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If you are a sneaker head way back before you even started a family, the tendency is that you would also make your kids become fans of sneakers! However, this time, you do not only consider the looks but you put into consideration the great quality of shoes your kids should have.

Things to Consider When Buying Running Shoes for Kids

When it comes to shoes, I always make sure that I pay for the right price. So, whether the price is high, as long as the quality is secured, I go for it. Here are some things you might want to consider when buying running shoes for your precious kids:


The durability of a certain product (not just on shoes) is what I always consider. I find it fine to buy a pricey one as long as the shoe can be used for a long time because I think that I can save more money when buying a pricey but durable one than buying a low-cost but low quality one. Midsoles made of polyutherine are said to be more durable.[1]


I always go for lightweight shoes especially for my child who is 2 years old. Even now that I am a parent, I still use running shoes when I work and lightweight shoes are more comfortable for me especially when I need render work and stand for longer hours. Lightweight shoes actually increase performance.[2]

Safety and Protection

The safety and protection features of a shoe must also be considered. Some shoes give way for blisters and some shoes are not non-slippery so you must be vigilant when buying one.

Easy to Wear

Of course, depending on the purpose why you are buying a shoe, it is important to consider buying easy-to-wear- shoes especially for those kids below 3 years old.

Easy to Clean

A shoe that is easy to wear is considered as an intelligent shoe.[3] It is important to go with the shoes that are easy to clean and not dirt absorbent. This way, you will not have to clean your kid’s shoe a lot of time and the shoes will not also look faded after cleaning it.

Foot Types

When buying a shoe for your kid, you must know the foot type of your child. Flat feet, high arched feet, and neutral feet are the three types of feet and for you to optimize the shoe you are about to buy, you must know the category of the feet your child belongs to.[4]


Your kid’s feet grow really fast that is why sizing is a must as well. When you buy shoes, you must consider the spacing. Add some extra size and also, consider putting some space for socks.

Best Running Shoes for Kids of Ages 3 Years Old and Below

1.      New Balance 888v1 Running Shoes

These shoes are actually the most recommended running shoes for this year. They are very a classic one and they have this shock-absorbing heel cushion feature and personally, I find that feature as a comfort-giver. These shoes have a wide range of sizes and I find them perfect for little ones who are starting to walk! Additionally, these shoes’ laces are so long so if you want to teach your child how to tie up laces, these are actually great training shoes for them.

New Balance
These shoes will teach your child how to become an independent individual as he or she grows older. Surely, you will have a peace of mind knowing that your child can do anything!

2.      Asics Kid’s Gel-Contend 4 GS Running Shoes

If your child has ortho problems or is using orthotic braces, you can actually get this one for them. It has a toe cap that ensures safety and it is very comfortable and durable to use. These shoes come with a lace and strap which will really make your child safe and secured.

These shoes will give you an assurance that your child is safe and secured whenever he or she goes even if the road is slippery!

3.      Nike Roshe One Running Shoe

When I hear this “Roshe” word, memories way back my first year of college comes into my mind. Roshe shoes are very common way back 2013 and back then, I really do not have the budget to have one. Now that I have a child and a stable work, I did not miss the opportunity to let my child experience them. They are very lightweight and are not just perfect for running but are also perfect for everyday wear!

Nike Boy's Roshe One Sneaker
Having these shoes will make your child enjoy his or her everyday life because these shoes will never become a wearing-burden to them!

4.      Saucony Peregrine Shield

These shoes are great for muddy or watery roads. They are water-resistant and non-slippery running shoes with non-marking rubber. Surely, these shoes are not only great for running but are also great for indoor use of your little ones.

Saucony Kids' Peregrine Shield
Having these shoes will only give you a fun family time! Your little ones will indeed enjoy wearing them indoors and outdoors!

5.      Under Armour Kids’ Assert 8 Sneakers

These shoes come with a lot of color combinations and are very lightweight. So, if your child enjoys so much outdoor activities, you may want them to wear this. Surely, they will not feel the heaviness of their feet while they enjoy playing!

