101 birthday party games for kids

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Are you having a birthday party for your child? Struggling to come up with games to keep the children entertained? Look no further, here’s a list of 101 birthday games for the ages 0-10 for you to choose from. Some may require toys/equipment/prizes to play the game while others don’t require anything but the children’s cooperation.

Birthday party games for 0-6-year-old

1.      Musical chairs

This game is fun for all children, just play the music and let the kids dance around to the music then watch them run to the chairs (one less than the kids) when the music stops. Whoever doesn’t sit is out. The last child left sitting is the winner.

Things you might need: Chairs, a device that plays music, and speakers

30 party songs
This the perfect CD for kids to play musical chairs to, it comes with 30 party songs and a song called let’s play musical chairs to with its instructions

2.      Musical Statues

Want to play another game with music? Musical statues are a fun way to dance it out and then freeze when the music stops. The last child dancing is the winner.

Things you might need: Device that plays music and speakers

Kids love to party
This CD is perfect for parties and has one track called musical statues that comes with instructions while playing

3.      Hot Potato

Still, looking for another game with music? Why not try the hot potato game. All you need is a small object like a ball, orange, or even a potato. Let the kids sit together in a circle and pass the ball around, stop the music and whoever is holding the potato when the music stops is out. Continue playing until one kid is left and he/she is the winner.

Hot potato
This is the perfect toy for playing hot potato it plays music when you start and switches off by itself, watch your kids enjoy this game

4.      Pass the parcel

Here’s one more game that involves music, it’s an easy sitting down game that involves passing around the parcel, and whoever the parcel lands on when the music stops should open the parcel and wins a prize.

Things you meet need Toys/candy to put in the parcel, gift wrapping paper.

Shark pass the parcel
This is the perfect animal pass the parcel game with 8 gifts inside

5.      Pinata

Do you have active kids coming to the party? Do they want to win toys or candy? This is the game for them! Channel all that energy and hyperactivity by playing with the pinata. Blindfold them and let them take turns hitting the pinata, with the bat, filled with toys or candy.

Things you might need: A bat, a blindfold, and a pinata

Smiley Face Pinata
This pinata will bring a lot of fun to your child’s birthday party it's big, hard to break and a happy image, you won’t find a better pinata than this

6.      Lasso competition

Do you have kids who love cowboys at the party? Why not teach the kids how to lasso? All you need is a rope and a stuffed animal. Let them practice and try to lasso the stuffed animal. This is a game suitable for older kids.

Lasso Rope
This is the perfect lasso for young kids who enjoy cowboys and everything western

7.      Balancing an egg on a spoon

Want a fun and active game for the kids? Let them try balancing an egg on a spoon and turn it into a race. The kid who finishes the race first without breaking the egg wins.

Things you might need: Spoons and Eggs

Egg and Spoon Race game
This is the perfect game who teaching kids balance, for running, and will bring a lot of enjoyment to adults and kids alike

8.      Sack race

Are you looking for a fun silly race for kids? Why don’t you try the sack race? It’s fun and involves children standing in a sack and jumping to the end of the race-track. Just relax and see how funny the kids look jumping up and down in a sack with their friends.

Things you might need: 5-10 sacks

Sack Race Game Set
This is a perfect sack set for any races for kids, they look professional, colorful and kids of all ages with enjoy them

9.      Pin the tail on the donkey

You can never go wrong with the classics when it comes to games, so why don’t you introduce pin the tail on the donkey to your child’s birthday party. Put a poster of a donkey on the wall and see how close the kids can get to pinning the tail on the donkey while wearing a blindfold.

Things you might need: A poster of a donkey and a blindfold

10.  Hide and seek pals

Hide and seek is classic game you can never go wrong with. Here is another version of hide and seek though, using the Hide and Seek Pals. Hide the Safari animal and let the kids go in search of the animal when you hear it make a sound.

Hide and Seek pal
This is a perfect game for the young kids who love animals, it’s easy to play and can be played indoors or outdoors.

