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As a mother of twins, myself, I always search for baby things that is suited for, well, two babies. I always wonder if there are stuff out there that will make my life easier, at the same time, that will make me and my babies safe and comfortable. Personally, I like seeing them and cuddling them both at once but it is just so hard especially if I don’t have the right product. With twins, it is as if you needed an extra hand, but what if it is just going to be you and the babies? How can you get things done? Having a baby carrier is the key. Here are some of the best carriers for twins that will allow you to do that.

How to Pick the Best Twin Carrier

Since mothers are superwomen with great multitasking skills, we wanted to be able to move freely and continue doing our daily tasks while watching our babies. With twin carriers, you can swipe the floor or even cook your family’s meals. You can go around without having to push a stroller everywhere. So, having the best carrier is the way to go. Not only they are convenient, they are also suitable for moms who wants to do things at the same time. These are the things you might want to consider in choosing your baby twins’ carrier:

Ergonomically Designed

Ergonomic products are those that were designed to work efficiently with the human body, that offers comfort and minimize any risk of injury or harm to the person using it.

Since carrying twins can be stressful for the mother’s back, we have to buy the one that won’t strain us. At the same time, we also wanted to make sure that the twins’ body are comfortably safe and secure while in the carrier.[1]


This is something that we must all consider in choosing the beast carrier for our twin babies. Most mothers have a budget, but you don’t want to just buy it just because it is cheap. We want to make sure it is safe to use. If it is a bit pricey, ask yourself, ‘Is it worth it?’. Don’t buy it just because your favorite Hollywood star is using it, most especially if it is way over your budget. Remember, you can only use it for a couple of months because your babies will soon grow up (too heavy to carry) and will be able to walk on their own. Just remind yourself that you want to get the best value for your money.

How easy it will be.

Mothers don’t want complicated things. We want to be able to do things quick and easy. So, we want to consider the factors like how fast we can assemble it, are there buckles, belts or straps that needs to be in place. How convenient it is to use.

Comfortability and material used

We must consider the fabric that was used. Is it stretchable, lightweight and breathable enough? Is it durable enough to carry a baby, let alone twins?

Cleaning Instructions

Babies, as you know, can be messy and untidy. They drool and can puke a few times a day or their diapers can overflow or their milk can spill. We wanted to be able to clean their carriers for hygienic purposes. Hence, you want a carrier that is hassle free and easy to clean.

Age of your twins

Carriers are designed so you can safely carry your baby with you. Carrying your baby means their weight is put on your shoulders. Imagine if you have twins. That is double the weight. When you shop, you must consider that newborns and older babies have different needs. Make sure that the one that you choose can handle their weight and will not put stress on your back and shoulders.

Design and Style

The market for twin carriers is slowly growing. Depending on your liking and the age of your twins, there are 3 styles you can choose from:

  1. Woven or stretchy wraps

These are the simplest, easiest baby carriers that doesn’t require buckling or baffling straps. You just need to wrap it around your body, tie it and snuggle your baby just like a cocoon. This is typically chosen for newborn babies because it mimics the womb. It is also quite tight that little babies love.

You might want to watch a couple of YouTube tutorials on how to properly fold and wrap your twins, as this might be a challenge at first. There are hundreds of prints to choose from, at the same time, you can also get the lightweight ones for warm weather and the thick ones for cold months.

  1. Structured two buckle carriers

It is like made of two singleton carriers that are fastened together so the twins face each other, or can be worn with one twin in front and one on your back, with a more ergonomic structure. Normally, it is being used by older babies who are bigger and heavier.

It is relatively easy to put on since all you need to do is buckle the twins up. These structured carriers come in different sizes, materials and are over all very durable. Structured carriers are the most popular because it gives comfort both the mother and the child because of it soft padded design. It is also very sturdy and durable.

  1. Ring Sling baby carriers

This is wrap made out of quality linens that has a ring placed in the middle of your chest that you can adjust. This piece of fabric is normally hung in your shoulders. This can allow good airflow for the twins while snugging them securely. It also usually comes in different colors and prints. It may not be advisable to use this while doing vigorous activities.

Now that we know the features to consider and the different styles to choose from, we can now give you the list of the best twin carriers in the market that are tested and proven by twin mothers. From here, you can compare the pros and cons so you can choose what is right for you.

List of Best Twin Carriers for Newborn

Here, I will enumerate the pros and cons of these carriers for your reference.

1.      Boba Wrap

Boba Baby Wrap Carrier - Original Baby Carrier Wrap Sling for Newborns - Baby Wearing Essentials -...
  • Essential Baby Carrier: Introducing the Boba Wrap, an indispensable baby must-have that serves as both a baby wrap and baby carrier. Perfect for your baby registry search, it accommodates newborns weighing as little as 7 lbs and grows with your child up to toddlers weighing up to 35 lbs.
  • Certified Hip-Healthy Design: This baby wrap carrier, certified "Hip-Healthy" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, ensures the natural positioning of your little one. Ergonomic and suitable for infants to toddlers, it distributes weight evenly, providing relief to your back and shoulders.
  • Versatile 4-Way Stretch Fabric: Crafted from 95% French terry cotton and 5% spandex, our baby wrap offers softness and support. As a baby wrap carrier newborn to toddler, it's machine washable, dryer-proof, and a top choice for baby items must-haves on your baby registry.

