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Parents give their baby girls a doll to help them develop and encourage their creative imaginations to grow. Having a doll also will train your child to cope and think about other people; you may see them learn how to be considerate to others.[1] Doll play provides children the opportunity to practice social relationships and helps in developing empathy towards others. These realistic dolls are much pricey compared to the regular dolls that your kid plays. These kinds of dolls were good to collect for their quality and natural features. Primarily, these dolls are used by adults for various purposes.

Benefits of playing dolls

Playing with dolls entails a lot of benefits. Letting them play with dolls provides your kids time away from their electronic gadgets and keeps them busy for a long time. The following list is the benefits that your kid will get in playing dolls and dolls to adults with special needs.

Empathy and care

Children that are playing with dolls develop empathy and care. Letting them care for their dolls and create a sense of responsibility leads them to become caring individuals when they grow up. [2] Studies show dolls were used to help students gain knowledge and empathy due to intricate topics or unfamiliar topics, like vulnerable populations. Dolls were found suitable in assisting students in adapting to weak population topics because they look like humans and represent people well. Using dolls is called “Diversity Dolls”, and they find it effective as a creative way of teaching students essential knowledge as they reach their goals.


When children play with dolls, they tend to create scenarios on their minds, making them use their imaginations and improve as they play.[3] A child development expert stated that imaginative play is essential as it prepares children well academically and fosters social success. Through imaginative play, children learn to cooperate and improve their social skills too. Creative activities will result in cheerful and healthier kids.

Social Skills

Children play all the time, and they get to bond with their buddies. Through play, they were unknowingly practicing their social skills.[4] A study shows that creating a play using feminine toys encourages better social skills, and the masculine ones better helped with spatial skills.  Dolls are certified feminine toys that your child can use to play and share with other kids. By discussing their fantasies of created scenarios from their minds to their playmates, they get to bond and develop their skills of getting along with others.


As children learn how to bond with their friends, they also learn how to be responsible. They will know how to take good care of their things, especially with their dolls. Because of the dolls’ realistic features, they developed empathy and care for it, and with that, they learn to be responsible.


Playing with dolls opens a lot of opportunities to kids’ language development.[5] According to a study, parents and kids playing with dolls tend to learn so many words than using other toys like blocks, shape sorter, and vehicles. Children were exposed to much more word usage upon playing with dolls than with other toys when played. With dolls, parents use many words or languages and connect to questions and nouns during play. These findings concluded that doll play provides many opportunities to learn languages and polish their communication abilities more than other children who prefer other toys to play with.

Used for therapeutic purposes

Dolls were not only pleasing to look at. They are also helpful to both young and adults.[6] These lifelike dolls were used for non-pharmacological therapies for adults who have dementia.  These baby dolls that look real were tools to control caring and empathy behaviors in adults. Robots and dolls were used to build and develop emotion and action that leads to different verbal and psychological reactions. This therapy focuses on improving people’s mental health who experience various mental health disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease. Dolls may also help to lessen the stress and depression experienced by adults.

Combat depression

These dolls provide comfort to those who lose their babies. Mothers suffering from depression in losing their loved ones find solace in hugging and caring for realistic dolls. (Sophie, 2008) Some people who collect realistic dolls find cuddling dolls that look real feel relaxing. “Cuddle Therapy” is what other people called the hobby of collecting realistic dolls. Having a realistic doll in their arms is making them feel much comfortable.

Demo and research

The researchers and those working in the medical field took advantage of the realistic dolls’ lifelike features to conduct much accurate reports. [7]The anatomically correct dolls were tools to gather specific data in children’s interviews regarding body touch and abuse. The dolls’ features helped a lot in interviews with children for accurate details, making the interviewer’s report complete and straightforward.

List of the best realistic dolls

Here is the list of the best realistic dolls that I found, one doll sample per brand that I find that have best looking dolls. Some other good brand may not be included on the list.

1.      Anatomically Correct Real Girl Baby Doll

Anatomically Correct Real Girl Baby Doll
A lovely baby girl that is made of vinyl; perfect for giving as a gift.

This baby doll Is a perfect toy for your little girl. With its almost authentic appearance, your child will surely love her and learn to care for her. It is lifelike that even its wrinkles, folds, and pimples were detailed. It is a suitable tool to train your baby to care for her siblings.  This baby doll is made from Spain from quality materials, BPA-free, durable to last, and smooth to touch. This cute-looking doll comes with a matching outfit and accessories. Your child will enjoy playing with this, and it will be easy to buy pair of clothes to change its attire for its size is the same as the human newborn baby.

