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Finding the best baby monitor for new born?

Being a parent brings a great deal to one and the most important one concerns their baby’s security. Need not worry, here are some best baby monitors for you to add to the bucket lists of yours.

Things to consider when buying Baby Monitor For New Born

Parenting can be a big task and choosing the right product or service for your child can bring stress. For keeping an eye over your toddlers when they fall asleep, playing or alone at home, you require a good eye and by here I meant something that you can keep track of, yes that’s a monitor which you can have for your babies. In order to learn which is the best choice here are some tips;

  • They should have light activation with regards to the sounds, which means if the toddler is to make some specific sound the light activates which alarms you.
  • Look for monitors having a high frequency which is at least 1000MHZ or more. We all know babies produce different frequency voices and you do not want to miss any chance.
  • The very important feature should be wireless, so you can place it at any point and is also not reachable by the little monsters.
  • Now in order to keep an eye, you should prefer a monitor not only good in sound dictation but also which displays the video of your tiniest ones.   
  • As these have some life and then they stop working, prefer to buy some cheap but of quality.

1.VTech DM112-2 Audio Baby Monitor


VTech brings the best of the baby monitors to your doorsteps. This one allows you to monitor the baby through their audio. I would recommend it because these provide a high quality of sounds without any distortions which other analog monitors will because your issues with. 


The advantages of buying this one are that they ensure they provide the quality of audio, the battery level is sufficient enough, they also provide high-level sound indicators. I would prefer this one because it is portable and can be charged, it has more battery life, and thus, no need to worry, and your baby is safe with VTech. The price ranges from $20 to $30 along with some of the delivery charges.

VTech DM112-2 Audio Baby Monitor
the best choice to make by buying it now because it comes with the best features in the market which will help you keep a safety check on your baby

Protection for the baby

This model is ideal for those parents who are searching for an audio monitor and want to keep a safe eye on them. This will allow them to keep their children safe and can act on their single voice. Now you may get some good night’s nights of sleep. Plus VTech range is of quite a high frequency like 1000 MHZ.

2.Victure Baby Monitor


The stylish and modern solution for every parent choosing the monitor for their toddlers, Victure brings you the best solution to all of your worries. The foremost reason I would recommend it is that it comes in with 4 cameras, now adjust it anywhere you want to. I loved it because it got variety and two way communication.

Ideal for busy parents

It is considered ideal for those parents who belong to the working-class and planning on leaving their toddlers back home with nannies. They can connect their phones with the camera and can monitor the whole day activity of their small ones. The best feature is that it shows compatibility with both Android and IOS. Plus if you are out and missed a chance to keep track nothing worry they have a cloud storage ability as well, your all recordings will be saved and you can view them anytime, you can enjoy your little world’s naughtiness as well.

Two-way communication

If we are to see the pros of this one then, it allows two way connection means now you have access to the audio as well as the video of the monitor. Then it is not that costly as well, it ranges from $44 which is feasible for any parent as it contains four cameras in the box. I always used to worry for the children at night and I find a solution with Victure baby monitor they provide the night mode for the babies room view. This is very user friendly, it needs no big process for setting it up. Connect it with your network and get going.

3.ANMEATE Digital Baby Monitor

Wider screen

I sometimes worry a lot about making the best choice for my toddlers but other than worrying for them, I guess we should seek a solution. The Anmeate Digital brings the best solution for our children’s security. They not only come with the camera but also provide a handy screen to monitor the baby.

ANMEATE Baby Monitor
the best point about this one is its longer range coming with a night vision which will help you monitor the baby more keenly

Keeps a check on the temperature

The biggest advantage to follow this up is you can now easily carry the device showing your toddler activities and you do not have to stay focused on the phone as well. Other than this feature, this monitor will update you with the temperature of the room our child is placed.  Save the tiny one from cold or heat now. It comes with a long life battery thus, needs less charging along with multi-way communication and night vision as well.

Look over the baby

This model is ideal for those parents who can be a little sensitive towards their babies and need insurance for their safety. Anmeate Digital brings you the better of all in one product. Now busy parents need not worry for all the time checking the phone which was connected with the camera but instead you can place the screen which comes with the monitor on the table and keep an eye on small ones.

4.VTech DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor

They make sure you do not get the perfect Z’s when they make a sound. VTech brings you a modified model that vibrates on sound and it goes on till the time you do not calm the baby.

