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Picking the best laser tag toys for kids

Kids and toys have a deep relationship. Being a parent, it is vital to choose the best yet fun toys for your kids that will spark creative skills in them. Every parent gets worried about their baby’s security. You need to relax because we have compiled a wide range of safe toys for your little munchkins.

Parents all over the world want to provide the best things to their kids. The foremost concern of every parent is the safety and protection of the kiddo. Keeping an eye on children 24/7 is not possible. For this purpose, surround them with toys that are safe to play with and provide jolly amusement

Things to consider when buying laser tag toys for kids

Here are some of the key points that you should consider while buying laser tag toys for your kids.


Look for simple laser tag toys for children. They don’t require fancy whistles and bells to keep them engaged. Just a simple laser tag toy that is easy to use and understand can be the source of constant entertainment.


Buy age-appropriate toys. This is so important. Kids are tiny human beings and cannot differentiate between right and wrong properly. It is important to provide them with the stuff according to their respective age.

Positive influence

Search for laser toys that amuse, entertain, and leaves a positive influence on a child’s mind.

Collaboration of products

Invest in good products that are in collaboration with each other to provide a good playing experience.

Buy in bulk

Consider purchasing the items in packs of two or four. Buying a large group of laser toys will save money and will also allow your kids to play in teams.

Check Power

Do not buy any laser toy that emits more than 5mW power. Always check the power mentioned on the packaging before making the decision.

Following are some of the best options for laser tag toys:

1. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Guns and Vests

ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Guns and Vests
The product comes along with rechargeable batteries and dual vision techniques to make battlefields easier for our little warriors. The power generated by this laser toy is safe for children and don’t leave a negative impact on eyes

Safe power

ArmoGear brings the best and authentic laser guns and vests for children near-at-hand. I would recommend this because it carries the power of only 0.9mW which falls in the safe zone. Now your kids can play with laser toys without you having to worry about any side effects.

Flashlight and voice-guided directions

The best advantage of having this one is that it uses a flashlight and voice-guided directions. This is so awesome and fun for the whole family.This multi-player set will not only let your kid have fun but you can play too as a team.

Creates bond between parents and kids

This creates a strong bond between parents and children. The quality is top-notch. Dealing with broken parts is a great hassle that you don’t deserve that’s why the materials are built from sturdy material to increase durability. The rechargeable batteries are another feature that is recommended for buying this set since it will save your money and your kid can play with it multiple times.

Recommended for

This is recommended for all parents who want to spend quality time with their kids. Moreover, it is scientifically proven that playing together strengthens the bond. Little soldiers are now all set to enter the battlefield.

2. Lukat Laser Tag Gun Set

Lukat Laser Tag Gun Set
The product comes along with rechargeable batteries and easy-grip which makes it user-friendly. Being multi-functional and safe to use sets it as a top product to amuse and entertain the kids

Safety and reasonable price

Lukat stands out in the market for providing safe laser tag toys at affordable prices and exceptional quality. Being a parent means continuously striving to make better choices for kids. This might leave some parents exhausted but worry not because Lukat has put a full stop to all your worries.

Extremely easy set-up

The topmost reason I would recommend this is that the setup of the toys is extremely easy. I bought this for my kids and they have been a huge hit. This is a great way to keep them occupied. Kids will have a fun time and won’t get cranky at all. Playing games like this also helps them to develop cognitive skills and problem-solving strategies.

Eye sight protection

The laser guns are ergonomically designed providing a stronger grip even to little kids. The power emitted is 0.9mW which will keep your kid’s eyes safe. Now you can take a breath of relief because your kid is finally enjoying something without any harmful effects. A win-win situation!

Suggested for

This gun set can be played one-on-one and the multi-functional features allow the whole family to play together. This creates a strong relationship between parents and children

3. Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set for Kids Multiplayer

Are you looking forward to reducing your kid’s screen timing? Look no further and get your hands on this Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set.

Best way to reduce screen time

During these crucial times, it is difficult to put kids away from screens. Sometimes there is the burden of online classes, other times the kids lock their eyes on video games but with this, you can easily give your kids some quality screen time off. The kids play with it by turning off the lights and hiding under the tables pretending to be some sort of freight train. It’s a fun sight to watch honestly. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of spending quality time together via playing. This keeps the kids moving and allows them to use their imagination.

Secure amusement

The Dynasty laser tag toys provide safe and secure amusement. Let me reassure you that you won’t regret buying this one.

Recommended for

Recommended for all the parents. Whether you belong to the working class or stay-at-home, invest in this one for the better intellectual growth of your child.

