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A party without any games may seem to be a boring one. However, picking party games is never easy as you have to consider a lot of things.[1] On this article, you will find out about the best party games you can do during your memorable event.

How to Choose Your Party Games

When choosing your party games, you have to consider these points as these may serve as a guide for you to be able to make the party more fun and memorable. Additionally, using these guides will help you ensure that no kids will be left out.


Keep in mind the average age of the kids you expect. Then, choose the games that suits their age. It is better if you choose those easy ones especially those games which are already familiar to your visitors.[2]


Keep in mind the theme of your party. However, some kids might still prefer fun games over mind-blowing ones as they do not really mind the theme of the party.


All kids attend school and for this reason, it is better if you choose intellectual or education games. However, go for physical, educational ones.[3]

Short Games

Long games will bore other kids and even those who watch. So, no matter how interesting your game is, go for short-drawn games.

Don’t Stereotype

When you choose games, do not become gender-specific. Choose games that can be played by all.

Plan Well and Prepare Ahead

Handling multiple kids might take a lot time and effort. So, if you are planning to do some games, you have to plan well and prepare ahead so that you will make the most out of your child’s wonderful day.

Party Games for Kids of Ages 3 and Below

1.     Pirate Treasure Game

This game is easy to play and it will surely make every little kid happy because no one will ever have to lose. All you have to do is to fill up a box with toys, pencils, or any objects you want. Then, have all the kids line up (5 meters away from the treasure). Lastly, have them race and warn them that no pushing is allowed. All the treasure they can put on their pockets will be theirs.

I want to share with you this ready-made surprise box if you do not want to prepare much. This one has lots of toys on it which you will surely appreciate.

Comes with 46 pcs of toysComes with a boxToys are anti-stressThe toys are small
46 Pack Sensory Fidget Toys Set with Gift Box
Buying this product will save your effort from preparing giveaways and games for the party of your little one. Surely, you will be able to use that time in preparing other important stuff.

2.     Musical Chairs

A party with this game will surely become a memorable one! Not only little ones can play this but adults can join too! All you have to do is arrange the chairs preferably in circle facing each chair backwards. Take note that the number of chairs should be less. As the music plays, the little kids should dance while walking around the circle. When the music stops, the little kids should grab their seat. The player who is not seated is out. For the next round, you have to remove one chair again.

3.     The Boat is sinking

This game is a popular one. Play the music and the kids should dance. When you say “the boat is sinking group yourself into (x), the kids should group themselves according to the x. The x here is the number of kids per group. The kid/kids who was/were not able to find a group is/are out of the game.

For this game, it is perfect if you will give a prize that is related to a boat. For this, I want to recommend this product to you. Surely, kids of ages 3 years old and below will love it!

EntertainingOpen for sensory engagementDurableKind of pricey
Tub Sub Bath Toy
Tis product will surely be loved by the winner. Additionally, buying it is a way for you to help that kid enhance his or her motor and sensory skills.

4.     Bean Bag Toss

This game is simple for kids of ages 3 and below. All you need for this game is a hula-hoop, bean bags, and a lion’s printed mouth. Place the hula-hoop on the ground and place the printed lion’s mouth in the middle of the hoop. The little ones will fall into a line and each child should take turns in tossing the bean bag. The child who is able to toss the bean bag near the lion’s mouth is the winner.

5.     Guess How Many

This game will surely be enjoyed by little ones. In a box, you must put different objects and you have to remember how many objects are there. This one is a fast-paced game where a child must guess how many items are there in the box. Anyone who is able to guess the number right is the winner and he or she can have that box.

If you do not want to prepare this game, you can actually buy one that is already filled with toys. However, you have to count how many toys or items are there before you start asking the kids to guess.

Comes in a setLarger itemsGreat colorsAffordableSome items may get lost after some time
Top Race Beach Toys
This product will not just make the little kids excited to get it as a prize but they will also be able to enhance their motor skills and creativity. Surely, when you get to see their excitement, you will feel satisfied as well.

6.     Soap Bubble Contest

For this game, provide some bubbles (not the machine-operated or automatic). The kid who is able to blow the biggest bubble is the winner. For this game, I recommend this product as I find it very friendly to kids of younger ages.

Comes with different colorsThe bubble is largeEasy to blowCauses spillsKind of pricey
Large Bubble Blowing Bottle Tube Toy
Using this one on your party games will surely make your party more magical and fun. Not only kids will enjoy the prizes but they will also be able to enjoy watching those bubble bubbles!

