Best Board Games For 6 Years Old

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It is game time! Are you struggling to purchase a board game for your six-year-old? Then, no worries, because here is the list of best board games for your child. Even six-year-old are ready to play competitively with their friends and family. These board games will teach them good strategy skills, concentration, and good gamesmanship.

Furthermore, they will learn how to tackle a challenge while entertaining themselves. These products are age-appropriate and have the best reviews on Amazon. They will be engaged and have lots of fun for hours.

Best Educational Board Game For 6 Years Old

Playing educational board games can increase the brain functions of children. It can stimulate the brain areas that are responsible for complex thought and memory formation. They can practice their cognitive skills early when they are playing board games. A study is conducted to determine if there is a development in the social skills of preschoolers. The result has a significant positive effect on the development of social skills in children.[1]

1.      Wildcraft

Family Board Game-Wildcraft!! An Herbal Adventure for Kids 4-8 and Up
Wildcraft is an educational board game that teaches children about twenty-five medicinal and edible plants. They will learn how to grow, eat, and use the plants in the ecosystem. It also includes a coloring book, pocket guide, and a printable. The knowledge your kids gain can be used when in the garden or hiking. They will know some plants that are edible and first aid utilization.

2.      Covalence

Covalence: A Molecule Building Game
Covalence educate children about atoms, molecules, bonds, and elements.  This game is perfect if your child enjoys learning science, especially chemistry. They can familiarize easily by the fundamentals of chemistry which they can adapt to school.

3.      Guess in 10

Skillmatics Education Game: Animal Planet – Guess in 10
Guess in 10 is a game based on animals. The player will think hard and ask intelligent questions about the animals. The children can develop creative thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and social skills. It is the perfect game if the child is an animal lover.

4.      Mastermind for Kids

Mastermind for Kids
Mastermind for Kids has three-level gameplay. The players will set up the secret codes, and they must solve them. Children will have to use deductive reasoning and logic when solving the principles. This game can help children overcome complicated things.

5.      Quiddler

Scrabble Junior Game
Scrabble is a family game in which players have to work together in creating words with letters given. The more terms they make, the bigger the score. The team with the highest score wins. This is a perfect game for beginners. This game helps kids to learn more words, especially when they start to read and spell.

Best Counting and Math Board Games For 6 Years Old

Numerous studies indicate that playing board games with mathematical concepts can develop children’s early numeracy skills. Teachers can also support children by recommending appropriate board games. [2]

8.      Chutes and Ladders

Chutes and Ladders Board Game for 2 to 4 Players Kids Ages 3 and Up
Chutes and Ladders is a counting game that your children can enjoy. Players must reach the top of the game board without sliding down. In this game, children can learn how to count and easily recognize numbers as they move to the top. Kids enjoy playing this game with their family, plus learning some good morals because you can advance based on the good deeds you've done. It can boost the self-esteem of the kids.

9.      Qwirkle

Mancala for Kids
Pressman Mancala has pieces of little animals that the children can enjoy. This board game is simple and easy to play. Children can gain essential skills like counting, strategy and critical thinking.

11.  Rooster Race

Best Cooperative Board Games For 6 Years Old

13.  World of Disney Eye Found It

Ravensburger World of Disney Eye Found It Board Game for Boys and Girls Ages 4 and Up
Eye Found It is a great family board game. Players will have to locate objects in this game. This is fun to the eye of a six-year-old since it provides lots of visually eye-catching colors. This game can improve the focus of the child to details when finding an object. They will learn to cooperate with their team members also. They can enjoy the game because they will recognize the famous characters from Disney.

14.  Peaceable Kingdom Dinosaur

Peaceable Kingdom Dinosaur Escape Award Winning Cooperative Game for Logic and Luck for Kids
Peaceable Kingdom Dinosaur is a cooperative family board game. It is a perfect game for kids who love dinosaurs. They can learn more about the different kinds of dinosaurs. The gameplay is merely saving the dinosaurs and get them to safety. This game is fun because it boosts the kid's imagination, social skills, decision making, and teamwork.

15.  Gamewright Outfoxed

Gamewright Outfoxed!
Gamewright Outfoxed is a detective game. The players need to crack the case about the missing pot pie of Mrs. Plumpert. Playing this needs cooperation with your teammates. The players will look for clues and solve the mystery. The child can develop cognitive skills and improve their logic while doing the tasks.

