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Electronic educational toys aren’t only a trend but also a must in today’s modern world.  According to research, traditional toys have evolved greatly over the past two decades by adapting their features to electronic versions.[1] It’s important for children to learn about their environment, their own selves and to supplement the skills that they are already learning through traditional methods of play or teaching, and eventually use later in their lives.  These electronic educational toys for kids will provide your child with the opportunity to learn and will stimulate their little minds to help them flourish both mentally and physically.

Electronic Educational Toys Excellent For Hand Eye Coordination in Children 3-9 years

When talking about electronic educational toys, the first name that comes to one’s mind is Vtech.  Vtech is the pioneer in the world of Electronic Learning Products, an innovative idea dating as far back as the 1980’s.  Since then, Vtech has been providing its customers unmatched superior quality electronic toys with the intention of developing children’s mind through interactive, fun and smart play.  Vtech has quite a few brands, which include Kidizoom, Vtech Baby, Toot-toot drivers, and DigiArt, just to name a few.

Vtech Kidizoom

My kids’ personal favorite is the Kidizoom range, which has a variety of electronic educational toys to choose from including a few cameras and the smartwatch range. 

There are three types of Kidizoom cameras, Kidizoom Action Cam HD, the Kidizoom Duo, and the Kidizoom Creator Cam.  All these cameras provide developmental benefits to the children such as independent play and hand eye coordination.

The Kidizoom Action Cam HD is for kids aged 4 years and over.  It is a high-definition camera that allows children to take photos and make videos in HD and then apply cool visual effects to those photos and videos.  There is an added value of three fun games that kids can play including an AR game.  There is even an opportunity to create reverse videos!  Stop motion, slow motion and fast motion are the other options for video making.  A very important feature of the Kidizoom Action Cam HD is that there is a lot for a microSD card, which will enable the child to expand the available storage on the camera. A mount and a floating handle are also included to allow picture taking anywhere!

Vtech KidiZoom Action Cam HD
This camera from Vtech is a great option for children who want to start taking photos and edit them with cool visual effects. It is fun yet simple at the same time so that even a 4-year-old can operate it easily.

Boasting a 5-megapixel camera, the Kidizoom Duo 5.0 is the best electronic toy for any child’s collection.  This camera aims to entertain kids from the ages of 3 to 9 years.  This camera is considered an educational toy because it encourages hand eye coordination of the child and also enables them to play independently and creatively. It has a wide colored screen and two cameras – one at the back and one at the front! These two cameras enable children to take fun photos of others, as well as their own selfies!  Another feature of the camera is that it has a voice recorder. Kids can record their voice and then edit the recording through voice changing effects for more fun! There is the option of editing photos and videos as well, with more than 70 fun effects! Lastly, they can play games, including educational games, on their camera, which can be installed when connected to the PC.

Vtech KidiZoom Duo 5.0
Let the fun begin on a long trip with this amazing camera. Download some fun music for children to listen to throughout your long road trip as they take fun photos and videos simultaneously. Set a timer through Parental Game Control to set the time limit allowed for each game on the camera.

The Kidizoom Creator Cam is focused on kids who have the inclination towards making different types of videos, such as unboxing videos and vlogging.  For this purpose, the Kidizoom Studio camera comes with a tripod and the option of a flip-up lens and handle to enable the child to make selfie videos.  A special feature of the Kidizoom Creator Cam is a green screen which allow the user to add special effects to their videos such as disappearing or flying! To enhance the fun videos, there is the option of 20 different amazing backgrounds such as outer space, the set of a TV show or the beach, that can be added to existing videos.

Vtech KidiZoom Creator Cam
Lots of fun for the little to-be vlogger! Many creative backgrounds and cool visual effects for videos. The option of and SD card will allow children to make as many videos as they want!