7.     Prize Walk

Write numbers 1-20 on squares (this means you must have 20 players or below). Then, tape these numbers on the ground. All the players must dance as the music plays and when the music stops, the players must step on the number they want. Then, you will have to pick a number from a jar and the child who is on that number gets a prize. You might want to give prizes to all and you may also want to choose 5 winners alone.

Party Games for Kids of Ages 4 to 9

8.     Musical Island

This game is fun to play and it will not cost you a single dime. All you need is paper and you will have lots of fun! The paper will represent the “island” and while the music plays, all players must groove. When the tune is out, each player must fit on the “island” (paper). Whoever fails to get into the “island” is out.

In the Philippines, when we play this game, we use this Manila paper. This paper is cheap and it is easy to fold.

AffordableEasy to foldGreat textureRecyclableUsing is on grass may damage it

9.     Prize Pop

This price pop game will only ask you to buy couple of balloons. Before you blow the balloon, place a note inside it. You may also want to put numbers as well. When a child pops a balloon, the number inside the balloon they just popped is their prize. They will go to a certain place where they will get the prize of whatever number that corresponds to it. Surely, no child will ever lose on this game.

10.  Jump the River

On this game, all you will need is a rope. Place two pieces of these ropes and place them on the ground. These ropes will act as “the river”. Have the children jump across the river and after all kids have crossed, the river will get wider. Anyone who fails to jump is out.

If you are looking for affordable ropes, these jumping ropes are my recommendations. Personally, I recommend these jumping ropes instead of the plain ropes because your kids may be able to use them one day.

Comes with a pack of 2LightweightAdjustablePortableThe handles may easily get some dirt
Skipping Rope
This product will surely make your party game more fun. Also, you can use this product even after the party. Surely, you will be able to burn down those calories you got during the sumptuous day!

11.  Dinosaur Age

This game is perfect for beach or swimming parties. All you have to do is buy dinosaur toys and plastic bones. On these toys, print out some facts about dinosaurs and keep these toys under the sand. Little ones should dig and find these treasures and whoever gets the highest number of treasures is the winner. Not only this game is fun to play but it is also educational!

For the dinosaurs, I recommend this product for you. This product comes with a set of 5 and they are actually easy to clean.

Comes with a set of 5Safe and child-friendlyEasy to cleanBig sizeThey are not that solid
Jumbo Dinosaur Set
Buying this product will surely satisfy your party cravings. Not only you are buying an affordable one but you are alos giving a way for little kids to be interested with these animals.

Instead of plastic bones, I want to recommend these dinosaur fossils. Using them on your party games will make hunting more realistic.

Comes with a pack of 24AffordableDurable and sturdySize is kind of small
Dinosaur Fossil Skeleton
This product will surely interest your kid guests about fossils and artifacts. Additionally, they will be able to appreciate wild life and they might become protector of these creatures.

12.  Hello Kitty’s Bow Game

This one is similar to the pin the donkey’s tail game. The only difference here is that the bow of hello kitty is the one which is needed to be pinned. For this game, you will need a hello kitty toy with removable bow. A child should be blindfolded and he or she will try to stick the bow on its proper location. The kid who is able to place it near the proper location is the winner. If you do not want to buy a hello kitty product, you can actually print out one.

13.  Balloon Relay

This game is another balloon game and when playing this, you have to understand that some kids are scared of the popping sound of the balloon. To play this game, provide sets of balloons for each group. I recommend giving 3 balloons (one in between their legs and one each for their armpits). Have them put these balloons and race by jumping. The group who finishes first is the winner.

Personally, I recommend these balloons as I find them safer to use and easy to pop. There was an issue before about how balloons stick on the skin when they pop so I really looked for balloons that are perfect for kids. This one is what I found.

Long neckEasy to inflate and tieComes with different colorsComes with a pack of 50Safe and easy to popNot for extreme temperatures

Party Games for Kids of Ages 10 and Above

14.  Spoon Relay

Divide the children into 2 groups. The first players of each group should have a wooden spoon and this spoon contains 5 pcs of beans. They must race across and transfer these beans to the next player. The first group who finishes first and has the higher number of beans is the winner. Personally, I find this game as a promising one because it teaches balance and focus to little ones. You can also use marbles instead of beans but I think that using beans is much safer than using marbles.

