Best Lego Sets for 4, 5, and 6 Year Olds

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Legos are the best known construction toys which are loved by all age groups. When we don’t know how to kill time with kids, one thing definitely comes to our mind is building Lego sets. Legos are one of the favorite Christmas gift loved by almost every kid. I still remember how I used to sit with my kids and read all the instructions to build Lego blocks, but now they manage themselves in building it. Playing with Lego may benefit kids into many ways, if kids build them regularly, they may turn adventurous; they may develop new creative ideas.[1]

Best Lego Sets for 4 Year Olds:

Lego Star Wars Snow Speeder

Lego Star Wars Snow Speeders is the fun building toy for kids of age 4 years and above. This will make the perfect gift for kids who love to play with star wars toys and space battle toys. If you are giving small Lego bricks first time to your kid then this is the perfect and easy to build set for them. The set contains 91 Lego brick pieces and comes with speeder bike, 2 Lego star wars mini figures – Wedge Antilles with a blaster pistol and a snow trooper with a blaster. The snow speeder stays together well as the base is one piece.

Kids who are building it for the first time will have fun in creating imaginary stories about Snow speeder, speeder bike and eco base defense station. Creating stories will develop confidence in kids, and new builders will feel good that they are able to construct vehicles by their own. Lego also helps kids to develop spatial skills and language skills.[2]

This was the birthday gift for my friend’s son who is 6 years old and he enjoyed building it. 4 year old kids do need help in reading instructions and building it.

Lego City Great Vehicles Garbage Truck

My kids used to enjoy watching garbage truck collecting outside trash from trash bin by sitting inside our house window when they were small. If your kid is garbage truck lover, then this is the perfect Lego gift set for him. Kids can create their own imaginary stories of how to keep our community clean.

This garbage truck Lego set includes 90 pieces, and 2 Lego City garbage collector mini figures. Set is very easy to build with instruction manual, but of course 4 year olds need parent help to build. With this kit your child will get to build mini garbage truck and cute little dumpster which can be tilted to empty.

This set is perfect gift for kids of age 4 years and above. By playing with this kit kids will learn how to keep our house and community clean every day, and they will learn how to become responsible.

Lego DC Batman: Batman vs The Riddler Robbery

Lego DC Batman: Batman vs The Riddler Robbery
This Lego Batman is the great building kit for preschoolers who love to play with Batman. The set will help in building confidence in kids who are beginners for Lego.

Batman vs The Riddler Robbery super hero playset will make a cool birthday gift for kids of age 4 years and above who are great fans of Lego Batman movie. Kit contains 59 total pieces of Lego bricks. Kids can be more creative by combining this set with other Lego construction toys. Playset includes bat mobile car, 2 cute Lego mini figures – Batman with a Batarang and Riddler with a buildable skate board, two $100 dollar bill, skate board and buildable ATM machine.

Batmobile car building is fun for boys with easy to follow instructions. Kids can pretend to blow up the ATM machine with dynamite. They can create a scene where batman is chasing the riddler to catch who is running by stealing cash from ATM. This will teach kids stealing is not good and make them understand the difference between good and bad behaviour.

Lego Duplo Town Airport Building Blocks

Lego Duplo airport building block kit contains 29 large blocks, and is great gift for kids of age 2 years to 5 years. It’s not required to monitor your kids because of large blocks. The set comes with luggage slider, suitcase, boarding gate, 3 Duplo mini figures – pilot, dad and a child, and kids will enjoy building an airport with revolving air traffic control tower.

The Lego Duplo kits are designed for toddlers who are just starting to build with Legos before moving on to the sets with smaller pieces. So if you want your toddler to start building Lego, then these are perfect for them to start with.  The set includes an airplane, which can be opened to add passengers. Kids can help pilot by checking all passengers are aboard in plane.

Little builders will develop hand and eye coordination while building these large blocks; this set teaches kids how the real airport works, and they can create stories about how they travel in real airplane.

Lego Disney Frozen II Elsa’s Wagon Carriage Adventure

Lego Disney Frozen II Elsa’s Wagon Carriage Adventure
This kit includes toy wagon carriage for Elsa and Sven the reindeer. Little Elsa lovers can recreate scenes from the Disney’s Frozen II movie, which will help in building their confidence.

If your kid is 4+ years and Elsa lover then this is the perfect gift for her. The set contains 116 pieces, and comes with a special starter brick base which will be easy for kids to build Elsa’s Wagon Carriage Adventure. Girls will enjoy building Wagon carriage for Elsa and also have fun playing with Sven and baby reindeer. The set also includes cute little carrot for Sven and a cookie for Elsa. This set is perfect for kids who are starting to build Lego bricks for creative learning.

