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Picking the best balance bikes for kids

Nobody ever said that kids were easy to raise. They come with a lot of responsibilities along with physical and emotional needs that should be met. Being a parent may be tiring but it is worth all the happiness that comes along with your kid. It is essential to provide kids with a safe and secure environment and at the same time find means of amusement for them.

These balance bikes are gaining a name at immense speed for first-time riders. I love them for my little angel. It allows me to sit back and relax while my kid is enjoying the ride.              

Things to consider when buying balance bikes for kids Things to

Balance bikes are amongst the surest ways to provide secure entertainment to kids. Staying at home all day long makes kids moody and grumpy. For this reason, it is essential to go out and indulge in some good physical activity while maintaining a safe distance.  Cycling boosts up their mood and keeps both the children and their parents happy.

Before you click the buy button, it is vital to consider some important facts for the safety of your kids.

Following child’s BMI

Measure your kid’s height and weight before buying balance bikes. Invest in those bicycles that are ideal for your child’s body index mass. This will not only allow them to feel comfortable but will also enable them to enjoy safely.

Hand brakes- a necessity

Always consider buying balance bikes that come with hand brakes. Hand brakes prevent injuries, keep the little ones safe and also prepare them for riding pedal bikes in the future.

Invest in good geometrical bikes

Do thorough research regarding the bike’s geometry before buying. A good geometrical bike will help the kids to balance and maneuver easily while bikes with poor geometrical qualities will work against their bodies.

Rubber handgrips

Invest in balance bikes that are equipped with rubber handgrips. This is the first step towards the safety of the child.

Ideal for your kid size

Balance bikes are nothing like the one-size-fits-all type. Make sure that the balance bike that you bring home fits your kid perfectly.

Buying a balance bike can be a tough decision. A lot of options are available in the market and I am sure every parent is determined to make the right choice for their little angels. Here we have compiled a wide range of balance bikes to make this decision easy for you.

1. Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike No Pedal Bicycle

Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike No Pedal Bicycle
This balance bike comes without any pedals so that kid can easily ride and doesn’t feel scared at all. The presence of the cub enhances the balancing skills of the kids. The high-tensile strength of this bike makes it sturdy and strong

Safe to ride

All kids love cycling. Now with Retrospec, you don’t have to wait around for your kids to grow up riding the bicycle. They provide the safe and best balance bikes for your kids at your doorstep.

Zero chances of injuries

This beginner’s bike is safe to ride. It leaves zero chances of injuries by keeping feet and frame low to the ground. You can enjoy and capture the special moments of your little one without having to worry about injuries. Moreover, it gives a sense of achievement and confidence to the children enabling them to explore more. The best part of having this one in the house is that it requires minimal effort for maintenance. Being parents already brings loads of responsibilities, having cycles that require a minimalistic effort but provides full enjoyment is a luxury.

Recommended for

Having a balance bike is a great source of entertainment for kids. Recommended for all types of parents. Either you are a stay-at-home mum or a working mom, invest in this one so your kid can spend quality time outdoors.

2. The Croco Lightweight Balance Bike for Kids

Personal favorite

I instantly fell in love with the design of this bike the moment I laid my eyes on it. Being lightweight, safe and low maintenance are the reasons to buy it right away.

Safe, secure, and easy to use

My little one gets irritable by staying at home with a nanny when I am out for work all day. His mood has changed drastically since I bought this balance bike home. The bike is so safe to ride. The kids can do it easily. My baby angel now rides it with me on weekends and weekdays with nannies. The safe nature makes it stand out in the market. A must purchase if you are looking forward to providing a cycling experience to your little one.

Affordable rates

Add this best-selling balance bike to your bucket list. The price is super affordable and the quality is top-notch. Recommended for every parent with a toddler in the house.

3. XJD Baby Balance Bikes

Provide the best riding experience to your kids

Every parent wants to provide the best items to their kids. This can be tiring at times because a lot of options are available in the market. XJD has put an end to your bewilderment with this baby balance bike.

