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When you have a little child you know how exhausting can be carrying a toddler in your arms all day long. Toddlers need to be held and to feel the touch and support from their parents. It is very important for their healthy emotional development.

To help you and your child, there is a toddler carrier. A toddler carrier is very interesting and useful equipment for carrying your baby. It allows you to carry your child on your chest or your back so your hands stay free to do other things, and at the same time, your baby can see the world around him.

Toddler Carrier

The toddler carrier is very comfortable and safe equipment for you and your child. It is very practical child equipment that keeps your hands free. Your hands are free to do other things such as preparing meals, cleaning, shopping, reading, while your toddler is safe and comfortable in your arms and enjoyed your closeness and touch. There are different types of toddler carriers in the market. Not just that you can choose between their colours and designs, you can also choose by their characteristics and adjustable options. Some of them allow you to carry your child on the chest, some of them allow you to carry your child on your back and some of them provide different types of carrying.

Different models of Toddler Carrier

Toddler Carrier is a piece of very practical toddler equipment. Even if you think that your child is growing up fast and that you won’t need it, it is very useful equipment when your child gets tired during the walk or when it is nap time. Depends on your needs you can choose between different models of toddler carrier. There are a lot of different ergonomic carrier types such as – Ring Slings, Longer Wraps, Shorter Wraps, Woven Wraps, Buckle Carrier, and others. Toddler Carrier needs to be practical and comfortable for you and your child. You can choose which model is the most suitable for your needs, and which one helps you enjoy carrying your child without back pain and trouble. To do that it is also important which toddler carrier fabric combination you will choose. This decision is based on your personal experience and tendencies. You can choose between cotton, wool, bamboo or other fabric blend, but the most important is that you choose a fabric that is comfortable, strong, supportive, safe and cushy.

Toddler Carrier Safety tips

There are a few safety tips that might help you to secure your toddler in carriers and to feel more relaxed and comfortable. First of all, you need to choose the right size of toddler carrier for your toddler. You need to read carefully the size tags for height and weight and to choose the right one for you. The other important thing is that you need to tighten the belts before you put your child in the toddler carrier. You have to secure fit and check of any damage. Before you get into the rotine you can ask someone to help you or you can practice with a doll before you decide to put your toddler in.

Toddler carrying is not the best solution when the weather outside is too hot, because your body heat and the carrier will boost your child temperature and they won’t feel comfortable. Also, if you are using a toddler carrier while cooking, don’t carry your toddler in front because there is a risk of burning.

T.I.C.K.S. rule for a safety toddler position

Tight – the slings should be tight and stable, and the fabric needs to be firm and safe.

In view at all times – you need to be able to see your baby at any time so, you can check out its face, nose or mouth and be sure that he or she is safe and satisfied.  

Close enough – your toddler should be closed enough to your face and to your chin so that you can kiss its head easily.

Keep your toddler chin off the chest – if the chin is too close to the chest it could interfere their breathing.

Supported back – you need to check that your toddler’s back is well supported and that they are in a natural position. It is very significant for your toddler healthy physical development.

Always remember that your and your baby’s safety first. You need to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. If you feel or see anything that is not comfortable and safe you should take your toddler out of the carrier. But, don’t worry at the time, using the toddler carrier starts to be routine and you will enjoy all its advantages and benefits.

Toddler Carrier benefits

Your toddlers are growing up so fast, border are going throw a lot of different development stages. Sometimes it is hard to track them easily. Toddler carrier can be a great help for parents. There is a lot of toddler carriers benefits that can’t be ignored. Carrier supports you and your child at the same time, and allow you to feel safe and comfortable with your child. At the same time, your child will be able to see the world around him and to engage in social interaction. Your child will be able to feel curiosity and to watch the world around him, and to feel comfortable and satisfied. Carrying your toddler is a very important emotional support for your child. He or she feels safe in your arms and that is very important for their healthy emotional growth. With toddler carrier, there is no back pain, your hands are free, and you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Toddler Carrier often comes with a separable clutch and hood, so you and your child can have your privacy. It is especially important if you are still breastfeeding your child. Toddler Carrier provides you shade or full privacy while you are using a nursing cover. Also, you can use a sleeping hood when you need it. That means that there is no need for additional equipment to buy and carry on with you.

Every child naturally requires a need for safety, affection, touch and love. Parents also need everyday help in supporting their children. Sometimes, they feel tired and need assistance. Toddler Carrier allows them to feel safe and comfortable and at the same time to provide their toddlers to grow up healthy and happy.

Which Toddler Carrier should I buy?

