of a child.[1] So, if you want to make homeschooling fun and interactive, reading this article will help you find the best activities that will fit your little ones.

Tips when Doing Homeschooling Activities for 4 Years Old

Doing homeschooling is way more effective when you think of activities properly. Here are some important points you may want to consider if you want to homeschool your child:

Lesson Plans

Just like what a teacher does, create your lesson plan. You may want to use a lesson plan book as it will make planning easier for you. Additionally, creating a lesson plan will reduce the stress of having to think of new activities after the first one.[2] When you create a lesson plan, fill it up with creative and fantastic ideas.

Interior layout is cute and attractiveHandyGreat quality and durableSome pages are dark
Planners Gonna Plan
Using this planner will not just help you become organized and productive but it will also enhance your creativity and imagination as a parent. Surely, if you will use this product, you will be able to provide a great homeschooling experience for your 4-year-old.


Prioritize the subjects you want your 4-year-olds to learn. It is important to understand your child’s development when you want to homeschool them as this will help you come up with suitable activities that fit their age and development.


Personally, I recommend you to not put pressured schedules on your lesson plan. You can create a schedule but make it flexible. Do not consider your lessons as a schedule but consider them as a checklist. Do not worry if sometimes, you ran out of time for a certain subject. It is fine! Lastly, remember that play is important so let your 4 years old enjoy it! There are two types of homeschooling schedules: Gentler schedule – the schedule with lots of breaks (perfect for less active children) and; busier schedule – for older children (for more active ones).

Be Patient and Confident

Patience and calmness are two main characteristics needed when homeschooling a 4-year-old.[3] Your child may make you lose your temper but as much as possible, still communicate properly about what you both are doing. Additionally, this also means being patient with your child’s development.

Play to Your Strengths

Of course, we are not all-knowing: there are things we are not that much capable of doing and there are some that we are experts of. However, we can focus more on the things we are expert of and we can search about the things we do not know. Also, it is important to play to our child’s strength. We must focus on their needs and personality as this will make them less confused and enjoy homeschooling more!

How to Develop Homeschooling Activities for 4 Years Old

When you want your child to start doing homeschooling activities, you must ask yourself: What do you want your 4-yaer-old to learn? How many hours do I have to teach them? By asking these two questions will help you lessen the stress on your mind and it will make you more productive. Additionally, asking these two questions will help you figure out the best activities you can teach to them. To put it simply, set your goals.

Benefits of Doing Homeschooling Activities for 4 Years Old

Everything is based on your choice

Homeschooling your 4-year-old allows you to choose what you want your child to learn and how you want them to learn. Additionally, your child will be able to learn a lot of things in a real-life experience!

More family time

Of course, as you homeschool your 4-year-old, you get to bond more with them. Bonding with them is a bonus!

Your schedule

Homeschooling your 4-year-old also allows you to have your own routine and schedule. If you know you are busy and are unavailable, you are able to reschedule.

Homeschooling Language and Literature Activities for 4 Years Old

1.     Letter of the Week Preschool Curriculum

This activity teaches mainly about the alphabet. It can be used for 26 weeks and it already includes lesson plans for parents who do not want to create one. This activity will surely help your child recognize the alphabet!

Includes capital and small lettersEnhances motor skillsInclude phonics lessonsIt is like a photocopied book
Letter of the Week!
Buying this book will save much of your money from buying other homeschooling materials. Surely, having it will encourage your child to love studying and will surely inspire them to study harder.

2.     Sight and Sound Reading Curriculum

This activity can be used for 120 days and it actually reinforces a child’s reading skills. It teaches phonics, spelling, punctuation, and comprehension.

Includes lessons about punctuation, spelling, and comprehensionColored versionPricey compared to the black and white edition
Sight and Sound Reading – Color Edition
Using this product will allow your child to learn not just about reading but also about spelling. Surely, you will never get a hard time thinking of possible lessons because this one has it all.

This product also comes with a black and white edition but personally, I recommend the colorful edition as it will attract and encourage a child more.

Includes lessons about punctuation, spelling, and comprehensionCheaperBlack and white only  
Sight and Sound Reading – Black and White Edition
Buying this product will save your money from buying colored ones. Additionally, black and white versions can be used by your little ones as a coloring book. Surely, your 4-year-old will not just be able to learn about reading but will also have a chance to do some coloring.

