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We parents always are in a search of the best for our children and wanted them to feel secure in the environment they are growing up in. There are times when you are engaging in work and need your children protection, the best solution is to keep a tracker with your kids and keep on tracking them without worrying anymore. 

Things to consider when buying GPS Tracker for Kids

As a parent, I want a full assurance of my kids that they are being safe and for this reason, I made a choice of having a GPS tracker. I will say add this to your bucket list to make them tracked and help them out in any situation.

Here are some tips you should have in your mind when thinking of buying the GPS tracker for kids;

  • The longer the battery life, the more defended the kid is. The battery life should stay for at least 3 days so in the worst situation they are shielded and can be tracked.
  • Such deceives need to be durable and should have tough structure as kids use them roughly and their routine lies under a lot of activities. 
  • The most important feature that every GPS tracker should have is an SOS button, so in an emergency, the kids can ask for help.
  • As a parent and for their safety you should not compromise on the quality of the tracker.
  • Easy to use GPS tracker should be bought for better results and easy usage.

In my point of view, the tracker should come with user-friendly features and even if they ask for the price, they are notable for the safety of the kids. Keep it clear that you need the best for your loved ones.

1.Guardian Angel for Kid’s Tracker Child

User friendly

The very simple and user-friendly kids’ tracker which have many fun features that can bring ease to you and not disturb the pattern of the young ones. Coming with a manual book in order to teach parents how to use the tracker and keep a check on their little ones. Now you can connect it with your phone and keep on looking where the kid is going.


Guardian Angel covers a vast range so now you and your child can enjoy the leisure time.  The range limit is 1400+ and sounds an alert on if the child crosses more than the range. You can also set a limit such as 15 feet or 10 feet, as soon as they cross it, the alarm starts to make a sound so you know they are out of reach.

Guardian Angel for 2 Kid's Tracker Child
the most comfortable and easy on the pocket tracker which will keep a knee eye on your child

Easy on kids

We also want something which does not make children uncomfortable and does not disturb their daily activities and as a parent, I feel this one is perfect as it is easy to use and can be attached to your child without letting them know. It is quite portable and small in size and easily can be fitted anywhere. Make it attached to their bag, or the hoodie or pants, and keep a chill to yourself.

2. Kids Smart GPS Watch


Simple and trouble-free structure with style for your kids, this watch will make it fun for the young ones to stay safe. It’s easy just to wear it and style with any clothes.


With style comes the price and features but, in this matter, both are equal on ends. I liked it more as a parent because kids loved wearing it while I can keep an eye on them. They wear it every day to school and parks.  It is waterproof and thus there is no need to worry as kids will be kids and like experiencing new things! It is a touchpad and can be connected with your phone and see where your little one is going.

Top security

Other than all the features, the most important one is that it got an SOS button which can be pressed and anywhere you are, you going to be alerted and can see the matter. You are connected to your child even if they are far away.

Fun things

The most fun thing about this one is the way it works and how it not only protects the kid but also can help them with work, if you want your child to have a sim you can add it so they can contact you.

I loved this watch because my children love wearing it, playing games on it, and lastly, I am stress-free from this point that where and what my children are doing.

3. GPS Tracking Smart Finder Locator for Kids

Price friendly

The smart finder for kids which comes with a very suitable price and handy as a whole the gadget is very light in size and can be attached to kids easily.

Parents must purchase.

I loved using this because of its super convenient style which I can attach to children’s bags or clothes and now I’m all connected to them. I can see where are they going. The only thing which it lacks is not having an SOS button that helps kids to press in an emergency.

Protection system

The company ensures the protection of your toddlers and there is an alert switch to lose it. You can find your toddler now by looking over the phone and track the dear ones.

Friend like gadget

My experience with this one went well because it is easy on the pocket and plays the same role as other GPS trackers. It does not disturb the kid’s activities and because of its small size now you can even hide it from them if you got a naughty one who wants to dig into things. It plays a friend like support to protect your child.

4. Kids Connect KC2 4G Kids GPS Tracker

Modern solution

The company brings you the modern solution for modern issues. Track the toddler with phone styled GPS finder which can be carried easily and needs not to worry about because it’s quite portable.

Kids Connect KC2 4G Kids GPS Tracker
with price comes the guard which not only is a user friendly but also simple to carry anywhere by kids nowadays


The best thing I liked about this one is that it is easy to handle and easy to carry. It comes with a program that helps you feed the number of those who your kids can call or they can call them. Having an SOS button in case of emergency. You can track your kid through this simple device and nothing to worry about for kids.