11.  Volleyball

If you have a volleyball net and a ball why not play volleyball. It’s an exciting sport to play with other kids. You divide the kids into teams and let them play by trying to get the ball over the net without it going out of play or hitting the ground.

Volleyball for kids
This is the perfect volleyball to get young kids into playing volleyball it has a cartoon design

12.  Duck Duck Goose

Here is a spinoff from one of the classic games for the young ones, this is a boardgame that can be played indoors. Each player has a group of baby ducks and one mother goose. The goal is to get all the ducklings in a row.

13.  Tic Tac Toe

Looking for an easy fun board game for children to play? How about Tic Tac Toe? It is short, simple, and easy to play. There are two teams X and O. Let the kids try and get three O’s and X’s in a row, either vertical, horizontally, or diagonally. Why not turn it into a competition so everyone gets to play?

Tic Tac Toe
Looking for a fun tic tac toe game? If you are looking for something light that you can travel with, try this version. It’s compact, colorful, and the kids will love the sponginess of the pieces.

14.  Parent Wrapping

This game involves the parents’ participation. It’s an amusing game for the kids to play. Give all the kids a toilet paper roll and let them wrap one of their parents into a mummy. Whoever finishes first is the winner.

Mummy Bandages
This is the perfect bandage material for kids to wrap their parents with

15.  Pass the Potato

Here’s another game similar to the hula hoop race, instead of the hula hoops use potatoes instead. Let the kids pass the potato by holding the orange under the chin. Whoever reaches the end of the line first is the winner.

Pass the potato
This is the perfect pass the potato game for young kids who will love trying to pass the potato to someone else without dropping it

16.  Limbo

Looking for an active game for the kids? Why don’t you try the limbo? It’s all about how low can you go? In other words, how flexible are you? All you need is a rope or stick and watch the kids bend backward trying to pass under the stick.

This is the perfect game set for playing Limbo it is wooden, good for festive parties, and easy to assemble

17.  Dominoes

There are so many fun boarding games around for young kids. Dominoes is one of them, it can help kids with their number and color recognition skills and at the same time give them a lot of entertainment value.

Large format dominoes
this version of dominoes is life-size, it brings the game to life by providing large dominoes that can be played inside the house and outside. A fun way to spend the day with the kids watching their face while the dominoes fall

18.  Basketball

This game only works if you have hoops for shooting. Divide the kids into teams and let them play a 30 minute game of basketball where the goal is to score as many shots through the hoops.

Basketball set
This is the perfect Basket ball set for young kids to learn how to play basketball it’s the appropriate size and easy for young kids to play, get this and watch how much fun the kids will have playing basketball

19.  Snakes and Ladders

Have you ever played snakes and ladders? I’d be surprised if you haven’t. Why not introduce the game during a party and watch how much the kids enjoy it? All you need is the board game which includes the board, dice, and pieces. You roll the dice and try to get to the end of the board without landing on a snake. When you land on a snake it takes you down the snake and you most likely end up going behind the others.

Giant Snakes and Ladders
What’s better than snakes and ladders? A giant snakes and ladders game. A perfect way for young children to play the game by providing bigger pieces and brighter colors. This will be enjoyed by all kids whether your kids or at a party.

20.  Ludo

Here are fun game kids enjoy, it involves 4 players, 4 colors, and dice. The first kid to finish getting all his/her pieces to the end is the winner. Turn it into a birthday game by making it a competition.

Giant Ludo game
This game brings so much entertainment value for your kids, they will never get tired of playing it. It’s huge and life-like which means everyone can watch and enjoy while 4 kids take a turn and try and win

21.  Cartwheel competition

This is a game all kids will enjoy, let them have fun cartwheeling, somersaulting, and just having fun in the grass. If the kids know how to cartwheel you can make it a competition and the winner is the one who can cartwheel the most without stopping.