3.     Bob Books

Bob books are great tools in preparing your 4-year-olds how to read. The words on these books are short and the sentences are simple which is perfect for starters. So, if you want to build your child’s confidence in reading, this one is the best option for you.

Comes with a complete set of booksComplete set is pricey but more practical
BOB Books
Using these books will make studying easier and fun for your 4-year-old. Surely, when your little one is able to complete one set of book, he or she will feel accomplished and you will feel it as well.

4.     Before Five in a Row

This book teaches literacy through adventure. It is designed for 2 to 4 year olds and buying it is feels like buying an all-in-one! It includes social studies, language, art, literature, math and science. Also, the lessons include guide, questions, answer keys, and suggestions.

Perfect for 4 years oldMore activitiesPriceyLess suggestions
Before Five in a Row
Having this product will allow you to select wonderful lessons for your 4-year-olds. Surely, using this book will allow you to support your child’s development.

5.     My First Book of Uppercase Letters

Workbooks are great when doing homeschooling activities and personally, I recommend you to start with uppercase letters.

AffordableStep by step approachComes with a certificate of completionLittle space for writing
Using this product will encourage your child to enjoy studying. Surely, your 4-year-old will never be frustrated and get tired of homeschooling!

My First Book of Lowercase Letters

After the uppercase letters, lowercase letters follow. This product is the lowercase version of the product above it.

AffordableStep by step approachComes with a certificate of completionLittle space for writing
My First Book of Lowercase Letters
Choosing this product as one of your lessons when you are homeschooling your 4 years old will allow you to support their step by step development. Surely, after completing it, they will feel accomplished and you will feel satisfied.

Religious Homeschooling Activities for 4 Years Old

6.     God’s Little Explorer: Christian Preschool Curriculum

This activity may be used for a long period of 28 weeks and it teaches a child about the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. This curriculum is made of four parts: Bible adventure – reading Bible stories, singing, and doing related arts; Theme adventure – exploration of arts, science projects, and cooking; ABC and 123 – introduction of alphabet, colors, shapes, and numbers; Life skills – teaching of chores and manners.

28 week journeyComes with four partsAffordableYou need to get the printed edition
God's Little Explorers
Buying this product will allow your child to be educated not just about language and literacy but also about religion and good manners. Surely, your little one will grow smart and faithful.

7.     ABC Jesus Loves Me: Early Childhood Curriculum

This program can be used by children ages 1-5. It teaches about the Bible, sign language, alphabet, and numbers. Indeed, it does not just teaches about religion but it also teaches educational subjects especially for 4-years-old who are about to enter kindergarten.

Perfect for 4 years oldFlexibleDoes not require too much active playNot perfect for active kids

8.     The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name

You can use this activity as your starter. You may want to include it after or before breakfast and you can also use it as a way of teaching memorization and spelling to your little ones. Additionally, you can use this activity for meditation.

DurableEasy to teachEasy to comprehendKind of pricey
The Jesus Storybook Bible
This product will help your child become more literate not just in English but also about God. Surely, your 4-year-old will grow smart and faithful.

Nature and Science Homeschooling Activities for 4 Years Old

9.     Bug Hunt

This activity is perfect for children who are fans of animals. It encourages a child’s curiosity and your child may ask you different questions about a bug’s color, number of legs, and characteristics! For this reason, it is better to research about facts so that you have something to answer your child’s questions.

10.  Leaf Catalog

You may want to cut out the leaves on this product and do some hunting with your 4-year-olds. Doing this activity will not just educate your little ones but will also help them become fit. Just like the bug hunt, your child may ask you a lot of questions so you have to research as well.

11.  What’s Under the Grass?

This activity is more like a treasure hunting activity which enhances a child’s curiosity and imagination. This activity will keep your child busy by digging in the ground. After digging, your child will be able to find some objects under the grass.

12.  What Do You Hear?

If you want a quiet time during your day, this homeschooling activity is perfect for you. It is a simple activity where you and your child will go out and listen quietly to the sounds you hear. List with your child the sounds you heard and figure them out together. Doing this will surely increase your bond!

13.  Gardening

Back then, we used to do gardening during preschool and I still remember how wonderful that experience is! You may want to considering this activity with your child as this will not just teach them about the gardening itself but it will also teach them about nutrition, insects, and weather! You can use this kid-shovel for a funnier experience!

