Cheapest Baby Carriers for Back Pain You need to know

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1. LÍLLÉbaby Complete All Seasons Six-Position 360° Ergonomic Baby and Child Carrier

Bottom Line

A versatile carrier with 6 different positions to adjust your baby. Comfortable, ergonomic, and breathable with an extra baby hood for protection and privacy. It can be used for both newborns and toddlers. Perfect for first-time moms.


Versatile carrier with a temperature control panel to avoid getting your baby too heated and is also very easy to put on. Additionally, it comes with lumbar support to distribute the weight.


  • Bulky straps, no inward pockets, and it doesn’t include a forward-facing position.
  • Wallet Saver

2. Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier for Newborn to Toddler with Lumbar Support

Bottom Line

Works for various wearers have a great forward-facing option. It adapts to your growing baby, ergonomic and breathable cloth for different weather, and to accommodate your baby with comfort.


Comes with a light feeling, buckets at the waist, and features a built-in hood to protect the baby from sun and shade. Easy to rinse.


Compared to other models can be a little pricey. It can be hard to adjust. The material doesn’t have great stain resistance.

3. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

Bottom Line

If you want affordable, easy to wear, stylish, and comfortable material for you and your baby, this is one of the best options chosen by tons of moms.


It is a stretchy and soft material, comes with an extra layer that you can use to make sure your baby is secure. Once you learn how to use them, it’s easy to pop the baby in and out.


Material is too long and leaves a part loose that you have to tie around you to avoid it touching the ground and it can warm up easily indoors and during hot weather. No lumbar support.

4. Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Carrier

Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Carrier - Ergonomic, convertible, face-in and face-out front and back carry for newborns and older babies
The straps tight enough to offer good support for a newborn at the back and neck. The material is breathable and the carrier itself does not weigh much.

Bottom Line

A safe and comfortable carrier, lightweight and easy to use, can work well for newborns, and has 4 different carrier options. Babies can look around.


Convertible, affordable compared to other carriers. Comes with head support can switch from positions by yourself.


The carrier is not 100% ergonomic. Will need help to switch to the back carry position.

5. Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier, Infant and Child Sling

Bottom Line

Practical, easy to wear, comfortable, and delicate material. Easy to breastfeed.


Ergonomic, weight distribution, one size. Soft and stretchy cloth. Wraps baby in all the right places.


No lumbar support, warm material. Sizes are not adjustable for everyone.

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Buying guide for Cheapest Baby Carriers For Back Pain

A baby carrier is a super-easy and comfortable way to keep your little one near to you without using your hands and lets you do housework, groceries, and even hiking if you are one of those parents.

The market offers different types of brands, shapes, and materials for every parent so you can choose the one that best suits your baby and you. If you want something simple when on the go or something for long walks, there is something for each need and some very versatile carriers.

When taking your baby for long periods you could develop back pain in your lower back, so not only do we need to buy a good carrier for our baby but also one that helps you to avoid getting back pain while wearing your baby, enabling you to do housework, go grocery shopping, hiking or even going to a concert while distributing properly the weight.

If you haven’t found the perfect one for you, today we are going to review the best baby carriers in the market. Helping you to match what’s the Cheapest Baby Carriers For Back Pain that meets your babies and your needs while fitting your budget.

Types of baby carriers

All baby carriers’ main purpose is to keep your baby close to you, safe and carefree. Providing you and your baby with body flexibility, for your baby to be protected, and for you to keep doing your day-to-day activities. We are going to discuss all the different types of baby carriers on the market.

Some baby carriers come with lumbar support, which helps in lessening the pressure on the back and alleviate back pain, while others come with padded straps that bring comfort to your shoulders and help to properly distribute the weight in your body.

Wrap Is a piece of long soft fabric that you tie around your body, creating a pouch where your baby can sit. Normally used with newborns until they are 18 or 20 months old due to after they grow, it can be a little bit uncomfortable for the mom to wear the baby like that and also difficult for the baby.

Wraps are made from different materials, some could be thin and let air flow easily, while others have thicker materials that could trap air and warm easily, which are good for cold weather but could be a little too hot for the baby during summer or indoors. The materials used to make wraps go from woven, stretchy material and goose wraps. Being stretchy the most popular one.

