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Being a parent is not an easy task. They serve as the foundation in the family. Could anyone be achieved to be an effective parent someday? Parenting comes in different ways that sometimes makes good and bad within the child.

There are different ways to face it and find a better solution when it comes too difficult in handling problems or in any situation. Parents must possess a good one to his or her own child to show good effectivity of parenting. If there’s a good result to your child that’s how good you are as a parent.

How to be Good Parent?

Good parents must change the qualities of a child’s development aspects like their emotional feelings, lifestyle, intellectual, spiritual and also their physical well-being in life. A good relationship between parent and a child will be much stronger. Once the child brings those qualities until it grows up, parents can say as a good parent at all.

Principles of Effective Parenting

Family is the small unit in our society but being a parent is the biggest role of all. This way will be handled in different situations within your child’s behavior. Good parenting with your child would be the greatest contribution in a lifetime because it will be never forgotten what you’ve made to him/her.

The Ten Basic Principles of Good Parenting
The perfect book for you to read to know more about a good parenting to your child

What you do matters

 Parents must have a good way of treating others, especially to your own child because if you did something it will be caught by your child. A parent must be sensitive to your child because they are looking forward to you. Parents act as a model so what you’re doing they’re absorbing it.

You cannot be too loving

Taking good care of your child means showing off your love so as much you do this you’ll be returning her love and care to you. But if it is too much that all of her wants will be given it turns into not loving you. We know that too much is bad. It is also like this when it comes to our child, as a parent you have to balance the needs and wants of your child when you know that is not good to them explain it in a nice way. It will return a good feedback to you.

Be involved in your child’s life

At home the child started to learn in everything but it will never happen without a parent. The parent and a child work together as the child grows there are more such facing sacrifices. All of the challenges of your child involves you because you’re the parent. The child may not be able to face all of the task without help from the parents and that is one of the roles of being a parent.

Adapt your parenting to fit your child

Parents must take up how good parenting is so they know the needs of their child. Accepting and facing what will be the child’s life just keep looking and guiding the child’s development. Parents must also consider the child lifestyle so you can know what you’re going to do and where you can place in different situations. The parents will be the one who will take adjustment to fit the child because parents are the one who will respond to it.

Establish and set rules

We know that every child is different so parents must consider their own child’s needs, wants and attitudes. Parents know best for their child but there’s one thing you can give to them and that is your rules. First, parents must tell do’s and don’ts to child then explain what’s reason behind that and last keep to maintain in child’s mind all of them. Observe the child if he or she is applying your reminders so parents know the good result. By setting parent rules to the child it makes no worries at all because the child knows already how to manage himself.

Foster your child’s independent

Let our child have their freedom in doing anything. Parents’ awareness must be considered about this so let the child free. In this case the child will be experiencing self-direction so parents must always monitor them. When the child grows, we cannot control them already because they have their own decisions. Let it be when the child made a mistake by himself so they knew what learned from it. Only a parent can do is to guide the child and correct them by what went wrong.

Be consistent

When you act to your child from the beginning try not to change yourself. Parents must be continuously aware of what you’ve shown to your child because there’s effect for them. Be who you are when facing your child just show to them that its real you as parent. It is easy to them to recognize their parents and be also fair to children in different situations so they can’t blame you. Be a consistent parent only to your child so they can develop their confidence just like you as a parent. Although it takes more time to your child it’s better than not with them.

Avoid harsh discipline

Discipline is a way of practice of training people to obey. Controlling your child is just like disciplining also but is this good for the child? There’s a good way of disciplining the child. Some examples are show and tell, give some consequences, giving your limits and attention. How does it become worse in disciplining the child? Parents consult sometimes harsh discipline but this is not good for the child. It will affect its behavioral, emotional and intellectual aspects and also their lifestyle living. So parents must be conscious in terms of disciplining children to avoid being harsh to them.

Explain your rules and decisions

Parent should always obey by the child. Settling rules and decisions to child must be explained very well. Rules and decisions by the parents must be clearly to understood by child. It will be easily follow of your child when it is set by details. It is easy to child to understand what is good for them knowing parents the best. Parents are always protecting their child in harm that’s why parent is so serious in giving rules and decisions to their child.

Treat your child with respect

Why should parents respect the child? For the good sake of the children parents must give also their respect. It will help them learn to respect themselves. A good behavior begins with respect from their parents. It will be a great help to overcome those people around him showing respect to others. It will also help to improve the child’s development. There will be a good relationship when the parents and the child give respect to each other.[1]

STEP Effective Parenting

The Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) refers to a deep understanding of a child’s behavior and emotion on how to apply the correct discipline to the child. What we need to get from this is the good effect on our children. Thinking of different techniques must be applied to rich out the goal to our children. Take a risk of good discipline so there’s a good quality of being a good parent.[2]

Positive Parental Attitude

Do you wish for a good parent someday? Being positive always be set in your mind when you have already a child. Focusing on them is not quite easy because you will be giving your attention to them every day. Always observe and guide them in every word they say, movement, and their attitude. See how your child development is improving. All of your plan to your child must be good just try to find solutions to any problems. Parents must keep on positive attitude in every situation of your child. Let us appreciate, understand, and enjoy our life together with them.

Psychosocial Development

We know that the child has their own stages. Parents must know where their child is so they can easily handle their own child. In dealing with this a good personality of the child will fully develop. By instance changes may occur to them so we have to help them as they grow. We know that parents do affect their child’s psychological growth. That’s how they influence their child. There will be an effect on child’s future.

Specific Behavior Change Procedures

The child’s behavior changes when it comes into alternative discipline. It means when the child is listening to parents the child receives rewards and there’s a good effect while if doesn’t maybe the child thinks for punishment that may have a bad effect on him. It can cause behavioral changes when it will happen to this.

