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We are all aware that summer is a hot season, therefore, making it sweat season too. There is nothing better than walking along on beaches or setting to have fun outdoor in your backyards on a sunny afternoon. Kids, especially toddlers during hot days, tend to be so fussy as the hot season quickly makes them irritated. Having a pair of good summer shoes that is comfortable and keep your child’s feet protected as he is actively moving is a big help. Shoes that will stay on the toddlers’ feet while he is actively playing is the perfect one; something that is easy to put on and put off by himself.

Things to consider in choosing the best summer shoes for toddlers:

Choosing a pair of shoes for our kids to wear is easy without thinking about their comfort or just being easily enticed to buy. Research states that children can walk freely and comfortably, increasing tibialis anterior activity with a perfect pair of shoes.  Shoes can also provide adequate support, so foot motion is reduced and keeps up the gait cycle phases; it can also reduce some shock caused by running and promotes a heel-toe-run pattern.[1]  Here are some things to consider in choosing the best summer shoes for toddlers:

Easy to clean

It is easy to find kids stepping on dirty surfaces and collecting unwanted items on their soles. Busy parents prefer shoes that are easy to clean, especially for kids that are always on the go and prone to dirt. Summertime would mean a lot of time outdoors and adventure for kids, maybe on beaches, pools, gardens, parks, etc. It is essential to keep their shoes clean because being clean is being neat. There are a lot of factors that will make kids dirty. Finding shoes that are easy to clean and dries quickly will help parents; can save time and energy at once.

Slip-on design

Shoes that have slip-on designs save time and comfortable to wear. They have versatile designs that will look nice with lots of outfits for your kids. With a slip-on design, they will learn to put their shoes independently. Many shoes are good but not slip-on, though, but at least have in mind that these kinds of shoes offer great advantage too; you might want to consider purchasing one. 

Velcro Straps

Velcro is simple yet effective. Children who don’t know how o tie their laces will find using shoes with it much helpful. They can put their shoes on and off without hassle and much faster. Shoes that use Velcro straps for fasteners are easy to use; even toddlers can use them independently. Parents need not worry about their kids tripping because of undone laces if they use shoes with velcros. You may also find shoes that using this fastener, stylish.

Breathable Materials

Having breathable materials for summer shoes is essential. As we move actively in hot weather, our feet tend to sweat and became smelly if there is not enough air circulation. Breathable shoes are to keep feet from sweating. Breathable shoes are lightweight than average shoes, bringing comfort to someone who wears them. The shoes that have breathable materials also tend to dry faster when washed.


Shoes with rubber soles were shock-absorbent and provided a good grip on the floor or ground, preventing kids from tripping or falling easily. These are from organic or recycled rubber. They are ideal for daily use for their flexibility, being waterproof and long-lasting. Having shoes that have rubber soles for your active kids will give them comfort while moving.


Shoes that fit perfectly are a must-have. During the developing stages, young children need the perfect fit of shoes for support as they thoroughly learn to be sturdy and robust. Wearing footwear that is not well fitted or designed to meet your child’s needs can lead to low development or future problems.


Parents are often overwhelmed by the vast selections of shoes as soon as their kids reached the stage where they can already wear proper shoes. In the end, parents choose the cheaper ones, brightly colored and flexible ones. Children tend to outgrow their shoes; for this reason, it is convenient to go for the cheaper ones, provided they have to be good enough to protect kids as they move actively every day. However, pricey shoes often offer the best materials, comfort, protection, and support. They also tend to last longer than the cheaper ones.

Best Summer Shoes for Toddlers

We aim to find the perfect pair of summer shoes with the best things to offer for our children and ourselves. There are a lot of varieties of footwear that you can find. But, of course, it depends on the needs of kids and how active they are.  Here are a few lists of the best summer shoes for toddlers:

1.      Nike Boys Sunray Protect 2 Synthetic Slip On Walking Shoes

Nike Boys Sunray Protect 2 Synthetic Slip On Walking Shoes
Perfect pair of summer shoes to fit your child that is always on the move, comfort, protection, and style in one.