2.      Paradise Galleries Newborn Reborn Baby Doll with Magnetic Pacifier

This reborn baby doll looks realistic with the skin shade chosen to compliment the colors of its lips. This sleeping baby doll comes in a beautiful box, ready to be given as a gift to children or to doll collector friends that you have. This doll has a magnetic pacifier and a body made of cloth. Its parts were carefully painted by hand for the small details to make it look more realistic.  Its mohair is delicate and looks like natural baby hair. With this doll’s cute appearance, it will surely be loved by anyone who will see it. It looks adorable and beautifully made.

3.      AORI Reborn Baby Doll

AORI Reborn Baby Doll
A perfect doll to give for your child or someone who needs company. it will bring joy to them.

This reborn doll is fantastic. With a smile on its face, your child will be happy playing with it. Its size is 22 inches from head to toe and has a nice weight, the same size as the real babies. Your child can dress this doll in her old clothing to fit to 0-3 months size clothing for babies. Its hair and eyes were hand-made, making sure they are carefully finished. This doll’s head, arms, and legs were made from vinyl that is safe for kids. This doll package comes with a dino toy, suit with a dino design, a bib, a mat, bottle, magnetic pacifier, and a birth certificate.

4.      Silicone Baby Dolls Boy Newborn Silicone Full Body Lifelike Doll

Silicone Baby Dolls Boy Newborn Silicone Full Body Lifelike Doll
A lovely doll that you can share to your kids to spend time together.

This silicone baby doll is made with high-quality silicone material that is soft to the touch, environment, and kid-friendly. This baby doll’s wrinkled fingers, toes, and details on its body are hand-painted to create that realistic look. It has hair that came from goats and eyelashes that were put beautifully in place. It can be a perfect toy for your kids, regardless of gender, to train them on how to babysit, especially if he/she is going to be a big brother/sister. Having a doll to play with kids gives parents the chance to teach them the different body parts.

5.      CHAREX Reborn Baby Dolls

This silicone baby doll looks so lovable with its hand-painted blue eyes. Its brown wig is hand-made, and it has eyelashes that look good on it. This baby has a cloth body and arms and legs out of vinyl. The materials used for this doll were certified safe for your child’s use. Its size is 22 inches, a good size for babies. In its package includes its birth certificate, magnetic pacifier, bootle, and a suit. With this baby doll’s realistic features, your child will be encouraged to play longer, meaning a longer time of creative play and a long time of development for them.

6.      Kaydora Sleeping Reborn Baby

This sleeping reborn baby has fantastic lifelike features. It has realistic brown hair and closed eyes that are not opening; its eyebrows were hand-painted and hand-made glued eyelashes. This sleeping doll has a cuddly cloth body and has an appropriate weight for a baby’s. its head, arm, and legs were vinyl silicone made, making it soft to touch and have a baby’s skin feel. You can dress this reborn baby in other real babies’ clothing for it is 22 inches long and can fit clothes for 0-3 month size. Letting your kid play pretend with this doll will encourage them to share and mingle with other kids. They will get the chance to practice their language and be good at it.

7.      Anano Full Body Silicone African Doll Black Skin Reborn Baby Doll

Anano Full Body Silicone African Doll Black Skin Reborn Baby Doll
An excellent doll that will make an ideal gift for all ages, especially for someone with dementia.

The size of this doll is 55 centimeters. It’s a girl baby doll that has a private part. Its whole body material is soft vinyl. You can let your children take a shower with it. It has black-colored hair that is hand-rooted fiber. Its acrylic eyes are open and cannot blink or close. You can dress this doll with three months baby clothes of your choice, and it will surely fit. It is a good choice of doll to provide for your kids because it looks realistic enough. Playing with this doll more often will teach them to care for others. You can also consider this an excellent gift for children and adults or someone with dementia; it will surely make them happy.

8.      TERABITHIA 56cm Black Rare Alive Collectible African-American Reborn Baby Boy

TERABITHIA 56cm Black Rare Alive Collectible African-American Reborn Baby Boy
A lovely baby boy toy that you can use to turn playtime into an educational one.

It is an adorable dark-skinned male baby that you and your kids will love. Its size is 56 centimeters and weight 1.4 kilos, an ideal weight for babies. The materials used for this baby are silicone vinyl for the whole body. Thus material makes its texture perfect like babies and is proven safe for children’s use. You can take this baby doll to take a bath with your kids. It has no hair, but it has a colored pattern or drawing as a replacement. It has lovely acrylic eyes that cannot blink or close. Its mouth is magnetic for its magnetic pacifier to hold in place. You can use this baby doll to make playtime an educational one. The doll parts were made realistic; you can teach your kids anatomy while enjoying this cute baby.

