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Keeping your kids busy and quiet during quarantine or school break is a big challenge to parents. Boring times will lead to gadget times mostly. We all know that it is not healthy, and your kid will not learn so much just sitting and absorbing all the radiation that his/her gadget will give her. Introducing arts to them is an excellent idea. [1]Studies have shown that arts are a perfect way of expressing thoughts, feelings, or personal issues. Some things are left unsaid because there are just no words that define what people feel towards something, and that’s where arts are helpful. Arts are an expression of feelings or emotions in a creative way.

Benefits of engaging in arts

Is it essential for kids to get into loving arts? Children grow loving colors, shapes, and anything that they see enticing. With just a little push or support, plus letting kids play with colors, they will develop their love of arts. [2]Other people consider arts a luxury and may not find it as important as math and science do. Little did they know that creative play brings so many benefits to the development of kids.

Children develop their skills while having fun

Arts and games provide benefits to kids and are essential to help them develop both physically and mentally. Artistic activities foster the intellectual and holistic formation of a child and cultivate hobbies that lead towards personal development. Arts stimulates both sides of the brain. It is also a great exercise in widening the attention span, increasing memory, and cultivating children’s creativity and concentration. Let your kids fall in love with arts and observe them as they improve the following skills:

Social and Emotional Skills

Children will have the chance to develop themselves emotionally through the arts. Arts will positively impact them, for they will learn to share their artworks with others and appreciate each artist’s uniqueness. [3]Young people that suffer behavioral problems and emotional difficulties found remedies through arts. According to studies, these people changed how they do socially and how they think through different art expressions. As they became an artist, they tend to look at the world in a different perspective. Creative thinking makes an artist look at the world in a much better way.

Communication Skills

When children finished artwork and paste it on the wall or somewhere else, she/he is communicating visually. Studies have shown that structured kids’ development of art admiration positively impacts their communication skills. They can also communicate using their artworks, for they are putting their hearts and emotions into what they do.

Problem-Solving Skills

Children were at a stage where they search for the answers in almost anything that will catch their curious minds. Their curiosity is profound and is waiting to be satisfied. [4]Engaging in arts will require your child to do problem-solving early, as they aim to finish their art projects. It also fosters independent thinking, something that they can benefit from as they go on in life.

Fine Motor Skills

Holding toys, pens, or flipping pages of books, and many more can develop your child’s motor skills. [5]According to studies, using brush-away techniques in making artworks helped identify the fine motor and progress in children’s arts. [6]Fine motor skills are developed through muscular control, brain coordination, and patience; participating in various activities involves using hands muscles essential. Nourishing and concentrating the whole arm muscles is the start of the development of fine motor skills.

Creativity & Self Expression

Self-expression is needed when you are flooded with thoughts that you don’t know how to express. Sometimes writing journals or having diaries may help but may seem not enough. Using music, through dancing or singing, may help to lessen the burden of unexpressed thoughts. Engaging in the arts of drawings, paintings, doodles, and many more will make you feel much better. Studies have shown that the more we deny or negative emotions, the more intense the stress will be. The emotional healing process shows progress with a patient that participates in art therapy. (, n.d.)

There may still other benefits of engaging in arts that are not listed above, but having even just a few is convincing enough to let your kids enjoy themselves in playing and developing their creative sides.

Best Art Supplies for Kids

The following list is the best art supplies for kids or adults you might want to consider purchasing to enhance your child’s creativity. Some of these were high-quality at an affordable price, and you may find some good enough for practicing kids or beginners. It is essential to consider purchasing safe and non-toxic supplies that are friendly for kids in choosing art supplies. Here are some great finds that will boost the kids’ artistic abilities.

Painting Tool Supplies

An artistic creation through painting is a realistic or surrealistic portrayal of a work of art on a piece of paper. An artwork can portray emotions. It may influence the structure inhabitant’s temperament or mood. Thus, painting is a great way to prevent negativity to the young ones—as the kids learn to divert their perspective into an artwork.

Moreover, painting likewise delivers a quieting and calming phase where artists feel a sense or a drive to explore their innovativeness and creative mind.

1.      Washable Paint for Kids Set

Washable Paint for Kids Set with Classic and Glitter Non-Toxic Tempera Paint Colors
Complete set of painting materials that will make painting hassle-free and enjoyable.