6.      Stride Rite Made2Play Lighted Sneakers

These lighted shoes are perfect for active toddlers. They are easy to wear and remove and these can even be used to train your child do this task! They are also snug-fit and are washable. However, when washing these shoes, you must wash them carefully and remember not to put them in the washing machine in order for you to not damage or break the lights on the sole.

Stride Rite Made2Play Toddler
These shoes will help and teach your child to walk faster in a safe way! Also, you can use them to teach your child do simple tasks such as putting shoes on and off!

7.      See Kai Run

These are best running shoes during winter. They are waterproof and very light to wear. Their sole are very grippy and that makes them perfect to use on ice. However, these shoes are not insulated so you must use them for longer period.

See Kai Run
Having these shoes will make your child enjoy the winter season without having to worry about the shoes they should wear! Surely, your child will have fun playing any outdoor activities!

8.      Stride Rite Unisex Kids’ Jamie Sneaker

These shoes are perfect for walking toddlers. They support little feet and are very sturdy. They are very lightweight and flexible, too! Additionally, you will like these shoes because you can clean them easily!

Stride Rite Kids
Having these shoes will lessen your cleaning time. You will never have a hard time cleaning them and you can use that other time to do some other important tasks!

9.      Revolution 4 Running Shoes

One reason why these shoes are under this list and category is because of its lace and strap features. Aside from coming from a great brand (Nike), these shoes offer comfort and support for those little feet.

10.  Hobibear Athletic Running Shoes

These shoes are perfect for running and climbing. So, if you have a toddler who goes to and plays at the playground, having these shoes will make play time fun for them!

Having these shoes will make you a happy parent because you know that your child is comfortable wearing a quality sneaker!

11.  Saucony Jazz Riff Sneaker

These shoes are specifically made for growing feet. They are easy to wash and are very comfy to wear. These shoes have a Seal of Acceptance from American Pediatric Medical Association and this makes you question yourself: “Why not buy them?”

Saucony Unisex-Child Jazz Riff Sneaker
Having these shoes will save much of your money because you are not just buying a regular shoes but you are also buying a medical one!

12.  Oshkosh ‘BgoshBumptoe Sneaker

You will never go wrong with Oshkosh, you know? This brand is known to be a great brand for little kids and trying these shoes will be worthy!

OshKosh B'Gosh Kids
Having these shoes will make buying worthy because you can actually keep them for years without even having to worry about damages and use them again when you have new babies!

13.  Ikiki Squeaky Shoes

These shoes perfect for toddlers who are using their toes to walk. They are fun to wear because of their squeaky sound and they are actually great to help your little ones how to walk and run properly! If you do not want to hear that squeaky sound, you have the option to turn it off!

ikiki Squeaky Shoes
Having these shoes will surely make practice more fun! Your baby will surely enjoy walking more and you will be a happy parent when you see that your child is having fun!

14.  Nike Kids Tanjun

These kids’ running shoes are very supportive. Actually, these are my son’s first running shoes! They are very lightweight and they do not absorb too much dirt and dust. They are also easy to wear and they do not fall off easily.

Nike Tanjun
Having these shoes will never make your baby get tired easily. They can walk and run all throughout the day without even feeling the heaviness on their feet!

15.  Nike Airmax 270 RT

My child got a pair of these shoes on his first birthday and I really find them awesome! Although they are not that light, they look stylish and they are also good for running.

Nike Air Max 270
These shoes will teach and make your child appreciate fashion. Surely, your child will become a person with a great taste in fashion one day!

16.  Bodensee Running Shoes

These shoes have an advanced shock absorption feature and are very lightweight. They also come with a Velcro strap which makes putting them on and off easier. These shoes are unisex which makes them great option as gifts for kids.

Giving these shoes as a gift to little kids will be great! Surely, these little kids will appreciate you more and they will value the things you give to them at a young age.