16.  Kids Scavenger Hunt

Kid's Scavenger Hunt
Kids Scavenger Hunt can be played indoors or outdoors. The gameplay is to find objects on the given cards, and the first team that can collect all the clues is the winner. Kids Scavenger Hunt allows the kid to be active. They might even find missing things around the house. Playing this game helps encourage kids to have teamwork and cooperative skills.

A study was conducted on preschoolers to determine if there are behavioral effects of cooperative board games. In comparison, children who played this kind of play behave more cooperatively and prosocially. They are less competitive and show less antisocial behavior. [3]

Best Strategy Board Games For 6 Years Old

Strategy board games are common interests of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). A study was conducted to investigate if playing board games can help them learn how to initiate a turn and relinquish a turn.[4]

17.  Connect 4

Classic Connect 4 Strategy Board Game for Ages 6 and Up
Connect 4 is an easy game suitable for kids. The gameplay is straightforward; players must make a row of four first to win. Kids can do as many strategies as they want while playing this game. One must observe the other players move to play defense and offense. Plus, kids love to slide the lever to the bottom.

18.  Otrio Wood Strategy

Otrio Wood Strategy – Based Board Game for Adults, Families and Kids Ages 8 and Up
To win, players must complete the line up of three similar colors and sizes of the pieces. Children can learn strategizing, reasoning, and critical thinking. This board game allows them to have a brainy competition.

19.  Sorry!

Players have four colored pawns each to move around the gameboard. To start, players need to draw 1 or 2 to move their pawns. This strategy game is challenging that is based on the chance and luck of the player. This classic game teaches children how to be patient and how to say the word sorry.

20.  Super Mario Checkers and Tic Tac Toe

Super Mario Checkers & Tic Tac Toe Collector's Game Set
This board game is a combination of checkers and tic tac toe. Two players can play it for approximately 20 minutes. This board game is suitable for kids who love Mario, especially when playing Nintendo. The best part of this game is when you king the checks, and you will gain a cute little hat.

21.  Naval Battle

Alexander Kunst conducted a statistic in 2018 about the most popular board games for playing with children in the United States. It shows that the most popular game board is Battleship. Seven percent of the respondents enjoy playing Battleship the most.

Naval Battle – New Battleship Board Game for Kids 6 and up
Naval Battle is one of the top 10 war games. The game is played by destroying the fleet of the enemy and capturing its fort. This game is exciting since the gameplay is using tactical battleship actions. Naval Battle boost the creativity, logic, strategy and a little bit of history about boats.

Best Maze Board Games For 6 Years Old

22.  Bugs in The Kitchen

Bugs in The Kitchen Board Game
Bugs in the Kitchen is a classic family game which two to four players can play. It comes with a Hexbug nano scuttling around the game board, and you must catch it quickly with a trap. Kids will roll a dice and needs to set up a maze for their hex bug. Spoon knives and forks will keep the hex bug from winning. This game teaches children on how to strategize using logic.

23.  Gnomes at Night

Peaceable Kingdom/Gnomes at Night
Gnomes at Night is a cooperative game because players will need to search and find the treasures in the maze. Children's communication skill will be developed since they need communication with their teammates to locate the missing pieces.

Best Family Board Games For 6 Years Old

24.  Stop, Relax & Think

Stop, Relax & Think: A Game to Help Impulsive Children Think Before They Act
This game help kid on focusing and thinking before they talk. This game improves the children's motor control, problem-solving, relaxation skills, and expressing their feelings. Counselors and therapists use this game as a treatment for impulsive kids. The benefit of having this game is that even parents can use it as a way to verbalize their feelings with other people.

25.  Trouble Game

Trouble Game
Trouble Game is racing and chasing the game. The pegs must go all the way around the board to finish and win. When another player lands on the same peg as yours, it means you will have to start over. Getting another player is funny to do. The game can incite sportsmanship and cheerfulness.

