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Are you looking for interactive and physical activities to divert your kid’s attention from the TV, smartphones, or tablets? Kids spend hours on screen gadgets learning and socializing, but the problem starts when they overlook other engaging activities. Lack of physical activities may pose a health hazard and is a leading cause of obesity in kids.[1] With strict supervision, your child will have fun on a trampoline; blow off steam with heart-pumping jumps and bounces that keep him active. A trampoline is a brilliant investment, and we will guide you on the safest and most reliable trampoline.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Trampoline?

Safety Features

Neck and elbow injuries are common because of kids’ attempts for flips, collision with a fellow kid upon landing, or a fall off the trampoline.[2] Manufacturers are improving on safety features such as.

  • Safety nets to prevent falling off the trampoline.
  • Centralizing springs so that a child lands at the centre to avoid landing near the edge where he could hit the frame and springs.
  • Use of shock-absorbing material to cover the frames, hooks, and springs of the trampoline to reduce impact and friction if a child hits a frame or pinches in the case of springs.

Size of the Trampoline              

You’ll have to consider the size of the trampoline due to space limitations. For people living in high-rise apartments, gardens are not a luxury. An indoor trampoline will work just as fine if the house has enough space. If you have a garden, then a giant to medium-sized trampoline will suit you depending on your garden’s size.

Your Kid’s Age

Your kid’s age is an essential factor when choosing a trampoline because of different trampolines’ weight capacity. Your kid could be four years, but it’s great to invest in a trampoline that will serve the family for several years.

Durability and Quality

Trampolines aren’t ordinary products that you can replace in case of breakage or wear. A high materials quality will save you the cost of repairs and replacements. A trampoline should withstand serious kicking and bashing from active kids and harsh weather if it’s outdoors.


Don’t settle for cheap, for you may compromise on quality, but consider the value you get based on the trampoline’s size and features.


Not that you wish for anything to go wrong, but what if it does? A trampoline with a warranty is a plus, for you’ll not spend a dime in case you need repair or fixing within the warranty period.


You wouldn’t wish to hire a handyperson to assemble the trampoline for you, right? The trampoline should come with easy-to-follow guidelines on assembly, so you can spend less time figuring which parts to connect.

The Best Trampoline for KidsBest FeaturesStar Rating
Pure Fun Kids Trampoline with HandrailThick, sturdy, durable and easy to assemble4.6
Jump Power Trampoline for Toddlers and KidsSafe, strong, includes a swing and great value for money.4.7
Asee’m Indoor and Outdoor Trampoline  Great for small space, strong and easy to assemble4.4
Skywalker Mini TrampolineSafe, robust and good quality and warranty4.5
Fashionsport Outfitters TrampolineManoeuvrable, sturdy, safe and easy to assemble4.1
Giantex 55 FT Kids TrampolineEasy to assemble, sturdy, safe and durable4.3
Zupapa Trampoline for Kids  Strong, durable, value for money and different sizes ranging from 8-15 ft4.8
Tatub Outdoor Trampoline for KidsStrong, easy to install, safe, basketball hoop4.5
Arcwarm Home Trampoline for KidsSafe, strong, basketball hoop, ladder and easy to assemble4.1

Best Trampolines for Small Spaces

1. Pure Fun Kids Trampoline with Handrail

Pure Fun Kids Trampoline with Handrail
An amazing sturdy and safe product for your little one. The safe handrail and ease of assembly will delight you. The matching slippers and pillow will cheer up your little one.

Safe and Strong

The Pure Fun trampoline has a padded solid handrail that provides a solid grip to your child. With the soft padded cover that runs to the floor, your child will be safe from the metallic springs’ pinches. The galvanized steel springs give a sturdy bounce performance.

Easy Storage and Assembly

This trampoline is simple to assemble because it has few parts to bring together. To make your task more straightforward, the springs and jump mat come pre-assembled. Isn’t this wonderful? The foldable jump mat makes it easy to store this trampoline.

Cheerful Pillow and Slippers

This excellent product has a detachable soft monster face cover that can double up as a pillow for your baby. The monster’s feet cum slippers are perfect for cheering him up and warm his feet. Your child now has company. The handrail helps to give the child a firm grip as he develops motor and balance skills.

Perfect Size and Portable

The Pure fun trampoline is perfect for a “My First Trampoline” gift for your baby. Its size is suitable even for small spaces. You can lift and move it with ease whenever the need arises.

Pros: Safe, sturdy, lightweight, and easy to assemble.

Cons: Need for strict supervision owing to lack of enclosure net.

2. Jump Power Trampoline for Toddlers and Kids

Jump Power Trampoline for Toddlers and Kids
With a high review of 4.7, this trampoline offers a secured jump and play experience for your baby that includes a safety enclosure net and padded frame. The swing combo just adds a touch of more fun. The galvanized steel and plastic legs are rust-resistant, making the trampoline durable.

