31 Educational Toys for Toddlers [Grow intelligent child]

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Toddlers love to play and as a parent, you want them to learn while they are enjoying games. If you want them to learn while playing, you can consider buying them educational toys.

Thing to Consider in Choosing Your Toddler’s Educational Toys


This is the very first thing that you need to consider and one way to assure safety for your child is by making sure that the toys are appropriate for their age.


Choose a toy that you think will last for years. Try to stick with sturdy toys because choosing durable toys with higher prices can save more of your money.


Make sure that the toys you buy are functional and stimulative in order to assure that your child will be able to learn while they are playing.

Educational Toys for Toddlers

1.      Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Piggy Bank

Before turning 2, I already exposed my child to toys like this. On his second birthday, I bought him an actual piggy bank, and now that he is 2 years old and 6 months, his piggy bank is almost full!

This toy actually is not just teaching about saving money but it also helps your little ones in learning how to count and add numbers. Another good thing about it is that it has musical tunes that your toddlers will surely enjoy! According to a study, teaching kids different methods of saving money increases the potential of children in becoming a more responsible manager of money when they become adults.[1]

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Piggy Bank
Having this toy will make your child understand the importance of money and saving. Additionally, when they grow older, they will surely see how having a saving is important especially during emergencies or how important it is to save money for the things they like.

2.      Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog

Motor-enhancing toys are great educational toys for your toddlers and this Spike Hedgehog is a great tool for you in helping your child not just to enhance their eye-motor coordination but also teach about colors and counting.

Learning Resources Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog
This toy can help your toddler enhance their grasping skills and in the future, you will see their muscle strength. Additionally, if your child is undergoing an occupational therapy, this toy can be used while you are at home.

3.      Count and Learn Cookie Jar

If your toddler is a fan of snacking, you can actually use this toy as an educational one! My toddler loves cookies and when I gave this toy as a gift, he really felt so happy! We did play-pretend games and the both of us really had fun!

4.      Symphony Croc Music Band Set

According to a study, exposing children to music at a young age can enhance many of their skills. Additionally, it can support the process of learning and development of children.[2]

My toddler is into music and the first thing he played when he was one and a half years old is a smaller ukulele. Since I found him so much interested in music and musical instruments, I bought him this toy, and eventually, his love for music grew bigger, and now that he is two, he enjoys incorporating singing while playing his instruments.

HABA Symphony Croc Music Band Set
Letting your toddlers have this will make them enhance their passion and in the future, they will become professionals in whatever they want to pursue.

5.      Schoenhut Learn-to-Play Toy Piano

This is another musical toy that can be used in educating your children. Playing a kid’s piano does not require so many keys and notes. Usually, there are material books that have simple keys to follow when you are using a piano and you actually get one of these books.

Anyhow, this toy enhances your child’s listening skills especially when you are there to teach them.

6.      Step2 Great Creations Art Center Art Desk Easel

For me, this is actually a great toy and it is always worth buying. It has a lot of different stuff your child can play with and all the different kinds of stuff are educational for your little ones. It helps in enhancing your child’s imagination and it teaches them how to maximize all the stuffs around them.

7.      Creative Mosaic Drill Set

I noticed that my child is a fan of builder’s tools and so, I bought this toy for him because I wanted him to enjoy the passion that I see in him. This toy actually helps your child become creative and strategic in doing building works. So, if you see that your child is striving to become an engineer one day, this toy must be on your list!

According to a study, exposing children to these kinds of toys inspire them to become an engineer and will eventually pursue higher education of their profession.[3]

Creative Mosaic Drill Set
This toy enhances your child’s creativity, imagination, and motor skills. Additionally, if your child is dreaming to become an engineer one day, this toy will help him enjoy his passion.

8.      Ravensburger: Five Little Fish

I played with a toy like this back when I was a child and really did enjoy it. It is a satisfying and fun game! It teaches your child how to follow instructions and it also enhances your child’s motor and color recognition skills.

9.      Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope

According to a study, optic toys like this can enhance a child’s optic focus.[4] The reason why I got this for my child is because of my profession and personally, I find it fun whenever I use the microscope while I am at work. Since my child is too young to operate a real microscope, I looked for a great toy and I found this!

Toddlers are not yet too good at reading and the good thing about this toy is that it has a voice that speaks whenever a microscope slide is being viewed. This voice explains to a child about the specific item they see on the microscope. This is actually a fun education toy that even parents will enjoy!

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope
This toy will actually make your child be interested with science. In the future, when it is time for them to choose a course or profession, they will be more passionate about science courses or professions because they have experienced the fun when they were young.

10.  Melissa and Doug Mine to Love Jenna Baby Doll

The fact that this doll can be dressed and undressed is already a great way to enhance your child’s motor skills. According to a study, letting your kids play with these kinds of toys increases their sense of empathy.[5] For me, I truly believe that this toy is a great early childhood toy because it actually enhances your child’s imagination and it teaches them to nourish the people around them especially if they are expecting another baby!