26.  Pass the Bomb

27.  DreamWorks Trouble: Trolls World Tour

Trouble: DreamWorks Trolls World Tour Edition Board Game for Kids Ages 5 and Up
This board game has DreamWorks Troll's character pawns that you can move around the board. It has a tiny diamond figure that can protect the players from Delta Dawn and prevent trolls from being sent back home. The gameplay is simple, which is racing to the finish line. This game teaches kids how to take a turn, and they can have a break from reality while playing with it.

28.  Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride – First Journey
Ticket to Ride is a game that uses a train to travel around the United States of America. The players need to build railroad tracks coast to coast, and they must win six tickets to win. This is a perfect game for children who love to train. When playing this game, children can be familiarized with the geography of United States of America.

29.  Operation

Classic Operation Game
Operation is a classic board game which can be played solo or duo. Players must work hard by moving pieces out of the fake body without alarming the sensors. Perfect for children who love to play as a doctor or surgeon. Children will improve their motor skills since they are avoiding the buzzers. Precision will also be developed since in surgeons precisely operate on a person without damaging the patient's internal parts.

Best Building Board Games For 6 Years Old

30.  Catan

Catan The Board Game
Catan is a popular, civilization-building board game. Players can make their civilization and compete for victory points. The player can harvest and trade resources in this game. There are robbers you should avoid because they steal resources and plunders the wealthy. The kids can manage their emotions when they face disappointment. This is an open game that can be played competitively for days. Players will learn how to have a complex strategy by thinking ahead and predicting their opponents' moves.

31.  Three Little Piggies

SmartGames Three Little Piggies
This board game is based on the story of three little pigs. The pigs are building a house to protect themselves from the wolf. This board game includes a storybook as well. Perfect for children who love to develop kinds of stuff. The children will improve their planning, spatial insight and problem-solving.

32.  Mouse Trap

Hasbro Gaming Mouse Trap Board Game for Kids Ages 6 and Up
Mouse Trap is a game where players will build a mousetrap while moving around the gameboard. The players must catch the mice of the opponent. This is fun to play for kids because they have a challenge to do which is to move the mouse around the game board without being trapped. Children will enjoy building their mousetraps.

Best Fast-Paced Board Game For 6 Years Old

33.  Stare! Junior

Stare Junior Board Game for Kids
Stare is a board game played by staring at a picture for 30 seconds. The other players ask questions about the image. Stare helps develop your child's memory and conceptual skills. It is a fun, quick-paced game. This can also help improve their concentration, retention, and focus.

34.  Hasbro Guess Who Classic Game

Hasbro Guess Who Classic Game
Hasbro Guess Who Classic Game is played by guessing the piece of face the opponents has. Each face has a different characteristic. This is a fast-paced game, but children can enjoy playing for hours just to beat the other player by recognizing the face first. The children will be very attentive to small details. They can develop skills such as the process of elimination and turn-taking since they are figuring out the characteristics of the opponents face.

35.  5 Second Rule Junior

5 Second Rule Junior
5 Second Rule is an easy game to play. The player must read a card and provide three answers within five seconds. The first person who gets to the end of the board will be the winner. It is fun to play since players can come up with silly answers just to beat the clock.

Final Thoughts

Simple board games can offer early learning opportunities. It can also encourage healthy brain development.  I would recommend Scrabble Junior Game since kids can learn words that they can use in their daily lives, Naval Battle – New Battleship Board Game for Kids 6 and up is the best strategy game for kids because it can teach them tactics and history, and Stare Junior Board Game for Kids since it helps in developing the memory and conceptual skills of your child. They can adapt these skills to school and interacting with other people.

[1] Türkoğlu, Bengü. “The effect of educational board games training programme on the social skill development of the fourth graders.” Elementary Education Online 18.3 (2019).

[2] Andika, W. D., M. Akbar, and Sri Sumarni. “Playing board games with mathematical self-concept to support early numeracy skill of 5-6 years old children.” Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol. 1166. No. 1. IOP Publishing, 2019.

[3] Zagal, José P., Jochen Rick, and Idris Hsi. “Collaborative games: Lessons learned from board games.” Simulation & Gaming 37.1 (2006): 24-40.

[4] Daubert, Angela, Shana Hornstein, and Matt Tincani. “Effects of a modified power card strategy on turn taking and social commenting of children with autism spectrum disorder playing board games.” Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities 27.1 (2015): 93-110.

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