Nike is a famous brand known for its quality products. These have an excellent design that encourages airflow to keep your child’s feet cool on hot days. These have water-resistant upper material and soft foam that offer extra comfort, easy to clean, and dries quickly. This slip-on shoe is great to be worn even on waters because it is not getting slippery. Toddlers can put this on and off on their own, for these have velcro straps. These are perfect for your toddler that is always on the move. These sunrays protect slip-on has six different color options available to fit your color preference.

2.      Sketchers Kids Guzman Steps (Toddler/ Little Kid)

Sketchers Guzman Steps (Toddler/ Little Kid)
Effective feet protection for your kids, easy to clean and comfortable to wear.

These shoes were easy to clean and comfortable to wear. Perfect for everyday use. These are shock absorbing and made from lightweight materials designed to dry quickly, perfect to wear during a visit at the beach or in and out the paddling pool. Sketchers kids offer sure protection from sharp edges of small stones. You can be sure that your kids will love wearing these, for they can also easily be matched to kids’ daily outfits.

3.      Toddler Kids Sneakers Mesh Breathable Lightweight Soft Soled Running Sports Shoes

Toddlers Kids Sneakers Mesh Breathable Lightweight Soft Soled Running Sports Shoes
Stylish and affordable shoes that will provide comfort for your child especially during hot days.

These come in three colors and are 100% synthetic. They are adorable, easy to pair in kids’ outfits. Suits the very active kids for its soles were made from phylon, making them soft and comfortable to use; has a shock-absorbing design. It also has a non-slip feature that provides a sufficient grip to prevent kids from tripping or falling. These shoes were lightweight for kids to move freely wearing them. The upper part is made of mesh, making it breathable, suitable to wear during hot seasons, and easy to dry when wet.

4.      Crocs Kids’ Swift Water Wave Slip-on Sandal

Crocs Kids' Swiftwater Wave Slip-on Sandal
It is the perfect summer Shoe that is worth every penny, sturdy and well-made especially perfect for kids who play hard.

If you are looking for a long-lasting summer shoe, crocs can give you that. These are more than just swimming shoes, and kids can wear them every day. These are sturdy summer kids’ shoes. Your little one will love it for its color, plus it is easy to put on and off. It has an adjustable closure and lightweight to make it fit and be worn comfortably. Worth every penny.

5.      DADAWEN Kids Outdoor Hiking Athletic Sneakers

DADAWEN Kids Outdoor Hiking Athletic Sneakers
The best hiking shoes for kids, beautifully made for kids.

These kids’ hiking sneakers come in four different colors. It has a rubber sole and is from top-quality materials, durable suede leather, and breathable fabric for the upper part. It is best to have breathable shoes to allow sufficient air to flow and keep kids’ feet dry and cool during the hot season. This pair of shoes fit perfectly, lightweight, and waterproof. It is best for toddlers for they are comfortable to wear and has velcro for perfect fit adjustments. This brand also has cool colors for their shoes.

6.      Tombik Toddler Shoes, Boys & Girls Lightweight Sneaker

Tombik Toddler Shoes, Boys & Girls Lightweight Sneaker
Your ideal everyday shoes for toddlers; stylish and good for active kids.

These shoes were cute and comes in several colors. Perfect to pair with lots of kids’ outfits. Its soles were flexible, durable, and lightweight. Tombik shoes were designed for daily use of wear-and-tear. They are comfortable to wear, for they are from breathable mesh that allows air to flow and keep your child’s feet dry and cool.  Your child can put them on and off on their own quickly. These shoes fit correctly, even for those fat toddler feet, for their upper is flexible enough. You can clean them using the washer.

7.      Ikiki Squeaky Shoes for Toddlers with On/Off Squeaker Switch

Ikiki Squeaky Sandals for Kids with On/Off Squeaker Switch
A cute pair of shoes that your kid will enjoy and love. The comfortable and good quality right choice for the hot season.