Strong and Good Quality

The Jump power trampoline has strong galvanized steel frames that are rust-resistant and includes two strong blow-moulded plastic legs for stability. The spring pad, jumping pad, and enclosure net materials are UV resistant for durable and long-lasting indoor and outdoor exposure.

Safe for the Toddler/Kid

As your baby jumps and bounces on the trampoline, the safety net protects him from stumbling. Poles and springs have a safety pad cover to provide impact protection if your kid hits the poles. The springs are strong to withstand active kid’s jumps and bashing.

Swing Combo

This trampoline comes with a swing to give your child extra fun. Give him hours of fun and interactive play in and out of the house as the weather permits. The weight limit is 100 pounds for one jumper, so if you’re supervising over one child, making them jump in turns would be safe.

Ease of Assembly

The trampoline has an excellent review of the ease of assembly, and its size permits you to move it without disassembling. If your child misses the outdoor park experience, move it outdoors and give him a wonderful experience to remember. For people with limited space, the Jump power trampoline is excellent.

Pros: Affordable, strong, excellent quality, and comes with a swing combo for extra fun.

Cons: Some customers reviewed that the pad materials on the poles wear fast.

3. Asee’m Indoor and Outdoor Trampoline

Safety features

Stop fretting over your kids falling, getting hurt by a spring, his foot getting trapped in a gap, or striking his head on a metal frame. The Asee’m trampoline has a safety enclosure net attached to the jumping mat to protect your baby from all the mentioned eventualities. The shock-absorbing material covers the frames for added safety.

Strong and Durable

It gets more robust with the galvanized steel legs for a rust-free condition and support. The sanction cups eliminate noise and provide extra support, so your child can jump and have fun without fear. The super-bouncy jumping surface has a waterproof, anti-wear, and UV resistant material to present a wonderful jumping experience with good elasticity to last you long enough for the child to outgrow it. You don’t have to worry about the outdoors posing for wear and tear risk. The safety net is an all-weather mesh, and the frames are rust-resistant.

More Fun and Play

Your child will enjoy jumping and bouncing as he throws the pit balls into the basketball hoop. More fun means more energy release and interactive play, and the physical activity is great for his body. The five-foot trampoline has a maximum weight limit of 450 pounds, making it strong for two kids to play, and have healthy interactions.

Easy to Assemble

Asee’m trampoline comes with a guidebook that has easy steps to follow. With less struggle, you’ll assemble the parts and let the child encounter a world of fun. It’s easy to carry it either indoors or outdoors, with minimal disassembly.

Pros: Easy to assemble, durable and safe for outdoors and indoors.

Cons: The kid may outgrow it.

Best Trampolines for Kids Between 3-6 Years

4. Skywalker Mini Trampoline

Skywalker Mini Trampoline
Safe product with strong and durable stands for stability, padded handles for firm grip and tightly woven netting to protect your toddler’s fingers and toes. The trampoline has an enclosure net to protect a child from falling.

Safety Features

Skywalker Mini Trampoline has an enclosure net to avert falling, and the firmly woven enclosure net protects the baby’s fingers and toes from getting caught. The net attaches to the jumping mat to eliminate gaps, hence protecting kids’ feet from getting caught. Your kid is safe from impact injuries since the trampoline has all-around soft padded bars that stabilize his bounces and jumps. The interlocking bars serve to reinforce the frame of the trampoline. Using stretch bands in place of springs protects the young one’s joints.

Learning and Skills Development Features

Wouldn’t it be great for the kid to have fun and learn at the same time? The Skywalker mini trampoline introduces a child to learning motor and balance skills, promote coordination and stay active, an excellent way to integrate learning to a child during play.


The Skywalker mini trampoline comes with a 3-year limited warranty for the frame and a one-year warranty for other parts.


This trampoline is the #1 bestseller on Amazon and has good reviews from customers who recommend its durability. This trampoline’s size and weight make it easy to carry from one place, hence no need to dismantle and re-assemble, which could cause breakages or speed wear and tear.

Pros: Amazon’s #1 bestseller, safe, durable, strong, and affordable.

Cons: For indoor use, customers complained of difficulties during assembly.

5. Fashionsport Outfitters Trampoline

Fashionsport Outfitters Trampoline
A great choice for indoors and outdoors. It’s an easy to assemble trampoline, with rust-resistant steel and sturdy legs for stability. It has a safety net to prevent falls and fall-related injuries.


What makes it durable? The rust-free steel on the legs ensures it can withstand wet conditions. It’s light to lift if you’re moving it to a different room or getting it indoors on a rainy or snowy season. The ease in lifting and moving eliminates the need to dismantle and rebuild, leading to premature damage. It has three steel legs that are strong to provide support to a jumpy and energetic child.