This was a gift for my niece for Christmas, and she loved it. Set will not take much time to assemble, but of course your child will need help in reading instructions. Building and playing Lego will help kids to understand the purpose of following directions and grow their confidence. Kids can recreate scenes from Frozen II movie or they can create their own stories. Kids can groom and feed the reindeer; this will teach them how to take care of animals.

Best Lego sets for 5 year olds:

Lego City Police Helicopter Chase Police Playset

Whenever I ask my little one what you want to become when you grow up, his answer is “I want to become police and catch bad guys”. This fun filled Lego city police playset is perfect for kids who want to become adventurous. The set comes with police helicopter with powerful magnet which can lift gateway truck, fun mini figures from Lego – police officer, crook, Sam Grizzled and snake rattler mini figure.

The set includes 212 pieces and is easy to assemble with easy to follow instructions and also comes with digital instruction app via Lego Life app. This was a gift for my 5 year old son and he built this with the help of his 10 year old brother, they both enjoyed playing with it.

With powerful lifting magnet kids can pretend to lift crooks and send them direct to jail. Kids can imagine and create endless fun stories; this will help them develop confidence, and is fun way of learning how real life helicopters chase bad guys.

Lego City Race Boat Transport Race Boat Toy

Another set from Lego for kids who are creative and adventurous. The Lego City Race Boat Transporter includes 238 pieces, and it comes with a cool toy truck with trailer, floating race boat, racing driver mini figure, truck is powerful and an expert driver is also included to drive safely.

Kids of ages 5 years and above will love this set because of its features like cool truck with opening doors, removable roof, and race boat with opening cockpit. This set is great gift for kids who love trucks, speed boats, and racing boats toys.

Kids will enjoy building truck with trailer and speed boat. They can imagine that they are transporting the race boat, and they can pretend to race with speed boat. This will help kids to boost confidence, they will learn how to work as a team, and also help to learn about transportation.

Lego City Fire Station Fire Rescue Tower Building Set with Emergency Vehicle Toy

Lego City Fire Station is the perfect gift for little fire fighters who love to play with fire trucks. This set is compatible with other fire toy vehicles from Lego city fire building kits. This cool set contains fire chief and 3 fire fighter mini figures, fire station, buildable drone, spinning drone with rotating camera, also includes sensory features, such as light and sound brick.

Kids can build 3 level fire stations with scout tower, and can create endless rescue adventures. Instructions are very clear to build, but 5 year old kids still need help to assemble it. Lego City Fire Station building set is little expensive to buy, but kids will enjoy building fire rescue building.

Kids can pretend to be fire fighter and become everyday hero by extinguishing fire. This will help kids to learn how the real life fire stations work and also learn how to solve problems in emergency situations, and teaches how to help people.

Lego City Family House Building Kit

Lego City Family House building kit is the best Lego house ever by Lego City; this dream house kit includes car garage which is loved by most of the kids. Kids can create 3 levels of eco house which includes living room, kitchen, hobby room, bedroom, bathroom, and also they can imagine a family with mom, dad, son, and daughter mini figures. The set comes with road plate system, from which kids can connect to other Lego playsets for more fun. Set is little expensive but great buy for boys because of its cool features.

Kids can spend hours of time in playing with family house and create many stories. The set comes with toy solar panels, which will teach kids about the importance of using solar energy, and also kids will learn how to stay together in community.

Lego City Holiday Camper Van Building Kit

If you often go for camping with your kids then this is the great buy for them. With this kit your child will build cool fully furnished camper van which includes toy dining table, kitchenette and sleeping area.  Kids can pretend to go on camping with Lego mini figures – mom, dad and a tiny baby. Kids can imagine and travel wherever they want and create many stories with mini figures and accessories.

This fun way of going on camping is great gift for kids of age 5 years and above. Set is easy to build with easy to follow instructions for younger kids. Playing with this pretend camping vehicle teaches kids the importance of spending fun time with family and friends. Kids can create stories about going on endless imaginary places with their pretend camping van with family.

Best Lego sets for 6 year olds:

Lego Disney Cinderella’s Royal Carriage

This is the cool Disney Cinderella Royal Carriage for girls of age 6 years and above who likes to play with Disney characters. Set includes Royal Carriage which has room for 2 mini dolls, pumpkin patch with table, treasure chest, 3 mini animal figure – Gus Gus, and 2 horse figures, wand, crown, and glass slippers. Kids can make horses’ head to nod in reaction to Gus Gus.