These types of baby carriers are comfortable and they help you to distribute the weight perfectly, great to pop your baby in and out depending on the necessity. They are very affordable and easy to find. Mainly good for newborns but the extra material can be adjustable for your different baby size and age.

Because of the stretchy material sometimes parents need up to 3 layers to feel safe wrapping themselves and the baby which causes it to get warm for your baby and you. Not recommended to do back carrying.

Goose wraps come in a thinner material, which gets less warm during hot weather, but they are less affordable than stretchy and woven ones and are harder to find due to the material that they are made with.

A recurrent problem with them other than warming up easily is that they are a long material and sometimes they get all over the place. So it’s good to keep that in mind and do an extra layer or tie them up around your baby to avoid it touching the ground.

Woven wraps opposite to the goose and stretchy wraps allow front, back, and hip carrying, it’s a stronger material and shorter so it allows to easily put it on, putting the baby in it. Keeping the baby safe. Because of being shorter, there is no need to use them dragging on the floor or wrap yourself in several layers, but they come more expensive and harder to find.

The good thing about wrap carriers is that they are made of a soft material, not heavy, your baby is going to feel cozy in it. It has a feeling like wearing a large shirt and having your baby inside of it, you can easily wear a jacket or may want to get a bigger size jacket if you also want to have your baby fit with the wrap inside the jacket for the cold weather. They distribute the weight nicely around your shoulder and back which comes in handy and lessens the pressure on your back. These wraps are lightweight and are completely portable. You can easily fold them and put them in your purse. They fit everywhere so it’s good to always have one around even if you use a stroller or a structured carrier, you can always keep one around if you want to snug or cuddle with your baby while traveling or doing any outdoor activities.

Not only do they come in amazing designs, but they are now different styles and shapes. We still have the long fabric usually woven but they are ones that are like a T-shirt you simply put it on and slide the baby in. Easy as one, two, three. Some of them if you are a first-timer, could be tricky but a good YouTube video and a few tries with a baby doll or your cat could help you to make sure your baby will feel all cozy in it.

Ring sling Woven fabric made, easy and fast carrier to wear on, and good to keep your baby close and comfortable.
There are two different kinds of slings, with ring slings you can back carry but it’s something not very recommended like the wraps. These different than the wraps do not need to tie and wrap all-around your body. You can easily put your baby in and out. Great for doing the groceries and are great for nursing.

Different kinds of slings, ring slings you can back carry but it’s more like for advance carriers, can pre-put it on and get baby in and out, good to go to the store. It’s a little learning curve but could be easier to learn than a woven wrap. Great for nursing.

Not necessarily bulky, good to wear under jackets during cold and cool weather. Short enough that it doesn’t reach the floor. On the other hand, a one-shoulder sling is economical and easier to wear but not good for nursing or weight distribution.
Slings at different than wraps that are just texture come with a ring that tightens and wraps it around you. These carriers are easy and stylish, like a big handbag that you wear over one shoulder and pop a baby in it.

Structure carriers One of the most popular types of carriers, provides optimal support to keep the baby safe. These carriers come with features that wraps and slings don’t have. Here your baby can be free to look around while sitting on your front, side, or back. The hoodie feature which some carriers come with. Protects your baby from the sun and some are even removable. Pockets to keep your belongings some inward pockets which are the best ones where you could even put your hands in case of cold weather.

There are different ways to carry your baby when using a structured carrier; baby facing, facing in wide and facing out narrow with head control, and back carry wide seats. Adjustable seats, openings for their little toes. They are padded with soft and comfortable material for your baby, breathable material to avoid overheating, but still, some materials make them heat up inside.

Weight distribution is something that these carriers are chosen for, so you can weigh your hips instead and the lumbar support helps you to avoid getting backache or the straps and waistbands to give you and your baby more support and make sure that your baby is safe and tight.

While being easily worn just by buckling up and others come set up in one size, it may become tricky when required to switch from one position to another or to move the seat for your baby, so changing your baby to back carrying could request assistance from another person.

