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Now when you’re pregnant your body is changing. You’ll get some extra pounds and your clothes might not suit you during the whole pregnancy. But it’s ok. Every woman changes her wardrobe while she’s pregnant. And that is super excited ’cause you’re having one more reason to do shopping. And most of us adores shopping. I’ll guide you through pregnancy transformations and you’ll get some basic when and how to choose your perfect maternity clothes.[1]

When to start wearing your maternity clothes?

This is the question of million dollars. I depend on women to women, but when I was pregnant I was starting to wear maternity clothes around 14 weeks of pregnancy.

First trimester

In this period you can still wear your regular clothes, but soon you’ll start wearing maternity clothes so you can catch up and see what you would like to wear.

Second trimester

Probably the best time to start wearing maternity clothes. Your baby belly is starting to show, and you’ll need some super comfortable clothes to show it up.

Third trimester

In this period all you can wear is material clothes. Your belly is bigger by the day and you should enjoy this time of your pregnancy.

Best material

In this modern time, you’ve so many different materials that you can choose from. Cotton, wool, silk, are all good materials for you during pregnancy. Clothes from these materials are good for your skin and very comfortable. In clothes, with these materials, your skin can breathe which is very important if you’re having a problem with sweating during pregnancy. All clothes from natural materials are perfect for you to wear. Choose them while you’re buying your maternity clothes.

Non-suitable maternity clothes

Hygiene comes first

  • First of all, your clothes should be clean. My advice is when you bought something, wash them before you’re wearing. It’s important ’cause you don’t know who touch, wear, or what was in the transport of your new wardrobe.

Unnatural fabric

  • When you’re buying maternity clothes avoid unnatural fabric like synthetics, elastin, chiffon. In clothes from these materials, your skin can not breathe, and your sweating ( which is often during pregnancy) may be only worse. So, avoid unnatural materials, and choose only materials which are good and comfortable. [2]

What maternity clothes do you need?

During my pregnancy, I was worried ’cause in my closet was only work wardrobe, for a night out, and only some causal thing to wear. These are not good maternity clothes. And not so cozily either. So, I made a list of the best maternity clothes to wear while I’m pregnant.


The life savior. The queen of maternity clothes. They should give a Nobel prize to the person who invented them. I’m not kidding. Anyway, leggings are a perfect pleasure, ’cause they are comfortable, suitable, you don’t feel them while you’re wearing them. You can find them in so many colors, long or short, for the winter or the summer. And you can wear them during whole you blessed condition. For me, the best leggings are from cotton. Natural material, stretchy, and good for your skin.[3]

Motherhood Maternity Women's Essential Stretch Full Length Secret Fit Belly Leggings
the best choice that you can buy 'cause these comfortable leggings are all from cotton, stretchy and your belly will be safe in them. You can choose between three colors.

Is it safe to wear leggings while you’re pregnant?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe to wear leggings. But, you must be careful while you’re buying maternity leggings. They must be comfortable, but not strait or tight. Also, they should have stretch to grow ’cause you’ll wear them during the different times of your pregnancy. Buy leggings of natural materials and they are safe to wear.  

V VOCNI Women's Maternity Leggings Under Bump Yoga Workout Leggings Stretch Pregnancy Pants
very comfortable and flexible maternity leggings. They have a stretchy and elastic waistband. You can wear these leggings in different pregnancy stadiums. Also, they are suitable for almost everything. You can find them in many different colors.


Probably like most women you have plenty of T-shirts in her closet. But are they all good enough for your maternity? At the begging of pregnancy they are. But your baby inside you is growing like your belly as well. So most of the T-shirts will not be comfortable to wear especially in the last months of pregnancy. Don’t rush to buy them in the begging. In about 5-6 months of being pregnant, you can buy them. Choose T-shirts that are stretchy, not tight. Buy more than one in different colors. In natural material, of course. You don’t want to get sweaty in a synthetic T-shirt, do you? Buy more of them with short sleeves and long sleeves. Don’t worry if you exaggerate with shopping. After pregnancy, you can use them to wear during your exercise, while you cleaning your house, or just you can have them ’cause they are so comfortable.