If you are expecting high security with less cot then this is a solution for your problem. A simple and easy device that covers your worries like a true guard for your children. We parents want the best for our children and Kids Connect perfectly fits in the example.

5. Samsung Smart Things Tracker for Kids

Samsung introduced the smart thing tracker which can be used for tracking down anything but importantly focusing on kid’s protection, I personally loved the concept of having a stylish and small device with kids and not worrying for them anymore, while they live freely, you have an eye on them.

Cost worthy

If we want the best for our children then we parents should be willing to pay more as well. Other than going for some cheap products and later on getting pissed off, buy the right stuff in the first place and enjoy the time. Though Samsung smart tracker is a bit costly again nothing should be important than the ear ones and their protection in such a world.

Children Alert

The best feature about Samsung smart tracker is whenever your child feels to call you, they can press this device and you will be informed. Connect it with your phone and enjoy the live tracking with GPS.

Samsung Smart Things Tracker for Kids
when was the last time Samsung didn’t surprise us with their new products and now bringing the best GPS tracker for our loved ones, wait is over and get this one now


Samsung allows you to have a free service warranty for one year, if anything goes wrong you can ask them to fix it without even paying further for it. I mean if we are giving more money then we are also getting the services which we and our children deserve. We get the best GPS tracker which comes with a live location.

Longer battery life

Most of the trackers I encountered got bad battery life and things went a little difficult because every time my children went out of my sight I had to make sure the devices are charged but Samsung brings the one whole week charged battery ability. Now you do not have to worry for at least one week.

6. Invoxia GPS Tracker for kids


The elegant looking and small portable device can be carried in hand like a bracelet and works as a guard to protect your toddlers. It comes with a sleek band that can be worn on the hand or can attach to the bag, hoodie, or clothes of the kids and the work starts to be done.

One-time payment

I have experienced many tracking devices that need payments even after the whole payment but this is a one-time payment, no need to pay for further advanced features. It comes as a whole.

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker
a single payment and unleash all the features which make it perfect for you to Track your kid and easy structure for using

Anti-theft alert

Invoxia allows you to set the alert alarm to the places you want to be informed if your child goes and in the emergency as well the alarm will ring on your phone.

Updates automatically

The tracker updates itself timely after 10 to 20 mins and shows the exact location of the loved ones. Now it’s easy for you to keep a safe eye on them while they keep on living freely.

7. Vowor 4G Smart watch GPS Tracker for Kids


It is the best solution in the market for having in case of protection of kids. This watch allows video calls and normal calls as well. So keep connected with kids without worrying anymore. Install the sim through which you can plan the data and have the built-in Wi-Fi through which you can look for the exact location of the young ones.

Vowor 4G Smart watch GPS Tracker for Kids
this smart watch is like a fellow to your kid, easy to use, and easy to track with built-in Wi-Fi allowing you to track the exact location. Have a two-way communication


 Vowor smart watch has an anti-theft alarm system and an SOS button attached to it for making it easy on kids in case of emergency. It also has a particular location lock that can be used to restrict them from going there and if they go, the alarm sets on. Have a look over the history of where the kid has been.

Loved by parents and kids

This device is like a fellow to us which is highly recommended by parents and loved by the kids. The price is effective and the style is handy to wear it. You can stay connected no matter where are your dear one is and keep a track of them through live GPS location.

8. ZEERKEER Mini GPS Tracker for Kids


The main purpose of this one is to provide valid and authentic data to parents so now we can relax a little. It gives the accurate location of the kid. Now you will be able to know the exact location of your kid which is going to be accurate up to 14ft, plus it also comes with an SOS button which can make you alert in emergencies.

Mini structure

Standing out in a market because of its mini structure which is uncomplicated to carry and can be attached anywhere. You can hide it even so no one removes it. The kids love this for its mini size and shape because it makes it peaceful for them to utilize.


If you are wondering this mini structured device is really useful or just a waste of money and it would lack the features then let me correct your lingering thoughts that this mini GPS tracker covers a great deal of security, having an SOS button, exact live location, timely updating of location, and showing the history of previous activities.

ZEERKEER Mini GPS Tracker for Kids
the cute mini tracker which comes with perfect and ideal GPS tracking technology and is worth the money

9. Relay Kids Screen less GPS Tracker for Kids


After using this one for my children I felt very happy and satisfied with the technology they are offering and how reasonable the pricing system they have. It is very accessible for busy parents as this GPS tracker helps them locate the accurate location in no time without worrying anymore. Now you may sit back and enjoy the technology with the Relay screen less tracker.