Cartwheel-Beam Mat
This is the perfect mat for kids who enjoy gymnastics let them play around on this beam all day

22.  Catch a tiger by the tail

This is a pleasurable active game for kids, divide the kids into two teams and let all the members on one team have a tail. The goal is for the first team to run after the team with tails and try to catch as many tails as possible. Whoever has the most tails is the winner.

Animal Tails
This is the perfect combination of animal tails that look realistic and are soft to touch. They are clip on so easy for the other kids to pull off

23.  Tug of War

All you need for this game is a rope and a large group of kids. Divide the kids into two teams let them hold the rope each on one end. Whoever manages to pull the other side to them is the winner. It’s a fun active game for all ages.

Tug of war rope
Here is the perfect rope for tug of war it is soft and long and won’t hurt any childs’ hands

24.  Doll party

Here’s a game for the young girls, tell the girls to bring their favorite dolls to the party and let them have a fun pretend tea party. They get to play pretend.

Things you might need: Dolls, table, tea set.

Tea party set for little girls
This is the perfect tea party set to bring hours and hours of enjoyment to young girls with tea pots, little cups, plates, utensils, mini food.

25.  Teddy Bear picnic

Here’s a game for the young kids, tell the kids to bring their favorite teddy bear to the party and let them have a fun pretend picnic where they get to play pretend.

Things you might need: Teddy Bears, picnic basket and picnic blanket.

Pretend Picnic basket
This is the perfect picnic basket set for young children to have a pretend picnic, it will teach social skills and let kids practice eating outside

26.  Catch butterflies

The young kids will enjoy this game provide the kids with mason jars and let them catch as many butterflies as they can. The kid who catches the most butterflies is the winner. You can make this game longer by letting each child vote on the prettiest butterfly chosen and then let them draw the butterfly.

Things you might need: nets and mason jars

Butterfly net
This is the perfect set for catching butterflies, it comes with 3 colorful nets that are made of good quality to bring excitement to little kids.

27.  Ball pit outdoor game

Here’s an exhilarating game that involves a ball pit for all kids to enjoy together.

Ball Pit Tent
This is the perfect Jungle Gym play tent for young kids to enjoy in a large group

28.  I spy

“I spy with my little eye something beginning with?” Never played it? It’s easy, let a child be “it” and choose an object in the room, say the phrase before, and end it with the first letter of the object. Whoever guesses right first is the winner.

I SPY Preschool Game
This is a puzzle version of I spy that is perfect for young kids from 3 years to 6 years

29.  Treasure hunt

Everyone loves getting prizes, why not turn it into a game and let the kids look for the prizes all over the house/garden. You can hide small toys and all types of candy. A fun and interactive way to spend time.

Things you might need: Prizes, toys, and candy.

Family version treasure hunt
This is the perfect treasure hunt game for kids at birthday parties it comes with a puzzle board, clue cards and prizes

30.  Balance beam

Looking for an active outdoor game for kids who love gymnastics? Why not try a balancing beam which requires kids to play on the beam by using balance and good coordination.

31.  Create a poster for the birthday kid

Another way to give the birthday kid something to remember their birthday from. Bring a huge plain poster with the kids’ name on it, let the kids decorate it with paint, markers, glitter, and stickers. What a creative and memorable way to spend the birthday.

Glitter Markers
This is the perfect glitter marker pens perfect for creating posters and for bringing a smile onto childrens’ face

32.  Bouncing castle game

If you are planning to have a bouncing castle at the party, there are some games you can play at the party. A big hit at a birthday party is the jumping game. Let all the kids play, let them jump in the bouncing castle if they fall or sit they are out. The last kid still standing/jumping is the winner.

Little Tikes Bouncing Castle
This is the perfect bouncing castle for young kids who will spend hours and hours having fun jumping all day

33.  Make a Snowman

For the creative kids at the party, why not let them create a snowman out of different bits and pieces such as cardboard, balls of yarn, and other art supplies.