The designs of these shoes were so lovely and exciting; everybody will love them.  They combined the comfort and artistic, playful design, good enough to use during the hot season. With these shoes, your child will be motivated to walk longer to hear the squeak. If it gets too annoying, you can turn the squeak off. These shoes were durable and comfortable because of their vegan synthetic microfiber leather. These go well with most of your toddler’s outfits.

8.      K KomForme Sneakers for Boys and Girls, Toddlers Kids Soft Walking Shoes

These shoes will make an excellent gift for kids, especially toddlers. These come with several designs to choose from. Its upper materials were from breathable fabrics that brought comfort to kids as they allowed adequate airflow, keeping feet dry and free from moisture. It has a dual hook and loop to make it stylish and allow kids to wear their shoes on their own quickly. They can adjust their shoes properly with these loops. These are also lightweight and flexible enough to provide comfort, and kids may move freely.

9.      Native Shoes Unisex-Child Jefferson Junior Water Shoe

Native Shoes Unisex-Child Jefferson Junior Water Shoe
A must-have summer shoes for your kids, perfect in every way.

These unisex shoes have several color options for boys and girls. These are waterproof slip-on that is perfect to use during summer outing or only for everyday use. They are easy to clean, lightweight, easy to dry, easy to put on, and offer adequate protection for kids’ active feet no matter what they do. These are good and perfect enough for everyday use. They also don’t get stinky, for you can keep your child’s feet clean with these.

10.  Mini Melissa Unisex-Child Mini Possession li (Toddler) Fisherman Sandal

Mini Melissa Unisex-Child Mini Possession li (Toddler) Fisherman Sandal
Super cute jelly summer shoes, comfort, and style for everyday use.

Make your child’s feet cute with these mini Melissa jelly shoes! These are the perfect pair of summer shoes that can look good in any outfit your child wishes to wear. They are suitable for summer for they don’t absorb water and are dried quickly. They are comfortable to wear and have an adjustable buckle closure for a perfect fit. They come in three colors—style and protection in one.

11.  Hoy Water-Friendly Fisherman Sandal

Hoy Water-Friendly Fisherman Sandal
A great summer shoe that designed to be worn in and out of the water, comfortable and sturdy.

These are fabulous toddler summer shoes, water-friendly and sturdy. These are from high-quality leather and synthetic sole to provide comfort and enough grip to surfaces to prevent slipping or tripping. These have buckle straps for a secure fit so your kids can move freely. They are well-made and undoubtedly will last long. They are designed for wearing in and out of the water, making them perfect to wear for the summer season.

12.  Adidas Kids Active Play Mickey Cross Trainer

Addidas Kids Active Play Mickey Cross Trainer
Adorable mickey shoes that your kid will love using every day; soft and surely comfortable.

This product got 92% of 5 star ratings from their customers. If your child is a fan of mickey mouse, he will surely love this. Not only this character made this product great but also the comfort that it provides to kids. These were created in the USA and had a rubber sole to support kids’ active play every day. These were made with breathable and flexible materials bringing a soft and supportive feel to the feet.  These mickey shoes have velcro straps in them to provide ease in putting them on and off.

13.  Asics GT- 1000 7 (Toddler/ Little Kid)

Asics GT- 1000 7 (Toddler/ Little Kid)
The best running shoes to have this summer, look cute and comfortable wearing them.

These running shoes are good to use for summer, and they have a synthetic mesh upper and breathable air mesh to make them more comfortable to wear as the season gets hotter. It has a rubber sole and cushioning foam to provide comfort in every step and a good grip on the surfaces, preventing kids from slipping or falling. These can be used by active kids and can be paired easily with most kids’ clothing. These are stylish and available in five different colors.

14.  PTHANN Toddler Boys Shoes Girl Toddler Sneaker with Arch Support

PTHANN Toddler Boys Shoes Girl Toddler Sneaker with Arch Support
High-quality sneakers to support every active move of your child, brings comfort and style.