4. Sharper Image Two-Player Toy Laser Tag Gun Blaster & Vest Armor Set

Sharper Image Two-Player Toy Laser Tag Gun Blaster & Vest Armor Set
This laser toy gun is easy to use and works great. The package comes with rechargeable batteries to keep the game going, long-range capabilities provide exciting play. Multi-functional activities for more enjoyment. The product is safe and easy to use

The Sharper Image store makes sure to provide you with the full-fledge battle royale experience through their laser tag arena.

Eliminates worries

Being a mom to a toddler, I only want to make a safe purchase for my little one. You might get scared when hearing about the word ‘laser’ too but you need to relax because this one falls into the safe category. The benefit of playing with this one is that it emits low power which doesn’t damage my kid’s eyes.

Safe multiplayer set

The main advantage of having this laser tag is the proper security and safety that it provides. Moms and Dads, unwind the burden from your shoulders and let your children play without any hindrance. Moreover, the combined multi-player set enables you to join your kiddo and experience the magic of tranquil life together.


The laser tag toy is made of premium quality and the products won’t break down easily. So if you plan on buying this one, it will stay longer with your kids and they can play with it for a longer time.

5. YOFIT Set of 4 Lazer Tag Toys

Ergonomic design

The Yofit brings the best quality laser tag toys. I would recommend this one because of its ergonomic design now your kid can hold it easily and with a stronger grip which makes the whole playing experience even more relaxing.

Safe to play with

The biggest advantage of having this one is that the lighting and motor function will help you calm your kid down and will also attract him/her to become more energetic and bubbly.  Now your kids and their friends can have a play date in your house with complete safety. Highly recommended! Lots of different settings and sound effects are available for the guns. This not only amazes the children but also plays a key role in developing their cognitive skills.

Ideal for

Ideal for all types of parents. Even if you are a busy parent this toy set will help you to spend quality time with your kids. Moreover, the kids can also play with their friends in teams. The set comes in a complete range saving you from the hassle of buying the remaining parts again and again.

6. Majik Dueling Laser Tag

Classic battlefield experience

This Majik Dueling Laser Tag can help your kids to experience the most classic battlefield ever! The visuals, sounds, and textures are specially designed keeping in mind the charm of being on the battlefield. I love this one because of its 3D techniques. This excites my kids to play more and makes it easy for them to shoot the targets.


If we look at the pros of having this, being affordable, easy, and safe to use are some of the important factors that will top the list. This laser tag is best for a one-on-one battle or even with the whole family. I am impressed by these things. They work better and keep the kids so entertained. My kids feel so happy after playing with this. Worth all the money that I spent.

Cheap rates and good quality

This is a must-have if your kid is a big fan of laser tag toys. The amazing part is that this set is cheaper as compared to the other brands selling the same thing. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on this laser tag as soon as possible.

7. Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack

Easy life and secure play area

Nerf is determined to make the lives of its users easy and full of thrill. Becoming a parent brings a lot of concerns in one’s life but based upon my personal experience this has been the best purchase I ever made for my tiny one.

Rebuild life fun

I am a working mother. All the working parents reading this right now can surely relate to the fact that we are busy bees and it is very hard for us to play with our kids on daily basis. This used to depress me a lot that maybe my child is missing on life’s fun but to my surprise, the Nerf laser tag phoenix LTX tagger eliminated my fear in the blink of an eye. It is safe, easy to use by kids, provides constant entertainment. A must-have to provide your kid with amazing playing opportunities.

Recommended for busy parents

Recommended for all parents who are busy and cannot find enough time to play with their kids. You can confidently invest in this one without having to worry about the safety of your kid. You won’t be disappointed after this purchase.

8. Laser Tag 4 Pack + Laser Spider

Safety as a top priority

Little ones are always up to exploring different things. They are always asking for the latest toys but as a parent, it is necessary to set their safety as a priority. Kidzlane store has brought you the safest laser tag toys for kids.

Biggest flex

The flex of having this set is thatit comes with 4 guns. Now if your kid loses one gun you don’t have to worry about buying again. The set can be used for multiple reasons including one-on-one games and even team plays! This is suitable for tiny ones. Not much violence, only different sounds, and arcade visuals. The laser is specifically designed with low power to emit ions to prevent hazards. Safe for kids and works greatly!

Who should invest?

Invest in this one if you have little kids in the house. This will keep them jolly and you can finally relax after a day of long tiring hours. The price isn’t too costly at all.

9. Think Fun Laser Maze (Class 1) Brain Game and STEM Toy

Think Fun Laser Maze (Class 1) Brain Game and STEM Toy
This is a fantastic game that urges children to think outside of the box, designed with top-quality products to provide secure learning and playing area for kids. Multi-functional activities keep the kids occupied

Fun time with great ease

Think Fun is the world’s leading manufacturer of toy items that is determined to provide ease to the parents and fun time to kids. My kids got a strong grip of this immediately. The reason for recommending this product is that it is the best way to teach children new things while keeping them entertained alongside.