No pedals 4-wheel design

The biggest advantage of having this is that it is a no pedals 4 wheel design which maintains the balance of kids and doesn’t scare them off. Furthermore, adjustable seat and handlebars enable this balance bike to grow with your little munchkin. When kids use their feet to push the bike, it enhances their intuitive skills. Apart from that, it is an adorable sight to watch. You can capture these cute, little moments without having to worry about your kids falling because XJD has got your back.

Saves from the fatigue

I personally like this one a lot. It keeps the children occupied and saves parents from the fatigue of dealing with crankiness. The rates are affordable and anyone can easily purchase this.

4. Kikstnd Balance Bike

Kikstnd Balance Bike
Kikstnd balance bike is equipped with 12-inch tires that give baby space to grow and self-explore. The tires are ideal for providing balance. The assembly is very easy and minimalistic. This balance bike will keep toddlers active and help them to maintain balance

Kikstnd provides you with good practice to start pedal bikes.

A great alternative to training wheels

This one is a no-pedal bike. It is a great alternative to training wheels when teaching little ones about keeping and maintaining balance. The topmost reason I would recommend this is that it has helped my baby a lot in gaining and maintain balance and keeps him amused. Another advantage of having this one in my kid’s life is the great reduction in screen time. My little angel now prefers to enjoy and engage in physical activities as compared to staying in being glued to the screen.

Best part

The best part of having this one is that it gives my kid the courage to ride confidently. No more scaring off and tripping on the parks. My kid loves to play with it.

Recommended for

I would recommend this to all the parents. The premium quality and minimalistic maintenance make it a huge hit in the market. Watch your baby grow with this balance bike by remaining in the safe zone.

5. JOYSTAR 12″ Balance Bike

Seeing kids happy, healthy, and active is the dream of every parent. Joystar has brought this dream of yours to reality.


This bike comes along with a wide range of pros. Step-through frame and padded seats being the top of them. The step-through frame makes it easy for kids to get on and off bikes. The padded seats are designed to provide comfortable seating to little angels. Starting early provides a kick start to your young ones for enjoying the bicycle ride. There is no better option than the Joystar balance bike. The light-weight frame fits perfectly with the little kid’s size.

Multiple health benefits

If your child is lazy or a little bit sluggish, bringing this home will change this behavior. The colors attract the kids and padded seats provide a comfortable seating position.

Recommended for

Recommended for toddlers of every size since the seats and handlebars are adjustable. If you are a working parent, invest in this one. The light weight of this bike makes it easy to carry to daycare centers. Your kid can ride on this whenever and wherever they want without exhausting you out.

6. Uenjoy Kids Balance Bike

The Uenjoy balance bikes are created by experts and loved by parents.

Maintains balance with security

Bring this one home if you want your little one to experience the best learning experience and balance maintenance. As parents, we all tend to strive for making the right choice for our kids and this in my opinion is the right purchase that you are looking for. The balance bike is so safe and secure, my kid rides it with efficiency and it enables me to sit back, relax and capture these moments. Apart from that, riding on this keeps my baby’s mood healthy and happy.

Perfect for

Perfect for those parents whose babies struggle with maintaining balance. This one can help them to gain confidence and balance. The framework of this bike is designed in a specific way to win the child’s attention.

Affordable price

This supreme quality is easily affordable by all. The price isn’t too costly at all and I think you should bring this one home right away

7. Schwinn Elm Girls Bike for Toddlers and Kids

Watch your baby giggle while maintaining and learning about balance with this Schwinn Elm balance bike.

Gives confidence to kids

Every parent wants to see their kids having fun. Cycling is the nicest way to provide all the amusement, entertainment, and safety to kids. The colors are so bright and beautiful specifically designed for pleasing little one’s eyes.

Comfortable seating

 The safe and comfortable seating position and bright colors attract the kid and don’t scare them off. This will also help the children to gain confidence in riding solo bikes in the future. To make sure that your kid gets the best experience, choose the right balance bike. Schwinn Elm is a very good choice.

