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Babies start to crawl at 6th month; others were at 9th.  By this stage, babies begin to develop and be more curious about anything. [1]It is proven through studies that their ability to retrieve memories at this early phase of babies’ life was already flexible. Crawling is the transitional step between sitting and walking.  As babies grow and learn to be active, they tend to be energetic and out of control. They may bump in hard edges that surround them and get hurt. The best thing to do is find protectors for their knees to crawl freely without getting hurt.

Keeping your baby safe

When a baby starts to crawl, she/he will soon learn to move fast. Sometimes you will be surprised by their milestones. [2]Studies have shown that after few weeks of crawling, infants’ discernment becomes increasingly precise, and exploration becomes progressively efficient. Babies learn to be flexible or adapt to their surroundings, like crawling to flat surfaces and slopes and others. To support them with their active crawling, here are some ways to keep them safe.

Cover their knees

To allow them to move freely, helping them by covering their knees with comfortable stuff like leggings, pants, or pads will keep them from getting hurt. With their knees protected, they will be motivated more to crawl. As babies crawl, they develop their skills like hand and eye coordination, balance, gross, and fine motor skills.

Clear the path

Check the room and make sure that no hazards are available in the path that your child will take. Some risks may be edges of tables or chairs that your child might bump into, or these can be rugs and small objects that they might put on their mouths.

Take the breakables away

It will help if you put the breakables away to ensure that no accidents will happen and no one will get hurt. Breakables are often shiny, and toddlers find shiny things interesting.[3] If parents understand children’s limitations, you can control the unwanted event that may occur or accidents.

Gate for stairs

It’s an excellent idea to have a gate for your stairs, especially if you are too busy to focus on your baby. Even if you want to keep the stairs off-limits, it is better to consider leaving a few steps free for your kids to practice climbing.  Toddlers need to learn how to climb the steps and get used to them, and mostly, they need to know to secure themselves in getting down the steps. [4]In a study of children under the age of 2, 97% fell from stairs and suffered from skull vault fracture. Children’s accident may be from crawling or walker-related injuries, at their young age, needs protection like stair gates.

Things to consider in choosing the best knee protectors for your baby

It is best to know or remember what to consider in choosing the best knee protectors for your baby, or you might want to purchase for a gift to someone. Having these shortlists in mind will guide you as you choose. You might find these helpful because you will save your time.


Size is the first thing that you always have to consider in purchasing something for your kids. In choosing your knee protector, it is best to have those that have adjustable straps. You can also check the label to see if your baby falls into the particular products’ age recommendation. There are is also the stretchable ones that have designs that will match your toddler’s clothing.


Having a cute design is one factor that parents look for as they buy their baby essentials. Baby knee pads come in different colors, making it enticing to parents to buy a pair for their little ones. You can go and choose some basic plain that has solid colors. These types were easy to pair with any outfits. There are also cute animal images on some, while others look good on their printed patterns.


You know you have chosen the best knee protector for your kids if it brings comfort. Their knee pads must be breathable and made with suitable materials to avoid discomfort. If you happen to live in a tropical country where it always feels like summer, you may want to consider purchasing an absorbent knee protector, and cotton made.

Straps or Elastic

Straps and elastic bands will keep the knee pads in place. Both will serve their purpose, but kids will grow fast, and you need to make adjustments all the time. Knee protectors that have straps are much convenient to have. They are the best for they will fit and grow with your kids. Children may still be using them even after the crawling stage while playing outdoors.

Elastic bands can stretch and fit the size of the knee. They will also protect the baby just the same as the ones with the straps. Elastic bonded knee pads will be in good condition but just up to a certain point. As your child often wears them, they might lose their elasticity over time.


Some other price things offer a good service or last long. The more expensive things get, the higher the quality of the materials they used- this is always happening. If you want durable knee pads, they might be pricey than the others. Prices must be reasonable for their sizes, materials, and layers that they used.

Best baby knee protectors for crawling babies

Seeing your babies crawl is such an exciting sight. [5]Your baby’s most significant accomplishment at this early phase is crawling. Crawling makes sensory and motor development much faster to improve; crawling training is also essential for developing children who show a delay in their improvement, such as those who have cerebral palsy. It is an important activity that every baby will go through. While you find your child adorable to look at while crawling on the floor, it will also hurt you to see them getting hurt or injured. To spare them from bruises and pain, grab them a pair of best knee protectors from our list.

1.       Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Knee, Unisex Baby Toddlers Knee Pads

Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Knee, Unisex Baby Toddlers Knee Pads  
Knee pads that will protect and keep comfortable crawling.

These knee pads come in five pairs in different colors. It is easier for you to pair them in your child’s different everyday outfits with their available colors. These knee pads are from an elastic sponge that is breathable, absorbent, and soft to wear. This knee protector will make crawling much comfortable because it will fit well,  no need to worry for your kid to get hurt. These knee protectors can fit up to a 24-month-old baby. These will be useful until they learn to walk or run.

