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Did you know that prior the invention of baby bottles and milk formulas, employing a wet nurse to breastfeed a baby is the safest way to give your baby milk? This is a common practice especially if the biological mother does not have any milk which is also common at that time. And it literally became a profession among women. We are lucky as we don’t have to employ a wet nurse nowadays as milk formulas and baby bottles are here to stay. The only question is which is safer, glass or plastic baby bottles?

Pros and Cons of Plastic Baby Bottles

Statistic shows that babies all over the world swallows more than 1M microplastics every day in the 1st year of their lives. In the US, this number increases to 2.5M microplastics. Scary isn’t it? But don’t worry, we’ll sort these out to provide you with quality products that reduces the risk to your babies. After all, who wants to have their babies ingest bad stuff, right?

Advantage of using plastic baby bottles

1.      Lightweight

Plastic bottles can be easily carried. Your baby can also easily grip the bottle making it easy for them to tip or hold it on whatever position they desire. As your baby grow older, they would be able to hold the bottle with just one hand.

2.      Virtually unbreakable

Admit it moms and dads, babies have tantrums most of the time. And when you try to feed them, they tend to slap the bottle of off your hands. They also sometimes use their own feeding bottle to get your attention by hammering them into their cribs or throw it into the floor. If you are using plastic bottles, you do not need to worry about your baby getting hurt by splinters, not to mention cleaning the floor off of spilt milk.

3.      Labeled for easy measurement

Plastic bottles are usually labeled on the side so you are aware on just how much they drank or if they are sick and the doctor asked you how many ounces did your baby drink that day, you will readily know the answer to that question.

4.      Can be bought anywhere

Plastic bottles are virtually everywhere. You can buy it anywhere and anytime so you do not have to worry about where to buy if in case you are in need of one. You can even go to a 24/7 convenient store and get one from there. They are widespread.

5.      Cost Less

Plastic bottles are generally less expensive than glass bottles because the materials that is used to make them are also cheaper, plus they can be made faster than that of the glass ones. Plastic baby bottles cost less than glass bottles because of those reasons and a lot more.

6.      Comes in different size, shape and color.

Another advantage of plastic bottles is that they come in different sizes, shapes and colors. And most often than not, they are used as visuals to attract parents and babies alike to buy them. And as a parent, you would want to please your little one, so you would buy them too.

Disadvantage of using plastic baby bottles

1.      Unsafe Chemicals

Plastic has a lot of chemicals in them. According to studies, although using BPA has been banned in the US, there are still other chemicals that can effectively harm your baby when you are using plastic baby bottles. Be mindful of what you are buying. Normally, cheaper plastic baby bottles have unsafe, unregulated, and harmful chemicals. Although not all plastic baby bottles have harmful chemicals, it is safe to say that more than half of the plastic baby bottles out there are dangerous to your child’s health.[1]

2.      Very difficult to clean

Based on research, plastic bottle is a pain when it comes to cleaning them, since they are more prone to damages and scratches not to mention it can release chemicals that can be harmful to babies. And some baby bottles cannot be boiled as they tend to loosen their plastic particles and can mix to your baby formula via vigorous shaking according to research.[2]

3.      Sanitation Problem

As plastic baby bottles are prone to scratches, which can lead to bacterial and mold build ups, sanitation is a problem. Not only it is prone to scratches, plastic baby bottles are also prone to stains. As plastic baby bottles are prone to bacterial build ups, it is best not to store your baby formulas in them. This will only cause more problem that it already is.

4.      Less Durability

Plastic Baby Bottles are less durable that glass bottles. They cannot withstand heat and can be misshapen or damage. They are also prone to stains and bacterial build ups so you would eventually find yourself buying a new baby bottle from time to time.

5.      Prone to odors

Plastic absorbs odors and according to studies, there are plenty of odors and tastes that cling to plastic surfaces. So, when you wash them alongside other things that has strong odor like your dinner, your baby’s milk formula may also smell like it. One way to prevent it is by using gentle dishwashing liquid and also to not wash it together with other items. Odors also affect how the milk tastes, so if the bottle has odor, your baby may not like it. [3]

6.      Plastic Wastes

Once plastic baby bottles are no longer needed, we, of course will dispose of it. It would be great if you can recycle it by giving it to a neighbor or a friend, but that is not always the case. And if the bottles are not as crystal clear as it used to be, would you give it to someone else to use? The answer is no, of course. According to research, plastic baby bottles can take up to almost 500 years to decompose. That is more than you and your baby’s lifespan.