Snowman Kit
This is the perfect kit to introduce your young kids to building a snowman

34.  Ring toss game

Do your kids enjoy carnival games? Why not play the ring toss game? Put three bottles on top of a table and let the kids throw hoops onto the bottle. Whoever manages to get the most hoops onto the bottles is the winner and gets a prize.

Outdoor carnival games
This is the perfect set for outdoor carnival games it comes with colorful cones, rings and beanbags for kids to throw

35.  Team building activities

Here’s a good game to teach kids teamwork and team building activities. Let the kids play on this movement mats by working as a teak.

36.  Parachute Tag

This is an amusing game for young children. All you need is a big piece of cloth like a bedsheet. The kids hold the bedsheet, when the birthday kid calls out someone’s name they have to run to the other side of the parachute without the parachute touching them.

This is the perfect parachute for playing a lot of games with

Birthday party games for 6-10-year-old kids

37.  Connect 4

Looking for a more advanced version of tic tac toe for the older kids? Why not try Connect 4 its name explains itself literally. Just be the first to connect 4 horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Make it a competition and everyone can get involved.

Giant Connect 4
This is the perfect game for 6-10 year olds’ it’s huge, colorful and easy to play, get it and watch how many kids will have an amazing time trying to win

38.  Scrabble

This is a fun game for people who love words and spelling. Not all kids enjoy this game but the bookworms, the writers and the intellectual kids would probably like this game. Scrabble is a board game that involves spelling out words on the board with the 7 letters you have and the kid who gets the most points once all the letters have finished is the winner. Make it a game for everyone by turning it into a competition.

Kids Scrabble
Looking for a way to get kids into spelling and enjoying English get this Scrabble game with its cartoon boardgame it brings a lot of enjoyment and entertainment value for kids ages 4 and up.

39.  UNO

Here’s a card game for kids to play it’s a fun short game where the kids take turns playing different cards either the same number/sign or color. When you have one more card, you have to say UNO, the first kid to finish all the kids is the winner.

UNO Pixar
A colorful card game that has a lot of cartoon pictures

40.  Bowling

Why not have a bowling party for the young kids all you need is light balls and bowling pins. Make it a competition with teams and points and the winning team gets prizes.

Giant inflatable bowling set
This is the perfect bowling game for young kids, it’s soft, huge and safe and will bring a lot of joy to all kids

41.  Jenga

This is a fun game that involves first putting a tower of blocks on top of each other. Then the aim is to remove one block at a time and placing it on top without letting the tower fall. It’s a fun game with no winners.

Colored wooden blocks
Looking for a fun way to play Jenga with young kids? Why not try this game, it has animals, colors, a high level of entertainment and education? It will bring enjoyment and an educative learning experience.

42.  Pictionary

This is a fun game to play in groups. Divide the kids into two teams, let one child draw something from the deck and the rest of the team has to guess what they drew. Whichever team guesses right the most is the winner.

Junior Pictionary
This is a fun game for kids aged 7 and up. It’s a fun way to spend the day with other kids.

43.  Trivial pursuit

Here’s a fun board game for the older kids who enjoy trivia knowledge. It involves 2-4 players and it’s an interesting way to learn and have fun at the same time. You take turns to play.

Trivial Pursuit Kids Nickelodeon
This is the perfect trivial pursuit game for young kids it has a lot of colors, and well-known cartoons.

44.  Birthday Bingo

Bingo is a fun way to play, maybe instead of the usual numbers, make a bingo with birthday images such as cakes, candles, party hats, and so on. The winner is whoever gets all their images first. 

45.  Paint a canvas

Draw a big letter of the alphabet on each canvas based on the first letter of the kids’ name, let them paint the canvas, and take it home. Provide them with paint, stickers, and glitter.

White canvas
This is a pack of 12 canvas boards perfect for arts and crafts good for all ages

46.  Make candy bracelets

What young girl wouldn’t love their candy bracelet? Provide them with thread and circle-shaped candy. They can make as many as they want till the candy is over.