Easy storageNo sharp edgesHandles are perfect for a 4-year-old’s handAffordableThe screw may loosen sometime

Math Homeschooling Activities for 4 Years Old

14.  Shape Hunt

You may want to use shapes and scatter them all over you backyard. Allow your child then to do some hunting! This will encourage your child’s curiosity and motor skills. Additionally, it will make them enjoy homeschooling more! You can use this

Comes with a set of 8Easy to cleanBig sizeComes with a bagCleaning it means washing them using a washing machine and there is a need to dry them
Educational Insights Shapes Beanbags
Using this product will not just allow your child to learn about shapes and colors but will also enhance their motor skills. Surely, your child will be entertained while learning inside your home.

15.  Math Posters

Math posters are perfect tools when you want to homeschool your 4-year-olds. Personally, I recommend them as they can also be used by your child even when you are not doing homeschooling. Also, I personally think that wall charts increases the chance for a child to master what is written on them.

Comes with a set of tenNot messy in the eyesAffordableMay be destroyed when they get wet because they are not laminated
Math posters
Buying this product will not just teach your child about mathematics but will also enhance his or er memorization and mastery skills.

16.  Foot-long Worms

This activity only requires you clay and a ruler. For the clay, I personally, recommend the play-doh brand as it is not that messy to use. For this activity, all you have to do is to make worm-like creatures and measure them. This does not just enhance your child’s skills but also enhances his or her motor skills and imagination!

Non-toxicComes with 36 assorted colorsEasy to openRecyclable cansThe clay hardens if the can is not closed
Using this brand of clay will make cleaning easier for you. Surely, you will have a lot of time to spend with your little ones than cleaning after doing some homeschooling activities.

17.  Shopkeeper

This activity is a play-pretend one. It teaches about counting and about money, too! Doing this activity will help your child practice their numbers.

Solar-poweredRealisticComes with play moneyKind of pricey but worth it
Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register
This product allows your child not just to learn about math but also about money. Surely, as your 4-year-old grows older, he or she will be able to manage finances independently and no one will be able to deceive them!

Art-Related Homeschooling Activities for 4 Years Old

18.  Painting

Painting activities are great as well especially for kids who are fans of arts and crafts. Personally, I think that training or exposing your little ones to activities like this will allow them to become more enthusiastic and creative person.

Comes in a complete setComes with a bagComes with a waterproof overallThe brush are not that sturdy

19.  Coloring Books

Coloring books are practical options during homeschooling and these books will reuly interest your child. They do not just enhance their motor skills when they use this product but they also enhance their creativity and imagination. Additionally, they get to learn about colors while they enjoy!

OversizedComes with 224 pagesSimple textComes with guided activitiesPaper quality is greatPages are not perforated
Crayola My Big Coloring Book
Using this product will allow your child to be more imaginative, focused, and conscious. Surely, your 4-year-old will not grow as a perfectionist but he or she will grow with a sense of consciousness and strategic.

20.  Puppet Plays

Puppet plays are actually innovative homeschooling activities and personally, I find them great ways to increase the bond of a parent and a child. Also, puppet plays allow a child to generate his or her own dialogue.

Comes with a pack of 6Easy to cleanEncourages active, imaginative playSomehow pricey
Hand Puppets with Working Mouth
Using this product will allow your child to increase his or her motor skills, confidence, and communication skills. Surely, as you little ones grow older, he or she will be able to communicate confidently with other people.

21.  The Never Bored Kid Book

This book has lots of art pages and it will surely keep your 4-year-old busy while doing his or her homeschool activities. It includes cut outs, colors, matching activities, gluing, and folding papers. It also comes with a 2nd version for older kids.

InteractiveFun to useComes with different activitiesKind of pricey
Never-Bored Kid Book
This product will interest your 4-year-old in arts. Surely, as your 4-year-old grows older, he or she will be able to create wonderful and creative creations which will surely be appreciated by everyone. Additionally, your child may acquire this creativity as a talent!

Outdoor Homeschooling Activities for 4 Years Old

22.  Wish Upon a Star

This outdoor activity is also science related. Doing it will never cause you a single cent! All you have to do is to lie on your backs and watch the beauty of the stars. You may want to teach your child about constellations and the wonder of nature while watching the stars peacefully. In doing this activity, you may want to use these binoculars to make the experience more fun!