2.       Anti-Slip Knee Pads for Babies, Adjustable Baby Knee Pads for Walking

Let your babies do their crawling with these fun-looking knee protectors. It comes in three colors that are fun to wear. These colors are suitable for any gender and may easily be paired with your child’s daily clothing. These knee protectors provide a soft cushion on the knee area to provide comfort while crawling. It also serves as protection from bruises and irritations. Babies can also move freely with these because they have anti-slip parts and flexible enough to fit perfectly on a child’s knees. You may consider this as a practical gift option for parents to be.

3.       Baby Knee Pads for Crawling

Having these knee pads for babies will ensure safety and comfort for your little one. These knee pads have a thick high elastic cushion to support babies’ active crawling. These knee pads were also helpful to keep the baby from getting hurt.  These have adjustable tapes to accommodate babies of any size and to make them fit their knees. The materials used for these are breathable mesh, providing sufficient airflow on the knees and making wearing knee protectors less irritating. These pads are used not only for crawling but also perfect to wear during outdoor play every day. You can use these as your child ride bicycles or runs outside to prevent scratches.

4.       Baby Knee Pads for Crawling

These knee pads are adorable and worth the price.  Your baby can do the crawling for a long time without having the knee pads slipping. Their velcro straps provide a perfect fit as your baby moves freely. These are useful and can fit until they start to walk. Kids will love wearing this protection, for they are breathable and washable too. The designs and patterns on these pads were lovely and will surely entice you. You may also give these as gifts on any occasion for your friends’ babies.

5.       Sevi Baby Professional Knee Pads 

Sevi Baby Professional Knee Pads
Lovely knee protectors for your baby; stylish and durable.

These baby knee pads have unique features and designs. These products are from high-quality jersey fabric known to be stretchy and soft, and versatile.  Hersey knit fabric provides comfort. These knee pads were adjustable and had a hook-in loop system that lets you adjust the pads according to the thickness of the knee of your little one. You will find these helpful and offers many uses for crawling babies and kids who just started to walk or ride bikes for additional protection. These knee pads have three available color options. These knee pads will make a practical gift for your friends that have babies.

6.       NASHRIO Baby Kneepads for Crawling

NASHRIO Baby Knee Pads for Crawling
Comfortable protection guaranteed with these pads.

These cute knee protectors have adorable animal prints on them. These are durable knee pads that will protect your baby’s knee are with their soft cushion. These are made with high-quality materials that will last. Because the materials used are breathable, they provide adequate ventilation to the knees to make babies comfortable while wearing their protectors. These knee pads have enough pads to protect the knees in any rough or hard surfaces, ensuring that your child will be safe and will not get bruises or get hurt as he crawls. No matter what the kids’ size may be, these will surely fit them because they have adjustable backs for the perfect fit. Since these will fit perfectly, you don’t need to check them consistently. You don’t have to worry so much because they stay in place.

7.       7 Pairs Kneepads Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Adjustable Unisex Knee Pads

7 Pairs Knee Pads Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Adjustable Unisex Knee Pads
Multi-functional knee pads; cute and stylish, perfect for baby's use.

These knee pads were so adorable; they will match your child’s cuteness. These are easy to wear and are elastic, making them comfortable for babies. Using these pads, babies will prevent slippage, for these provides maximum grip on any surface. You can also put these pads on your child’s elbows. The materials used on these are breathable and soft, absorbs sweat, and certified baby-friendly materials. These are also best to use during cols seasons, for they will keep your baby’s knees warm.

8.       Baby Knee Pads for Crawling

Baby Knee Pads for Crawling
Useful and cute knee pads; well made and excellent protection for your child.

These cute knee protectors are very adorable with the animal images printed on them. These are reliable, soft and comfortable. The cushion on each protector will help in warming your child’s knees during cold seasons. Knees were also protected from scratches, bruises, and hurt from the floor by the pads’ thick cushion. These are easy to put on and can be adjusted accordingly for a sure fit and comfort while crawling. These are suitable to use on the legs and arms. The colorful images on the pads will entertain kids and will encourage learning.

9.       Jung Neng Toddler Baby Head Protector Pad Safety Cushion with Knee Pads

This Jung Neng protector offers complete from head to toe. The set is consists of a lovely head protector with safety cushion knee pads, plus anti-slip socks. These baby sets are from child-friendly materials of premium velvet fabric and elastic cotton filler. The knee pads are well-made to keep the baby from slippage and prevent from getting hurt. Wearing these add up to your babies’ cuteness, and you don’t have to worry too much about your baby bumping their heads and getting bruises.

10.   Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Knee Pads

Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Knee Pads
A very simple yet useful anti-slip knee pads.

These simple anti-slip knee pads are breathable and absorbent, making them suitable for active crawling babies. Their elastic closure will make putting these on much more manageable, and they will stay in place. These simple knee pads can also be worn as elbow pads for added protection. These will protect your babies from scrapes, bruises, and direct contact to any surfaces, preventing possible damage to the knees. These are from the combination of cotton, polyester fiber, and spandex, giving sure comfort and adequate support that your baby needs. Its earth-friendly silicon part provides its non-slip features for better crawling.