These summer shoes are perfect for any activity that your child have to do. They are great looking and comfortable to wear. These have hook and loop fasteners to allow kids to adjust accordingly and can be worn independently.  These are lightweight, allowing kids to move freely. It has three color options to choose from. These stylish sneakers look cute and can be of good help every day.

15.  GUBARUN Toddler Boys Girls Sneakers Kids Lightweight Tennis Shoes Breathable

GUBARUN Toddler Boys Girls Sneakers Kids Lightweight Tennis Shoes Breathable
Ideal summer shoes for toddler's indoor or outdoor activity, surely worth the price.

These sneakers were comfortable to wear, breathable, made with mesh fabric that provides excellent ventilation. It allows the feet to feel comfortable and keeping them dry and cool. There are several color options available. These will make a good present for your kids. Useful for everyday use. It works well even without socks and can be quickly dried when it gets wet. Kids won’t slip using these for it has non-slip soles and flexible, bend along with the child’s movement.

16.  Paw Patrol Toddler Shoes

Paw Patrol Toddler shoes
Great paw patrol shoes that your kid will surely love; comfortable, easy to use, and adorable.

These are great pairs of shoes that your child will surely love, especially paw patrol fans.  Kids will adore the paw patrol printed on it. It has a synthetic sole and an upper canvas making it great to use indoor or outdoor. These shoes were breathable, have adequate ventilation preventing feet from sweating, and keeping them cool. Kids can easily slip on or off these shoes on their own. These are comfortable to wear, plus kids will get to enjoy their favorite paw patrol characters.

17.  Nerteo Toddler Boys and Girls Shoes Kids Canvas Sneakers

Nerteo Toddler Boys and Girls Shoes Kids Canvas Sneakers
Cute pair of summer shoes that will pair any of your child's outfit beautifully.

These are good quality shoes for a great price. The upper of these shoes were canvas, making them breathable, and they have six different printed design options. These can be pair easily with your toddlers’ outfit. It has two adjustable hooks and loop closure, allowing kids to adjust the shoes accordingly. Its rubber soles provide enough friction to prevent kids from slippage or falling. For added protection, it has a rubberized toe cap and a durable rubber outsole. These are cute and roomy, good for kids that have wide feet too. You can easily pair these shoes with a variety of outfits.

18.  Apawwa Boy Girls sneakers Kids Kids Lightweight Slip-On

Apawwa Boy Girls sneakers Kids Kids Lightweight Slip-On
These are perfect everyday kids' shoes, useful and comfortable for a reasonable price.

These shoes have a breathable upper, for their upper is from a knitted mesh, making it ideal for wearing during summer because it will keep your child’s feet cool. These are lightweight and have a flexible outsole that has an anti-slip property. These are perfect to use for your kids’ outdoor activities. Kids can walk adequately with these because they are light, they can move freely. There are ten color options available. These will good on most outfits that your child will wear every day.

19.  Crocs Kids Crocband Clog

Crocs Kids Crocband Clog
The perfect everyday shoes for kids; sturdy, cute, and comfortable. Crocs worth every penny.

The crocs brand makes pretty cute shoes that are comfortable and water friendly. These shoes were durable and can be used for a long time or until your child outgrew them. The design is kid-friendly; they can be worn easily by kids without needing any help plus, these have straps to secure the feet so they won’t fall off. These crocband clogs were shock-absorbing, providing enough security on our toddlers’ feet as they actively move. Its upper has holes in them, allowing adequate air to flow, making it breathable and dries quickly. One more thing that they love about these shoes is they were easy to clean, and their cute design can be easily paired with most of the toddler’s clothing. They are suitable for everyday use.

20.  CIOR Boys and Girls Water Shoes Quick Drying Sports Aqua Athletic Sneakers Lightweight Sportshoes

These shoes’ upper were from synthetic breathable mesh, making them more comfortable wearing during hot seasons. Its outsole is a wear-resisting rubber sole and padded cushion for an insole for added comfort in every step.  These are quick-drying and ultra-light perfect to use at the beach, playground, garden, or home.  There are twelve color options available the design and form of these shoes can easily be paired with kids’ summer outfits.