Candy craft kits
This is the perfect set for making candy bracelets, it comes with a number of different candy beads, an elastic cord and a heart shape candy

47.  Make beaded necklaces

What about a necklace instead? Why not, provide the kids with a lot of beads and elastic string and let them make their necklaces.

48.  Water gunfight

If the birthday is in the summer, why not have a water gun fight? Buy around 15-20 guns and let the kids chase each other and try to get each other wet. A less painful and more child-friendly version of paint-balling.

Water squirt toys
This is the perfect set of squirt guns for young kids to enjoy at a birthday party

49.  Make your pizzas

Do you have kids who like cooking? Why not let the kids make their own pizza. If they are too young let them make a pretend pizza. The older kids provide them with ingredients for pizza and instead of a normal pizza base you can, use pita bread. Let the kids put their toppings and enjoy their meal.

Felt Food Pizza Set
This is the perfect pretend pizza for kids who love to cook but are too young to deal with real food.

50.  Decorate Fairy wings

Looking for a game just for girls? Here’s one, make fairy wings for the kids and let them color and decorate them and take them home. A fun creative way to keep the girls entertained.

Glitter Glue
This is the perfect glitter for making colorful and easy fairy wings

51.  Face painting

Here’s an activity available at most kids birthdays, face painting. Let the kids get their face painted by an adult or by each other.

Face Painting Kit
This is the perfect kit for young kids and easy to apply as they are crayons, easy to apply and easy to remove, the best face painting experience for young kids

52.  Scavenger hunt

A more advanced version of the treasure hunt is the scavenger hunt. Create clues the first clue should lead the kids to the place of the next clue until they reach the end of the hunt and find the prize. Whoever reaches the end first is the winner.

Scavenger Hunt Game for Kids
This is the perfect scavenger hunt game for kids, it’s fun, educational and available for all ages

53.  Checkers

This is a good game for kids who love boardgames, checkers is similar to chess but with less rules. It is played by 2 players at a time and can be fun at parties if made into a competition.

Giant Checkers
This is the perfect checkers game that can be played outdoors and the kids can’t lose the pieces

54.  Head Basketball Hoop Game

Here is another game that can be played outside, it’s a sporty exotic game that involves placing a hoop on their head.

Head Basketball Hoop game
This is the perfect funny game for all ages, that involves a hoop on the head and the aim is to score more baskets than the others

55.  3-Legged race

Another active game for the kids, provide them with ropes or scarves, and each team has two kids they should tie the inner leg to each other so they look like they have 3 legs. Let them race and the one who reaches the end first wins.

3 Legged Race Bands
This is the perfect bands for 3 legged race its soft and easy to fasten

56.  Cops and Robbers

Here’s an active game for your kids to play at a birthday party. Let three kids be the cop and the rest robbers. The robbers run away and hide and the cops have to catch all the robbers to win.

Police costume for kids
This is the perfect outfit for playing Cops and Robbers
Robber Costume
This is the perfect outfit for the robber it looks realistic and easy to wear

57.  Decorate Jewelry box

Another game for a girl party? Provide the girls with empty plain boxes and let them decorate them with colors, stickers, stars, buttons, and so much more. A fun creative way to keep the girls busy and something to go home with.

Decorate your own jewelry book
This is the perfect DIY jewelry box for young girls to spend an enjoyable time decorating it with clay, stickers, and a sculpting tool

58.  Five a side football

Why not play a game of football? Especially if you have a lot of boys at the party. Let the kids choose teams and play a short 30 minute game of football.

59.  Decorating Table Cloth

Give the birthday child something to remember by letting the kids decorate a table-cloth with special wishes to the birthday kid. It’s a creative way to keep the kids busy and to give the kid something for the memory box from the birthday.

Things you might need: table cloth, markers and paint

Fabric Markers
This is the perfect markers for decorating any fabric, its washable, high quality and with a lot of different colors to choose from

60.  Hula Hoop Race

This is a fun game if you have a lot of kids. Divide the kids into two teams, let them stand in a line , and hold hands. Give each time one hula hoop. The goal is for the kids to pass the hula hoop to the end of the line without letting go of their hands. Whoever reaches the end first is the winner.