Safety Enclosure

This five feet diameter trampoline has a steady safety enclosure net to protect your kid from falling. The top of the net has reinforcement, and the double-sided zipper glides softly, making it easy for your baby to get in or out by himself.

Ease of Assembly

The manual for assembling the Fashionsport trampoline is easy to follow, making assembly an effortless task. Customers who bought this product applauded the ease of assembly but supported that at least two people should do the job since it requires strength.

Safe Height                     

The trampoline stands a foot off the ground; you don’t have to lift your kid because the height is suitable for a him to enter and exit without assistance. With a maximum weight of 220 pounds, it can accommodate two kids, but it’s better to make them jump in turns to avoid injuries because of collisions.

Pros: Safe, strong, and easy to assemble.

Cons: Lacks endurance for long outdoor exposures.

6. Giantex 55 FT Kids Trampoline

Giantex Kids Trampoline
An excellent Amazon Choice for kids trampoline with safety enclosure net and padded frame for your child’s safety and protection. Perfect size for indoors, and portable for effortless lifting to the outdoors. It has a unique detachable design for stress-free storage.

Safety Features

The Giantex trampoline has a full enclosure net that protects the kid from falling off during a jump. The protective padded frame and spring guard your child against injuries in case of impact and pinch hazards. Do not fret about letting your child get some fun and blow off the extra energy with jumps and bounces on this safe trampoline. The zipper control entry and exit makes it convenient for your child and reduces the chances of foot injuries during entry or exit.

Sturdy and Durable

This trampoline will withstand intense punches, jumps, and kicks from your kids because of the galvanized steel poles. The poles are rust-resistant to last long and assure protection from exposure to the outdoors. The jumping mat is a solid and resilient material to last long and expands sufficiently to provide support and balance to your child.

Easy assembly and detachable

The Giantex trampoline gives you less trouble when bringing it together. It comes with an easy-to-follow manual. The detachable model makes it smooth for you to dismantle if you’ll need to store it away. And on those weekends, when you decide to treat your young ones to a picnic outdoors, it’s portable and needs no dismantling. You can move it out with ease.

Interactive Fun and Exercise

Your kid will enjoy a high bounce performance on the stretchable and firm jumping mat. The trampoline is perfect for exercise and fun; your child will learn essential motor and balance skills as he directs his energy on interactive play.

Pros: Safe, stable, durable, and easy to assemble.        

Cons: The size and weight capacity are for one child.

Best Trampolines for Kids Above 6 Years

7. Zupapa Trampoline for Kids

Zupapa Trampoline for Kids
An excellent outdoor trampoline with a high net for safe jumping, pad covered spring to protect from pinch points, and the jumping mat joins the spring cover to eliminate gaps. With a 4.8 star rating, and great reviews on safety, sturdiness, and durability, this trampoline will distract your kids from phones and TVs, and get them physical and active.

Great Outdoor Indulgence

Your kids will experience perfect jump and bounce performances because of the firm and tightly knit jumping mat with an extensive surface to accommodate over one kid. The 450 pounds’ weight capacity is great for garden kids’ parties as you host his friends to have fun and bond. Social interactions are healthy and vital for kids. Don’t overlook the physical aspect that keeps him fit and allows him to blow off the extra energy.


The frame is powerful because of the hot-dip galvanized steel that offers excellent stability for older kids. The double joints and the W-shaped legs give more support and stability for the trampoline. Don’t fret over the wind blowing off the trampoline; it comes with wind stakes for more stability on windy/stormy days. The over ninety springs offer a strong bounce experience.

Safe and Long Lasting

You can’t imagine a trampoline without thinking of safety. Zupapa trampoline has a safety enclosure net that gives security against falls, and the long net poles offer better stability and safety. Thick foam covers poles and springs to protect from impact shock on the solid steel poles and pinch points. There is no gap between the jumping mat and the enclosure net to protect kids’ legs and hands from getting caught. A rain cover comes with the trampoline to protect the jumping mat during rainy, sunny, and stormy days.

The rust-resistant poles, anti-UV material on the jumping mat, and tight weave of the safety net affirm the endurance of the Zupapa kid’s trampoline.

Non-slip Ladder and Zipper

Zupapa trampoline has a non-slip ladder that provides a safe entry and exit without fear of your child slipping. The zipper is double-sided, allowing the child to unzip from either in or out without calling for help.

Pros: Safe, strong, long life, and great for outdoors.

Cons: Suitable for a spacious garden, so be mindful of space before buying.

8. Tatub Outdoor Trampoline for Kids

Tatub Outdoor Trampoline for Kids
An excellent addition to your garden for the entire family. The weight capacity accommodates adults too, so you can bond and have fun with your kids. It is safe, strong and elasticity of the jumping mat, give your family a safe and high jumping performance.