HD viewSharper imageComes with a tripodEasy to carry and storeEasy to assembleThe tripod is small
Binoculars for Kids
This product will interest your child in science and astronomy. Surely, your 4-year-old will have a love for the wonders of the night. Additionally, your child’s curiosity will be enhanced and whenever he or she reaches out to you, you will both have a great bond!

23.  Bubble Science

This is not about the ready-made bubbles but it is about creating one! Allow your child to mix the ingredients in order to make great bubble soap! This will not just excite them more about playing it but it will also interest them on science and experimentation!

Comes with a complete setIncludes recipes and instructionsEnvironment-friendlyAffordableCannot make other bubble shapes other than cicle
Bubble Science
Choosing tis as one of your homeschooling activities will surely interest your child in science. Additionally, it will inspire your 4-year-old to become a scientist who is great at experimentation!

24.  Obstacle Course

You will never go wrong with this activity as your child will surely love it! Adding obstacle courses in your homeschooling activities do not just educate your child but also encourage them to playa actively. Also, they do not just enhance their motor skills but they also learn how to be brave and more independent.

Comes with 6 piecesSafe to useNon-slipSurfaces are smoothKind of pricey
Obstacle Course For Kids
This product will improve your child’s coordination and balance. Additionally, it will enhance the confidence of your 4-year-old and as they grow older, they will surely be brave to face any obstacles in life.

Toys That You Can Use When Doing Homeschooling Activities for 4 Years Old

25.  Coogam Wooden Shape Color Sorting Clock

Personally, I find this toy a very educational one because it does not just focus on shapes and colors but also teaches your little one how to read the time properly. Indeed, it is a very neat and simple toy but it is full of lessons especially time concept.

Child-safe paintSmooth edgesAffordableThe shapes may get lost as it does not come with a storage bag
Coogam Wooden Shape Color Sorting Clock
Having this as your toddler’s toy will teach them the importance of time and it makes them understand how time passes so fast. Surely, when they learn this, t be able to spend their time with you more and they will appreciate you better.

26.  Children’s Wood Building Block Set

Using this can increase your child’s motor skills and they will think of studying as a fun thing to do! So, if you want your child to enjoy homeschooling, you may want to add these toys on your lesson plan.

Made from BPA-free materialsSmooth surfacePerfectly suited for the hands of 4-year-olds  Getting them wet may damage them  
Children's Wood Building Blocks
This product can enhance your child’s creativity and imagination. Surely, they will be able to express themselves without having to follow any rules!

27.  The Learning Journey Counting Puzzle

I found my 2-year-old enjoying cartoon and animal puzzles and I got an idea from this! I tried using a counting/number puzzle and my child really had fun! It was easier for me to introduce numbers to him and at the same time, I found him truly interacting with me!

30 puzzle pairsSturdyEasy to useAffordableGetting them wet may damage them
The Learning Journey: Match It!
Adding this in your homeschooling activities will allow your child to appreciate math in a great and relaxing way! Aside from that, your 4-year-old’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination will surely be improved. Lastly, if your child is able to put the puzzles properly, his or her confidence and self-esteem will increase.

Finals Thoughts

Indeed, doing homeschooling activities with a 4-year-old will surely test your patience and parenting abilities. The first thing you must have is the Planners Gonna Plan. If you are still unprepared, here are my top picks per category: BOB Books, God’s Little Explorers, , Educational Insights Shapes Beanbags, , Binoculars for Kids, and Coogam Wooden Shape Color Sorting Clock.


How do I homeschool my 4-year-old?

Consider doing a play-based learning when you want to homeschool your 4-year-old child. Prioritize what matters most and create a flexible, gentle, and easy schedule.

What should a 4-year old know before starting school?

Listening and following to instructions, communicating regarding their needs, understands and retell stories, alphabet, numbers, and basic shapes and colors are some of the things a 4-year-old must know before starting school.

What is a good homeschool schedule?

A gentle schedule is perfect for 4-years-old. Start your child working at 8:30 in the morning and have them get their breaks every after activity. After lunch, go with arts and science courses as it is during this hour where sleepy heads will start to say hello.

[1] Isenberg, Eric J. “What have we learned about homeschooling?.” Peabody Journal of Education 82.2-3 (2007): 387-409.

[2] Rivero, Lisa. “The homeschooling option.” The Homeschooling Option. Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 2008. 159-177.

[3] Rivero, Lisa. “Secrets of successful homeschooling.” Understanding Our Gifted 15.4 (2003): 8-11.

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