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Are you a first-time mom worried about your baby’s safety and warmth during the cold season? As a nursing mother, have you ever found yourself in a situation whereby your baby is hungry in public and you have to breastfeed her there and then? Are you also wondering how to keep your infant warm the whole night without the use of loose blankets? A baby blanket is a very essential item for every mother with a newborn baby, an infant, or a toddler. There are a variety of blankets meant for different uses.

Qualities of a good baby blanket


A good baby blanket should be able to keep the baby warm. Babies are not able to regulate their body temperatures. Babies especially newborns, require warmth all the time to avoid being affected by the cold.

Soft and gentle

The material used to make the blanket should be soft and cozy for the comfort of the baby and for a nice sleep. You don’t want anything causing discomfort to the young baby. The blanket should be skin-friendly to babies with extremely sensitive skin.

Should be safe

The baby’s skin is so soft and sensitive, so a good baby blanket should not cause any allergies to the skin or any other health problems to the baby, for example, harsh marks on the baby.

Should be flat

The blanket should be flat to ensure even distribution when covering the baby for maximum warmth.


A good blanket should be able to last until the baby grows older. The fabric used to make the blanket should be of high quality to ensure it lasts long.

Should be light-colored

 Depending on the age of the baby, gender, and the temperatures, blankets should have light colors that don’t absorb a lot of heat and the baby can easily see through them.  I would not prefer a dull color for my child.


Babies have not developed the ability to regulate their temperatures, therefore, during warm temperatures, a good blanket allows easy circulation of air. When the baby sweats a lot and becomes too hot, they tend to be irritable and uncomfortable.

Types of baby blankets

Receiving blankets

They are made purposefully for infants. This blanket serves as a wrapper for the infant, can be used as a mat on the floor or as an emergency cloth when the baby burps. The blanket is lighter and has multiple uses other than covering the baby.

Uses of a receiving blanket

Baby receiving blankets can be used as:

  1. Playmats for the baby to crawl on sleep and play on. Their size makes them ideal to be used as a play mat for the baby. While you are busy doing other things, you can spread a receiving blanket and lay the baby on it.
  2. Burping cloth-spread the blanket on your shoulder since it is bigger than the normal small burp clothes and place the baby’s head on it.
  3. Swaddling blanket- you don’t need to buy a swaddling blanket if you already own a receiving blanket. Use the receiving blanket to wrap the baby the same way a swaddle does.
  4. Changing mat for the baby- a baby’s diaper may soil anywhere therefore, the need to change it. You can spread the receiving blanket on a surface and use it as a changing mat. Besides, the blanket is easy to clean in case it gets dirty.
  5. Cover when breastfeeding- the baby might get hungry in public and you will have to sit somewhere and feed her. It is always good to bring along a receiving blanket which you can use to cover yourself and the baby for privacy.

Best receiving blankets

1.     Hospital receiving blankets

This is a high-quality blanket made of 100% cotton that is comfortable and warm for your baby. I also love the fact that it is fluffy white in color and durable. I t is also pocket friendly and easy to clean.

Hospital Receiving Blankets
this blanket is perfect for a newborn due to its warmth and soft nature that makes the baby extremely comfortable. It is easy to clean therefore saves the mom time.

2.     luvable friends unisex baby cotton flannel receiving blankets

These cute blankets are made of 100% cotton flannel that is friendly to the baby’s skin and very comfortable. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns for you to choose from according to your taste.

Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Flannel Receiving Blankets
The blankets are affordable and are friendly to the bay’s skin therefore, mom doesn’t have to worry.

3.     Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby receiving blankets

These 100% cotton flannel blankets are easy to clean and breathable to allow air circulation. These are comfortable for the baby and

Simple Joys by Carter's Baby 7-Pack Flannel Receiving Blankets
these blankets give the mother a variety of colors to choose from and at the same time, it is cost-friendly.

4.     Momcozy Muslin receiving blankets

These multipurpose unisex blankets have been made by a composition of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton which makes them highly comfortable to soft skin, breathable and durable. The manufacturer claims it gets better the more it is washed.