VTech DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor
though it do not shows the video of the baby but you can keep an eye over baby with their voice and it covers a vast range helping you to work in easy mode


This audio baby monitor comes in handy for those who work from home but are busy enough to keep an eye on their tiny ones, they can now work anywhere and keep the other half of the monitor with themselves in order to keep a safety check on what their toddlers are up to. The sound ranges up to 1000MHz which allows you to work in more of a style other than being worried all the time.

Life of the monitor

The benefit of having this will be that it allows two way communication, now if the infant makes the noise you can call them up with your voice, it’s like a walkie talkie. This also allows you to control the light on the monitor, if the baby falls asleep you can turn on or off the light to soothe the baby.  Long-life battery up to 17 hours.

Worthy of money

What are you waiting for, get this one on the bucket list and get life easier for both ends? It’s not that costly as well, comes with a perfect price ranging from $35 to $40.

5.Infant Optics DXR-8

Wider view

The elegant and stylish looking monitor is here to retain a safe eye on the baby, its wide view with better results and communication feature allows the parents to have a wide vision and calm the babies anytime and anywhere.

Easy set up

The advantage that comes with this is, it has four cameras attached in a single unit, provides night vision with zoom in and out feature, and a wide picture of the area it is installed. The temperature dictator detects the perfect temperature for the toddler and informs if it doesn’t suit the baby.

Infant Optics DXR-8
use four camera protection to look over the toddler and keep a temperature of your loved one checked through this one

Ideal model

This model is made for every kind of parent who is either working from home or the office. The ideal piece to showcase in the room and a handy one for you to tackle the situation accordingly. Displays a great image of your tiny one and makes sure you lead a comfortable and easy life.

6.Owlet Smart Sock 3 Baby Monitor

Bringing the all in one monitor to your doorsteps. Owlet presents a fabric sock which is a modern way to keep a safe eye on your infants.

Health tracking ability

This monitor suits all kinds of parents, it notifies you not only when your baby needs you but now you can keep a track of your baby’s heart rate, temperature, and sleeping track as well. I understand how much worry you have to take with regards to our children and their health, owlet brings the solution to you.


The benefit of having this monitor over any other usual can be it detects the heart rate, temperature, baby health track, and sleep pattern. You can also check the weekly activities with just a single click. Other than that it fits perfectly on your baby’s feet so more chances of safety as they won’t remove it. The charging is also very easy plus its wireless. What on earth is stopping you to buy the best choice for your toddlers?

Longer Battery life

 Have a longer battery life of up to 20 hours.  I personally like it because of all the perfect combination it provides to me,though it is costly but brings more of the benefits with its cost, can say it’s worth the money.

7.Nanit Plus – Smart Baby Monitor

Nanit plus is making the life of parents easier, making it easy for us to examine our dearest ones with catching on more to our periods of sleep.

Best vision

The monitor brings everything you find in them at a single place, other than investing in some other products and make your life more difficult, but this one. It allows you to have a full vision of your child with a wide view, keep and a track of the temperature-humidity, it makes an alert sound if the baby moves or makes noise, it also has a two way communication so you can talk with the tiny one and calm them while staying in your room.

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor
want to keep a temperature check and calm a baby with your voice even if you are away, then put this one a bucket list now

Easy use of the monitor

 Now you and your child gets the perfect sleep with Nanit Plus. It is perfectly ideal for parenthood who keep things modern way and make it easy on both ends. The price is also not that much and comes with many benefits. I liked this one as well because of the convenient use of the monitor.  Secondly, the data got the backup so you do not have to worry about missing any point are you ever busy at a specific point. Have been listed as best monitor and been given awards as well.

8.Axuve Video Baby Monitor

Put your hands down on the Axuve monitor because it brings a wireless and secure monitor for the toddlers.

Best camera feature

Axuve Baby Monitor comes with dual two cameras providing a widescreen display over the tiny ones. Its most considering point is its range which is up to 1000. Now place it and move anywhere in the home freely. They have a night vision and temperature dictator.

Axuve Video Baby Monitor
it brings a wireless and secure monitor for the toddlers with a great deal of range covering the little one’s activities

Two-way communication

This monitor is ideal for use in every situation where you can check the baby activity, have the flexibility of the camera with the vivid view, you can calm your dear one while working, talk with them, and it allows a video call kind of feature as well. I loved it because of its many handy features and that it can work as a light in the night for a kid’s room.

9.Motorola Connect40 Video Baby Monitor

Even after gaining its name in the market now, Motorola is winning the hearts of parents by introducing the very baby monitor, they care for them as a parent.

Motorola Connect40 Video Baby Monitor
not only that it has earned the name in market but it is all in one type of choice you want to make for the dearest ones

Two-sided protection

Like every monitor, they also have similar features like night vision, two way communication, temperature sensor, and zoom in and out features but the most user oriented trait is that you can stay connected with your loved one through an HD Wi-Fi connection. You can connect your phone and stay worried less about the toddler’s activity.