9.      Paradise Galleries Realistic Asian Toddler Doll-Hanami

Hanami is the name given to this realistic doll. It is an Asian realistic baby doll, wearing a cherry blossom theme-inspired dress. Black hair that is straight and shiny is her hair. She has lovely gray eyes that will attract anyone. This doll’s size is 21 inches; it has a light skin tone and weighing 3.4 lbs. The doll was carefully handcrafted using their unique soft-touch vinyl. Their vinyl gave this doll a lovely fresh scent. They also ensured that the doll possessed a real baby’s texture, including its wrinkles. This baby is a result of fantastic artwork, and it is undoubtedly is pleasing to look at. Your child and the doll collectors will surely be pleased to have a doll like Hanami.

10.  8 Piece Layette Baby Doll Gift Set

8 Piece Layette Baby Doll Gift Set
A perfect doll set for your little one. It encourages play and learning at the same time.

This baby set is relatively small compared to others, making it just fine for other children, especially 2-year-olds. It has a size that is only 14 inches, and this baby is a little curled up; it will be easier for kids to dress the doll with it. This set includes diapers, two baby and parent hospital bracelets, a  hat, booties, a t-shirt, onesies, and a diaper cover.  This set is ideal for imparting knowledge to kids how to wear their clothes. You can use it in your demo to make your child see clearly how. You can also grab your chance and teach her the different parts of the body. Having this kind of doll will lead to kids nurturing skills. Kids will learn to love and care for this realistic baby.

11.  Nicery Reborn Baby Doll Soft Simulation Silicone Vinyl

This nicery baby doll is 20-22 inches long; its arms, legs, and head were made up of soft simulation silicone vinyl, and its body is made of cloth. Its high-quality acrylic eyes were lovely and attractive but cannot blink or close. Dolls with this size fit 3-month-old babies’ clothing.  Your child will surely love to have this doll. Your child will improve or develop her creative imagination more as she plays. 

12.  Madame Alexander My little Girl, Polka Dot Pinafore

This cute doll is lovely with its eyes that can open and close; your child will be encouraged to create a more imaginative play with this doll. This doll has beautiful hair that is tied neatly. You can do the same hairstyle to your child to inspire her more to play with this doll. It can also be an ideal gift on any occasion to your special people of all ages. With its lovely and innocent face, they will love this doll and will care for it. You can use this doll to train your child to care for her younger siblings.

13.  JIZHI Lifelike Reborn Baby Dolls Girls

JIZHI Lifelike Reborn Baby Dolls Girls
A cute and realistic doll to use as a tool in helping children to boost their natural skills.

This realistic doll size is 17 inches. Artist made it more realistic by painting details on its face and details on its body like blood vessels. The wrinkles that are present on its skin make it feels natural. It is easy to clean, for its body is made with vinyl. With its flexible limb, posing it is easy. All the stuffs used to build it are proven safe for children’s use. Its package includes clothes set, gift box, nursing bottle, pacifier, and birth certificate. It is complete and ready to be enjoyed by your kids. Spending time with your child and joining her as she plays a doll will help boost her skills. 

14.  Zero Pam Baby Dolls

Zero Pam Baby Dolls
A realistic doll that is helpful to make someone happy.

This reborn baby is 50 centimeters long. Its body is made from silicone vinyl for that realistic baby feel. Its hair were manually rooted, and eyelashes were hand-applied to make it more realistic. This lifelike baby will make a perfect gift on any occasion. It is best to give to a developing child for skill enhancement, for a mom-to-be, to help her for training purposes, for doll collectors, for grandparents with dementia. These realistic babies don’t only look good; they were beneficial to have too.

15.  WAWA-HAOKEAI 16” Wish & Dress Baby Realistic Handmade Baby Dolls

WAWA-HAOKEAI 16” Wish & Dress Baby Realistic Handmade Baby Dolls
A well-made doll that looks real and will bring joy to the family.

This cute realistic baby is out of soft vinyl and cloth for its body. It is approximately 16 inches long, and weighing 2.6 lbs. Its legs and arms are from pure vinyls while its head and limbs were from soft vinyl. Just like other ealistic dolls, the details on its face were hand painted, for that realistic look. This sleeping toy  baby will be a good stress reliever. You will feel calm and comfortable by just merely looking at it. Babies bring the feeling of peace and joy to the family.

Final thoughts

With this article, I came to realize the importance of giving children a doll to play with. With all the research that I did, I find Anatomically Correct Real Girl Baby Doll. very cute and impressive. I love the fact that it is anatomically correct to provide kids the chance to learn all the body parts with the parents’ help. Secondly , it is adorable. I noticed that almost all of charex baby dolls were so much realistic. They were all lovely, but this one’s charm got my attention. Lastly, 8 Piece Layette Baby Doll Gift Set its size is perfect for your little one to hold, even your 2-year-old can hold it tight. It comes in a set, so it is ideal for helping kids learn how to put on clothes.

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