21.  Momo Baby Girls First Walker Toddler Leah Sneaker Shoes

Momo Baby Girls First Walker Toddler Leah Sneaker Shoes
These are good sturdy summer shoes for toddlers for everyday use.

These are great shoes for toddlers, especially for those who were starting to walk. These have rubber soles that are slip-resistant and have a deep tread pattern on them. These soles provide better support for the transfer of weight from back to front as kids walk, enabling them to move comfortably. Their insoles are of natural leather that keeps the inside part moisture-free, so there won’t be the formation of odor-causing bacteria. Durable mesh made these shoes lightweight and breathable. Its front area is wide enough to allow toes to move freely. These are good enough for everyday use.

22.  Stride Rite Soft Motion Artie Sneaker (Infant/Toddler)

Stride Rite Soft Motion Artie Sneaker
Perfect shoes for toddlers, provides adequate comfort for everyday use.

These shoes’ soles were synthetic, have the right thickness to protect the feet from rough surfaces but are flexible enough to make walking or moving comfortable. Stride rites provide an excellent grip to the ground or floor to prevent falls. These are made of 100% leather, and their color and design were easy to pair with kids’ outfits. The upper of the shoes were wide, but with the velcro straps on them, you can easily adjust them to fit. Kids will be able to put their shoes on their own. These are lightweight to ensure freedom of movement.        

23.   Dadawen Baby Boys Girls Lightweight Breathable Strap Sneakers

Dadawen Baby Boys Girls Lightweight Breathable Strap Sneakers
Ideal summer shoes for kids to have; with style and comfort that it bring, it surely is worth buying.

These are 100% synthetic and have rubber soles. They are durable and can be used for a long time without feeling discomfort. These are lightweight perfect for active kids. Its upper is soft mesh textile making it breathable, perfect for summer seasons; it will keep the feet dry and cool. It has elastic laces to keep the feet in place and allow kids to adjust the shoes accordingly. With its adjustable hook and loop, it will be easier for your kids to put them on and off without any hassle. These are great pairs of shoes that your kid may have, for they are easy to match kids’ clothing.

24.  Puma Unisex-Kids’ Smash V2 Velcro Sneakers

These puma kids’ shoes have six color options available. They are made of 100% leather and textile. These are breathable and can be put on and off quickly because of the velcro straps provided. They are sturdy and beautifully made. The inner soles were cushioned perfectly to provide optimal comfort for everyday use. These are casual athletic sneakers that can look great on most kids’ outfits.

25.  Xingfujie Toddler Shoes Boys and Girls Sneakers

Xingfujie Toddler Shoes Boys and Girls Sneakers
The best sneakers to wear during summer to keep your child stylish and well protected.

These toddler shoes have durable and flexible outsoles that prevent kids from slipping and ensure their safety. These also provide convenience to the users for they are easy to put on and off; kids, especially toddlers, will learn to be independently putting them. These shoes can also prevent sweating feet because of the breathable mesh that the upper is made of. It is allowing sufficient air to flow to keep the feet cool. These are well made, comfortable, and stylish to wear. Good enough to support kids’ active lifestyle. There are five color options to fit your fashion taste.

26.  Ataiwee Baby Boys Girls Shoes Toddler Infant Sneakers

Ataiwee Baby Boys Girls Toddler Infant Sneakers
Very adorable cheap shoes for toddlers; nice quality with a low price.

These adorable shoes are casual boat shoes that are slip-on and can go great with any toddler outfits—made from a skin-friendly and breathable canvas that will prevent your child’s feet from sweating and from having a foul odor. These have an elastic tongue to provide kids the freedom to put them on and off anytime; have sturdy rubber soles to have a good grip on the floor or ground to prevent kids from tripping or falling. They have flexible memory foam for the insole to give comfort in every move. Ataiwee toddlers’ shoes have several adorable designs that your toddler will surely love.