This paint set comes with eight bottles of high-quality non-toxic paints, two glitter, and six classic colors. This paint set offers long hours of fun entertainment expressing creativity. These are washable, so no need to worry about getting messy. This paint set is complete to let kids start right away. The set includes paper, color paints, few quality brushes, and a paint palette for easy mixing colors. The paper is thick, specially made for watercolor paintings; it doesn’t quickly tear when soaked. The paintbrushes come in different sizes to allow kids to paint in other strokes. When not in use, a storage bag is provided to keep the painting materials neatly stored.

2.      Do a Dot Art! Markers 6-Pack Rainbow Washable Paint Markers

Dot art provides a lot of opportunities to kids to create designs and express themselves. These washable paint markers are easy to use to let kids enjoy all they can and just get cleaned up later. There are six markers available to use: non-toxic, gluten-free, and latex-free, really safe for kids’ use. These are easy to hold and create pleasing to the eye dots that your kid can use to form artworks.  These markers encourage creativity and help improve your child’s imagination as he/she will be thinking of designs to make. These are easy to use and good for beginners. They get to play with colors without so much mess to make. These can be carried anywhere, especially during long trips. They can be used to have a busy time.

3.      Paint Tray Palettes

Paint tray palettes are made with durable material with a smooth finish, allowing artists to arrange and mix colors easier as they paint. It is always nice to let your kids practice and explore mixing colors—it will allow them to engage a creative mindset of achieving the right color independently.

4.      U.S. Art Supply 10 Piece Children’s No-Spill Paint Cups with Colored Lids and 10 Piece Large Round Brush Set with Plastic Handles

U.S. Art Supply 10 Piece Children's No-Spill Paint Cups with Colored Lids
10 dual-lid multi-colored No Spill Paint Cups per bag that prevent spills and messes, proper and contains lots of cleaning.

Over time, painting is a messy task. Especially for starters! These paintbrushes have them no-spill feature—minimizing the mess as kids create their masterpieces. The product has a spill-free and durable hard plastic that serves as a container for your kids’ paintbrush. Kids may be clumsy and reckless since they are still learning. What’s good about this product is that these paint cups are designed to be airtight; this will prevent the left-over paint from drying.

5.      Crayola Washable Watercolors in 8 Vibrant Colors, 12 Paint Sets for Kids, Classroom Supplies, Multi

Crayola Washable Watercolor in 8 Vibrant Colors, 12 Paint Sets for kids, Classroom Supplies, Multi
Twelve washable watercolor Kids Paint Sets, each with 8 colors; provides unlimited painting fun for kids

Advanced acrylic paints may be too intimidating and challenging to practice for kids. Hence, it is wise to engage them in the painting by using watercolors suitable for children. The progress will allow them to explore the ways on how to express their thoughts and expressions. By getting used to handling pencils and brushes, your kids will develop their motor skills. Through paintings, they will get to improve their creative imagination too. Not all people develop artistic skills, but those who do are gifted. So, give your children the chance to discover the artist on them, and let them feel confident in what they’ll be able to accomplish as an artist.

6.      U.S. Art Supply 11″ Tabletop Display Stand-a-Frame Artist Easel -Beechwood Tripod

U.S. Art Supply 11
Tabletop stand frame that can serve as a canvas stand for your paintings, will make creating art easier and comfortable.

Kids can use tabletop stand as their canvas stand. Since its size is less intimidating and is suitable for young artists. It will be much comfortable for them to have this easel to move as they do their artwork. Motivation arises when kids feel that their hobbies are being supported and appreciated by the people around them. Provide them the things that they need, and you will see them grow their talents well.

7.      Crayola Big Paint Brushes, 4 Count Flat Painting Brushes, Paint Supplies

Crayola Big Paint Brushes, 4 Count Flat Painting Brushes, Paint Supplies
These are paintbrushes that will help develop your kids' motor skills.

Being good at a painting takes a lot of time and effort. Overtime, painting skills can be nurtured and developed. Paintbrushes come in different styles, shapes, sizes, etc. The wide variety of brushes may be intimidating to beginners. Hence, it is best to start with a few and essential paint brushes first. These painting brushes may help kids get a comfortable grip and control over their hands to improve their motor skills. Good brushes will help them come up with great artwork.

8.      Watercolor Paint Set

Watercolor Paint Set
A watercolor paint set that is good for beginners use.

It is a watercolor set that is good for your kids to use. It comes in 36 vibrant colored paints, watercolor pads, and several brushes in different sizes. The storage is made of lightweight plastic that is easy to carry everywhere. This set is just suitable for practicing stage to professional. The brushes are beautifully made, with a non-slip grip for comfortable use. These are great for different strokes.