Best Running Shoes for Kids of Ages 4 to 7 Years Old

17.  Nike Renew Run

These shoes were developed to be alike of those adult ones. They were made to accommodate the feet of little children. These shoes can give you the option to choose between laces or Velcro. They are comfortable to wear because they are very stretchy and breathable. They also support the ankle and this makes them also great for jumping.

18.  Salomon Speedcross J

These shoes have one-pull up laces feature so it makes them easier to wear. Additionally, these are very durable shoes and can also be used during hiking. They are non-slip shoes which makes them great for any surface.

Salomon Kids Speedcross J
Having these shoes will save your money from buying new ones because they are very durable! Instead of buying new shoes all over again, you can actually use that money to buy some other things your child would need.

19.  Asics Kids Gel-Venture 7

These shoes are somehow lightweight and are great for adventures. They have mesh panels that keeps the feet breathing and away from overheating. I recommend these shoes for those kids who land on their heels.

Having these shoes will make your child’s feet feel fresh all day! Surely, no bad odor and painful blisters will ever come to your child’s feet.

20.  New Balance Kids Fresh Foam 860 V11

When a kid runs, his or her feet roll down in front. However, these shoes make the feet get stabilized. These shoes are great because they have a lot of foam cushions which make them great to use for longer distances.

New Balance Kids' Fresh Foam
No matter how long the track is, your child will never feel any pain and feet fatigue! Surely, if your child is using them for a race, your child will become the champion!

21.  Saucony Kids Ride 13

These shoes are perfect for racing because they are lightweight and very flexible to use. These shoes have antibacterial properties and they are very breathable.

Saucony Kids Ride 13
Bacteria also goes to your feet but having these shoes will give you an assurance that your child’s feet is safe from any bacteria, germs, and even viruses!

22.  New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi V3

When I buy shoes for my child or relatives, I always make sure that the rubber sole does not wear fast. To recommend a great product with this feature, I want to share with you this New Balance product. It also comes with a tab at the back which makes it easier for kids to wear and remove them.

New Balance Kids' Fresh Foam
Some rubber soles easily wear-off and that causes you to buy a new one! However, having this product will keep you away from spending money just to buy new shoes because these shoes allows you to use them for longer years!

23.  Saucony Volt Sneaker

I am impressed by these shoes’ durability and comfort. However, these shoes are not perfect for those kids with wider feet length. These shoes are great only for those thinned-feet.

Saucony Volt Sneaker
Having a thin or narrow feet makes it hard for you to find a fit shoes. However, these shoes are the solution! Having these shoes will give your child’s thin feet the comfort he or she ever needs!

24.  Nike Kids Flex Experience RN 7 Running Shoes

These shoes are not only for running but are also great for everyday wear! They are extremely flexible to wear, durable, and easy to clean!

Nike Kids Flex Experience
Having these shoes will actually teach your child to value the things they have especially when those things come with a lot of positive features. Surely, they will become more mindful of keeping their stuff clean and secured.

25.  Reebok RealFlex Transition Running Shoes

These shoes give that sock-like feeling which makes them great for mobility. They are not only perfect for running but are also great for any obstacles. It gives flexibility and optimal foot feel to your child.

Reebok RealFlex Transition
Having these shoes will give you an assurance that your child will be able to conquer any obstacles he or she may face! Who knows he might actually become a champion!

26.  Adidas Kids Duramo 9 Running Shoes

These shoes are perfect for school wear because they are very breathable and can be used the whole day! Also, these shoes are very versatile and your kid can use them anytime!

Duramo 9 Running Shoe
Having these shoes while being in school for the whole day will never worry you about your child’s comfort. Your child’s feet will stay fresh and clean throughout the day!

27.  New Balance Fuelcore Reveal Boa

There is no need to pressure your kids to learn how to tie their laces with these shoes! These shoes have fixed laces which make them easy and fast to wear. Also, they are very stylish that you can even use them every day!