Relieves stress

Cycling provides relief and reduces stress. We all know staying at home can be very frustrating at times. Having a collective outdoor activity can boost up your kid’s mood. You can even get a bicycle and ride along with your kid. This will give immense happiness to your child.


Children love cycling. It provides them the freedom to be independent. Your little ones are growing and can now take care of themselves. But I know being a parent raises many security questions. Schwinn provides an answer to all your questions. The bike provides safety and your kid can ride it easily. Don’t worry, your child is in safe hands now.

8. RoyalBaby Kids Bike

RoyalBaby Kids Bike
The Royal baby balance bike comes with a wide range of features. It brings a safe ride due to the presence of front caliper and rear coaster brakes. The soft seat comes with a handle so you can easily grab the bike while teaching your little one. Overall the quality is very good

Add this bestseller to your cart and surprise your kid today.

Easy-going and low maintenance

I always prioritize investing in the stuff that is easygoing and requires little to no maintenance. With this Royal Baby Kids Bike, the job has become way too easy. All the parts are assembled so you can save yourself from the headache of having to put together brakes, hand pieces, and seats. What a relief! The handbrakes provide a safe and secure ride. The brakes are easy to press. The bright colors, the stylish and charming design gives the kids the courage to have a ride on it.

Ideal for

Recommended for all the parents who want to teach their kids cycling themselves. The handle on the seat makes it very easy to grab the kid during teaching and prevents injuries.

Affordable price

The prices are very much affordable and I believe this can be the reason for you to buy it right away.

9. Segway Ninebot Kids Bike for Boys and Girls

Segway Ninebot Kids Bike for Boys and Girls
The Segway Ninebot comes with training wheels, V-brakes, and coaster brakes. The ergonomic size is designed keeping in mind the comfort and safety of kids. The system is anti-collision which provides a complete range of protection and reduces the chances of accidental injuries

Training wheels

Cycling helps to strengthen muscles and providing balance to little kids. This bike comes along with training wheels. Invest in this one if you want to give your kid the confidence to ride solo effectively

Double protection

My kid loves this one since it enables him to maintain balance perfectly without tripping. The bike comes with double protection due to the presence of rear wheels. It is equipped with V-brake that is much better as compared to other brakes available in the market. The peak force of this brake makes it easier for the kids to stop the cycle in times of need.

Suggested for

I would suggest all the parents buy this one for your toddlers. This is a safe option that will prevent you from worrying about your child’s cycling and give the confidence to the young one to maintain balance and learn about new things.

 10. BELSIZE 16-Inch Belt-Drive Kid’s Bike

Are you looking for bikes that fit exactly your kid’s size? Worry not because Belsize has launched bikes that have the perfect geometry.

Perfect geometry

Geometry is the key and it is the first thing that is considered when purchasing bicycles for kids. The geometry of this Belsize bike is to die for! It ideally fits and resonates with kid’s BMI because of its adjustable features. The bike is ultra-light but strong which makes it easy to be managed by kids and toddlers. The foremost advantage of purchasing this one is that you don’t have to worry about your kid’s safety anymore. It is a promising brand that provides the required protection to babies.

Suitable for all kids

Yes, that’s true. Along with providing a great geometrical design, the Belsize comes with adjustable hand bars and seats. Now you can adjust it according to your kid’s height and size and it is ready to ride!

Easier to maintain

Being a parent means saving every little second. This can get hectic especially if you have a kid around. The process of reading instruction and assembling the parts is oh-so hectic but don’t worry because this balance bike already comes 95% assembles. The parts are easy to maintain and clean. Now your kid can enjoy squeaky clean rides and even maintain themselves because it’s that easy.

11. Koen Boys Bike for Toddlers and Kids

Koen Boys Bike for Toddlers and Kids
The Koen bike is safe to ride due to 14-inches wheels. All the features have been carefully calibrated according to the child’s proportionality. The seat can be adjusted easily and doesn’t require any tools for the process

Segway has gained a good reputation in the world of bikes and cycles. The quality is always supreme and the rates are budget-friendly.