9.      UCreate Watercolor Paper

UCreate Watercolor Paper
A watercolor paper that is ideal to use for painting.

If you want a fantastic outcome of your artworks, the materials must fit each other. Here is a paper that is made especially for watercolor arts. This watercolor paper is sturdy, suitable to use for wet paints.

10.  Hape All-in-One wooden Kids’ Art Easel with Paper Roll and Accessories

Hape All-in-One Wooden Kids' Art Easel with Paper Roll and Accessories
An all-in-one art toy, ideal to use for practice; has a lot of uses and surely will encourage learning.

This Hape all-in-one wooden art easel is a functional all-in-one art toy. It is almost complete, ready to cater to your little artist needs. This product is beautifully made and just suitable for kids. It has an adjustable height so that it will grow with your kid for more prolonged use. It has a magnetic feature to let kids play with magnetic stuff. It also comes with paint cups that are no-spill; great to have for kids to lessen the mess with paints. To hold the paper in place, it has turn knobs. This wooden art easel is indeed the ideal art tool for the young artist who needs practice.

11.  Tempera Paint Sticks

These tempera paint sticks come with 30 unique colors that will motivate kids to use them and enhance their creativity. These are great for kids’ use because the sticks flow smoothly on paper and the rounded containers of these coloring materials are easy to hold. These can be used everywhere and comes in handy. There is no need for water and brushes to use them; no messy paints to clean up afterward. These tempera paints are just like the lipsticks; the body is twisted to let the colors out. You will love the fact that you can easily wash the paint stains with water and soap, plus it is quick drying. These are guaranteed safe and from non-toxic materials.

12.  S&S Worldwide PT3253 Liquid Watercolors

S&S Worldwide PT3253 Liquid Watercolors
Versatile watercolor that is easy to use.

These watercolors are easy to apply and very useful. They are versatile compared to other solid watercolors that you may know. These can be used on fabric, clay, glass, and many more. These can be applied with brushes or anything you are comfortable using, like spray bottles, eye droppers, etc. these are non-toxic and water-based, so you can let your kids play with them the way they wanted. These can work great in making crafts.

13.  iFymei Paint by Numbers for Kids & Adults & Beginners

iFymei Paint by Numbers for kids & Adults & Beginners
It is a perfect art tool to use to enhance your child's artistic skills.

This paint by numbers kit is a fantastic thing you can have if you want to start learning to paint and practice. This kit includes a canvas with a printed image on it, acrylic paints, and brushes. It is a wonderful kit that may relieve your stress doing it. it can also be given as a gift in any occasion. You can have it as a tool for bonding moments with your family; share and guide as you finish this artwork. 

Drawing Tool Supplies (Doodling & Sketching)

Children must engage themselves in activities that will boost their cognitive development. Doodling and sketching are highly beneficial in enhancing focus and stress relief. A simple act of creating patterns and lines improves productivity and creativity. On a fundamental level, children articulate themselves by art. Their artwork is often a reflection and expression of their style and feelings. Practicing recreational activities such as arts stimulates one’s skill and creativity, but it also boosts one’s passion.

14.  Amazon Basic Sketch and Drawing Art Pencil Kit

This pencil kit comes with different grades of pencils that are best to try for beginners and professionals. It is a great kit to try, quality tools for an affordable price. It is an all-in-one kit that has a sharpener and an eraser. Professional might say that this kit is not for a pro, but it can serve its purpose well at an affordable price. With this kit, your kid can master shading and drawing techniques well enough.

15.  Jaq Jaq Bird ButterStix

If your child can’t help but doodle around the house, well, this is the right tool to give them. Jaq jaq bird butterstix were like ordinary chalk but without the dust. You can easily remove the drawings made by your little kid using a damp cloth. You can sharpen the edge for creating fine lines in your drawings perfectly. These are non-toxic, so kids can use them freely and improve their drawing skills with them.

16.  Kids Erasable Doodle Book with 12 Watercolor Pens

It is a drawing book set with watercolor pens, which is good to have, especially during long trips to entertain kids. The drawing book have 14 pages, good enough to let kids enjoy and draw all they want. This encourages creativity and improves creative imaginations. The good thing about this drawing book is it is easy to clean and reusable. It is durable and lightweight, and you can use a wet tissue or damp cloth to clean it and use it many times as desired. Having this is an excellent choice to let kids’ drawing hobby flourish and keep them from drawing around the house. All materials used for these items were non-toxic and made safe for kids’ use.

