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Mothers play a vital role in the upbringing of kids. They have this strong sense of responsibility and have a natural parenting mindset.

Slowly and gradually, with the child, grows the mother’s thinking ability to make better decisions for the child’s mental and physical development. Thus the mother is the boss in the house who needs to keep control over everything.

Now, with all this instinctive behavior, mothers have also become the subject of daily discussions in the parenting realm. Every person shows a greater expectation from a mother.

But everybody forgets to realize that it’s not easy to be in that role. Because most people don’t understand the depth of parenting or I must say the healthy parenting that mothers focus on mainly.

Mothers role in parenting

We all know that mothers play an important role in our lives, but what is actually their role. This needs to be understood deeply before pointing out fingers at them.

Mothers have this special ability to develop a bond with the children. They know how to communicate and they know how to understand kids.

And they achieve it by being a great listener. They patiently and attentively listen to kids to understand their needs, their desires, and their problems.

Mothers’ strong care, protection, and deep love for kids let them grow up to develop love and virtue. She leaves an epic impact on kids.

They love their children unconditionally, without demanding anything and just giving all the time all their lives. Even childbirth shows us how they risk their lives, and they go through a lot of mental stress and hormonal changes that take a 360 turn in their lives.

Positive Effects of working mothers who value parenting

Many studies have shown, now for many years, that employed mothers have a positive effect on a child’s life[1]. They greatly shape families’ behaviors and thought processes to get positive results.

Kids perform better

The children who have working mothers have a better role model at home to look up to. They understand the value of struggle and making an effort for achievements.

They do their homework with more concentration. They don’t make homework time a stressful time which leads to a loss of interest in education and at last best performance in exams.

And they are even more serious in college and university, which will help them while building careers. They are more successful in their lives and achieve a lot with hard work.

Even there have been many studies to show the daughters of working mothers have greater chances to have employment.[2]

More active in household chores

The kids of working mothers have been seen to be very organized and disciplined. They understand everybody needs to take up their tasks around the house to make it easy for everyone.

Everyone in the family helping with the housework means a low burden on everyone and a happy and healthy family. There is a very interesting book that gives parents an idea of how to involve kids in chores, and kids will also love it.

More active in household chores
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Children get valuable time with mothers

Though half the day mothers are busy working in the offices, they don’t forget the importance of spending quality time with kids. Working mothers efficiently spend time with kids, focusing on their nurturing and interaction for better skills growth.

This way children get great mentoring to develop good mental and physical health. Healthy children are strong and smart enough to cope with life problems and survive in any race of life.

Kids become more independent

As kids learn that mothers have to leave them for some part of the day for another important commitment, they also learn to adjust to this situation. The faster they adjust, the more easily they learn to become independent.

They learn quickly how to manage in easy situations and other skills required for daily routine.

Mothers don’t need to put a lot of effort into teaching everything to kids as they tend more to observe and mimic.

Working mothers are not depress

Working mothers can easily move on daily, if they face difficult times at home. They have a lot more to think about and work on all day in the office.

Also, they are more occupied mentally with different things all day long. They don’t get too much stress from a particular thing for a long time and recover from it faster.

The business keeps them away from bad thoughts that east from inside and make you depressed and anxious. They stay happy means they behave nicely with kids and don’t get frustrated around kids.[3]

Kids get fully concentrating mom

Now working mothers know how to completely switch off their office mode and get into the mother’s role at home. They are tired of office work and have missed their kids so much that at home they can completely get involved with their kids.

When parents give full attention, kids enjoy that time and those moments become memorable for them. These are the moments that children keepsake as precious assets.

Less authoritative behavior from parents

Mothers who spend half a day at work don’t hover too much over the kid and thus are not very much conscious of everything. They give enough space and freedom to the child that is necessary for his/her emotional development.

Healthy emotional development keeps children away from many mental disorders. And there is a great guide for parents that teaches how to be a good support system for children.

Less authoritative behavior from parents
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Maternal benefits are good for family

Mothers get good benefits at the workplace, which increases the healthy balance. So for mothers to be there are long paid leaves that keep mothers away from any kind of stress during pregnancy.

And mothers can enjoy time with their precious newborns that are very important for mother and infant both in the early time after birth.

How do employed mothers manage the balance?

Yes, working mothers have been successful in keeping a balance between work life and family life. We will discuss next what are the secrets of managing the balance so well.

Recreational time with kids

Working mothers know very well how to plan fun-filled days with kids. They have the ability to plan adventures or even little outings where all the family spend time together and take a break from a stressful week.

Going outside, close to nature, helps to keep the minds fresh where moms can stay closer to kids and at the same time take a break from any kind of work. This way the whole family gets closely connected, sharing great moments, and building a strong bond.

Sketch out a weak ahead

Working mothers are better at planning a whole week so that they get some time to relax and the weak go smoothly. Everything is in place and all days of the week are in control.

Knowing everything ahead gives you a better time to manage many things. Because already working moms have a very busy schedule with office work and housework.

House help works like magic

Getting help for some house chores like laundry, cleaning saves a lot of time and keeps away from stress. Managing too many things, otherwise, is not possible for any human being.

Babysitting sitting helps immensely

During day time or for some me-time, mothers can get some help from a babysitter. This will help them get fresh from time to time while doing what mothers love to or want to.

This could be spending some time with friends or getting some self-care time to stay fit and relaxed. The more a mother is satisfied with life the better she can keep her family contended.

Working mothers of newborn babies think smart

The mothers of newborn baby even think smartly to keep all the nutritional needs of babies in check. So, for example, if the babies are mother fed the mothers pump out milk and keep it stocked at home so that babies get healthy substitutes of formula milk.

There are many amazing breast pumps in the market that help mothers. And so working mothers can easily stay organized to maintain the balance.