Electronic Educational Toys That Make Children Active and Help Build Muscles

Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2

Another great product of Vtech is the KidiZoom Smart Watch DX2.  It can be used by children from the age of 4 years.  There is a choice of several colors for the kids to choose from.  Just like the Vtech camera range, the Kidizoom Smart Watch also offers many features to the kids such as 2 cameras (including a selfie camera), a voice recorder, learning applications, games, 3D effect clock faces, a pedometer, a motion sensor, and many more fun things!  A fun interactive feature of the KidiZoom Smart Watch is the Monster Detector AR game, that motivates children to become adventurous and active.  There is a choice between 55 digital and analog faces for the watch, as well as the option to use personal pictures and selfies as the watch face/wallpaper.

Vtech KidiZoom Smart Watch DX
A talking watch that actually tells time! Two cameras to take selfies and photos of the amazing world around you. Children can have endless fun with these watches by playing educational games on it as well. The fitness app on the watch helps keep the children active.

Vtech KidiGo Walkie Talkies

The next range of Vtech toys is the set of walkie talkies known as the KidiGo Walkie Talkies, especially developed for children above the age of 5 years.  This electronic educational toy promotes the learning by letting the children communicate to each other through a digital connection that ensure that their conversations are safe and secure.  You little adventurers can play up to four different two-player games on the amazing KidiGo Walkie Talkies.  The walkie talkies have a range of up to 500 feet!

Vtech KidiGo Walkie Talkies
Children will have a fun and exciting experience as they talk over a secure network and exchange animated messages over the large LED lit screen. Children practice muscle building and they actively run around while talking and playing on their walkie talkies.

Electronic Educational Toys That Develop Hand Eye Coordination and Gross Motor Skills in Babies from Birth to 3 years

Vtech Baby

This range of electronic educational toys from VTech is for children right from birth through the age of 3 years.  There is an option of three colorful and interactive toys in this Vtech range: Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker, Sort and Discover Activity Cube, and Push and Ride Alphabet Train. 

Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker

The Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker is for children from 6 months old to 30 months.  This is an electronic educational toy that helps your child take their first steps and learn their numbers, colors, shapes, animal sounds and music through interactive and fun activities, encouraging the child to build fine as well as gross motor skills.  It features a detachable activity panel that is aimed at children who are not yet ready to walk, which can be reattached once the child learns to stand up with support and is ready to learn how to walk. Hence, this toy helps in improving your child’s hand eye coordination.

Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker
Best electronic educational toy especially for children whose parents are teaching them how to walk and to teach overall coordination of hands and feet. For the little ones who are not yet ready to walk, a detachable colorful panel is an amazing educational toy with which they can learn their numbers, colors, and much more!

Vtech Ultimate Alphabet Activity Cube

Vtech also has the very highly popular Ultimate Alphabet Activity Cube which has five sides of fun-filled activities! Let your child learn their first alphabet through this colorful and fun educational toy.  With the help of the shape buttons, they will learn a variety of things: numbers, colors, shapes and animals.  Furthermore, the Vtech Ultimate Alphabet Activity Cube has over 250 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases for your child to learn! Your child will enhance their gross motor skills by using their hands to flip and turn the activity cube.

Vtech Ultimate Alphabet Activity Cube
Helps improve your child’s hand eye coordination as they press the different buttons on the cube and play.  Being a floor toy, it will be accessible to your child from a very early age, as soon as they start responding to colors, sounds and images. The fun engaging questions will keep them busy for a long time allowing you to finish off your work.

Vtech Sit to Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train

Another electronic educational Vtech toy that is exceptional to help your child get started with their colors, numbers and shapes is the Vtech Sit to Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train.  Keep your child educated and entertained with this exclusive alphabet train that features a push toy that can be used as a floor toy for the younger kids, as a ride on for kids who are able to sit and stand properly, and then for kids who love to collect their toys in it as a wagon and pull it behind. All these activities will encourage your child to use their hands, eyes, feet together, encouraging hand eye coordination as well as fine tuning of their gross motor skills. This toy basically grows as your child grows.  There is a total of 10 fun activities for your child: storybook, a clock, gears and more.  Sing along with the story book or just enjoy the music, drop down the 2-sided alphabet blocks down the chute and let the train count the for you! The best is yet to come! There is even a walkie talkie and a number pad to make fun calls to friends and learn numbers!