Safety and fun provision

The Koen is perfect for your kid riding in the parks or even in the neighborhoods. The design and geometry of the bike are constructed keeping into consideration the safety, protection, and happiness of children. Little ones can easily stop the cycle by reversing the pedals. This is a huge advantage since it prevents injuries. Kids feel more confident and in control with this bike due to its simplicity. Invest in this one for a life-time experience.

Reasonable rates

The price is fair and not too high. Add this to your cart and make learning and balancing easier for your kids.

Recommended for

This bike is recommended for kids and toddlers of all ages and sizes. The adjustable seat and hand bars make it super easy for kids to maintain balance. This bike will grow with your kid.

12. RoyalBaby Girls Kids Bike Star girl

RoyalBaby Girls Kids Bike Star girl
Star girl bike comes with hand break standards that will prevent and protect your kids from horrible crashes. Girly colors and ribbons attract the girls and give them the confidence to enjoy the ride and become start girl

Cycling has tremendous health benefits and is well-known for improving little one’s mood. The royal baby has launched a start girl bike that is gaining praise due to its quality and friendly user-experience.

Perfect geometry and superb handbrakes

The geometry, exclusive brake levels, and handbrakes provide the necessary support. My little one simply loves this bicycle. It saves me the hassle of spending hours reading instructions for assembling. The bike already comes95% assembled. This reduces the workload and provides my kid with a safe and smooth riding experience. It also helps me to enjoy these moments with my little angel.

Smooth tires

The tires are designed with great smoothness to avoid rupture. Being a mom to a kid I know how hurtful and frustrating it gets when your kid falls and bruises themselves. This bike has reduced the falling greatly. It has become so easy for my kid now to ride and enjoy the bike without getting afraid of the injuries.

Positive and healthy influence

My child now displays positive behavior. Having a healthy outdoor activity not only keeps him fit but also provides him with happiness.

13. Chillafish Charlie Lightweight Toddler Balance Bike

Chillafish Charlie Lightweight Toddler Balance Bike, Cute Trainer for 18-48 Months, Learn to Bike...
  • Lighweight 10-Inch Balance Trainer For Kids 18-48 Months, Learn To Ride A Real Bicycle In No Time
  • Easily Adjustable Seat And Handlebar: The Seat Is Adjustable From 11-14,6 Inch / 28-37 Cm And The Handlebar Can Grow From 18,9-20,1 Inch / 48-51 Cm.
  • Lightweight Metal Frame: Only 5,5 Lbs / 2,5 Kg - The Light Weight Makes The Bike Easy To Handle And Train The Gross Motor Skills Of Your Toddler.

Take the first initiative

This is the first initiative to encourage your kids about marinating and keeping the balance. With Chillafish your toddler will automatically learn how to ride a real bike automatically.

Cute but strong design

The quality, safety, and protection provided by this balance bike speak for themselves. I love it and my son loves it too. It’s so cute to watch him take off on it and go. The design looks appealing and strong. Most important, this is so easy to assemble and requires low effort for maintenance. Tires roll smoothly and prevent kids from falling off the bike.

Safe to invest

A very safe option for toddlers. Adjustable features and geometry make it ideal for toddlers of all sizes. What are you waiting for? Bring this one home and let your kid learn about balance with utmost safety and efficacy.

Final Thoughts

Cycling has huge health and mental benefits. It is important to encourage kids to ride bicycles and balance bikes. Here are my favorite three that I like:

  • Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike No Pedal Bicycle, because of the safety, protection, and affordable rates. This bike provides a good experience concerning maintain balance and also prevents injuries.
  • , my favorite mostly because of the super cute and strong design. The rubber tires prevent crashes.
  • , due to the perfect geometry that it offers. Fits ideally with the kid’s size and is safe to ride.

However, always consider your kid’s age and interests before buying any product. All the products mentioned above are of supreme quality and you can choose at your convenience.

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