27.  Sketchers Kids’ Flex-Glow-Lowex Sneaker

Sketchers Kids' Flex-Glow-Lowex Sneaker
Comfortable and stylish pair of shoes for summer, the right pair of shoes to have for great summer outfits.

These shoes were cute, have a z-opening that is wide enough to be put on and off independently by toddlers. Kids will get attracted to this because they have lights. Sketchers also provided an on and off switch for the light. It has synthetic soles to prevent kids from slipping and comfortable enough for everyday use.  They were stylish and can be well paired with kids’ various outfits.

28.  Dadawen Toddler/ Little Kid Boys Girls Casual Lightweight Breathable Strap Sneakers

Dadawen Toddler/ Little Kid Boys Girls Casual Lightweight Breathable Sneakers
Great shoes especially for toddlers who are just starting to walk; provides adequate support that your child needs.

 These dadawen shoes were incredibly made; they provide kids the comfort and support they need in their everyday activities. They are 100% synthetic and with rubber soles protecting kids from rough surfaces effectively as they move. Its upper was from soft mesh, making them breathable to keep the kids’ feet cool during hot seasons. This kind of material is also known to dry quickly when wet. Designed to have a modern look and with maximum durability, perfect for everyday use. These can match most of your kids’ outfits. Using these are convenient to kids for they have these elastic laces with hook and loop strap, they can put on and pull it off with ease.

29.  Simple Joys by Carter’s Toddler and Little Boys’ (1-8 yrs) Casual Slip-On Canvas Shoes 

These are nice sneakers to consider picking. These are cute and stylish, easy to pair with everyday outfits for your child. These casual slip-ons have four varieties of available options with different adorable colors and prints. These are from synthetic soles and 100% breathable textile to provide adequate airflow to keep the child’s feet cool and dry all the time. Your child will surely love these slip-on casual sneakers for their bold prints all over. Children will love these shoes for their kid-friendly design and easy to put on and off hassle-free.

30.  Baby Boys Girls Sandals Rubber Sole Outdoor First Walker Toddler Girls Boys Summer Shoes

These shoes were cute and has several choices provided to match the fashion taste of your baby girls. Shoe designs available are suitable to be worn on many occasions. These can be easily paired with your child’s choices of clothes every day. These are breathable and comfortable, lightweight, and flexible, making them ideal to be your child’s summer shoes that can look nice, especially on cute dresses. These have hidden velcros, making them easy to wear independently by your child. They are made from quality materials such as leather and rubber soles to provide protection and the right friction to keep kids from slipping.

31.  New Balance Unisex-Child Fresh Foam Fast V1 Hook and Loop Running Shoes

These new balance shoes for toddlers have great designs specially made for kids. These shoes have enough cushioning and provide plenty of support for your little one always on the go. These shoes’ upper were made of mesh and 100% synthetic, making them flexible and breathable; suitable to wear even during the hot season will keep the feet sweat-free and comfortable. These are lightweight to allow freedom of movement and have several color options available to suit your color preferences. Its hook and loop allow kids to adjust the shoes for a perfect and comfortable fit. These shoes look good on most everyday get-ups for kids.

Final Thoughts:

As someone who is residing in a southeast Asian country where it is always summer, I personally prefer Crocs Kids Crocband Clog because my kids and I were using crocs footwear every day, they are not only easy to clean and have cute design, but they really serve their purpose well. Secondly, New Balance Unisex-Child Fresh Foam Fast V1 Hook and Loop Running Shoes these are just perfect enough when it comes to style and what I love most is the cushioning that these shoes provide to give protection and comfort at the same time. Third, Stride Rite Soft Motion Baby and Toddler Boys Artie Athletic Sneaker these pair of shoes received 86% of 5 stars rates from satisfied customers in, and stride is known for their well-made and quality shoes. We may have different best summer shoe choices, but these three choices were the ones that I tried and experienced how great this was to use during the hot season.

[1] Wegener, Caleb, et al. “Effect of children’s shoes on gait: a systematic review and meta-analysis.” Journal of foot and ankle research 4.1 (2011): 3.

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