Also, you might want to consider this set of product. However, this product uses wooden balancing eggs instead of beans (which is also okay).

Comes with spoon and wooden eggsDurableEasy to playComes with different colorsEco-friendly varnishSplinter-freeWooden eggs may be a little harder to balance
Egg Spoon Race Game Sets
Using this product will enhance the balance and hand-eye coordination of the players. Additionally, as kids play in group, they will be able to learn focus and sportsmanship.

15.  Decorate Your Car

If your party theme is about cars, this game might be included on your list. For this game, you will need car posters and car-shape cutouts. Also, you will need to provide coloring materials and other decorations for other kids to use. The kids then will replicate the look of their designated car posters and the one who is able to replicate (closest) the look of the car will be the winner. Remember, there should be no bias!

Here are some car cutouts you might want to use. These cutouts are durable and they do not tear easily.

DurableDecorativeDifferent stylesOnly comes with a set of four
Race Cars Colorful Cut-Outs
Including these on your party games will open a learning environment for all your little guests. Surely, their parents will appreciate you educational but fun activities.

16.  Fun with Magic Wand

For a Harry Potter-themed party, this game might work wonderfully for you. Buys some wands and provide some decors for the kids to use. After decoration, all kids will role-play and the best actor or actress will win!

Additionally, you can use this wand for playing a statue game. While the music is playing, make the kids dance and when you say the word “abracadabra”, all kids should stop. Anyone who is seen moving is out.

Comes with a set of 13Comes with a necklace chainSturdy and durableSmall size
Harry Potter Magic Wand Set
Buying this product will interest your young players about magic and fantasy. Surely, they will not just become fans of Harry Potter but they will also be more imaginative and creative. Surely, having these wands on your party will make your day more magical!

17.  Solve those Puzzles

We once played this as a family during New Year’s Eve and all of us really had fun. If you want to include this on your game list, all you need to do is to buy some puzzles. Group the children into the number of groups you want and distribute one puzzle for each group. Each player of each group should be able to solve the puzzle and the group who finishes first is the winner.

For these games, I recommend puzzles that are easy to solve. Using these kinds of puzzles will avoid boredom from your visitors.

Fast to solveWooden (sturdy)Comes with a set of 6Kind of pricey

18.  Birthday Bowling

This game teaches the greatness of sports and personally, I find this game clean and fun to play. All you have to do is to buy a set of inflatable bowling toy and play the bowling as usual. The kid who is able to score the highest is the winner.

If you are going to buy a bowling set, this is the product that I want to recommend for you. This can be used even after your party!

Fun and easy to useAffordableWeighted bottomDurableTakes a lot of space
Bowling Set
Buying this product will not just make your party fun but it can also make your everyday life more enjoyable. Surely, after your party, your kids will have something to play with! Additionally, playing this product with them will make them become happier individuals!

19.  Bingo

Of course, it is fun to play a fast bingo game and older kids will surely enjoy it. This game is very simple and the child who is able to get a straight or diagonal line must say the word “BINGO”.

Comes with a complete setEasy to readCan accommodate up to 100 playersI really can’t seem to find one (maybe, some parents may not like this game)
Bingo Royale Bundle
This game will bring endless fun to your party. Surely, your older visitors will enjoy it too! Additionally, playing this game enhances a person’s hand-eye coordination and even listening skills.

20.  With or Without

This game is a popular game in the Philippines and it is easy to play. Actually, you do not need to prepare anything! For this game, you have to put 2 chairs with labels “with” and “without”. Before you say a word, participants will line up wherever they want. After lining up, you can say the words you desire. For example, if you say the word “Cellphone”, all the kids in the “with” side should carry a phone. Anyone who is not brining one is out. On the other side all the kids in the “without” side should not have a that item with them. Anyone who is holding one is out of the game.

21.  Bubble Wrap Game

For this game, all you need is a bubble wrap. Place the bubble warp on the ground and you may fold it on your desired size. Start with the smallest size and have all players jump across. When all the players are able to jump, make the size bigger. The child who jumps and popped one bubble wrap is out of the game.

Big bubble sizeLightweightEasy to tearThere will be a lot of excess bubble wrap
Big Bubble Cushion Wrap
Using this product for your party game can enhance a child’s balance. Additionally, it will help a child strengthen his or her muscles especially on the legs.