17.  Ed Emberley’s Complete Fun Print Drawing Book

Ed Emberley's Complete Fun print Drawing Book
It is a great tool to use to let kids discover the beauty of arts and finally make them fall in love with it.

It is a drawing book that will let your kids’ imagination grow with the use of their fingerprints. They will get more creative and improve their creative minds as they think of images to build out of their fingerprints. Using this is a great option to let kids spend some time out from their gadgets and develop their artistic side while playing. Kids will be motivated to come up with their creations. Using this is a great start for kids to experience something easy-to-finish artwork. You can use this as a tool to bond and grow a parent-child relationship.

18.  Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad
This will make a perfect gift to creative kids to make them improve their talent.

This tracing pad comes with graphite pencils, 10 sheets for tracing, 10 blank sheets, and 12 color pencils. This tracing pad also needs 3 AA batteries to make the light turned on. This will make tracing easy; this is suitable for kids’ use, especially those who practice drawing. It will surely motivate kids to do more artworks. Kids might feel intimidated if they are not good at drawing yet, this tool will make it easy for kids to master how to draw, and with frequent usage, they will develop their talent and be good at it.

19.  Spirograph Design Tin Set, Multicolor

Spirograph are fun to use. It provides many designs that can be used as decorations. This set includes 18 oz of spirograph putty, a design pad with 24 pages, a design booklet, two pens, and nine shapes. A storage tray is provided to keep the parts together to prevent losing them. These may help in lessening the stress that you and your child have and provide an enjoyable time. You can take this with you everywhere to entertain kids and keep them busy. The designs can be used in decorating paper artworks or anywhere you desire.

20.  ZMLM Scratch Paper Art Set for Kids

This art set will help your kid develop their firm hand control in holding a pen for writing or drawing. It is a great tool to boost their creativity and fine motor skills. With this, you can be sure that they will be happy with their artwork’s outcome, for there are available art shapes to scratch using a wooden stylus that will indeed look good. Every scratch will reveal a colorful line for every image that they will create. Parents need not worry about their health; these are proven non-toxic and certified safe for kids. This art set comes with a paintbrush to let kids sweep the black remains of the cratch.

21.  Jumbo Crayons for Toddlers

Jumbo crayons for Toddlers
An enjoyable art set for all ages.

These big crayons are easy to hold, perfect for children that are starting to learn to write. Teachers at school used jumbo crayons to train kids to have muscle control over their hands for them to write and draw. These are from natural wax and made safe for kids’ use. These include 16 vibrant colors that will develop your childs’ brain and improve imagination. These crayons won’t easily break and will last; perfect to give as a gift on any occasion.

Crafts Supplies

A child’s imagination has no limit. Putting their ideas into crafts will enhance their creativity and productivity. However, conveying their emotions through visual arts correspond to risks such as choking hazards and wounding as they deal with sharp objects such as cutters and scissors. The following are the ideal craft supplies for kids.

22.  Acrylic Paint Pens for Rocks Painting, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Fabric, Canvas, Mugs, DIY Craft Making Supplies

Acrylic Paint Pens are water-based paint markers that are non-toxic, odorless, discreet, safe, and kid-friendly. Acrylic paints can be too intimidating and hard to control, for starters. Hence, these acrylic paint pens are a good substitute for our young artists for the meantime while they are still practicing. These acrylic paint pens are ideal for painting corners and narrow edges that might appear messy using brushes with watercolors or acrylic paints.

23.  Modeling Clay Kit

Modelling Clay Kit
This is an ideal kit to make kids more productive and creative; a great tool to make quality parent-child time.

These modeling clay kits are enjoyable to use for all ages. These are great for people who love doing crafts. This kit includes 24 modeling clay with different colors. Thirty-four animal accessories that can make your artwork much lovelier are included in the set. There is a project booklet included serving as your guide to come up with different products. Three small tools that will help you form your clay and 24 containers to keep the excess clay airtight and tidy are also in this set. There are a lot of skills that your kid will develop in playing with this modeling clay. Kids will improve their creativity and enhance eye-hand coordination and motor skills. You can also use this kit to have a bonding time with your kid as you share knowledge in forming clay artworks. Your finished products can be used as a toy, decorations, or gifts for someone special.

24.  Renegade Made Random Acts of Flowers Kit

Renegade Made Random Acts of Flowers Kit
This is a beautiful craft kit that is worth spending your time with.