The set can be combined with other Lego Disney sets to get the double fun for girls. This comes with easy to follow instructions and also comes with digital instructions app. Kids can recreate their favorite scenes from Disney Cinderella movie or can create their own imaginary stories. Creating different stories will help kids in building confidence.

Lego City Shopping Street Building Kit

Lego City Shopping Street set comes with 6 mini figures from Lego city- cargo bike, service truck, shopping street with cross walk, bakery, bike shop, outdoor training center. Kids will love the street lights which glows in the dark. This set can be combined with other Lego city sets to have more fun.

The set makes a great birthday gift for boys and girls of age 6 years and above. This set is little expensive, but kids will enjoy building beautiful shopping street with all the cool features and accessories.

The set includes inspirational features like bike lane, glowing street lights which will teach kids about following rules and how to be careful while walking on road. Glowing street lights will teach them about traffic signals. Kids can get ready and go to their imaginary world of shopping street and have fun.

Lego City Police Mobile Command Center Truck

This awesome set comes with a truck that converts in to police mobile command center truck playset. The truck has detachable cab, police motorbike, 4 police mini figures – 2 police officers and 2 crooks, and a police dog, jail cell and monitoring room. If your kid loves to play with police toys then this Lego set is perfect for them. This makes the great gift for kids of ages 6 years – 12 years old.

This was a gift for my son who is 10 years old, and he loved the set from Lego City and enjoyed playing with this. The coolest thing about this set is you can use mobile command as police station or jail and also as a mini truck. Lego sets are always a good way to engage kids and to create stories of their own. Kids can create a story of stopping crooks escaping from mobile jail. They can be part of action with Lego city police and stop the crooks to escape from the jail.

Lego Friends Heart lake City Play Hair Salon

Lego Hair Salon is durable and functional with its cool features, and girls will love its beautiful girly colors. With this amazing Heart lake City Play Hair Salon kids can pretend to cut hair and style the Lego friends’ hair. Kids can pretend they are in salon for the makeover, and can enjoy coffee and cookies. Girls will enjoy watching the transformation of their dolls.

Set includes 2 mini dolls from Lego friends, 2 hair dressing chairs, hair washing sinks, wigs, cash bills and brushes. This set is the perfect gift for girls of age 6 and above who love to dress themselves and their dolls. Instructions are easy to follow and kids can use Lego Life app’s Instructions Plus to build their salon. This set is perfect gift for girls who like to pamper themselves. Kids can play a role of hair stylist and can be creative to do different hair styles to dolls. This will make them to become creative thinkers and more confident in whatever they do.

Lego Marvel Avengers Speeder Bike Attack

If your kid is big fan of Marvel Black Panther then this set is perfect gift for him. The set contains 226 pieces and comes with 3 mini figures – Black Panther, Thor, and an AIM agent armed with weapons, Black Panther’s super cool bike which can launch missiles, battle accessories and canisters. My little one is always into Avenger toys, so his aunt gave him this set for his birthday, this is one of his best gift ever. This set is the perfect gift for kids of age 6 years and above.

Kids can build Black Panther’s cool bike and air flying AIM agent jet pack. The set is pretty easy to build and is not for advanced Lego builders. Kids can pretend to go with Black Panther along with his bike to battle with an AIM agent who is going to steal the canisters. Kids can create different creative stories with the set; this will help them to develop confidence.

Benefits of building Lego

Playing with Lego with friends or individually will help kids in many ways. Nowadays kids are always busy playing games in computer or watching iPad, Legos will keep them busy and help to become innovative. Building any constructive toys will help to develop cognitive skills in kids.[3]

Problem solving skills:

While playing with Lego kids will read instructions and follow them to complete the set. This will help them to develop mathematical skills, and also develop how to solve problems and come up with new ideas.[4]


If kids build Legos regularly then they can be very creative by getting new ideas and can create many interesting stories. This helps to improve their imagination power and build new ideas.


If kids build Lego regularly by following instructions, then they will be self-confident and proud of themselves that they finished their task.


Building Lego can take time, kids have to look for every piece and build it. This will increase patience level in kids.

Physical development:

Building Lego can help in developing motor skills and strength in fingers. Pressure applied on different bricks to assemble is the great exercise for little fingers.[5]

Final Thoughts

Lego bricks are one of the best toys for kids of any age. Connecting Lego bricks of different shapes will develop motor skills in kids.[6]

Personally, I think for 4 year olds is the best, as kids learn to keep house clean.

For 5 years old, I think is the coolest set, and will teach kids how to spend time with their family. For 6 year olds is the best, as kids will learn to follow rules.

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