Not all structure carriers are wearable for one person, some come in specific sizes so badly mom and daddy won’t be able to wear the same one if both pretend to use it and want to save some money it is better to wear an adjustable one instead.
We have different styles of structure carriers and not all are for newborns, we have newborn and toddlers models, some of the newborns are only good until your baby is 6-8 months old while the toddlers while they are not made for newborns you could obtain an insert to wrap your baby in and fit properly and once it outgrows it you can stop using the insert and you can wear your baby lighter.

There is a significant scale in regards to pricing depending on the characteristics, material, and brands there is a lot to choose from. You can pick designs that just face inwards while you could also check carriers that feature inward, outward and sideward so your baby can face you, to the sides of the front.

The backpack carriers are faster to put on, can be used from birth, most offer forward-facing or 260 features for curious babies, good for hiking, riding, walking long distance, and even concerts.

Adjustable buckles and pretty easy to mount and dismount the baby, but others require assistance to unbuckle.
Meh Dai (Mei Tai) Carrier Is an East-Asian style of bodied carrier. Easy to wear, no buckles or bulky padding. Fabric panel with two added straps that are tied around the waist and then two straps that can be tied around the parent and baby providing a comfortable and cozy fit.

Meh, Tais are one of the oldest carriers ever used, you could see African moms and Asian moms all around the globe wearing them while looking stylish, which is one of the main reasons why most people choose them instead of the fabric of the long wrap.

These carriers are made of square fabric with long straps that you can tie to. It’s affordable and very stylish. Great weight distribution, versatile to do front and back carrying, and are comfortable to wear and provide a soft, cozy feeling to your baby as well.

Loved by how flexible and easy is to adjust, they come in beautiful patterns and style, reasonable prices, and fit babies from different sizes. Good to do hip and back carrying, are great for people with back and shoulder problems.

Buying guide for Cheapest Baby Carriers For Back Pain

A baby carrier is a super-easy and comfortable way to keep your little one near to you without using your hands and lets you do housework, groceries, and even hiking if you are one of those parents.
The market offers different types of brands, shapes, and materials for every parent so you can choose the one that best suits your baby and you. If you want something simple when on the go or something for long walks, there is something for each need and some very versatile carriers.
When taking your baby for long periods you could develop back pain in your lower back, so not only do we need to buy a good carrier for our baby but also one that helps you to avoid getting back pain while wearing your baby, enabling you to do housework, go grocery shopping, hiking or even going to a concert while distributing properly the weight.
If you haven’t found the perfect one for you, today we are going to review the best baby carriers in the market. Helping you to match what’s the Cheapest Baby Carriers For Back Pain that meets your babies and your needs while fitting your budget.

How to avoid back pain from baby carriers?

Babies are the light of our eyes, and you just want to keep your newborn all close to you as possible so we want to snug them, kiss them, carry them all day long. But carrying your baby for a long period can cause you backache or other back illness.

However, carrying your baby requires both hands and that limits the things you can do. That’s where Baby carriers come in, they are the best baby item to buy as a list submitted by on January 15th of the current year.

With that temporary solution to carrying our baby using a baby carrier surges another issue. Some of these carriers do not have enough support for our backs or wearing them for long periods can be a deal-breaker for our crying backs.

Using baby carriers has its benefits from leaving your hands completely free and allowing you to do the housework, going to the mall, or even going grocery shopping. But it also could make your back blow up even if it means wearing your baby for several hours, some precautions could be followed to avoid developing future back pain.

To avoid back pain by wearing too long your baby carrier, whenever you sense soreness you should change position if allowed by the carrier you have, switch from back to the side or front position either stop using it for a moment. Because not listening to your back could cause severe consequences. None of the brands on the market that sell baby carriers have a prescribed amount of time that you should use the carrier for consecutive hours, therefore it’s best to avoid harming yourself.

Always tight your carrier so your baby is as close to you as possible, if you have a strap carrier or an SSC, confirm all straps are equal and tighten or that the waistband is over your hips to avoid letting the weight go to your back. By doing this you release pressure on your back, when the carrier is too loose this adds pressure to your back which eventually will develop into back pain.