Melissa & Doug Jenna
If you are pregnant and your child is a toddler, this doll will help them understand their role as big siblings. This way it will be easier for you to introduce your coming baby and eventually when the new baby has arrived, your toddler will love them more!

11.  PlasmaCar The Original

My child had this gift when he was one year old and he was only able to use it when he turned 2. Whenever my child rides on this toy and plays with it, I see his fun, especially when pretend that we are chasing after him!

When you look at it, you will usually say that it has no educational value. But personally, I find it very educational for my son. This toy teaches my toddler how to properly balancing and it teaches him proper controlling of his movements. According to a study, toys like this can increase the mobilization and socialization of a child.[6]

12.  Cardboard Playhouse

Whenever we visit our relatives, I always see my little cousin enjoying her small playhouse and my little boy enjoys being inside there, too! They play-pretend and they just bond so much and I feel so full whenever I see their smiles and hear their laughs!

Back then, I thought that the only thing this playhouse gives is fun. One time, when we were inside our home, I saw my little cousin sweep the floor, tables, and chairs! I asked her mom, then, where did she learn that and my aunt said that she usually play-pretend inside the playhouse even when she is alone!

13.  Sesame Street Playskool Cookie Monster’s On the Go Numbers

As a parent, I always make sure that my little boy learns whenever I buy him new toys and this sesame street toy is actually my favorite. Because it is handy, I am able to teach my little boys about numbers and letters wherever we go. However it is important to not exhaust your child so with this, it is important to always separate a full playtime and an educational time.

Sesame Street Playskool Cookie Monster's On The Go Numbers
This toy can enhance your child’s motor, imagination, and sensory skills. Also, having it will save your effort from cleaning messy toys and in anywhere you go, you can teach your child educational stuffs.

14.  Baby Einstein Tinker Table

This toy is an interactive educational toy that your child will surely enjoy. For the parents, this is a great one as well because you would not have to clean up the mess after playing. Indeed, your child’s creativity will be enhanced whenever they play with this toy.

Baby Einstein Curiosity Table
Having this toy will make your child become smarter and one day when they deal with real-life problems, they will able to think and solve critically.

15.  Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

You may not believe it but at 2 years old, my toddler boy can shoot a ball on a 5 ft. court and I give the credits to this toy. Personally, I think that this toy is helpful in stretching your child’s muscles and it increases your child’s stamina when they play using real-life basketball rules.

According to a study, toys like this can increase a child’s self-esteem and helps in developing balance and coordination.[7]

When your child plays toys like this with other people, their social skills actually develops more and in the future, you will see how friendly and sociable your child will turn into. Additionally, they will learn the value of sportsmanship at a very young age.

16.  Haktoys Fishing Game Toy Set with Rotating Board

When you play with this toy, you are playing while taking turns. So, if you are playing with your toddlers, you can actually teach them great life lessons such as the value of being generous and patient. Additionally, this toy is a great time-killer that will actually help you avoid your child in having more screen time.

Haktoys Fishing Game Toy Set with Rotating Board
Having this will teach your child patience and in the future when they are older and no longer being watched by you, they will be able to be very patient people as they deal with those surrounding them.

17.  VTech Write & Learn Creative Center

There are many toys like this online but I personally recommend this specific product because of its durability. Another thing that I like about it is its smoothness when you write. Other toys like this tend to be rough and you will actually feel the magnets rubbing together.

I bought my child this toy a long time ago and one time, I saw him drawing something. When I asked him what he is drawing, he gently said, “It is a monster and a banana!” I was really surprised and amazed! Indeed, this toy helps in enhancing your child’s creativity!

VTech Write & Learn Creative Center
Aside from enhancing your child’s imagination and creativity, this toy teaches your toddlers how to be independent. Additionally, it helps your child in learning how to write and count. For these reasons, you will surprise on how your child learns even when they are alone!

18.  Uncle Goose Periodic Table Blocks

For me, exposing your child to toys like this is really a great strategy for you to help them prepare in the future especially when they are interested in science-related courses or professions. As a medical professional, I am aware that the periodic table of elements is not easy to understand and memorize. The good thing is, I see little kids online who are knowledgeable of all the elements and I find comfort knowing that toys like this can help my child become interested in science.

Uncle Goose Periodic Table Blocks
Having this toy will make your child appreciate science and one day, you will be surprised that they are considered experts on their profession.

19.  Learning Resources Goodie Games ABC Cookies

This toy can actually help your child with a lot of things. At a young age, your child can learn about word formation and spelling. It also educates your toddlers about colors and enhances your child’s creative thinking.

20.  BOTZEES AR Coding Robots for Kids, Educational STEM Toy

This toy teaches programming at a young age and if you see your child enjoying robots, you can actually choose an educating way! This toy is a very interactive one and it enhances your child’s motor and sensory skills. They will also learn how to manipulate or control things properly and effectively. Instead of spending their time on screens, they can learn and have fun using this!