Vtech Sit to Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train
For your little explorer who likes to take their fun everywhere with them. This Ultimate Alphabet Train can be your child’s first teacher as they pull it like a wagon, fine tuning their motor skills, or simply talking on the walkie talkie, practicing their social skills. Many love to practice their ABCs with this fun and engaging train or just ride it, and have a fun, moving experience!

Electronic Educational Toys That Encourage Tuning of Fine Motor Skills in Children Aged 3 months to 5 years

Vtech offers a variety of activity desks for the artistic little learners.  The Explore and Write Activity Desk and the Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe are two models that offer a variety of educational activities for the curious minds through interactive play and refinement of fine motor skills. 

Vtech Explore and Write Activity Desk

The Vtech Explore and Write Activity Desk is best for children who are 2 years to 5 years old.  It is an excellent electronic educational toy that consists of a desktop that the child can interact with and up to five pages of endless fun and education through which children can learn numbers, letters, and shapes, all by using a stylus pen for tracing, encouraging the child to practice their fine motor skills.  Another way the Explore and Write Activity Desk can be used is as a chalkboard and easel, with lots of storage space for the colors and other stationary.  A great feature of this educational toy is that supplemental packs can be purchased for the educational pages that focus on specific topics such as animals, numbers, reading skills, and nursery rhymes.  There is a music player as well! It plays over 20 melodies and how can we forget the fun touchscreen toy phone the kids can enjoy? As a bonus, Vtech has included a stool to sit on with this great educational toy.

This electronic educational toy is available at stores listed here:

Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

The Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk is similar to the Explore and Write Activity Desk, only it features up to nine colorful interactive pages that are sensitive to touch.  Through the interactive desktop, easel and chalkboard, children can learn about ocean creatures, discover amazing things about farm animals, explore what the town looks like and much more! Your child can actually interact with each page through four different learning modes where the page will ask questions encouraging the child to respond.  Children will be able to learn how to write numbers and letters step by step with the help of the guidance of the LED screen provided, helping improve your child’s fine motor skills.  Then there is the music mode where children can listen to their favourite music along with reading and writing.  A stool is also a part of the package for the children to sit on while they enjoy their electronic educational toy.

Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk
The ultimate electronic educational toy for your young children! They can learn their numbers through the number pad along with fun greetings or listen to 20 fun melodies as they dance to them. The light up display will enable them to learn how to write their alphabet the correct way.

Vtech Turn and Learn Driver

The all-time favourite toy for strengthening fine motor skills in little children is the Vtech Turn and Learn Driver.  Aimed at the younger children, aged 6 months to 3 years, this toy is an interactive steering wheel that your little one can have fun with listening to 60 + songs, melodies, sounds and phrases!  The steering wheel helps the children in developing their fine motor skills as they play with it, turning it in different directions.  Other features of the Turn and Learn Driver that promote fine motor skills in the children are the traffic light, a signal lever that triggers fun sounds and music and the gear shifter that pushes and pulls to introduce opposites.

VTech Turn and Learn Driver (Frustration Free Packaging), Yellow
The most popular toy for building fine motor skills in babies.  Press the five colourful buttons and your child will be introduced to different animals and vehicles. Children can enjoy playing with this steering wheel as you enjoy a hassle-free drive.

Electronic Educational Toys That Promote Reasoning and Problem Solving Skills in Children Aged 3-6 Years

Another big name in the electronic educational toy industry is Fisher-Price.  They have been around 1930, which makes them 90 years old! From bouncers and rockers to walkers and push toys, there is an extensive list of toys offered by Fisher Price for children of all age groups, but here we are only going to have a look at the electronic educational toys.   

The Fisher-Price Think and Learn series is an excellent range of electronic educational toys.  There are many toys in this series that encourage the children’s young minds to think actively and scientifically from a very young age.  A few of the best Fisher-Price Electronic Educational toys include Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar Twist, Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot, the Think and Learn Alpha SlideWriter and the Fun-to-Learn Smart Tablet.