This wrap is very affordable and available in 8 different colors. The maximum weight recommendation is up to 35 pounds. This product is machine washable which is perfect for on-the-go moms.

Mothers who carry or lift their babies usually experiences back and shoulder pains that can strain their muscle and spine but there are ways to prevent it.[2] This product is designed ergonomically, which can give the best comfort and support for the babies and the mothers. The item is made out of soft, stretchy fabric that can easily allow you to breastfeed or adjust your twins’ positions from time to time.


  • 95% Cotton so it is comfortable and it provides good air flow. It also is very easy to wash.
  • 5% Spandex meaning it is stretchable and very easy to wrap, fold and tie.
  • It gives you and your twins full support and keeps your babies in proper posture and position.
  • It won’t stress your back and shoulders because it distributes equal pressure.


  • Not much room for babies to move.
  • Not suitable for older babies.

2.      NuRoo Pocket

Brownmed - NuRoo Pocket - Comfortable Skin-to-Skin Shirt for Mom & Baby - Full-Coverage Baby Wrap...
  • Multifunctional Newborn Essentials: Use it as a maternity shirt, nursing top, or wrap carrier
  • NICU Friendly: Baby carrier wrap shirt that offers full coverage with access to the baby for NICU use
  • Comfortable Postpartum Accessory: This baby sling shirt is super soft and moisture-wicking

This carrier is designed like a shirt, that has pockets in front (almost similar to what kangaroos have) to allow skin to skin contact that most premature babies need. Based on studies, skin to skin contact between a baby and the mother improves the heart rate and would improve bond between them.[3]

This is made of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex, so it is very lightweight, breathable and super safe for babies’ skin. This is NICU friendly carrier and comes in different sizes.


  • Highly recommend for those with preterm or small babies.
  • Can encourage skin to skin contact with mothers.
  • It is best while nursing.


  • Fabric can be too stretchy that the baby’s head can go sideways.
  • Sometimes, you need one hand to support the baby.

3.      Baby K’tan

This carrier also comes in a  bundle package that comes with a diaper bag. It can carry up to 35 pounds and has a sleek modern design.

It is made of 100% cotton and it offers a hassle-free experience. It offers security and comfort because there are no frustrating buckles and it can be worn in 5 different ways. It is light weight, handy and have won multiple awards.


  • Made of 100% cotton so it is super soft and light weight.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • No fuss styling and can be folded to fit your bag.


  • A little bit pricey compared to other carriers.
  • Not suitable for twin babies with combined weight of more than 35 pounds.
  • Some mothers find it a bit hard to put on without help.

4.      Malishastik Twin Ring Sling

This sling is precisely developed to carry twins at one time. The ring in the middle, which is made of aluminum, can be adjusted as to how tight you want it to be. Wearing this can be a challenge at first, but nothing cannot be found in YouTube. You will also have an option to use one sling for each baby, or you can tandem wear in a ring sling.


  • Maximum Weight Recommendation is 60 pounds.
  • Material is made of 50% Cotton and 50% Linen so it is thick but comfortable.
  • Comes in multiple colors.


  • The instructions are a bit confusing as per the users.
  • Hard to tie it with just one person.

List of Best Twin Carriers for Infants

5.      TwinGo Original Baby Carrier

TwinGo Original Baby Carrier (Black, Blue & Orange) - Fully Adjustable Tandem Carrier and Separates...
  • Adjustable: Shoulder straps and waistband adjusts to fit adults between 4’11”-6’5” tall with waists between 26-100". Accommodates children between 10lbs-45lbs, and as small as 7lbs with the TwinGo Infant Insert (sold separately).
  • Versatile: One adult can wear two babies in the tandem position, or divide the TwinGo into two individual carriers for two adults to wear one baby each (front or back positions). Works for twins and children of different sizes.
  • Supportive: The firm, structured waistband lifts and supports babies' weight on your hips (not shoulders) and the thick, premium foam shoulder straps provides a comfortable fit.

Buying stuff for twins are always buying two of the same items. It can be very expensive. So, for practical moms like us, we want something that will last for a longtime. We want longevity.

This carrier is two products joint together so it is perfect if you want to divide the labor between you and the dad. It is available in three neutral colors. It can hold up to 45 pounds. It keeps your twins secure so it will allow you to move and do your chores effortlessly.


  • Ergonomic Features which allow the babies to sit comfortably, protecting their back and hips.
  • These carriers have pockets where you can stash diapers, wipes and baby stuff.
  • Made of breathable fabrics that is perfect for summer and includes cover for winter.
  • It is detachable so you can separate the carriers to 2 single carriers.
  • It is adjustable in different sizes from XS to XL.


  • The product weighs about 4 pounds.
  • Not suitable for newborns.
  • Cannot be worn if you want the twins both in front.

6.      4 in 1 Malishastik Twin Baby Carrier

This exceptional carrier is designed to wear as a double or single carrier. It can be worn with twins on both sides, resting on your waist and hips, or one Infront and one in the back. This has an ergonomic design that allows babies to sit securely and maintain good posture.