Liu & Qu Women's Maternity Tops 3 Packs Classic Side Ruched Short Sleeve Pregnancy Shirts
Specially designed and comfy maternity T-shirts. Machine washable with 95% of cotton which provides you extra mood. Simple and trendy T-shirts that you can find in so many different colors

Maternity jeans

Like leggings, maternity jeans are so comfortable to wear during pregnancy. It’s safe to wear them as long as you feel good in these jeans. They are very stretchy and most of them are made from natural materials. Maternity jeans are having panels and waistbands which provide your baby bump feel cozily and pleasant. There are different types of maternity jeans:

1. Demi panel jeans

 they are good for the first months of pregnancy. This demi panel is under your belly (the lower side).

Hybrid & Company Super Comfy Stretch Women's Skinny Maternity Jeans, Bermuda, Capri
very comfy, stretchy, machine washable maternity jeans. Button and zip closer with 5 pocket style

2. Full panel jeans

This type of jeans is very good when your belly is already big. During my pregnancy, I started to wear this type of jeans around 6 months. The panel of these jeans is all over your belly which provides you comfort and pleasure.

Motherhood Maternity Women's Indigo Blue Super Stretch Secret Fit Belly Skinny Denim Jean
comfortable, skinny, stretchy maternity jeans with a full panel that groves with your belly

When you can buy your maternity jeans?

When I was pregnant with my first child I started to wear maternity jeans about 4 months of pregnancy. So, how you’ll know when is the time to buy them?

You’re 10 weeks pregnant 

This is the right time to start buying your maternity jeans. For the begging you can buy demi panel jeans, they’ll suits several months of pregnancy, for sure.

Your regular jeans don’t fit you anymore 

This is a sure singe that you’re ready for maternity jeans. In this period my recommendation is to buy full panel jeans.

What size of maternity clothes you should buy?

Your regular size is also a maternity size. So, if you for example wear size” small” before pregnancy you’ll also wear a small maternity size. Yes, you can just buy a bigger size or two from your regular size. But you should know that isn’t the right measure for your pregnancy size. It could be small or big depends how big your belly will be. So, buy your clothes in the right size that you’ll need.

Skirt and dresses

Yes, you can wear a skirt and a dress if you’re pregnant.

Skirt a favorite outfit  for pregnancy

It’s A very useful piece of a wardrobe, especially during spring and summer. You should choose maternity skirts that are over the belly, ’cause your stomach will not be pressed and your baby inside will be safe. Also, choose skirts that are stretchy, not tight.

Skirt choices

Today we have so many choices. Long, short, many colors and different designs. You can wear skirts and dresses during whole your pregnancy. Like others, maternity clothes skirts and dresses must be from natural materials like silk and cotton.[4]

Musidora Solid Color & Floral Maternity Dress Ruched Side Bodycon Dress for Casual Wear or Baby Shower
this type of dress you can wear in any occasion. Breathable, soft, and comfortable for future moms. Elastic with a lot of cottons provide you pleasure od wearing this type of dress.


In pregnancy is very important to dress in layers. In one day you may feel cold or warm, so cardigans are an excellent solution for temperature differences. They’re a great piece of clothing ’cause you can wear them on every occasion ( during long walks, going to work, etc) and it’s matching with almost everything maternity clothes ( maternity jeans or maternity dresses).

Cardigans are the best?

And the best thing about cardigans that they are so comfortable and you don’t have to worry about getting tight or small as your baby grows inside your belly. Also, you can wear them after your pregnancy. They are timeless and every woman should have cardigans in their wardrobe.

Motherhood Maternity Women's Maternity Long Sleeve Drape Front Shawl Cardigan with Waist Tie Detail
Long sleeves cardigan with front pockets. The classical type which you can wear on any occasion. This cardigan has a waist tail that you can manage so you can wear this after your pregnancy.