Ways to Become A Effective Parents

There’s so many ways on how to improve parenting skills. Effective parents make their way on how the child’s development improves. But parents must consult themselves first to have a lot of strategies on how they will be argued and to know each other. Parents must catch the need and attention of their child. Parents have to support their own child so they can live in a nice way. Thinking about what’s the best for their child is a must.[3]

Listen to your child

When the child did say something to you, better listen first before you speak or act. Let the child speak to show his or her vocabulary and to improve their thinking skills. It is better the child is in more words than to be speechless. We don’t have to stop talking them but feel him free to say something for what in his or her mind. Parents must also respond when the child says something so they can easily understand everything that they want to know.

Stick to the rules

All of the parents gave rules to their child. Rules started at home as a reminder to be followed to avoid harm to the child. A simple rule that easily understood by the child is needed. Parents must stick to their own rules to discipline the child bringing them as they grow. When there’s a rule the child knows what is good to them. The child is reminded of the fact that if he or she will not follow maybe their parents gave them a consequence for what they did wrong. From this situation the child will be learn a lot.

Show lots of love

One of the most important things that parents can give to their child is love. Show your affection to the child so they can give it back to you also. There are so many ways on how to show love to your child likes reading bed to story, giving best food for them and other materials (toys, clothes or shoes), a kiss and hugging them for a while. We can say also to our child in everyday the words “I love you! It is also a way of showing your love to your child. Giving your time with them together makes them love you more.

Be a role model

The role model in the family begins with parents. They are the one who will act as a leader.  We know that the child always imitates their parents like the way speak, act and sometimes the manners and personality. So when parent knows all of these, they must be a good model to them. Parents must be only aware of what they are doing. Your actions as a parent must be so smooth so the child can absorb it without confusing. You also show your child the good behavior and how to socialize or treat other people around them. It can improve child’s development that must be possessed until the child grows.

Control Emotions

There are times that all of us become emotional. Parents sometimes become aggressive to their child but don’t ever do that. Parents have to control their feelings and emotions when getting mad at their child. Take a deep breath before doing something to respond to your child or just relax yourself to avoid hurting their feelings. Don’t ever hurt or shout the child because it can affect their behaviors.

Be Flexible

Are you ready to be a parent? If yes, be flexible enough. A life to become parent is a very hardworking to accept in life. Parents must be an open-minded in every situation that the child will be encountering. Understanding child should parents provide and be responsive also to them. Give attention to the child so they can easily connect to them.

Basic Rewards of Effective Parenting

There’s always reward when someone succeeds in life. A good parent will also receive rewards; it’s either appreciation or materials. It’s a greatest pleasure for them to achieve for someone special that can never be expected. A good relationship will be formed from parents and a child. It can be also shared with someone to make you proud.[4]

Parenting: Rewards & Responsibilities
This is the book for you on how to develop the skills and gain knowledge to be a better parent

Feel love and important

Every child loves their parents. The child values their parents as their light in life. Parents deserve to be loved and given importance because they give their all sacrifices at the very beginning as when the child got born. Parents really appreciate the love and giving importance within the child as they spend more time together. Sometimes the child says “I love you Mommy, I love you Daddy!” As the parents heard this came from their child, parents felt overwhelmed and made them proud. Parents should also respond to their child as it also felt the same. Regardless of this, the way of returning back of love and importance to each other shows a good relationship between a parent and child and as parent it serves priceless that cannot take.

Share in their success

Sharing starts at home, in the member of the family sharing never gone. There are times that when the child makes a success they always tell their parents to be very happy. It’s a big deal to the child when they get pass or success because the child is more willing to do something. The emotional aspect of a child develops that also reflects the parent. It becomes a reward also by the parent when the child shares their success. It makes them proud of the parent of their child.

Make you laugh and smile

Happiness of a person starts with a simple smile. In a family the child is the happiness of the parents. The child’s make the parents laugh and smile at the same time the child also felt that. It’s like the same in the situation when the child’s crying as a parent would be mighty sad too and whenever there are happy parents also felt that. That’s what parents can get from their child as stress reliever. Sometimes parent say “Oh baby don’t cry” because parents don’t want to get bother so they are making ways to make their child happy.

Give you hugs and kisses

Everyone gave their hugs and kisses for someone’s special. Parent of the child is the most special person in their life. It is a great feeling from parents if their child always hugs and kisses. Although it is a way of showing love to parents it makes them feel good. Parents felt that they are the important person in their lives.

Guide them through new experience

Parents want their child to discover new experiences so that they begin to learn. A new experience from the child makes a new way of learning and that’s good for them. When the child begins with new one, the parent must always be there to guide them. For example when the child starts to walk by himself let the child to discover that she or he can do it alone with the parent guide. It is okay when the child makes a mistake or hurts at least they get through new experience with the help and guidance of their parent.

Follow your example

At home, parent serve as the teacher to the child. Parent is the one who teaches the child in many ways. The child always imitates what they see to others, especially to their parents. The child thought that what others were doing is right. When the child is within the parent it easy to follow the instructions given. Parents must be aware of what they are doing because their child is looking at them. It’s a heart-felt to parents when it comes the child following your example in daily life. It will be like a routine to them when they remember.

Final Thoughts To Implement Effective Parenting

It’s glad to say that when a child’s life is happy and has a healthy lifestyle therefore you made effective parenting to your child. To keep on growing to your child, bringing those principles, techniques and ways will truly help you a lot more effectively in parenting. Keep these in mind of the parents that will really help to achieve a great parent to your child. To be a parent cannot be replaced by anyone else in this world of your child because you are their life. For instance, a parent can be an effective parent when there’s a mutual understanding between a parent and a child and a natural love to each other.

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