11.   Fun-Plus Baby Knee Pads for Crawling

Fun-Plus Knee Pads for Crawling
These are cool-looking knee pads with printed quotes; provides enough protection with style.

These knee protections are uniquely designed with beautiful colors available; look good on any child’s outfit. It has rubberized quotes on the outside that provide friction for a better grip on any surface as the baby crawls, preventing slippage. These knee pads are perfect to use on any surface and will indeed protect babies from getting skin damage or bruises as they crawl. Cotton combined with spandex is the material that made these knee pads comfortable. These are also slightly curved to fit the knees of the babies perfectly. These won’t irritate the baby, for they are breathable and flexible enough to let babies move freely. These are very easy to use; you need to slip them into the knee area; their softness will add comfort to your baby.

12.   JuDanzy Girls Polka Dot Baby Leg Warmers

These packs of leg warmers are helpful not only to keep the legs warm but also to keep them protected as the baby crawls. These are suitable up to the age of 6. These warmers are 12 inches long, flexible, and easy to wear. Wearing these makes changing diapers much more accessible, for you don’t have to remove pants. These are long-lasting and surely worth every penny, for buying these are worth their price.

13.   Baby Knee Pads for Crawling

Baby Knee pads for Crawling
These are lovely knee pads that your kids will love; sure comfort and lasting use.

These are very comfortable knee pads that absorb sweat, breathable, and very soft to wear, ensures that babies will be comfortable wearing them. These have velcros and elastic bands up and down for perfect fit, and they will not fall easily.  These knee pads fit 0-2 years old children. These knee pads are also suitable for elbows protection. It has a particle design that provides anti-slip properties to prevent babies from slipping. Its colors were pleasing to the eye and will match most outfits of your kids.

14.   Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Knee, New unisex baby Toddlers knee Pads

Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Knee, New Unisex Baby Toddlers Knee Pads
These are lovely knee pads that your kid will surely love using.

Let your baby explore and move around with these adorable yet straightforward knee protectors. These are well-made, have beaded silicone material to prevent your child from slippage. Protect your babies from scratches, bruises, or getting hurt with these effective knee protectors. These will make a perfect gift for your friends who have babies or for baby showers. These are easy to clean and will serve as a practical gift. These are worth buying because these can fit babies 6-24 months.

15.   3 Pairs Knee pads Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Adjustable Unisex Knee Pads

3 Pairs Knee Pads Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Adjustable Unisex Knee Pads
Adorable knee pads that look good in any outfit that your kid will wear.

These knee pads are ideal to have for your kids as they start to explore their surroundings. Let them actively move while protected with these cute knee pads. These knee pads are breathable and anti-slip; they can provide maximum comfort for your kids. These are cool and skin-friendly, will not irritate your babies’ skin. The knee pads’ elasticity will fit the baby’s knee well. Each design is cute and will look good in any daily outfits of your kids.

Final thoughts

As I am looking at these knee pads and reading their descriptions plus customer reviews, I find

NASHRIO Baby Knee Pads for Crawling
  • ✅DURABILITY - The pads come with a soft cushion to both protect and support your baby’s knee area. It is made of premium high-quality materials meant to endure as much crawling time your little one would want, or that you would allow. It is breathable, which means it allows ventilation around the knees to eliminate discomfort. They are also machine-washable, and dryer-safe for easy cleaning.
  • ✅COMFORTABLE - Keeping your baby happy and comfortable is the most important to us, Which is why we have used the design of the 3D mesh to make our knee pads as soft and breathable as possible, Meaning even in hot weather, your baby can enjoy themselves doing what babies do!
  • ✅PROTECTIVE - We have designed our kneepads to be padded enough to counteract the impact of hardwood floors against their little bones as well as any other surfaces your child might crawl on. Your baby can continue using them as they learn to walk, No more cuts, scrapes or bruises!
the best knee pads to buy for my child. Secondly, is the type of knee pads that is ideal for everyday use. Third, these knee pads are adjustable and durable, good enough for long-lasting use. These three knee pads that I chose are what I find well-made and worth recommending among the others on the list. Others may offer the same features and same style as these chosen ones, but these three have good reviews and suitable materials used to be ideal enough for babies’ use.

[1] Herbert, Jane, Julien Gross, and Harlene Hayne. “Crawling is associated with more flexible memory retrieval by 9‐month‐old infants.” Developmental Science 10.2 (2007): 183-189.

[2] Adolph, Karen E., et al. “Learning in the development of infant locomotion.” Monographs of the society for research in child development (1997): i-162.

[3] Straatman, Marcelle. “Oregon’s children. Letters for parents of infants and toddlers: letter 3.” (1991).

[4] Partington, Michael D., Jill A. Swanson, and Fredric B. Meyer. “Head injury and the use of baby walkers: a continuing problem.” Annals of emergency medicine 20.6 (1991): 652-654.

[5] Xiong, Qi L., et al. “Motor skill development alters kinematics and co-activation between flexors and extensors of limbs in human infant crawling.” IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering 26.4 (2018): 780-787.

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