Classic Party Games for Kids

22.  Bring Me

This “bring me” game is a brain-teaser and it actually encourages children to be more active. Also, it is a game that requires no preparation. All you have to do is to say a certain object or item and the first kid whoevers bring you that item is the winner.

23.  Telephone

This game is a very classic, oldie but good one. To play this game, the first player of each group must pick a phrase. Then, he or she will have to whisper it to the player next to him or her. However, once that player whispered the phrase, there is no longer repetition. The group who is able to finish and say the phrase correctly and accurately is the winner.

24.  Charades

This party game may look complicated but it is actually easy to play. To play this game, you have to divide the players into the number of groups you want and create a list of concepts which should be picked by the actor of each group. For each group, one player must act and the others must guess. The group who is able to guess faster is the winner.

25.  Pass the Parcel

To play this game, you have to buy a parcel which can actually be the prize. Then, wrap this prize in lots of layers of papers. I recommend used papers so that there is no need to waste new ones. Then, players must sit in a circle and as the music plays, they must pass the parcel. When the music stops, the child who is holding the parcel must remove one outer layer of the parcel. Do this until there is only one layer left. The last kid who is able to remove the last layer gets the prize.

EducationalStylishAffordableInteractiveYou can choose from different colorsOnly for kids of ages 3-6
Learning Watch
Giving this prize to your little players will surely make them happy and their parents will surely appreciate you. Buying it will be worthy and you will feel the satisfaction when you see how happy the receiver is!

26.  Egg Toss

This game has always been played by our family especially during New Year’s Eve and personally, I find this as a very fun and challenging one. You can use hard-boiled eggs and you can also use raw ones if you are brave. However, if kids are the ones who are playing, you can go for toy eggs. To play this game, each player must find their partner and as every round passes, they must move one step away from each other. Once a pair failed to catch the egg, that pair is out.

There are also these fakes eggs which you might want to use. However, don’t tell your little players about them so that they will be more challenged!

Safe to useLooks realisticCan be decoratedComes with a set of fiveKind of pricey

27.  Sack Race

To play this game, you will need some burlap sacks. Divide the kids into two to three groups and every player of each group must race into the finish line while jumping inside the sack. The group who finishes first is the winner.

Comes with a pack of sixNon-toxicDurableKind of pricey

28.  Piñata

You can buy a ready-made piñata to make everything more convenient for you. This game is a classic one it should never be out of you party games list.

Fun to usePerfect for any themeFunny designSturdyIncludes stick and blindfoldBig sizeRequires a stronger beat to destroy it
Funny Monster19 Pinata
Using this piñata will make everyone on your party happy! Surely, your party will be filled with giggles and lots of fun. Additionally, using this piñata will give you and your guest positivity.

29.  Limbo

Everybody knows how to play limbo. The only con about playing this game is that it takes a lot of time to play it. However, all of your guests can play this.

Easy to assembleNo need to holdComes with a bagKind of pricey
Limbo Outdoor Games
Having this on your party day will surely make everybody be delighted of your preparation skills. Additionally, your party will have memorable experiences and lots of fun!

30.  Cup Stacking Game

Like the game limbo, everyone knows about this game. Additionally, you can do a lot of games using these cups. Personally, I recommend these specific cup products because of their durability.

Durable and sturdyComes with a bagDo not bend easilyThin and lightweight
Quick Stacks Cups
These products will enhance a child’s mobility and speed skills. Additionally, it will teach them how to handle pressure at a young age.

Other Party Games for Kids for Any Occasion

31.  Mail Call

To play this game, you have to place chairs in circle and the number of chairs should one less than the number of your players. As everyone is standing up and dancing to the music, you will have to say “Mail Call for everyone” and then pick a descriptor such as “wearing a watch”. Those who are wearing a watch must find their seats while those who do not must stay standing. If ever a player who is not wearing a watch is seated, that player is out.

32.  Medusa

This game does not need any preparation and it is actually fun to play! The players must sit around a table and every player must put their heads down. You will count from one to three and altogether, all players must lift their heads. Those players who made an eye contact with one another are out.

33.  Minute to win it

This game is a challenging game and older kids will enjoy this more. To play this game, you have to prepare challenges which should be finished by the players in one minute. The player who is able to finish the challenge within a minute is the winner.

One game that I can recommend for this challenge is transferring M&M candies using straw.