Working mothers of newborn babies think smart
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One family meal for a happy ending

Many families with working parents have a great strategy of having one meal of the day, dinner, sitting together on the dining table. They can discuss and share all the details of everyone’s day while learning etiquette and good eating habits.

This is a win-win situation that gives a positive message to the children. Children learn that their parents after even busy schedules care about them and love to spend quality time with them.

What do employed mothers require from society?

Now as those working mothers who love their parenting role-play their role efficiently and wholeheartedly. But they can’t do it alone if society creates hindrances or doesn’t help at all.

Working mothers need support from husbands, parents, siblings, and friends. Giving birth to a child doesn’t mean they have no rights over their life and they need to take the whole responsibility without any help.

Society can support working mothers by making things easy for them.[4]

Flexible working hours

The main responsibility comes on the shoulders of employers, they should be considerate and must understand the responsibilities of a working woman as a mother. Employers can provide great ease in working mothers, so they concentrate on their office work without stress.

And the best way is to provide working mothers with flexible working hours so that performance is not affected. When the hourly attendance is not counted but productivity is observed, working mothers are relaxed and are able to manage in any circumstance.

They can schedule their working hours such that their office work is not affected and their children’s requirements are all met.

Work from home option

Sometimes the nature of work allows you to work from anywhere with your ease, and there is no requirement to be present in the office. Some type of work requires a good internet connection and a home computer or personal laptop.

And that is all you need to work from home, so there are many women out there who can opt for this way of work. Employers who understand the requirement of working mothers working from home should give this option to their female employees.

Paid leaves when necessary

Sometimes working women need to take necessary leaves like during childbirth and after that for some time, or when children are sick and there is no other caretaker. For these situations, working moms should get paid leaves so that they don’t feel guilty as being parents.

Childcare facility at office vicinity

A lot of countries around the world have revised their policies for working women and many have come up with great solutions. One is providing childcare facilities near or inside the office so that working women can take care of their very young kids easily.

They don’t need to leave the office to travel back and forth to check if children are fine or need something. This will lead to fatigue and waste of time due to which working mothers can’t concentrate properly and this will definitely affect their performance.

Challenges that employed mothers face

So far we have seen working women have struggled hard to keep a balance between their work and family and working woman’s influence positively the children. But still, employed mothers face a lot of disturbing challenges that aren’t seen to be compensated by the cruel world out there.

Constantly questioning their parenting

Mothers are human beings that are especially gifted with a beautiful heart. Their heart is full of love and kindness and they can’t stop caring for their children and family.

They are constantly trying to become better parents, though they are already putting in a lot of effort. But working and non-working mothers both are constantly feeling worried about their parenting role and questioning themselves from time to time if they are missing something.

Choose between dreams and duties

Mothers not only have to think about their kids all the time, but they also have their own dreams to follow. They have many wishes that they want to make true and feel satisfied.

Working mothers work hard at work to be more successful and grow more and more. But sometimes, due to parenting as a priority, they need to choose between their dreams and duties.

And a lot of employed mothers end up sacrificing their ambitions for the wellbeing of their kids. They do it out of love, and not because of any pressure. But still, it’s a big challenge for them.

Endless efforts of multitasking

Though all the mothers are naturally well trained to multitask, working mothers who value their parenting role are multitasking in two departments of life. The mind is divided between two different territories and they need to put extra effort to stay focused on both sides.

Expectations from many aspects

Working mothers face intense pressure, and this is from different aspects. This has been a tradition actually that women have to do the household even if they are working.

Then there is a high demand for children’s care because they are too young and dependent on their parents, especially mothers. And last but not least, they also have to keep up the hard work at the office to impress their bosses regularly.

Gender-based differences at the workplace

This is an irony actually that humankind has done so much advancement in every phase and sector of life, but women still face gender-biased behavior. Still, we have so many cases around the globe of gender equality related problems.

Working mothers have the extra stress of not being considered more for promotions than their male colleagues. Even women face sexual harassment in many organizations, which pushes them to the limit of losing their jobs.

Not seen means not performing

Working mothers, as we mentioned, have sometimes to opt for flexible working schedules. They sometimes need to leave the office early to catch up with their kids’ important dealings.

But for compensation, they sometimes work from home till late in the evenings or sometimes they attend office in the evening to complete work. Some employers being inconsiderate overlook the productivity and complain about the shortage of office hours or attendance.

Are employed mothers better

Many studies have been conducted at different times to record the behaviors and performance of children whose mothers are in any kind of employment. This has always been a focal point because the future of a nation depends on parenting.

It has been found that children of working mothers have shown good behavior and better performance in education and career-building. The working mothers who are a superhero and best role model for their children are able to rear up sons who become more caring towards the family.

Moreover, it has been observed that working mothers due to getting less time with kids involved in more educational activities with their kids. Since they are not very much tired because of dealing with all-day kids’ issues, they provide an environment in which kids more actively participate.

The husbands of employed women who are mothers as well realize how their wives are equally contributing in helping financially. So they feel the need to equally helping their wives with the house chores.

This conveys a good lesson to the children to know how important struggle is in life and how teamwork matters. Kids learn more values and tactics to live a peaceful and happy life.


Working mothers can also opt to be a housewife if they don’t have any financial issues. But the thing is, we should respect if mothers want to pursue their career and do what they love.

If they want to use their talents, be productive, and provide solutions with their skills in any industry, we should support them. The husband plays as the strongest support system and is the best partner if he respects your choices.

Working doesn’t mean that mothers will forget about their important duties towards kids. Rather, working mothers who value their parenting role are always doing their best as a parent.

Employed mothers never neglect their children’s development phases and spend less but valuable time with their kids. Employed mothers provide a great opportunity for kids to learn independence and learn more skills for different situations.

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