Worthy of money

The ideal model brings peace to busy parents, Motorola cares for their customers and makes it easy for them to equally give time to the babies as they require it. The monitor can be used for flexible reasons. I loved it because of its features and that it is worth every penny you spend. Then if we see, we are getting everything in a single place.

10.Universal Baby Monitor Wall Mount

User friendly

Fix it to any place which you think won’t affect the toddler or the furniture of the home. It comes with a stand that can be attached even to the crib. Have it fitted according to your desires and get a full view of the toddler. Keep the camera connected with your phone so at night specifically, you can be notified if your child moves.

Universal Baby Monitor Wall Mount
it comes with attachable feature and makes it easy for you to keep a track of the toddler with your phone connected with the camera

Comes with adjustability

This model is ideal for active mothers or fathers who tend to have a safer environment for their children, enjoy their freedom as well as keep a keen look on tiny ones. I love it because of its flexible and adjustable rode plus its clear vision which most of the monitors can lack.

11.LBtech Video Baby Monitor

Simple to use

The user-friendly monitor brings you to be close to your sweet ones through a screen. The advantage of purchasing this one is that you do not need long setup procedures, its lens capacity is much more than other monitors. You need not look up every time to have a view of the baby. Its plug and play feature makes it easy for busy parents. It also is stylish in looking if you are a style freak.

The monitor updates you with the room details as well as temperature and humidity.

LBtech Video Baby Monitor
track not only the activities but it updates you with the health of the baby as well and it is worth the money

Perfect for every kind of household

Moms or dads who can be sensitive for their children need not worry, carry your work while talking with your sweet little dreamers. I loved it because of its unique features allowing me to be a little easy and free from worries. It also comes with a screen tab that shows the baby’s activities. This model is ideal for keeping your child healthy in sense of keeping a track of their sleep, health, and temperatures.

12.Lumi by Pampers Smart Baby Monitor

Advanced form of monitor

Bringing the best vision of your toddler with a more advanced and clearer image. The rotatable monitor till 180 degrees and night vision is the best option for you to buy right away. The best point is it keeps on functioning even if you are to use your phone and it opened on the side. Allowing two-way talk so you can peace the baby.

Cloud set up

Never miss a chance of capturing moments and sharing them because they record and save those moments in your camera roll.

Lumi by Pampers Smart Baby Monitor
have a night vision and keep the track through your phone plus point is it also captures the moments and later you can recall them

Award winning

The award-winning monitor should be on your buying list and it is the best choice for every parent who needs a perfect night’s sleep as well prefer their children to be comfy as well. I loved it because of its user-friendly feature and that now I do not have to worry about missing anything about my toddlers. Plus it keep a track of little ones’ sleep and does monitoring on my behalf.

13.Yi Baby Monitor

Perfect compatibility

It not only is a monitor that acts like a CCTV for our little sweet dreamers but also is a friend to them. Shows compatibility with iPhone and connect with Wi-Fi. Now you can monitor your baby with the help of Alexa if you have one, they show compatibility with that too. The longer battery life and worth every penny you pay.

Cloud storage

The benefit of having is it allowing cloud storage as well as a backup too, so zero chances of missing the golden chances of the little one.  It allows the full human dictation along with alarm if the small one starts crying.

Yi Baby Monitor
it might be little expensive but it detects the whole baby body and keeps a safety track for you

Worthy of money

If you are a busy parent and need a more modified life then what are you waiting for? Get your hands down to this one and keep going. I loved and recommend this one personally because it is worth the money and with all the features in a single place it is not that costly only for $30 which shows it stands out in the market well.

Final Thoughts

Every parent desires to have a best for their children and wants them to be under a safe hands, all these issues are saved by the baby monitors which will act a parent when you are busy with work and still wishes to keep a track of them.

Here are some top 3 baby monitors suggested by editors;

  • VTech DM112-2 Audio Baby Monitor , comes with the best price of all and is cheap but covers a great deal of features which is worth for you buying.
  • , it stands out in market for its unique style which makes the baby comfortable and keeps a track of their health. Now you can work while you work in relax mood.
  • Lumi by Pampers Smart Baby Monitor , it covers the features and best point is it saves the moments of your little ones and you can recall over them. It is gain worth the money as well.

Even if the top three are rated but still every monitor acts same and plays a helping hand for busy, home or any kind of parent. It keeps a safety check on dear ones and makes things easier for you.

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