51 Must-have Handy Tools when taking care of Newborn

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Obtaining gear and essentials for the new baby can be overwhelming and confusing, especially if it is your first time. New parents may don’t have a clue what to buy or where to start. Shop smart, and don’t just buy everything that the baby registry suggests. Think and weigh if the item is essential to the baby. Make sure that the things you bought will make your job as a parent a whole lot easier.  Listen to the suggestions of the experts or other parents because it might help you put a list.

Baby Care Basics


Nasal Aspirator



Baby Crib

A crib is essential to have since your baby needs a safe place to sleep. Parents can feel comfortable since the baby has a safe sleeping environment.  When purchasing a crib, always remember that it should have a firm mattress covered by a fitted sheet. Parents will not be worried about sudden infant death syndrome. Do not put many items besides the baby since this is one reason for suffocating and sudden infant death. Try to put the baby beside you or near you to fully monitor him or her. Check if there are defects in baby cribs because they can cause injuries or, worst, death. [1]

Changing Table

A changing table is convenient because it keeps your nappy-changing supplies in one place. The primary benefit of having a changing table is adjusting the height that is comfortable for you. Changing a baby can put a considerable strain on your back and knees since you will be changing several times a day.


Humidifiers have two types: warm mist humidifier and cool mist humidifier. Pediatricians recommend a warm mist humidifier since they emit warm air that can kill germs and viruses. Warm air also helps the baby breathe by minimizing the mucus build-up and opening the respiratory passages. Cool mist humidifiers, on the other hand, releases cool or room temperature air. Doctors will only recommend a cool-mist humidifier when the baby is suffering from croup. Croup is a common illness for children that causes hoarseness. Treatment with moist air is highly recommended as a home treatment and is widely used.[2]


Vaporize creates warm mist by boiling the water and releasing the air as steam. Vaporizers and humidifiers are somewhat similar, but a vaporizer is better for people that have indoor allergens. It creates a mist that has fewer contaminants than a humidifier.

Baby Rocker

Owning a baby rocker can help the baby sleep easily. These are designed to have the same sensation as if they are still in their mother’s arms. It also comes with toys that the baby can enjoy. The sway movements of the baby rocker resemble the feeling inside before the baby was born.  Your kid is perfectly safe since it comes with a safety belt.



Baby Monitor

Having a baby monitor can reduce the anxiety and stress of the parents. This baby monitor helps the parents monitor the baby easily. It also avoids the risk of waking up the baby.

Motorola Connect40 by Hubble Connected Video Baby Monitor
It comes with a subscription that helps parents track the growth and development of the baby. It has a mic you can use to communicate. The camera allows you to capture a bright video at night, so you won't have to open up the lights that can wake up the baby. This is good for monitoring the baby with health issues.

Breastfeeding Gears

Electric Breast Pump

This product is convenient for mothers that are working. This breast pump is also beneficial if you have baby twins. Consider these things when purchasing a breast pump: double pumps, easy to use, clean, assemble, and speed. 

Breastmilk Storage Bags

Nursing Pillow

Nursing Bras

There is a huge difference between a regular bra and a nursing bra. The nursing bra does not have an underwire that causes aching and swelling of your breast. This is good for the health of both the mother and baby because it can reduce the risk of having mastitis. In a study conducted by Fetherston, at least fifty-one percent have mastitis within the first two postpartum weeks. [3]

Nursing Pads

There are five nursing pads: disposable, reusable, silicone, homemade, and hydrogel pads. The best option is reusable nursing pads.

Cotton Bibs

Burp Cloths

Nipple Cream

This is helpful when the nipples are dry, sore, and cracked.  This is safe for both mother and baby since it is purely organic.

The use of lanolin showed a better result than any other creams in the study conducted in Brazil. It lessens the pain of the nipples when using lanolin cream. [4]

Formula Feeding Gear

Baby bottles with newborn nipples

Bottle Sterilizer

Sterilization of the baby’s bottle is necessary for your baby’s health. It can reduce the risk of having infections coming from bacterias and germs.[5] It is a top priority when it comes to the health of the baby.  In the United Kingdom, a statistic was conducted in 2010 that the primary method for sterilizing baby bottles is using a sterilizer.

Dry Formula Dispenser

Bottle Dying Rack

Bottle Cleaning Brush

Insulated Cooler

Solid-food Feeding Items

High Chair

Infant Feeding Spoon

Infant Bowl

Baby Food Mill

Bathing Necessities

Bath Seat

Baby Comb and Brush Set

Bath Thermometer

Faucet Guard

Baby Clothing

Baby Hangers

Diapering Gear

Diaper Pail

Changing Pad Cover

Grooming Gear

Nail Set


Childproofing can make the house much safer for the baby. It can prevent the baby from having injuries. Try to check your place on the baby’s perspective to know what to babyproof.

Gates for Stairs

Cabinet, Drawer and Furniture Latches

Outlet Covers

Corner Guards

Toilet Lock

Baby Travel Gears

Car Seat

In 2016, Alexander Kunst surveyed to determine if there is brand awareness for car seats. It shows that 58% of the United States respondents know the baby car seat brand Evenflo.

Baby Stroller

Baby Carrier

Unichart 360 All Carry Positions Baby Carrier Baby Hip Seat Carrier (Grey)
The baby is comfortable in this carrier because it has a hip seat that helps in the development of having a proper hip. The shoulder strap is adjustable to the baby's weight, thus reducing the strain. It is made up of breathable cotton, so it is soft and comfortable for the baby. The carrier can soothe the baby since they feel their parents with them. It can be useful for the social development of the baby since they are learning and interacting with the environment.

Diaper Bag

SunShades for Cars

Other Baby Necessities

Infant Seat

Heavy Blankets to Lay on the Floor


Basket for Toys

Final Thoughts

Being ready is part of being a parent. You will need things to provide for the necessities of your baby. It can be expensive, but it is worth it because it can provide your baby’s comfort and safety. Start purchasing the essentials one by one if the baby is still not born. Having this essential can lessen the parents’ stress and tiredness, which means more time for bonding. It will give joy and fulfillment to the baby and parents. Try to put a list for your baby essentials. Since some of the items are expensive, try to ask your family, friends, and colleagues to give them as a gift to the baby shower, or they can hand over some secondhand items.

[1] Mummalaneni, Vaibhav, et al. “Social media analytics for quality surveillance and safety hazard detection in baby cribs.” Safety science 104 (2018): 260-268.

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[5] Towle, D., et al. “Baby bottle steam sterilizers for disinfecting home nebulizers inoculated with non-tuberculous mycobacteria.” Journal of Hospital Infection 92.3 (2016): 222-225.

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Vivian Perry

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