Fun learning experience

If your kid isn’t interested in battlefields and you are thinking about what to buy for your kid, worry not because Think Fun laser maze has got your back. This is such an amazing creation that indulges my children, they feel involved, amazed, surprised and above all are contented with their achievements. This laser game is manual and very easy to learn.

Easy to assemble

The laser maze comes with simple instructions and is very easy to assemble. Having a tradition of playing together such games created a healthy environment. I purchased this for my family and we have a game night daily. My little one is obsessed with this.

10. Laser Ops Classic Ion Blaster 2 Pack

Laser Ops Classic Ion Blaster 2 Pack
The set comes with rechargeable batteries that increase playing time with much efficiency. No wires, no anything extra to keep check of just simple laser guns with top-quality to provide good battle-field

Even after gaining a huge name in the market, Nerf never fails to impress us.

Easy to use and multiple qualities

This easy-to-use and affordable toy set brings you closer to your little darlings and strengthens the bond. The advantage of buying this one is that it is durable meaning that products can last for a lifetime if handled properly. Its light and sound effects, ammo, quick reload button qualities makes it stand out in the market. The rates are easily affordable. The guns are super fun to use. Get your hands on this set instantly if you want your kids to enjoy the thrill.

Pros of having this

When used regularly, the laser Ops can create a stronger bond between you and your kid. Kids love to play with their parents as it helps them to feel loved and appreciated. What better way than this to provide comfort and love to your little one?

Recommendations and quality

Recommended for all the parents with little kids in their house. Saying from personal experience, the quality is supreme and safe to be used around little kids. I am sure all the parents reading this right now only want to invest in safe products. Get your hands on this one on my recommendation.

11. ComTec Laser Tag for Kids

Premium quality and safety provision

Com Tec doesn’t require any introduction. The top reason for recommending this product is the safety that it provides. Buying laser toys or products can be a great deal for some parents because of the safety concerns but you can blindly trust this one because of its premium quality.

Infrared vests

Are you someone who wants to invest more time with kids? Bring this one home. It can provide fun family time for all the family members and it isn’t boring at all. The 4 color options allow you to form 4 different teams. Amazing enough, right? Vests aren’t clunkyat all rather they are made from a built-in infrared laser that provides authenticity and comfort to little ones. With this one in your house get ready to get a 100% safe and secure play area. What can be the better way to make kids happy than this?

Get your hands on this to see the magic.

Affordable rates

You might be wondering that this laser tag toy equipped with all the necessary qualifications may be expensive but it’s not true. The prices are easily affordable and the quality is too good.

12. USA Toyz Laser Tag Toy Guns for Boys and Girls

USA Toyz Laser Tag Toy Guns for Boys and Girls
This laser tag toy is easy to use and provides security. The long-range allows multi-playing effectively without and disturbance. Moreover, it provides multi-functional activities that can be the source of great amusement

Multiple qualities

Give your kid the best experience of laser tag games with this USA Toyz laser tag toy gun. All the visuals, sounds and safety is the best reason for you to bring this home right away.  The foremost reason for recommending this one is that it comes with a diverse range of games. This excites y kids and keeps them busy.


If we look at the further advantages of having this one, long-range provision stands on the top. This provides a good multi-play area. Now you and your small one can enjoy playing together. How cool is that? The specs provide safety and are fun to be used by the kids. The laser guns vibrate and are a huge hit for the kids.


Add this best-selling toy to your cart and surprise your kids today.

13. Recoil Laser Combat – SR-12 Rogue Blaster

It is not only a toy but your kid’s best friend if handled properly with care.

Dynamic ranges for playing

High-powered infrared transmitters provide a dynamic range for playing. This is the reason for suggestingthis product. Get your hands on this one without having to worry about safety. The infrared radiations are considered to be in the safe zone for kids.


In my opinion, being infrared is the biggest advantage of having this one. Now I don’t have to worry about my kids playing laser games because I know that they are in safe hands and better health. The advantage of having this one is that if any part broke down the manufacturer will repair it for free. Now you and your children can spend quality and fun time together playing with this toy. It’s a big hit!

The safe thrill of the battlefield

Purchase this one if you want to give your kids the thrill of playing on the battlefield with laser toys but with safety.

Final Thoughts

Here are my top three favorites:

  • , because of the built-in infrared radiations that protect kids. Moreover, it is also multi-functional that is a great way of amusing kids.
  • Lukat Laser Tag Gun Set, because of the extremely easy set-up and affordable rates. The product is safe and easy to use and doesn’t require much effort for maintenance.
  • , a huge hit that makes it easy for working parents to spend quality time with kids because of easy to use and safe nature. Multi-sensory features allow us to enjoy the play area thoroughly.

However, all the products mentioned above are unique and great in their specific ways. Do your research before buying and invest in age-appropriate toys for your kids.

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