Momcozy Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets, Large Neutral Receiving Blankets Wrap for Baby
the mother is assured of the baby’s comfortability and safety when using these blankets.

Security blankets/ Lovey blanket

They are much smaller than other blankets and have the head of an animal attached to them for the baby to hold on to. They are also super soft and comfortable for the child to hold on to. You might want to buy a quality durable material if this is to last a lifetime. Toddlers love these blankets and may get so attached to them. Always have this blanket around because it can also be used to calm the child down in case, she becomes emotional.

Uses of a security blanket

  1. Gives comfort and security to the baby whenever she is lonely and emotional
  2. Helps in relieving anxiety and stress when faced with difficult situations
  3. The baby can hold on to the blanket when you leave for other commitments to prevent her from drying.

Best security blankets

5.     Apricot lamb stuffed animal security blanket

This security blanket is soft for the bay’s delicate skin and can be carried around by toddlers everywhere they go without tripping on them. I would prefer this for a baby girl.

Apricot Lamb Stuffed Animals Pink Bunny Security Blanket Infant Nursery Character Blanket
Apart from being easy to clean, it guarantees the baby’s safety and soothes the baby right from birth.

6.     Hudson baby security blanket

This is a 100% polyester blanket that is gentle and comfortable to the baby’s skin.

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Security Blanket
This blanket is very affordable and doesn’t react to the bay’s soft skin.

7.     B. toys by Battat security blanket

This adorably cute baby blanket made of polyester is perfect for your little bundle of joy.

B. toys by Battat BX1565Z B. Toys
this product ensures baby security, quality sleep, and comfort for those little hands.

Swaddling blankets

These are lightweight breathable blankets that are large to wrap the baby like an envelope. It makes the baby feel like he is in a womb because of the wrapping and warmth. To avoid infant deaths and other injuries, you should stop swaddling when the baby starts moving/rolling over and always ensure fasteners are well put in place.[1]

Uses of swaddling blankets

  1. Can be spread on the shoulder as a burp cloth and wipe baby spit-ups due to its large size and comfort.
  2. It can also be spread when changing the baby anywhere due to its comfort, big size and it’s easy to clean.
  3. Can be used as a nursing cover when breastfeeding the baby for privacy since it is breathable, therefore, allows free air circulation.
  4. It can also be used to cover strollers when you and your baby are out and about.
  5. As the name suggests, it is used to warp the baby like an envelope to keep her warm and safe
  6. It can be used as a tummy time blanket when the baby wants to roll, play or crawl due to its comfortable, large and breathable nature.
  7. When the swaddle is no longer in use, it can be recycled for use as a kitchen cloth or as a bath time cloth for the baby since they are soft and easy to clean.
  8. They are large and can be used as bibs to cover the baby up to the laps during messy mealtimes to keep the baby clean

Benefits of swaddling

  1. Swaddling gives the baby a womb-like feeling while helping to keep the baby warm and safe
  2. Holds the baby together to prevent her from waking up due to her startle reflex of the legs or arms.
  3. It helps to calm and soothe the baby to sleep for longer hours if not disturbed.

Best swaddling blankets

8.     JAM NATURALS cute bear organic newborn swaddle.

This super cute and soft baby blanket is suitable for newborns from 0-3months can serve different functions other than being a is also made of 100% natural fabric that is safe for the bay’s sensitive skin.

AM NATURALS-Cute Bear Organic Newborn Swaddle Wrap
It is natural therefore gentle and safe to the baby’s skin; it is easy to clean and it is multifunctional.

9.     Babebay baby muslin swaddling blanket

This high-quality super soft cotton and bamboo blanket are suitable for your cute baby. It keeps the baby warm and comfortable.

10.  Rajlinen Muslin swaddle blankets

This multipurpose super soft baby-friendly swaddle is suitable for babies and new moms.

Rajlinen Muslin Swaddle Blankets
this super soft swaddle blanket is easy to use for every mom.