61.  Rock Climbing

Do your kids enjoy climbing things? Why not provide a mini rock climbing experience the kids will never forget?  Rock climbing requires different gear and a wall/mountain/hill.

Rock Climbing gear
This is the perfect gear and set to create your own climbing experience

62.  Mini golf

This is a mini version of golf that will bring a lot of excitement and joy for all kids alike

Mini Golf
This is the perfect mini golf set for young kids it includes 9 holes, 4 balls and a scorecard. It is a good experience for kids who enjoy sports

63.  Charades

Put a list of actions and animals on separate pieces of paper and let one child be “it” where they have to act out what’s written on the piece of paper they chose. Let the other kids guess what the action is.

Kids Charades
This is the perfect boardgame for charades that comes with a number of actions that will make any birthday special

64.  Plastic Darts

Looking for a game that focuses on kid’s motor skills, why not try darts (the ones without the sharp points). Make two teams and let the kids compete whoever gets the most points win.

Dart Board
This is the perfect easy soft and safe dart board for kids, it will keep a large group of kids busy for a long time

65.  Pop and catch

This is an easy game for young kids that requires only 2 players at a time, it can be an easy version of ping pong for young kids. Let the kids play outside enjoying this game of catch. Make it a competition to involve more kids in the game.

66.  Lava land

This game involves letting kids try their best to not touch the ground as they pretend its lava. They have to jump from one stone to the other without falling down.

Stepping stones
This is the perfect stepping stones for young kids to enjoy playing lava land they are soft and colorful and will teach kids how to balance

67.  Obstacle course

If you have a lot of space in your backyard why not create a good workout through an obstacle course with hula hoops, bean bags to toss, buckets, and an area to race. Divide the kids into teams and let them race against each other.

Obstacle Course
This is the perfect set to create an amazing obstacle course for kids it comes with hula hoops, bean bags, ring toss, cones, a jump rope and so much more equipment

68.  Design clothes for dolls

Here’s one more game for the girls only, provide them with plain doll dresses and let them decorate them with different colors, buttons, glitter, and so much more. The kids can vote on which one they like best and can get a prize.

69.  Paper sailboat race

If you have a pool, pond, or near a park with a river why not have a paper sailboat race? It involves an art and crafts side where the kids make their paper sailboats and then they race them in the water. The winner should get a prize.

70.  Hop Scotch competition

Do you have a driveway that you can draw on with chalk? Why not create a hopscotch court. It’s an easy game that kids will enjoy. You draw squares up to 10. The kid throws their marker onto number 1 and hops to number 2 to the end and back without hopping on number one and stepping on the lines. If they manage to do that then they throw their marker to the next number 2, 3, 4,5 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. The game continues until someone finishes all 10, they are the winner.

Hop Scotch game
This is the perfect easy hop scotch carpet for kids to play with it can be indoors or outdoors and doesn’t involve drawing on the ground, it can be carried to other areas easily

71.  Jump rope competition

Ever jumped rope? Had fun? I’m sure all the kids would enjoy jumping rope at a birthday party. Get like 5 ropes and let the kids jump whoever jumps the longest is the winner.

Kids Jump Rope
This is the perfect jump rope for young kids they are colorful, have animals on them and will bring a lot of joy to young children everywhere

72.  Decorate picture frame

Another arts and crafts party game involves an empty picture frame that the kids can decorate and get to take home with them. It’s a fun, simple, and for all ages.

Picture Frame Design Kit
This is the perfect decorating kit for picture frames that all young girls will love. Get them this for birthday party and watch their creativity take over.

73.  Create your own headband

Here’s an interesting game for the girls, Provide the girls with arts and crafts and let them create their own headbands. Make it a competition and let the kids vote on the best design and the winner gets a prize.