There are so many different types of toddler carriers in the market. They are all great and have a lot of amazing advantages, but you are certainly asking – how do I know which one is the best to choose? The first thing you need to look for is a baby carrier that is safe and comfortable, both for you and for your baby. It needs to be safe to use and pleased for you to wear. Also, it must allow healthy hip positioning for your baby. Good hip positioning allows natural hip development and lowers the risk of developmental dysplasia of the hip. There is a lot of studies and researches about importance of  healthy hip positioning and how much it is important for your baby normal physical development. [1]

Our advice is to take your toddler with you when you are going to choose which carrier is the best to buy. In that case, you can try and see how to use it and is it suitable for you and your toddler. Your toddler should feel comfortable and free to, move its arms, legs and head. Also, your toddler should be free to see around when you are carrying him or her. You should check that fabric doesn’t cover their face. A good toddler carrier needs to allow your toddler’s hips and knees to be spread and to be relaxed. It should support you to carry your baby with no problem, but at the same time, it must protect your baby’s health and proper physical growth.

Beco Toddler Carrier

Beco Toddler Carrier is made for toddlers from 9 – 27 kg (20 – 60 lbs). They are ideal for preschool children between 2-6 years old. It is also a suitable size for all parents, mother, father, thin, short, plus-sized… There are different models of Toddler Carrier. Some of them allow you front carrying, some of them provide back carrying, some of them are suitable for both. Everything depends on your priorities and preferences. Beco Toddler Carrier is very comfortable, quality material, safe and professional designed toddler equipment. It is practical, easy to use, supports the healthy physical development of your toddler and is not overwhelming for your back and spine muscle.

When parents go to a park, nature or just for a walk with their toddlers, toddlers usually gets tired and wants to be carried. Sometimes, they even want to take a nap or a break. Sometimes they want to go home in the middle of shopping or when your hands are full. We all know that often it can be too hard for parents to organize. But, to support patents, Beco made Toddler Carriers that are suitable for all toddlers size and weight.

Beco Toddler Comparison

Beco Toddler Carrier is a very quality, safe and precisely constructed carriers for you and your toddlers. They make specifically designed carriers that are suitable for carrying large toddlers. Carriers are not necessary just for a parents with a new-born babies. Sometimes, parents with preschool children and beyond, need a toddler carrier more. Beco Toddler Carrier is very helpful and supportive toddler equipment. With Beco Toddler Carrier, parents can easily play and organize their time and day.

 Beco Toddler Carrier  Tula Toddler CarrierLille CarryOn  
  MaterialComfortable, Quality material, Suitable for all seasons  Cotton, Comfortable materialCotton, Air panel, A lot of prints
  Size20 – 60 lbs  25 – 60 lbs20 – 60 lbs
  ComfortFront, back and hip Easy to wear, Lumbar support, No back pain  Front and back positions, Lumbar supportFront and back positions, Back pack style
  AddingZipper bag pocket, Removable hood, Machine washableWaistband pocket, Small pocket, Detachable hoodLarge and small pockets on body panel, Detachable hood

Beco Toddler Carrier Features

When your 2-year-old child grows up their baby carrier, you maybe think that is it and that there is no similar equipment for toddlers. But Beco thinks of you and made Beco Toddler Carrier that is suitable for children from age 2 until they get 5 or 6 years old.

Beco Toddler Carrier is comfortable for everyone to wear. It could be size fixed so that mums and dads both can use it with no problem. They just need to set up belts on their size and it is ready to use. Beco Toddler Carrier is very comfortable and easy to wear, there are waist straps for lumbar support, so you can feel safe and relaxed for your baby security, and at the same time to feel comfortable to carry your toddler with no back pain at all. Carrier is made of quality and soft fabric, so you can be sure that your child feels relaxed and comfortable, and that nothing will make him nervous while he sits in there. He will enjoy and relax in the carrier, and also can take a nap or enjoy the view with no limitation.

Beco Toddler comfort

Adjustable belts allow your spine to be supported and there is no back pain even if you are using your Beco Toddler Carrier all day long. Belts are adjustable, so you can fix your size and position, and also it is suitable to wear both mum and dad. There is also a  separable sleep hood included which is very practical. Also there is a zipper bag pocket that is practical if you are taking your keys, phone, cards or any other thing so you don’t need any other bag. It is also machine washable so you can easily keep it clean and ready to use.

Beco Toddler Carrier is suitable both for back carrying and for front carrying. You can adjust shoulder belts crossed or straight, it depends on your preferences and style. Beco Toddler Carrier is made to help you with your parenting, and they thought about every detail to make your parenting job easier. They even add handy pockets which are very practical and there is also a removable hood and removable zip-close storage on the back of the carrier. They really thought about every practical detail so you can just relax and enjoy carrying your child. Carrier is also suitable for machine wash which is very practical too.

Beco Toddler Carrier Models

Like we said before there are different Beco Toddler Carrier models, so you can choose whichever is the most suitable for you and your toddler. The most important differences is weight recommendation. Some of them are suitable for new born and younger toddlers, and some of them can be used to carry older toddlers. There is also Beco Toddler Carrier that is especially designed for toddlers, and is not suitable for new born babies, so you can carry your child from when they are born to they get 6 years old. Which one you will choose depends on your preferences and experience. Also, is important to follow weight recommendation from the manufacturer. The most important is that it is suitable and comfortable for you and your child and that you feel safe and relaxed while you wear it. You can choose a different style, design, fabric and features. In the text below there is a list of some of their models.