Fisher-Price Code-a-Pillar Twist

The Code-a-Pillar Twist is an exceptional toy for children aged 3-6 years that challenges little coders to practice important skills such as planning, sequencing and problem solving. According to research, programming and coding have progressive effects on the development of children. [2]Having over 1000 coding combinations, there is a huge variety of options for children to programme their little caterpillar’s path on which it can move forward, turn right or left, teaching your child problem solving skills.  The coding can be achieved by twisting the dials on the caterpillars back in various combinations.  A special feature of the Code-a-Pillar Twist are the magical light and sound effects that make this electronic educational toy even more exciting! 

Fisher-Price Code-a-Pillar Twist
Challenge children’s problem-solving skills by letting them program the path for this exiting caterpillar. Children can have a lot of fun moving their caterpillar everywhere on their programmed path!

Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot

The Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot is one of a kind electronic educational toy that teaches children about shapes, colors, numbers and more through different types of coding challenges, making their brains practice some reasoning skills. Little engineers from the ages of 3 to 6 years can program different paths for their fun robot to follow.  The included machine accessories and keypad on the robot’s head allow the children to code the path for him, start or stop the robot’s actions, or select a play mode. The included machine accessories make the whole experience even more fun as the children explore different ways these accessories work together.  The robot’s different actions have corresponding lights that blink according to those actions.  Along with this robot also comes a book with secret codes, that help the young coders turn their robot into different shapes! It is through research that scientists have discovered that children who learn coding are actually learning a skill for life.[3]

Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot
Challenge your little engineers and coders with this companion robot that can transform into many other shapes encouraging them to use their reasoning skills. Children will use their problem-solving skills to code a path that the robot will follow.

Fisher-Price Think and Learn Alpha SlideWriter

The next Fisher-Price toy that made it to this electronic educational toys’ list is the Think and Learn Alpha SlideWriter.  This unique mess-free toy will teach your pre-schooler to write and spell in a fun and exciting way! They can make different words using the slide around tiles on the SlideWriter and challenge their brains to practice some reasoning skills, making them a word making machine. Included with the Think and Learn Alpha SlideWriter is a special pen, that is especially designed with a triangle grip to fit little hands and guide little thinkers to how they should be holding their pencil. Children can improve their writing skills with the help of the printed guide lines on the screen, another exciting feature of this toy. Once they have mastered the technique of pencil grasping, the triangle grip can be removed easily. How could we forget to mention the blank tiles and letter stickers for those words with extra similar letters in them!

Fisher-Price Fun-to-Learn Smart Tablet

Fisher-Price has come up the best solution for your child who loves using their tablets, but without all the bad stuff.  The Fisher-Price Fun-to-Learn Smart Tablet is the new tablet that you can give your child for as long as they want. The games they will be playing on this cool toy will help them learn phonics, numbers, and the alphabet through exciting mazes, games, sounds and music, super-cool animation, and many other surprises!  This toy will not only improve your child’s problem-solving skills, but also their fine motor skills. According to Dorothy Strickland in Teaching Phonics Today: A Primer for Educators, teaching children phonics is a very important tool for understanding and using written language.[4] The next coolest thing about this toy is that your bilingual child can learn their numbers from 1-10 in both English and Spanish. The color-changing screen keeps the children engaged while they play on it in 6 different ways. For those with little hands that get tired easily, this Fun-to-Learn Smart Tablet comes with a flip out stand that enables it to stand on a table. Bring the music volume down with the provided button for quiet play as the little sibling takes a nap.

Fisher-Price Fun-to-Learn Smart Tablet
This tablet is a fun and exciting way for your toddler to learn their numbers in English and Spanish. After learning phonics through this toy, your child will become the superstar of their pre-school!

Final Thoughts

Electronic educational toys are a great way to keep your child engaged while learning many new things.  There is a variety of electronic educational toys you can choose from, depending on the age range and abilities of your children. In the past, people would give their children toys just to keep them busy or to keep them entertained.  However, modern day electronic educational toys provide much more value than simply keeping children busy or entertained. It is necessary in today’s world to give your child educational toys instead of just recreational toys if you want them to become problem solvers and critical thinkers.

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