Headband Kit
This is the perfect arts and crafts game for girls to create girly accessories

74.  Decorate stones

Let kids with a love for outdoors collect round rocks and then paint them however they like. A small gift to take home.

Painting kit for kids
This is the perfect gift set for painting that allows kids to paint whatever they want on small flat stones, give your kids this kit and watch them have a blast

75.  Make your own dreamcatcher

Looking for a birthday game for older girls? Why not let them have a great time creating their own dreamcatcher. Dreamcatchers are pretty, unique decorations that can be placed in every house. Let them create their own dreamcatcher and take it home with them.

DIY dreamcatcher
This is the perfect dreamcatcher kit that all girls will have fun creating

76.  Paint a birdhouse

Let kids create, paint and decorate a plain wooden birdhouse and they get to take it home with them.

77.  Create your own night light

Here’s an imaginative way to spend a few hours with a large group of girls. Let them create their own night lights and then take it home with them to keep in their room as an elegant reminder of the birthday.

Fairy night light Kit
This is the perfect night light kit for young girls to enjoy with their friends

78.  Create a wind chime

This is a creative activity that involves making and decorating wind chimes. It can be played by both boys and girls. An activity that will give the kids something to remember the day by.

Wind Chime Kits
This is the perfect kit for kids to decorate and paint a personalized wind chime

79.  Create a fairy lantern jar

This is an artistic activity that involves creating your own fairy lantern jar with different paints, colors, glitter and shapes.

80.  Unicorn piggy bank

A girly art game that will appeal to girls who love unicorns. Provide them with unicorn piggy bank and let them decorate it in a way that appeals to them.

81.  Make your comic book

Here’s another arts and crafts game. Why not create a comic book based on the birthday kid? Provide comic book strips with photos and speech bubbles and let the kids make their own story. A creative way to remember the day by.

Create your own Comics
This is the perfect blank comic book to give all the kids a chance to create their own comic book or to do one together to remember the day by

82.  Create a chocolate bar

Here’s a game for the kids that involve making your own chocolate. This is a sweet way to spend the day making chocolates and decorating them to their own designs.

Chocolate Bar Maker
This is the perfect kit to teach young girls how to make their own chocolates in a fun and creative setting

83.  Dodgeball

Looking for a sporty game for your birthday? Why not take a look at the next 5 games. This one involves a ball and two teams, some inside the square others outside the goal is to get all the kids out by hitting them with the ball.

This is the perfect set of soft dodgeballs to bring a lot of excitement and joy to young kids without hurting them

84.  Kickball

Here’s another sporty game. all you need is a ball and some cones for the bases. This game is similar to baseball except you kick the ball instead of using a baseball bat. It’s a good game that 6-10 year old would enjoy.

Kickball Set
This is the perfect Kick Ball set for kids to play outside it comes with the plates, a bat if you want and the ball.

85.  Relay race

Another active game for the kids, make three teams of 4 and let them race each other in a relay. All you need are batons or anything like batons for the kids to pass onto each other.

Relay Running Baton
This is the perfect running batons for relays they are easy to hold, light and brightly colored

86.  Rocket Ball

This is a sporty game that combines different sports together in order to make its own called Rocketball. It can be played indoors or outdoors and even in the swimming pool if you wanted.

Rocketball Set
This is the perfect rocketball set which will bring a lot of energy to any party

87.  Name that Cartoon

If you have a lot of time before the birthday why not make a slideshow/video called Name that cartoon. Put a few photos and short clips into a video and let the kids guess what cartoon is on the screen. Whoever gets the most right is the winner.

Guess the cartoon character
This is the perfect app to play name that cartoon it shows you a cartoon and the ids have to guess which cartoon it is

88.  Keep the balloon up

This is an easy game that only requires a balloon. Let the kids form a circle and they have to keep the balloon up at all costs. The game ends when the balloon touches the ground.