Carrying your baby in a facing forward position can produce stress on your lower back and pelvis area which could develop into more severe health issues. That’s why it is recommended that after 6 months old or if your baby is over 20 pounds to switch to back carrying, helping your body to rest and distribute the weight to your back, shoulder, and hips. In the same order when wearing your baby on your front keeping in mind the best and safest position for you and your baby is when you can kiss the top of their head, that way you can lower the tension on your back.

In other words, to avoid having back pain we must be fair with our bodies if needed, switch to another style of transport if the one you are using is causing you back pain, or consult your doctor if the problem has aggravated. For moms with a history of back pain and ones that had ligament issues while pregnant, you could use baby carriers but it’s also good to see it won’t backfire on you and that you are doing it the right way.

Cheapest Baby Carriers for Back Pain You need to know 1


Using a baby carrier helps reduce the chances of flat head syndrome also known as plagiocephaly.

What to look for when buying baby carriers

When choosing from the diversity of available carriers, there are several things to take into consideration. How many people are going to be wearing it? Do you want something while your baby is in its first months? Or something that could be used even after they become toddlers.

What material to choose from? Are you willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a baby carrier or can you settle for something good and affordable?

Here we are going to list what as per our customers where the features to look into when choosing what carrier to buy.


How versatile can the carrier be, if it can be used to carry the baby on your back or just front? Does it face inwards only or does it also face outward? Does it come with a hood or it doesn’t? A carrier that comes with different positions is the best option for you and your baby, once they grow you would like to wear them on your back to evenly distribute the weight, carrying a baby over 20 pounds can be a little harsh on your back when you carry or wear them on not all styles bring the same features. Can it only be used for toddlers? If so, you will need an insert for newborns so once your baby grows you can still use the same carrier instead of buying two?


Is the material comfortable for you and your baby? Carriers come in all different types of materials and textures so it’s best to choose a fabric that doesn’t warm up easily or and one that is soft for your skin and your baby. How comfortable are you while wearing the carrier with your body? Is it weight distributed? Does it come with back support, is it padded that it doesn’t feel too uncomfortable for you?

Easy to use

It is defined by how you can buckle yourself in and out of the carrier, how fast you can put your baby in and out, sometimes you may need assistance from someone else to help yourself or even the baby from some carriers, because of how tight or far the buckles are.
When using a wrap, how long does it take to tie it up and wrap your baby properly, in case of a hurry how easily can you untie yourself or put the baby in or out?

If needed to adjust, you will want to do it while walking, by pulling something without much effort, while this is possible in most of the carriers, sometimes an extra hand will be needed to get this task done.


We need to consider, how often and for what situations, places, or circumstances will you be using the carrier? Will you be indoors or outdoors? You may consider materials that don’t warm up or with a temperature panel to keep your baby.

All carriers are good for everyday activities, but if pretending to be on long walks, hiking, biking, you may want to consider something that is comfortable for you to wear for long periods and a carrier where your baby can be safe and secure for that type of activity.

Each baby is unique and so will be your needs, check the criteria of the carrier before buying one, read the description, because not all have the same features, neither all of them fit all baby sizes. Get the best fit for you and your baby.

How much do baby carriers cost?

Prices for baby carriers vary, we have all models in all prices, which change between the features, materials, and designs them.

Inexpensive: For less than $60 there is a big variety of models and styles that you can choose from for you and your baby. Wraps and slings being the cheapest baby carriers for back pain in the market, they come with lumbar support and with great weight distribution to lessen any pressure for you and your little one.

Mid-range: Between 60-100 you can find mostly baby backpacks and some structure carriers, which is still a good range for something you will be using frequently. Finding buckle carriers and padded material as well. Also, we can find some wraps and slings with harder-to-find materials and stylish patterns and designs.

Expensive: From 100 to 200$ are most of the convertible and multi e carriers, these being the preferred from everyone for their versatility, including lumbar support for your back and softer materials for your baby.

Premium: Over 200$ these are the all-in-one carrier, which comes padded, well supported, providing a lightweight feeling and protection for your baby while being in them. Some people prefer this with their stronger materials and easy to wash the surface.

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