34.  Hula-Hoop

For this game, all you need is a hula-hoop. Any kid can join and the kid who is able to spin the longest is the winner. It is better if you buy a set of hula-hoops so that the kids will be able to play at the same time. Also, doing this will not take a lot time and you can do more other games.

When you are buying a hula-hoop, I personally recommend this product. It comes with a bundle and they are adjustable and durable.

Comes with a pack of 8DurableAdjustableEasy to cleanEasy to assembleKind of pricey
Toy Hoop Bundle Pack
Buying this product will save much of your money from buying individual ones. Surely, all of your guests will be able to use them.

35.  Longest Line

This game is always present in any party in the Philippines. To play this game, you must divide the players into two to three groups. Then, they will have to make a long line using the items they are wearing (belts, socks, shoes, shoelace, and etc.). The group who is able to get the longest line is the winner.

36.  Doughnut on a String

This is a fun and delicious game for everyone! To play this game, you have to hang the doughnuts and the players must finish them without holding it. Also, the doughnut must not fall down. The player who finishes first will be the winner!

37.  Bucket Toss

To play this game, you have to line up 6 buckets and label them. Arrange these buckets in a triangle arrangement and put prizes on each bucket. Bigger prizes should be on the top bucket. The player who is able to shoot the ball on a certain bucket gets the prize.

Comes with 12 bucketsComes with a bagDurableEasy to storeTakes a lot of space when playing it in a party

38.  Head Pop

For this game, you will need balloons and hats with pins on top. Place the balloons on the ceiling or any place where children can jump and pup these balloons. Then, have one player wear the hat with pin. Give that player 10 seconds to pop many balloons he or she can. Whoever is able to pop the highest number of balloons is the winner.

39.  Airplane Game

This game can be played by many players. For this game, all you need is an origami paper which children can use to make or fold their own planes. The player who is able to get his or her airplane the farthest is the winner.

For the paper, I want to recommend this origami. These papers really make a plane fly for longer distances.

AffordableNo tearingEasy to foldHigh quality paperToo small

40.  Feather Blow

For this game, all you need is a feather. Each player must be given a feather and they should keep that feather on air by blowing it. The player who is able to keep the feather on air for a long period of time is the winner.

Comes with a set of 10Hair-likeOnly one color available
Moonlight Feather
Using this on your party games will make a way for you to help little kids exercise their breathing. Surely, their lungs will become healthier while they play!

41.  Face Cookie

This game will surely giggle all of your visitors! To play this game, make the players (preferably 5 players) sit on a chair. Then, place a wafer or a cookie on their foreheads. They will have to make silly faces to move the wafer or cookie onto their mouth. The first player who is able to do this will be considered the winner.

42.  Bubble Gum

For this game, you will need a plate, bubble gum, and a whipped cream. A player must find the bubble gum which is hidden inside the whipped cream. The player who is able to find it will have to blow the bubble gum. The first one who can do this will be considered the winner.

43.  Bouncing Basketball

For this game, you will need a trash can and a ping-pong ball. The player who has the most number of bounce will be considered the winner. You can also use the products on the bucket toss game if you want to add this game on your list.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, choosing your party games takes a lot of time and effort. If you haven’t been able to choose some yet, here are some toys you can buy for your party games: 46 Pack Sensory Fidget Toys Set with Gift Box, Skipping Rope, , Egg Spoon Race Game Sets, Funny Monster19 Piñata, and Toy Hoop Bundle Pack. I personally picked these toys and games because of their convenience (easy to prepare) and they bring lots of fun. Surely, if you will play them too, your party will never be forgotten.


What are some fun party games?

Charades, balloons, musical chairs, and piñata are some fun party games you can do indoors or outdoors. These simple games will surely make your party more memorable!

How many games should be played for a kid’s party?

For a party that will last for an hour, you should at least have five planned games to play. You can play these games in between eating, blowing cakes, and opening gifts.

What games can you play at a birthday party?

Musical games and balloon games are the usual ones that are being played during birthday parties. You can also play other games such as balls and hula-hoops.

[1] Warner, Penny. Kids’ Party Games and Activities: Hundreds of Exciting Things to Do at Parties for Kids 2-12. Meadowbrook Press, 1993.

[2] Barry, Sheila Anne. The World’s Best Party Games. Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., 1987.

[3] Vij, Vanita. Party games for all occasions. Vij Books India Pvt Ltd, 2011.

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