  • Maximum weight should be at least between 45-60 pounds.
  • It has 2 connected carriers that can work together or separately.
  • It has adjustable straps and shoulder padding for shoulder support.


  • Not very user-friendly based on reviews since it requires several buckles and straps.
  • Does not have pockets or any storage for babies’ stuff.

7.      Twingaroo Twin Carrier

Stuff 4 Multiples Twingaroo Twin Carrier, Khaki
  • Wide, padded waist belt disburses weight comfortably and evenly for optimum support
  • Diaper bag in the back includes two insulated bottle holders and 2 separate compartments for diapers, a change of clothes, and much more
  • Can be used as both a twin and a single carrier

For it’s price, you can get this award-winning carrier that offers comfort and luxury since it is made of 100% cotton. It can hold the weight of 2 babies between 10-35 pounds weight each. It can also be used as a single carrier. This is available in variety of colors, including rainbow.


  • It includes a diaper bag that can hold 2 bottles in an insulated compartment, another space for diapers and even extra clothes. You can also keep your keys or your phone inside.
  • It has a padded belt that delivers maximum support and distributes the weight evenly.


  • Converting strap is not included and must be purchased separately.
  • It can be a little tricky to get used to in terms of assembly and may need help getting the other baby in the back.

Benefits of Twin Carriers

While there are not a lot of studies regarding the benefit of baby wearing, there are a lot of mothers who testify that it is beneficial and advantageous.

·         Boosts good health.

                Studies show that the skin-to-skin contact helps premature babies develop faster. It enhances the bond between the mother and the babies. Wearing them helps with breastfeeding since it is easier to feed the babies while in a carrier. As we know, breastfeeding can help mothers’ uterus to contract, at the same time it provides the best nutrition for babies. Therefore, keeping them close to you is beneficial.

·         Lessens Crying

                Based on studies, babies who are carried, cry less compared to those who are not.[4]

·         Develops strong connection

Keeping your twins close to you for several hours can create stronger bond. This will allow you to understand their cues if they needed to be fed or needs a diaper change. At the same time, infants, can feel their mother’s touch ang that will make them feel secure.

·         Makes everyday life less challenging.

Carrying your twins allows you to do your daily tasks since it is hands-free. You can move around the house, do household chores and it won’t be as tough.

Safety Tips

For newborns, it is preferred to choose a wrap or a sling since they are not yet able to lift their heads up. This stage is where they just want to be cradled and held. Make sure you see their faces all the time while carrying them.

As they grow bigger, the babies are now becoming more aware of their surroundings. You can still use wraps but it depends on the babies’ weight. You might want to consider switching to a soft structured carrier. This will allow them to move freely and can support their hips and back.

For older babies, you can check out structured carriers that will give you full support to carry them together without sacrificing your health. There are several options like carrying one in front and one on the back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are baby wearing twins safe?

Babywearing is definitely a safe way for keeping your babies with you. They are designed to carry the weight of your babies and if used correctly, it will be comfortable for both the mothers and children. Also, it is important to seek doctors advise for any health conditions, such as back issues, that you need to consider before carrying your babies. Always read and check the maximum allowable weight of the carrier. Read the instructions before using them.

How do I know if it is safe?

Mothers have to be aware of the factors to look for. This includes checking if the belts and buckles are just in the right tightness to make sure that the babies are secured and safe. Make sure that it supports their backs and spine. They should be seated in an upright position that won’t cause injury or discomfort. There should be a good air flow. And while we should focus on what’s good for our twins, we should also consider what is comfortable for us as well.

How do I know which carrier is the right one for me?

Compare all the choices. Watch YouTube videos. Read other reviews from twin mothers because it will surely give you ideas and honest feedbacks. There are also Facebook pages where you can join and exchange experiences.

Final Thoughts

Just because you have twins, it will prevent you from using carriers. I think that it is even more useful when you have two babies because not only you can keep them close, you can also free up your hands to do other tasks. It can be overwhelming since there are dozens of options out there. But once you are ready to try, surely, you will know what is the right one for you.

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier, This wrap is not only very affordable compared to the other wraps, but it is also designed to mimic the womb so the newborns will feel secure and cozy.

TwinGo Baby Carrier, Amongst all the carriers for infants, this one maybe a bit pricey but with the features of this product, it is definitely worth it.

[1] Chen, Te-Hung, Ya-Yen Kao, and Mao-Jiun J. Wang. “The Psychophysical Evaluations of Baby Carriers.” International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics. Springer, Cham, 2018.

[2] American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. “Preventing back pain: Tips for new moms.” Web Page. Retrieved April 6 (2005): 2004.

[3] Feldman, Ruth, and Arthur I. Eidelman. “Skin‐to‐skin contact (Kangaroo Care) accelerates autonomic and neurobehavioural maturation in preterm infants.” Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology 45.4 (2003): 274-281.

[4] Hunziker UA, Barr RG. Increased carrying reduces infant crying: a randomized controlled trial. Pediatrics. 1986 May;77(5):641-8. PMID: 3517799.

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