Maternity swimwear

First, before you’re going to swim anywhere you should ask your doctor for permission.

Why that? Well for many reasons such as:

Pregnant women should avoid cold water

 ’cause cold water isn’t safe for baby development.

Pregnant women MUST  avoid swimming in the lakes, oceans

But if you’ve your pool, or you know some pools that are with clean water and safe for pregnant women you can go swimming.

Personally, during my pregnancy, I went swimming twice in a friend’s pool, ’cause that summer was a really hot one.

Anyway, if you want to go to the beach to just enjoy the sun, or if it’s hot summer you’ll need some maternity swimwear. Depends on how long you’re pregnant affects your swimwear choice.

1. In the first trimester, when your belly isn’t so big you can choose whatever bikini you want. My best choice is a bikini, of course. Enjoy that ’cause probably this is the last time you’re wearing a bikini without any sign of pregnancy.

2. In the second and third trimesters, you should choose swimwear that is not tight, comfortable, and stretchy. In my opinion, you should avoid the one-piece style of swimwear. They’re not so cozy as they look in the picture.

3. If you want to hide your belly ’cause of dark line or stretch marks you can choose maternity tankini. They look like mini skirts for the belly, very comfortable, and look good. But my choice is a bikini for pregnancy. Stretchy, comfortable, and the feel is like you’re wearing a regular bikini. My choice number one. But be careful. If you go swimming you should change your swimwear as soon when you’re done. Is not good to stay in a wet swimsuit long, you can catch a cold or something else that can hurt your baby.

Bhome Maternity Two Pieces Bikini Set High Waisted Swimsuit Ruffle Summer Swimwear
very cozy and modern swimwear for pregnant women. High waisted bottom provides you safe swimwear. You can choose between so many different colors and print. Washable and in so many sizes.

Maternity shorts 

Ok, it’s summer, and you are so pregnant. So what you should wear? My best solution for summer hot days is maternity shorts. They’re a comfort, casual, and you can wear them on almost every occasion. Either you are at home or just walking around maternity shorts are the best especially on summer days. Choose one from natural materials that are breathable, stretchy, and soft. You can wear them with a casual T-shirt, maternity top.

There are two types of maternity shorts.

1.The first one is the underbelly.

If you’re at the begging of your pregnancy choose underbelly shorts. My choice is this one ’cause you can wear this kind of shorts and after your pregnancy.

2. The second one is the over the belly.

It depends on how pregnant you are. If you around 7 months and more you should choose over belly shorts. There are so many I think you’ll find the match.

Foucome Women's Maternity Denim Shorts Over The Belly Summer Pregnancy Ripped Jean Shorts
soft, trendy and comfortable maternity shorts. Very useful in summer days. You can wear this type on many occasions. Breathable, with 5 pocket and high-rise waistband give you all comfort that you need in your pregnant days

Maternity underwear

As your baby grows inside you, your body is changing rapidly. So for me maybe the most important thing about maternity clothes is underwear. Believe me, you’ll be thanking yourself when you buy new maternity underwear. Also, there is a big chance to wear this underwear and after your pregnancy, first months of being a mom for sure. Your body will need some time to get back in pre-pregnancy condition. It’s not necessary to buy maternity underwear as long as your regular underwear is stretchy and comfortable plenty enough for your growing belly.

Types of maternity underwear

There are two types of maternity underwear: over the belly, and under the belly. Depends on how much you’re pregnant, but my choice is definitely over the belly. They’re stretchy, breathable, cozy, and soft.

SUNNYBUY Women's Maternity High Waist Underwear Pregnancy Seamless Soft Hipster Panties Over Bump
over the belly, high waist, made of natural materials. Elastic and it's perfect under skirts, dresses, and pants.

Maternity bra

 You’ll need several that’s for sure. Don’t rush of buying them. I started to wear them in about 6 months of being pregnant.