New Balance Kids' FuelCore
Having these shoes will give your child a little time to wear them. Surely, your child will never have a hard time wearing these shoes especially when he needs to do things faster!

28.  Nike Star Runner 2

These shoes are perfect for kids who want to keep moving! They have this ankle support which makes them very comfortable to use.

Nike Star Runner 2
Having these shoes will never make your child become tired! Surely, the comfort you want to give as a parent can be given through these shoes.

Best Running Shoes for Kids of Ages 8 Years Old and Up

29.  Altra Youth Lone Peak

Wearing this pair of shoes makes your child feels like he or she is not wearing one. These shoes are very comfortable and natural to wear. They are very grippy and although you look at them as a solid pair, they are actually very lightweight!

ALTRA AL0A4PE3 Youth Lone Peak
Having these shoes will give you peace of mind knowing that your child is safe and will never be on any slippage accident.

30.  Adidas Ultraboost 19 J

I bought my child like this because we (his parents) have matching pairs! Personally, I find these shoes very comfortable and durable! They do not make our feet overheat and it keeps them away from any blisters. They are non-slippery shoes and this is what really matter for me as a parent.

Ultraboost 19 J
Having these shoes will make your child become a sneaker head too! Surely, your child will grow with so much appreciation for everything!

31.  Reebok Flashfilm Runner

Aside from their creative and attractive appearance, these shoes are very durable, breathable, and non-slippery too. Surely, your older boys will love these pairs!

32.  Nike Airzoom Pegasus 37

I first heard about these shoes from my 10 year old cousin because he said that one of his classmates has one and he really thinks that they are great ones. So, as a loving cousin, I looked out for them online and bought one. Now that my cousin is 12, he still uses them and that explains its durability. Lastly, these shoes are also great for those kids who are practicing sports at the gym.

Nike Kids Air Zoom Pegasus 37
Having these shoes will save your money from buying new ones all over again. Because they are very durable, you can actually use that money to buy or pay other important things.

33.  Saucony Kids Kinvara 11

Adult Kinvara shoes are known for their lightweight and speed features. So, if you are looking for an alternative, these shoes are actually like of those adult ones! They are great for runners and their color combinations are really awesome! They are designed for longer distance that is why even after the race, your kid would not even think of removing them. These shoes are also great to use during playground time and since they have a wide toebox, your child’s growing feet will make the most out of them!

Saucony Kids' Kinvara 11
Having these shoes will give you an assurance that your money will be optimized. Even if your child’s feet will grow, you will never have to worry because your child can still use these shoes!

34.  New Balance 990 V5

These shoes have a compression-resistant feature that helps your little one’s feet absorb shock or forceful impacts without getting any pain. These shoes also have toddler sizes but their lightweight feature makes them more fit for kids 8 and above. Although these shoes are pricey, the quality is super great!

New Balance
Having these shoes will teach your child how to appreciate expensive things. Surely, your child will learn how to take care of the expensive things you buy for them and as they grow older, they will be able to value the importance of money.

35.  Adidas Performance Hyperfast Running Shoes

We cannot deny it but smelly feet are part of a child’s puberty and sometimes, some kids are embarrassed of this. Luckily, these shoes manage those odors! They are very durable and perfect for kids who are running starters!

36.  Adidas Performance S-Flex Running Shoes

If your kid is very active in sports and not just in running, you might want to consider buying these shoes for them. They are very stylish and at the same time, very comfortable to wear! I bet you will be impressed when you see your child wear them.

Performance S-Flex
Having these shoes will improve your child’s love for sports! Surely, your child will become a more sporty person as he or she grows older.

37.  Skechers 80653L Go Run 4 Running Shoes

Personally, I am a fan of this brand because of its lightweight feature. Their sole does not wear so fast even if they do not look solid and they actually last for years! My first skechers go run shoe lasted for like 6 years even if I use it every day!