Party Balloons
This is the perfect set of balloons for any party

89.  Chess competition

This is a fun game for the older kids, all you need is the boardgame and 2 players. The goal is to win by moving the pieces in the allowed moves until one kid gets the king or reaches checkmate.  Why not make it a competition, so all the kids that would like to play get their chance.  

Chess Junior
This is the perfect chess set for kids that will provide the kids with a lot of fun

90.  Karaoke

Do you have a karaoke machine? If yes, why not bring out for the kids birthday party, just play a lot of Disney/cartoon songs and let the kids have a fun time singing.

Karaoke Set
This is the perfect Karaoke Machine for young girls who enjoy singing

91.  Race cars

This is a game all boys will enjoy. Collect small equal-sized cars and make a race track. Let the kids race their cars on the track and whoever reaches the end first is the winner. The winner can get a prize.

Race Cars
This is the perfect race car set with 18 different types of cars for kids to race with

92.  Tight rope

Do you have flexible kids who enjoy gymnastics? Why not create a low tight rope (with a wooden plank) let them have fun going across the plank and see who can do it without falling off.

Balance training rope
This is the perfect training for balancing available for adults and children alike to practice balancing.

93.  Juggling competition

If your kid enjoys the carnival, here’s another game they would enjoy. Juggling, it’s a funny act that involves balancing three balls at the same time. Let the kids have fun seeing who can juggle the best.

Juggling Balls
This is the perfect Juggling balls for kids and adults alike who want to start learning to juggle

94.  Bug hunt

Do you have kids who love nature? Why not make a bug hunt for them? Make a list with pictures of bugs that they could find in the park and let them search for the bugs whoever finds the most bugs is the winner and gets a prize.

Bug catcher kits
This is the perfect kit for young kids to discover nature and enjoy looking for and capturing as many bugs as possible

95.  Archeological hunt

Do you have kids who love digging and dinosaurs? Why not create an archeological hunt for them? Dig some fake dinosaur eggs and let them enjoy finding them based on different clues.

Dinosaur Excavation kits
This is the perfect dinosaur egg collection for kids who love dinosaurs

96.  Archery

If the kids are older an enjoy sports, why not let them enjoy a challenging game of archery. Divide the group into two teams and let them compete to see how gets the most points.

97.  Balloon Race

Here’s a fun game to play, divide the kids into teams of two, give them a balloon and let them race while carrying the balloon together. However, they cannot use their hands at all. Whoever reaches the end first without touching the balloon with their hands is the winner.

This is the perfect set of balloons for parties that are brightly colored

98.  Oreo Face

If looking for a game for kids involving food, why don’t you try the Oreo face game. Let the kids put the Oreo on their forehead and they try to eat it without using their hands. The first kid to eat the Oreo without touching it with their hands or it falling on the ground is the winner.

Have fun playing with oreos with this family size Oreo pack
  • Marshmallow game

Here’s another enjoyable food game for the kids. All you need is a big bag of marshmallows and several bowls. Fill up the bowls with marshmallows, set a timer, and let the kids eat as much as they can in under one minute. The one who eats the most is the winner.

Have fun playing the marshmallow game with all these marshmallows

100.          Play twister

This is a fun board game to play with other kids. It involves a mat with different colors and a spinner board to choose the color. The aim is for the kids to put one hand or feet on each color that the spinner reaches to. The first child to fall loses.

Classic Twister
This is the perfect twister board game that kids will spends hours enjoying

101.          Spiderweb

Have a lot of kids at the party? Why not play Spiderweb? All you need is a big ball of yarn and a big group of kids. Let one kid keep hold of a piece of the string till the end, and then throw the ball of string to another kid keep throw and you end up with a big spider web.

This is the perfect ball of yarns to play spiderweb with

Final Thoughts

With all these games you’ll be able to keep the kids entertained at any birthday party. Here are the best three birthday games if you have a lot of kids at a birthday. Personally I would recommend Obstacle CourseShark pass the parcel and Scavenger Hunt Game for Kids as they are the most fun and many kids can be involved.

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Tiffany Biondi

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