Regular bra VS. maternity bra

The difference between a regular bra and a maternity bra is comfort, wire-free, and the possibility of a maternity bra to reduce with your growing boobs.

Best of maternity bra

Choose your maternity bras with wide straps and a deep center in the front. Try to find bras that are made of natural materials. You can also use this type of bras for nursing your baby later. A maternity bra should cover your breasts. Your boobs will grow in the last trimester so fast, so you’ll time for buying them.

HOFISH 3PACK Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bras Bralette S-XXL with Extra Bra Extenders & Clips
these bras are breathable with adjustable shoulder straps. Easy to size in many colors, perfect for you during pregnancy.

Maternity clothes, is it worth it?

Ok, maybe you’re asking yourself do you need maternity clothes? Does it a waste of money? You’re pregnant and your boy is changing rapidly. Your baby is getting bigger by the day and your belly is growing. Maybe you don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe, but most of the regular things that you’re wearing may not fit you during pregnancy. My advice that if you can you should buy maternity clothes. Lots of clothes you’ll wearing and after pregnancy. So, enjoy shopping for yourself you’ll not regret it.

Whether the maternity clothes is important?

The maternity clothes are comfortable and adjustable for pregnant women. That’s the way is important to wear this type of clothes. As long you’re wearing cozy and pleasant clothes the more healthy you’ll become. Most maternity clothes e made from natural materials, so they’re breathable and pleasing your skin.

Can you look modern and stylish during pregnancy?

Oh, yes, you can. Today you can look so good in pregnancy, maybe even better when you weren’t pregnant. During pregnancy your hair is looking better, your skin is looking softer so with the right clothes you can look cute and stylish. Some women think that isn’t important how they’re looking in pregnancy. You look how you’re feeling. So feel good, and look even better. Here are some tips on what you should consider looking cute during pregnancy.

1. Buy supportive underwear

To feel comfortable, and relaxing.

2. Choose natural materials

 Your skin needs to breathe. Clothes from natural materials will give you comfort. Less sweaty and more enjoyable.

3. Buy one glamorous thing

Maybe you don’t have the opportunity to wear this piece of clothes. But you’ll feel better when you know that you can still be pregnant and look like a movie star from the red carpet. One glamorous dress will make you feel good and enjoy your pregnancy.

4. Mix with colors

It will save you money. If you’re buying maternity clothes, buy them all in similar colors. For example, if your favorite color is white and blue, but it all in these colors. That’s a way you can mix and adjust your clothes altogether and wear them during all your pregnancy.

Things to consider when you’re buying your maternity clothes

When you’re buying your maternity clothes you should pay attention to several things:

1. Natural materials 

 Your clothes need to be from natural materials, such as cotton, silk, wool these are all soft materials,

2. Buy rationally

Be careful to not exaggerate about buying maternity clothes, not all will suit you after pregnancy.

3. Buy clothes in a size that matches your premature size  

If your regular size is size L, your maternity size is L also. There is a new measure for maternity clothes.

4. Comfort comes first

Buy things only that you like to wear and that make you feel good and satisfied.

Final thoughts  

Maternity clothes should be important to you. Not only you’ll feel comfortable you’ll get clothes after your pregnancy. It’s very important to wear clothes from natural materials, not tight and with a lot of stretches that will grow with you. A happy mom means a happy baby. So look good, feel good. For many women, it’s important what they’re wearing so pregnancy is an excellent reason to do some shopping. Enjoy your blessed condition while you’re wearing your cozy maternity clothes.

[1]  Joy Sarkar, Md. Shamsuzzam Rasel, “Maternity Clothing- A Comprehensive Review”, 2017.

[2] Hande Ecem Bulus, “Clothing problems and expectations of pregnant women”, 2020.

[3]  Cha, Su Joung, “Pattern Development of Maternity Leggings”, 2020.

[4] Furer, Barbara Steinfeld, “Maternity dres’s designs with selected expandable features”, 2014.

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