Skechers Kids Go Run 4
Having these shoes will make your child a confident person. He or she will never feel any heaviness on his or her feet and he or she will be able to enjoy his or her running time!

38.  Junior Adidas Allroundstar

These shoes are designed for running in grass. So, if your child is a soccer player or a field player, these shoes are great for them. They come with a set of spikes and this allows your child to run as fast as he or she could even when he or she is in the grass field. One great thing about them is that their spikes are removable. So, if your child wants to use them for a regular run, he or she may do so.

39.  New Balance Kids’ Rave Run Shoes

If your child has high arch feet, there is a little discomfort. So, to relieve this discomfort, these shoes are made for these foot shape.

New Balance Kids' Rave Run
Having these shoes will never give your child any discomfort and pain. Surely, your child will enjoy walking and running for the rest of the day!

40.  Wetike Kids’ Basketball Shoes

If you are not a fan of branded shoes, then, these shoes might be your choice! These shoes are great running shoes and best used for basketball games. They give stability and their sole are non-slippery.

WETIKE Kid's Basketball Shoes
These shoes will make your child enjoy the basketball sports! Surely, your child will be able to make amazing moves and score a lot of points!

41.  Adidas Originals Kids’ Pro Spark Basketball Shoes

If your basketball player kid needs a new shoe and you are a fan of branded items, these shoes might be your type. They are specifically made for basketball sports and they are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. However, these shoes do not have a Velcro closure so your kid must know how to tie a lace!

Originals Kids' Pro Spark
Having these shoes will give comfort to your child while he or she plays basketball! Surely, your child will never get any blisters or any feet pain even if he or she plays for the whole day.

42.  Asics GT-1000 9

These shoes are gel shoes and they are made to keep feet stable and aligned while running or walking. They are also very lightweight but are very sturdy.

ASICS Kid's GT-1000 9
These shoes will give you an assurance that your child will never get a damaged shoes while on track. Indeed, your child will be confident to finish a race without worrying about his or her shoes!

43.  Cabana Racer Sneakers

I first saw these shoes back when I watched my 8 year old cousin do a mini race. They are narrow shoes and they do not loosen easily. I can also consider them as casual athletic shoes as they are also great and stylish to wear for everyday use.

Cabana Racer
Having these shoes will give your child the comfort he or she has ever need while having a race. Who knows you child might actually be the first one to get to the finish line!

44.  New Balance Kids Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit V5

These shoes provide excellent foot movement for your kids. Their sole are very sturdy and they are also non-slippery. These running shoes are actually perfect for any sports. They are also very durable and they provide great traction.

Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit
Having these shoes on your shoe rack will never worry you on what to wear for any upcoming outdoor activity. Surely, you will not have the need to spend your money just to buy one that fits a certain activity.

45.  Under Armour Charged Impulse

I got my cousin one like this back when he turned seven years old and I bought them because of their lightweight feature. These shoes have very comfortable foam and they are easy to clean! We went on a little mountain hike one time and sadly, the floor were very muddy and when we got home, I did not have a hard time cleaning them.

Under Armour
Using these shoes for any hiking activities or any muddy places will never worry you about the dirt! Surely, only fun time will be on your mind especially when you see that your child is enjoying!

The Takeaway

It is awesome to pick shoes for your kids especially when you get them involved! Personally, I recommend these three shoes from the different categories as I find them worthy to buy: Nike Kids' Revolution 4, Nike Kids Flex Experience, and Skechers Kids Go Run 4.


What are the three types of running shoes?

Neutral shoes, shoes for stability, and motion control shoes are the tree types of running shoes.

Should running shoes be soft or hard?

Running shoes should always be soft but take not that the shoes you are going to buy must be durable.

Can running shoes improve speed?

Running shoes are made to improve running efficiency. They are specifically made to reduce the energy you need when running. So, when you do not put too much energy on your feet, you have a better chance to run faster.

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