Safe and Strong

The enclosure net is built with safety in mind to offer a safety fence to the kids and safeguard them from falling. Tatub trampoline has six strong u-shaped legs and eight solid and balanced points of contact that make the trampoline stable. Over a hundred springs attach to the tight and firm jumping mat to give a stable bounce experience for older kids and adults. The springs and rods have a soft cover to protect your kids from impact and pinches. It comes with a firm ladder for safe entry and exit.


The steel frames and springs are rust-resistant because of the galvanizing technology that makes the trampoline long-lasting and withstands severe weather in your backyard. It has a safety enclosure net of a high-quality UV-resistant material durable and protects your kids from the sun. The jumping mat has high elasticity for wear resistance to guarantee you a flexible and long-lasting bounce experience.

Entertainment and Exercise

Tatub trampoline is an excellent addition to your backyard for the entire family to have fun, exercise, and burn off excess energy. This stable trampoline gives your kids a superb choice to have fun jumping and shooting, away from video games and TV. It comes with a basketball hoop for extra fun and a food mat to accommodate a family picnic. Your kids will develop athletic ability, strong knees and joints, and learn social interactions as they bond with siblings and friends.

 Ease of Assembly

It’s easy to follow the guidance manual for a stress-free assembly with an extra pair of hands. The Tatub trampoline size allows both younger and older kids to have a great jump and bounce experience. You don’t have to bother about your kids outgrowing this product.

Pros: Strong, durable, safe., serves as a fun and exercise trampoline.

Cons: The size may be a hindrance to people with small spaces.

9. Arcwarm Home Trampoline for Kids

All-Weather Endurance

The galvanized steel on the frame and legs gives this trampoline the potential to resist wet conditions because of the rust resistance factor. The same goes for the springs and wind stakes, making the Arcwarm trampoline a remarkably reliable product for the outdoors.

Safe and Stable

Your child’s safety comes first. This trampoline has a safety enclosure net that protects your little ones from falling off the trampoline. The gap-free surface provided by a soft pad around the springs eliminates pinch points. Not forgetting the heavy-duty w-shaped legs that provide stability for unforgettable bounce performance. The high-quality jumping mat with an eight-thread sewing technology offers a stable, super bounce experience for your family. The six u-shaped heavy-duty steel wind stakes give this trampoline extra stability during strong windy days.

Easy to Assemble

With help from one more adult, you’ll quickly assemble the trampoline. The package contains the simple manual, two T-hooks, and two pairs of gloves to assist in the assembly. The basketball hoop is easy to fix, even on your own.

More Fun for the Family

The reason this trampoline qualifies for the family is that it can accommodate kids and adults. You can have fun with your kids as you teach them a thing or two during play, a perfect time to combine fun and learning. This excellent backyard addition will guarantee a super jump and bounce experience for your kids and is a great kids’ party activity. The sterile springs and the durable jumping mat will leave a lasting impression on your kid as the basketball hoop gives an enjoyable shooting experience.

Pros: Rust resistant, Strong, easy to assemble.

Cons: Consider space before purchasing this product.

Safety Tips to Avert Injuries on a Trampoline at Home

After lots of reviews from customers and advice from pediatrics, manufacturers improved on safety features. But you can help avert the injuries that are beyond safety nets and shock-absorbing pads. You have a role to play to make sure your child is safe on the trampoline.[3] Here are tips on keeping your child safe as you let him have fun and blow off energy.

  • Never allow a child to play on the trampoline without adult supervision.
  • Do not allow over one kid on the trampoline unless the size is large enough to accommodate them to prevent injuries because of collision.
  • Kids are fond of attempting dangerous stunts such as somersaults, don’t allow it. Neck and head injuries are serious and could cause paralysis.[4]
  • The shock-absorbing pads on the frame and springs may wear with time; check to make sure replacements and repairs are up to date before play.
  • Place the trampoline away from walls, trees, and furniture to prevent collision if the child bounces near the edge or falls.
  • It may be difficult to avert a fall even in your presence, but to provide cushioning in case of a fall, install soft impact absorbing materials around the trampoline, such as a thick carpet, mulch, or wood chips.

Final Thoughts

Although trampolines are costly, take space, and not forgetting possible injuries, they are great for kids to have fun and stay active. Follow the safety guidelines and allow your child to have a safe and super bounce performance.

For small space lovers, the Jump Power Trampoline for Toddlers and Kids is an excellent choice

Skywalker Mini Trampoline, a bestseller on Amazon is perfect for kids 3-6 years old.

Zupapa Trampoline for Kids is the overall best choice with sizes 8, 10, 12, 14 and 15 foot, for a size of your choice.

[1] Hills, Andrew P., Lars Bo Andersen, and Nuala M. Byrne. “Physical activity and obesity in children.” British journal of sports medicine 45.11 (2011): 866-870.

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