According to a study, coding toys can make a child become smarter and more quick-learner and their logic will be enhanced.[8]

21.  Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

This toy will actually teach your child about money management and when you play-pretend with them, they will understand what paying at the store means! Additionally, they will understand what a change means. Surely, your child’s math, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills will be enhanced.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register
This toy will teach your toddler about the importance of money and how important it is to have saving especially during emergencies. In the future, when your child is already responsible for paying bills or if they are working in a company, they will be able to manage money properly.

22.  Learning Resources Pretend & Play Doctor Kit

Every kid surely had experienced playing with this toy. Back then, I only know that this game is an entertainment game for little kids but now that I am already a parent, I realized that it is actually an educational one!

First, it interests your toddlers about becoming a medical practitioner, and second, it teaches your toddler the importance of life and saving other people. According to a study, playing with toys like this can enhance your child’s decision-making skills.[9]

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Doctor Kit
Having this toy will help your child become a great medical practitioner one day. Additionally, it teaches your child how to appreciate the health care workers and how to appreciate life.

23.  Roylco What’s Inside Me Doll

The thing I like about this toy is that it opens my child’s mind to what really are the organs inside us. Additionally, having this toy will interest your child in becoming a great doctor one day. I bought my child the boy version and if you also like a girl version, you can order one too!

Roylco What's Inside Me Doll
Having this toy for your child helps in enhancing their mental abilities as it provides a fun, real-life experience. Additionally, this toy will inspire your child to become a great surgeon one day!

24.  Thames and Kosmos Experimental First Botany Kit

If you are a friend and protector of the environment and nature and you want your child to follow your in your footsteps, then, this toy must be on your list.

This toy teaches your child how to appreciate and care for the environment even in small and simple ways. Also, they will be able to discover different plants and seeds. In actuality, they will be able to grow these seeds and even create a water system! Surely, this toy will interest them on becoming a botanist one day.

25.  SNAEN Science Kit with 30 Science Lab Experiments

Generally, it is dangerous for toddlers to touch any chemicals. So, if you want to teach your toddlers experimentation using chemistry in a safe way, you can consider buying this toy. According to a study, toys like this can increase a child’s creativity.[10]

SNAEN Science Kit with 30 Science Lab Experiments
Having this toy will enhance your child’s imagination, discovery, focus, and creativity. In the future, they may become a great chemist with many innovations.

26.  Real Lip Balm Making Kit For Kids

This fashion toy is a great educational toy for toddlers, especially for fashionista girls. It teaches a little bit of science and its beauty. Additionally, it teaches your child how to follow instructions in order to make a beautiful outcome.

Real Lip Balm Making Kit For Kids
In the future, your child will be able to understand how the formulation works and you will surprised one day that it will easy for them to create their own products!

27.  NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Break Open 10 Premium Geodes

For curious toddlers, this one is a great educational toy. It is a fun toy that even parents will enjoy. There are rocks on this package and when you open them, you will be surprised! Additionally, it inspires your toddlers on becoming great geologists in the future.

28.  Coogam Matching Eggs Color & Shape Sorter Puzzle

This is a great toy that educates your child about shapes and colors and it also enhances your child’s motor skills. Additionally, toys like this can boost a child’s confidence and increases their abilities to solve problems as they grow older.[11]

29.  Coogam Wooden Shape Color Sorting Clock

Personally, I find this toy a very educational one because it does not just focus on shapes and colors but also teaches your little one how to read the time properly. Indeed, it is a very neat and simple toy but it is full of lessons.

Coogam Wooden Shape Color Sorting Clock
Having this as your toddler’s toy will teach them the importance of time and it makes them understand how time passes so fast. Surely, when they learn this, they will be able to spend their time with you more and they will appreciate you better.

30.  Wooden Detachable Toy Cleaning Set

Toys like this are very practical and educational for me. I bought this toy even if my toddler is a boy because I want to teach him how to do simple house chores and I want him to understand the meaning of giving help, especially to elders. Eventually, my toddler enjoyed cleaning using this set of toys and I really feel full. According to a study, toys like this are helpful in disciplining children at a young age.[12]

31.  Shape Sorter

I first encountered a toy like this when I was not yet pregnant. This toy is my little cousin’s favorite and back then, he was only 1 year old. I was surprised one time because, at one-year-old, he was able to shoot the different shapes perfectly! Now that my cousin is 12 years old, I find him as a really smart, independent, and strategic young man.

Original Shape Sorter
This toy will make your toddler smarter and more independent. Additionally, your toddler’s mental abilities will surely be enhanced.

My Suggestions

When buying toys, you must always consider if these toys are educational and they have something to give to your toddlers. From the list above, I recommend the Sesame Street Playskool Cookie Monster's On the Go Numbers , the , and the because I really find them worthy to buy.

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