Relay Kids Screen less GPS Tracker for Kids
the new screen less GPS tracker that best fits for the protection of your kids and also have all the features in a single place


The unique style of screen less GPS tracker can be fitted in anywhere of your choice and kids and easily be tracked with the help of exact location. As a parent we like something simple and easy to use which can be useful for both, we and kids and this one bring the solution for us. It also comes with a loop cover which can be attached anywhere.

Easy chargeable battery

The device comes with a charger and has longer battery life. Most GPS trackers cannot keep going for much more days but this one brings the best solution to it and now you can have functional for many days without charging.

10. Mini GPS Tracker for Kids

Actual tracking

This GPS tracker works on real-time tracking and gives the best possible geo surfing. It also keeps on updating itself so you do not miss any opportunity on your loved one. I understand how parents can be cranky about their kid’s safety and for this point, I think the best solution is this device.

Stay connected

This tracker allows your kid to carry a SIM which also supports the Wi-Fi and in any emergency circumstances, they can drop you a call or press an emergency button. Parents can stay tuned to their kids through this device if only you connect your phones with it. You need to download the app for it on your phone and now your work is done.

Amazing facts

If you want to keep a strict eye on your children, set a geofence location alarm. If the child crosses the limit or the area you will be informed automatically. Plus the bonus point about this is your teens can be tracked as well, especially their car speed. Now let this secret stay between the parents only!

11. GPS Tracker Detector for Kids

Perfect GPS

It got a built-in GPS along with double positioning and provides the exact position as well. It comes with a perfect locator that helps parents to keep a knee eye on their children. There is also a theft awareness that keeps you updated if your child needs you.

SOS Button

Every good GPS has an SOS button used in emergency acts and I think as a parent, this feature should be present in every GPS tracking device for kids. This also comes with an SOS button hidden in a safe place which can be used in emergency circumstances. Kids have to press it for 3 seconds and then the message is automatically sent to parents with the exact location.

12. Siren GPS Tracker for Kids

Stylish looking

We want to see something updated and stylish with our children, then this is the best option for having a modern GPS tracker which not only comes with grace but also comes with perfect body and features.

Good sound system

Wondering why you need a good sound system? Well, attention, please! If your kid is in an emergency then pressing the emergency button will not only alarm the parents but also can be audible to people around them. This feature is something new in the GPS tracker.


Parents worry about having the best thing in the market for their loved ones, and Siren brings the most suitable and cost-effective GPS tracker for the kids. They have all the features plus modern style which appeals to the eyes of not only parents but also the kids. I loved using this one for my kids because it comes with the perfect price and traits which any GPS should have.

Ideal for Kids

This GPS tracker keeps the child safe as if you are with them and now you need not worry about having them going anywhere because you are connected with them, can be traced with the help of a real-time locator.

13. iGPS Wizard Smart Watch for Kids with SIM Card

Live GPS Tracking

iGPS Wizard comes with real-time tracking which not only keeps you updated with the latest location but also shows the previous history. There is also the option of keeping an alarm for restricted places, in these circumstances the watch plays an alarm on your phone for you to be informed.

Worth the price

This GPS comes with a great amount of money but I will say kids love this more and it’s easy for them to handle such things. This GPS watch is quite handy and is specially made for kids to use easily. If we focus on the price I believe it’s worth spending.

Exciting traits

The GPS watch is not only used for locating a child but can be a fellow for them in boring times. It comes with built-in Wi-Fi and games which can be used at specific times. They can use it as a teacher in school to learn new things. You can also install a SIM card in it so the kids can connect you anytime from anywhere.

Final thoughts

I am also super excited every time I think of having a GPS tracker for my kids and the list is big but defiantly have to get the one that is best of all. Though every GPS tracker comes with some of the best features here are the top three which I loved using,

  • , it is must be recommended one because of its sound feature which makes the tracker unique and outstanding in all means especially in terms of protection.
  • ZEERKEER Mini GPS Tracker for Kids  it is not only cheap as compare to all the other GPS trackers but is also small in size which is why kids and parents love using it.
  • Samsung Tracker for Kids , if looking for a GPS tracker that allows you to enjoy all the traits in a single place, then Samsung fits the requirements perfectly.

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