Crib blankets

These blankets should be used with toddlers who are older than a year. Crib blankets should not be used with babies below one year to avoid overheating and deaths due to suffocation from the blanket. The toddler should have a crib blanket that is soft, warm, and super comfortable for easy and good quality sleep. Always ensure that the face of your baby is not covered by the blanket when sleeping and they sleep facing up to avoid any risks.[2]

Best crib blankets

11.  Aden and Anais essentials dream blanket

Your baby will use this soft and comfortable blanket for a very long time due to its large size and durability. This blanket will work magic for your little one and ensure she sleeps well.

Aden + Anais Essentials Dream Blanket
this blanket is durable, affordable and comfortable for the baby.

12.  TILLYOU Micro fleece plush baby blanket

This is a multipurpose lightweight blanket, that is soft and smooth for the infant or toddler. It is easy to clean, fold and the child can use it for the longest time.

TILLYOU Micro Fleece Plush Baby Blanket Large Lightweight Crib Blanket
Other than being safe for the baby, this saves time cleaning and can be used in the long run.

Crochet/knitted baby blankets

They are hand-made or knit baby blankets using yarn of different colors. When buying such a blanket, ensure to choose a material that is not rough on your baby. These blankets can be personalized and made with the design of your choice. You can knit the baby’s name on it, a flower, or any pattern of your preference.

Uses of crochet/knitted blankets

  1. Used to keep the child warm while sleeping but watch out no to use these for young babies who still can’t move on their own.
  2. Can be spread on the hard floor for the young one to sit on.
  3. Can be used to wrap infants while you are holding them.

Best crochet/knitted blankets

13.  Cozyholy baby blanket knitted

This tightly knit baby blanket is perfect to be used for the baby in several ways such as play mat, burp cloth, and stroller blanket among others. It is made of 100% polyester which is soft and comfortable to the skin. This cute blanket will keep the baby warm all the time.

Cozyholy Baby Blanket Knitted
this blanket is suitable for your baby since it doesn’t lose shape or have loose threads overtime.

14.  Handmade crochet baby security blanket

This cute blanket is what moms who prefer handmade blankets should purchase for their little ones. It is breathable, made of 100% cotton, and comfortable for the baby. It is soft and has a cute animal head so the baby can snuggle with it.

Stroller blankets

These are blankets used to keep the baby warm when taking a walk outside. These blankets are heavier than other blankets and are carried everywhere as longs as the child is strolling outdoors. These blankets come in different weights for every season. While taking the baby to the park grab a cute stroller blanket to carry along. Stroller blankets should be cute and kept clean always because they are seen by the public.

Uses of stroller blankets

  1. The stroller blanket is mainly used to cover the baby’s stroller while taking a walk with her to prevent harsh direct sunlight and overheating.
  2. When the weather gets chilly, you can use it to cover the baby on the car seat to provide extra warmth.
  3. The blankets can also be spread on the ground for your baby to sit on, say, during a picnic at the park.
  4. They can also be used as a breastfeeding cover when nursing in public.

Best stroller blankets

15.  Burts’s bee baby stroller blanket

Other than being purely organic, the blanket is durable and has diversified uses, and is reversible. This blanket is soft and helps keep the baby warm and safe from the sun.

16.  little giraffe chenille stroller baby blanket

This blanket size and style are perfect for use in a baby stroller as a shield from the sun. The fabric is soft and soothing for the baby-making your work easy.

Little Giraffe Chenille Stroller Baby Blanket
Apart from being stylish, it is durable, easy to care for and soothing for the baby.

Wearable baby blankets

These are blankets that can be put on like normal baby clothes but have no openings for the legs. Instead, they are fitted with a zip or buttons on the bottom and the sides to maintain warmth, allow for easy dressing and diaper change. They are used when the baby sleeps since normal blankets can easily fall off or suffocate the child while sleeping. These are also known as sleeping sacks. These blankets should be soft and breathable to avoid overheating the baby while asleep.

Uses of wearable blankets

  • These are purposely used to keep the baby warm and safe at night while sleeping.
  • They are also used to hold babies who move a lot while sleeping in position to avoid any risks.