This kit is a fantastic art craft kit that will melt your heart. This lovely kit is complete to make you and your kids finish the whole project using only the things in this kit. I love the idea of giving the finished crafts to people that will surely brighten up their day. It is like sharing with them your talent and making up their day with a simple gesture of kindness. It will make an excellent gift for any occasion; it will make kits engage in doing art projects and make kids busy for long hours.

25.  Faber-Castell 20 Minute Studio Card Making for Beginners

Faber-Castell 20 Minute Studio Card Making for Beginners
A perfect craft set to inspire and impress others to be creative.

This papercraft kit will bring out your best creative side in making cards for your loved ones. Cards that are made personally were very much appreciated because of your efforts in making them. These have design guides and stencils to make it easier for you and your kid to finished designing. Your relative or friends will be amazed seeing how creative you were. These kits were maybe suitable for adults, but with the proper guidance, making it with your kid is much better and helping him develop his skills. 

26.  AdTech Ultra Low-Temp Cool Tool | Mini Hot Glue Gun for Safe Crafting

When doing crafts, hot glue is essential to have to stick all the designs effectively. It is specially designed for students’ or kids’ use; this low temp cool tool is much cooler than the ordinary glue gun. It is 75 degrees cooler compared to the ones that adults always use. Its size is small and very easy to carry for decorating events. Although this is for kids’ use, it is still advisable that adults must supervise kids while using it for safety assurance.

27.  Insnug Pottery Wheel Art Craft Kit

Insnug Pottery Wheel Art Craft Kit
An educational art toy for kids' natural development.

With this kit, kids may create their pots. This pottery kit has an instruction guide to make it easy for kids to develop their own cute pots. This kit has complete materials ready to use. There are also available paints and stickers to make the finished product much personalized and express your child’s creativity. This craft kit is educational, helps in developing the child’s motor skills as they learn to control their hands and fingers while forming the pots. It may also build your child’s confidence as he achieves and comes up with something new using his talent. These kinds of art toys give motivation to children to do their best and be more creative.

28.  Mixed Letter Beads for Craft Kit

Mixed Letter Beads for Craft Kit
These are mixed beads that can be used in making personalized accessories.

These assorted beads that have different designs are used to create bracelets. These are not suitable for younger ages to prevent a choking hazard. If your kid loves accessories, she/he can be doing his own using these beads. With these materials, he/she can make personalized accessories that you can give as a gift to friends or families. Children can also use these for decorations in various art projects.

29.  JOYEZA Rock Painting Art Kit for Kids

JOYEZA Rock Painting Art Kit for Kids
A painting kit that is very functional and will provide hours of fun while developing your child's creative side.

JOYEZA rock painting art kit will let you explore more and create more artistic products using rocks. You and your kid will find it challenging to come up with something beautiful and unique of the stones. You may use your finished artworks for personalized gifts on any occasion or simply decorations at home or for your gardens. Explore and express your hidden talents with this kit while you are having fun with your kids. You can use this kit to keep your children away from gadgets. They will be benefiting from this and will be encouraged to learn as they get into arts.

30.  Asdirne Craft Scissors Decorative Edge

These scissors were made safe for kids. These are useful in making the edges of the papers you are using to make art crafts beautiful. It adds design to your artwork. Parents need to supervise their kids in using this because they might get hurt. These will stimulate your child’s interest in doing art projects to make artwork much enjoyable.

31.  NextX Kids Crafts Window Art for Kids Paint Your Own Suncatchers Set

These lovely suncatchers set will entice your kid to get moving and participate in making them. Your child will be motivated to put their hands on this set and be artistic if they will get to see the finished product; this is something that will interest them. This craft set will make an ideal gift to children on any occasion. With these, they will have the chance to express their creative side and develop their motor skills while decorating their rooms and making them more lovely. You will get to have a fruitful quality time with your kids making suncatchers. You can also put these on your car window to occupy your baby’s attention while on a long trip.

Final thoughts

I find U.S. Art Supply 10 Piece Children's No-Spill Paint Cups with Colored Lids helpful to both child and parents, especially for beginners, to lessen the cleaning time brought by paints. The Acrylic Paint Pens for Rocks Painting, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Fabric, Canvas, Mugs, DIY Craft Making Supplies is also something worth recommending; with its multiple uses, this art set will surely come in handy. Lastly, JOYEZA Rock Painting Art Kit for Kids this art set fits kids. Having this art set will also teach kids to be resourceful, and with the simple stone, your child can learn to transform it into something valuable and beautiful. Let them start exploring the arts young. The younger they start, the better they will become because there is plenty to learn.

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