Beco Gemini

Beco Gemini Toddler Carrier
Ergonomic and comfortable toddler carrier, suitable for all-day use. Allows you 4 in 1 position and make you and your child feel comfortable and safe.

Beco Gemini is a traditionally structured carrier made in modern form. It is suitable for a new born babies and for younger toddlers. The weight capacity of this Beco Toddler Carrier is 7 – 35 lbs. It is 4 in 1 carrier because there are 4 carry alternatives. You can carry your toddler facing – in, facing – out, you can carry him on your back o on your hip. It is very practical to have more carrying options, so you can decide which one to use, depends on the situation, or what is suitable for you at that moment. There is an easily switchable ergonomic seat, so your toddler will feel relaxed and comfortable and nothing will endanger its physical development. In all carrying positions you have your hands free, so you are able to do other stuff such as preparing meals, cleaning, shopping, and other, while you are carrying your child. Crossable shoulder belts help you to feel safer and to support your back so that you can easily use a carrier for a few hours with no fear of back pain.

There are different colour styles that you can choose from – Beco Gemini Organic Metro Black, Beco Gemini Metro Black, Beco Gemini Grey, Beco Gemini Cool Navy, Beco Gemini Cool Dark Grey, Beco Gemini Cool Black.

Beco 8

Beco 8 Toddler Carrier
Comfortable and safe 8 in 1 toddler carrier. A lot of options for you and your toddler's comfort.

Beco 8 is 8 in 1 toddler carrier. It is suitable for all seasons and for all wearing positions. It has an age range from new-born babies to preschool toddlers, maximum weight recommendation of 45 pounds. Beco 8 Carrier provides all the features so you can enjoy in your busy lifestyle with your toddler.

You can wear your child on your hip, back, classic facing – in, or if you want your child to look around you can wear him facing – out. There is a lot of options for you and your toddler’s comfort. The most important is that you and your child feel safe and relaxed, to be comfortable and enjoy your time together. It is suitable for all-season use. There is a convertible net panel that zips off and allows you to control the temperature especially when it is too hot during the summer. And on winter time you can zip up your carrier and keep your toddler comfortable with your body warmth. Fabric is good quality and machine washable so you can wash it with no problem. You can choose a different Beco 8 Toddler Carrier Design – Beco 8 Cool Dark Grey, Beco 8 Black, Beco 8 Buffalo Plaid, Beco 8 Camo.

Beco Toddler

Beco Toddler Carrier
Very comfortable and adjustable toddler carrier. Can be use on the front or back, with adjustable belts that can be crossed or straight. Designed for easy extended wear and make you and your child feel safe, relaxed and comfortable.

Beco Toddler is specially made for you and your toddlers, 18+ months old. The minimum weight is 10kg, and the maximum recommended weight is 27kg. It is a comfortable ergonomic made toddler carrier that is very safe and practical. There is a wide ergonomic seat for your toddler so, he or she will feel comfortable, relaxed and nothing will threaten their healthy physical development and natural growth. They will enjoy the ride, no matter do you carry them facing front or on your back. They will feel comfortable and safe. At the same time, you can feel safe and relaxed, knowing that your child is good and in no danger.

There is different Beco Toddler Carrier design you can choose from – Beco Toddler Cool Pineapples, Beco Toddler Whisper, Beco Toddler Cool Navy, Beco Toddler Iris, Beco Toddler Cool Dark Grey, Beco Toddler Metro Black.

Final conclusion

Sometimes it seems that our toddlers have too much energy and that they are rarely getting tired. But, almost every time we go to a park, to a walk or shopping, they want to be carried because their legs hurt or they are just too tired to walk. Beco Toddler Carrier is a great parent assistant. It is excellent toddler equipment, which is practical, comfortable and beautiful. Even when your toddlers are not babies anymore there is a carrier suitable for their weight, my recommendation is [amazon link=”B07Q3SHRT5″ title=”Beco Toddler Carrier”]. The most important thing is that the Beco Toddler Carrier is very safe and comfortable for your child. Your toddler can relax or even take a nap in it, and he or she would feel comfortable and nothing will threaten their healthy development and natural growth. At the same time, adjustable belts support your spine and there is no back pain for you. All you need to do is to adjust your size and to enjoy spending time with your child.

[1] Ortiz-Neira, Clara L., Elizabeth Oddone Paolucci, and Tyrone Donnon. “A meta-analysis of common risk factors associated with the diagnosis of developmental dysplasia of the hip in newborns.” European journal of radiology 81.3 (2012): e344-e351.

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