Best wearable baby blankets

17.  Burt’s bees baby beekeeper wearable blanket

This blanket is 100% organic cotton blanket is perfectly safe for the baby with a fitted zipper to keep warmth is made so the baby can be comfortable and move freely inside.

Burt's Bees Baby Baby Beekeeper Wearable Blanket
this blanket is easy to use, safe and warm for the baby to sleep in at night.

18.  Hudson baby unisex wearable blanket

This blanket is perfect for any gender and the fabric is soft and safe for the baby’s skin. It is also able to keep the baby warm while sleeping since having anything loose in the crib is discouraged.

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Long-Sleeve Wearable Sleeping Bag, Sack, Blanket
This wearable blanket is easy to put on and change diapers in. it is also gentle on the baby’s soft skin.

19.  Baebae baby sleeping bag sack

This breathable blanket is made of 100% cotton and the manufacturer claims that it is made to mimic the mom’s womb so as to keep the baby warm, comfortable, and soothe to sleep. The colors of the blanket are also super cute and fit perfectly well with a small baby.

Baby Sleeping Bag Sack-Infant Sleeping Bags
This blanket is not only stylish but also easy to clean and use therefore saving on time.

Organic baby blankets

These blankets are 100% natural and are made from cotton that is free from chemicals of any kind. Natural products are perfect for your little bundle of joy because they are not harmful or toxic to your child. When it comes to babies, safety is key for every mother.

Benefits of organic blankets

  1. They are 100% natural therefore are the safest for the little one’s skin.
  2. They are breathable and provide instant warmth to the baby.
  3. They also cozy and help regulate the baby’s body temperature

The best organic blanket is:

20.  Touched by nature unisex baby organic cotton blanket

Apart from being cost-friendly, they are safe for the baby’s sensitive skin as it is made from 100% natural cotton. They are versatile and comfortable for the baby.

Touched by Nature Unisex Baby Organic Cotton Swaddle
This organic blanket is safe for the baby and affordable.

Winter baby blankets

These are blankets used during cold seasons. Winter comes with very low temperatures that are unhealthy for the baby. The cold can cause bacterial and viral infections to the baby and may result in death. Winter blankets are thicker and heavier than other baby blankets due to their ability to keep the baby warm at all times. Fleece blankets can also be used as winter blankets.

Benefits of winter blankets

Winter blankets help to keep the baby warm during extremely cold weathers in winter during night and day.

Best winter blankets

21.  XMWEALTHY winter baby swaddle blankets

These winter swaddles are perfectly cozy and warm for the baby during winter to ensure the baby sleeps well.

Baby Swaddle Blankets Newborn Boys Girls Clothes Unisex Winter Swaddle Blankets
The fabric of this blanket is comfortable to the little one’s soft and sensitive skin and it is perfect for keeping the baby warm in extremely low temperatures.

What to consider when buying a baby blanket


Consider the size of the blanket depending on how big your child is and the purpose of the blanket. It is economical to choose a bigger blanket that the baby will use for a long time into the future to avoid buying lots of blankets every time the baby grows. Remember not to use too big blankets on newborn babies for these can cover them up and lead to suffocation. Remember to choose swaddle blankets that are fitting and not too tight for the baby. Depending on your child, a good blanket can be about 30-50inch.


Consider buying a banket material that will allow free air movement in and out of the blanket to avoid causing discomfort to the baby. Blankets are supposed to bring comfort to the child.


Style is personal, therefore, only choose a blanket style that suits your taste. You can decide to personalize some of the baby blankets by adding their name to them or any other thing you love.


Choose a blanket that can be used for a long time in the future as the baby grows older. For example, babies tend to get attached to their security blankets, so choose a durable material and of high quality that the child may hold on to for the longest time.

Easy cleaning

The blanket should be easy to clean when it gets dirty. Blankets are soft therefore, applying aggressive cleaning techniques when soiled can damage the fabric. You also don’t want to waste a lot of time cleaning a single cloth. Check the label of the blanket when buying to ensure you choose a blanket that is easy to clean.


Choose a blanket that meets your financial capabilities. Only buy what you can afford to ensure you don’t strain your pocket. There are different types of blankets a mother would love to buy, therefore, don’t spend a lot of money on one blanket and remain with no money left, when you can easily divide the money to buy other blankets.

Material /fabric

The material used to make baby blankets should be soft and breathable to allow free air circulation. It is advisable to buy blankets made of fabrics such as cotton, fleece, gauze among others. Also, consider buying a blanket that is not harsh to the little one’s skin and has the best finishing.


The main purpose of a baby blanket is to keep the baby and comfortable. Choose a soft baby blanket and one whose thickness and weight are able to keep the baby warm.


Color is a personal preference for the parents to the baby. However, I prefer light colors for baby blankets. I prefer much brighter colors for my daughter and other colors for my son. Blankets come in so many colors and prints, therefore don’t be restricted to a specific color; play around with the colors available.


Choose a baby blanket that offers safety to your baby/toddler. Avoid choosing blankets with attachments such as ribbons, buttons, and other hanging strings that can easily fall off and choke or harm the baby. While considering the safety of your baby, it is important to keep in mind not to use too big blankets for babies for this can suffocate them


There different types of baby blankets used for different purposes, therefore, consider the reasons for buying the blanket and what it will be used for. Choose a type of blanket for the purpose for which it is designed. For example, it will be insane to buy a winter blanket for use in summer.


Blankets differ in weight depending on how old the baby is and the temperatures. Winter blankets are much heavier and thicker compared to light summer blankets. Before choosing the right blanket, consider the weather around you.

Age of the baby

Some blankets can’t be used beyond or before a certain age. For example, swaddling blankets and receiving blankets can’t be used on children who are older than one year since they are small in size. Big blankets can’t also be used on infants for safety reasons.

Safety tips when using baby blankets

  • The American Academy of pediatricians advises parents to keep away any loose blanket away from the baby when sleeping to avoid risks of suffocation. They also maintain that swaddling should be done to babies but the swaddle shouldn’t be too tight to allow the baby to breathe and move a little bit.[3]
  • Avoid covering the baby with too big or very heavy blankets to avoid overheating as babies can’t regulate their temperatures
  • Avoid using blankets with a lot of furs, lose or hanging objects like ribbons or strings on them for these can harm or choke the baby.
  • Avoid swaddling the baby too tightly around the hips as this can result in the development of hip dysplasia.[4]

How many baby blankets should you have?

This question depends on so many things including, the climates of where you live, finances, and your personal preferences. From experience, every mother needs at least two blankets for their little one for different uses. Depending on the types of blanket you decide to purchase, you require at least two of each type to make their use easy in case one is washed.

What are the benefits of using baby blankets?

  1. Keeps the bay warm and comfortable
  2. Security blankets helps the child develop her independence since this is what she holds on for comfort and security when the mom is not around
  3. Baby blankets help the child in mind development through visual stimulation. A child can be attached to a specific blanket, say because of the color.
  4. Swaddling the infant calms, and provides a conducive environment for sleep.

Final Thoughts

Every mother knows how a baby blanket can be very useful and a saver so many times. You need a baby blanket whether for burping, nursing, as a playmat or just to cover the baby to keep warm. Some of the must-have baby blankets I recommend for every mother include Simple Joys by Carter's Baby 7-Pack Flannel Receiving Blankets, Baby Sleeping Bag Sack-Infant Sleeping Bags, Rajlinen Muslin Swaddle Blankets and Apricot Lamb Stuffed Animals Pink Bunny Security Blanket Infant Nursery Character Blanket.

[1] McDonnell, Emily, and Rachel Y. Moon. “Infant deaths and injuries associated with wearable blankets, swaddle wraps, and swaddling.” The Journal of pediatrics 164.5 (2014): 1152-1156.

[2] Zakharoff, Kelli-Ann. “Safe sleeping for babies and toddlers.” Home Therapist: A Practical, Self-help Guide for Everyday Psychological Problems, The (2012): 130.

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