Best Plastic Baby Bottles

As you know, most plastic baby bottles can be harmful to your babies because of the harmful chemicals it releases, but did you know that there are also those that are eco-friendly and can even be compared to glass bottles? You might be wondering if there are many? Well, there are still a decent amount of baby bottles that you can get from the market. You just need to stay vigilant and always, always check the label. Here are my top 5 Plastic Baby Bottles and their pros and cons as well.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle

Here’s what I like most about these baby feeding bottles.

Feels like Natural Breast

The teat on them is not just shaped as a natural breast, they also retract, wiggle, and bounce just like the mother’s breast. Your baby will love this feature especially those babies who have tried breastfeeding before. They also have anti-colic feature that does not allow excess air to be sucked with the milk. No more tantrums, yeah?

Easy Grip

The bottles are designed so the baby can grip them easily.

Safe for Babies

These plastic baby bottles are proven 100% safe and effective. It does not contain harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalate.

Disadvantage of Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle

Weird shape design

Although the design of the bottle is so you and your baby can grip the bottle easily, it can be a pain to store them or pack them when you are travelling because of the uneven shape.

Needs to be adjusted with every feeding

The anti-colic feature of this bay bottle is unique. However, if you do not know how to properly adjust vent-valve and it will cave into the bottle. So, you need to make sure that it is open on every feeding to avoid extra work for you and frustration to your little one.

A bit more expensive than others

Tommee Tippee is on a more expensive side. But it is still more affordable than glass bottles.

Dr. Brown’s Options+ Wide-Neck Glass Baby Bottles

Dr. Brown's Options Baby Bottles
Wide Neck baby bottles for more natural feeling

Dr. Brown’s Options is also one of the best bottles out there for me. Here’s why.

Wide Neck Bottles

Dr. Brown’s innovative wide neck design mimics the mother’s breast, so your baby will feel comfortable, and can easily transition from your natural breast to bottle and vise versa.

Using Anti-Colic System

This vent system allows your baby to feed without ingesting air that causes colic. This also reduces the risk of your baby burping and spitting up milk. Without these hassles, your baby will sleep peacefully every after feeding. That’s happiness all the time.

However, there are also drawbacks to this bottle like:

Too many parts to clean

There is a 2-piece internal vent system inside the bottle to prevent air from mixing into the milk formula. While it really helps in providing comfort for babies while feeding, it adds a bit discomfort for parents when cleaning them because aside from cleaning the bottle and the nipple, you also need to clean the 2 extra pieces.

Heavier than most bottles

The only drawback that I see in this bottle when it comes to weight is it is heavier than most bottles and so your baby will need a bit of effort if he or she tried to hold it on their own.

Needs to be perfect each time you assemble them

All the items need to be aligned correctly to one another to make sure there won’t be any leak issues. If not, you will have to deal with leaks, dribbles, and soil baby clothes.

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle, Clear

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle
The original baby bottle with anti-colic feature

Philips Avent introduces the first anti-colic feature for baby bottles and since then, their line of baby bottles is one of the best baby bottles in the market today. Here’s what I can say about them.

Very Easy to use

Most new mothers use Philips Avent line of baby bottles mainly because they are very easy to use and easier to clean. It doesn’t have too many parts so it is also easy to assemble. If you are always on the go or if your baby is crying because of hunger, you will need to be fast to create that awesome milk formula for your baby. With this baby bottle, you can create it at no time.

Has Anti-Colic Design

As with other best brand of baby bottles, anti-colic is not a rave in the market. And who doesn’t want to have a nice and comfortable sleep? With the anti-colic feature, you don’t have to worry about your baby crying all night long, or burping and spitting milk because of excess intake of air. With the anti-colic design, your baby will sleep soundly.

Can be bought per piece or set

Another best thing about this baby bottle is they can be bought anywhere and you can buy them individually, unlike other brands that you need to buy them per set. So, if you are a first-time mom and just would like to try different kinds of baby bottles, you can buy just one piece to test it out first.

Here are things to consider before buying them though.

Does not have too much design to choose from

This line of baby bottles does not have too many designs to choose from, so if you are using this line of baby bottles, you tend to be bored with it as it looks the same.

Markings wear off

The markings on the side of the bottle wears off after a few months of use, mainly because they are plastic. The main problem is measuring the milk formula when the markings wear off.

Teats are not universal

Philips Avent baby bottles comes with a Classic + line and the anti-colic line of baby bottles. While the anti-colic line has wide nipples, the classic ones have narrow nipples and cannot be interchanged.

Comotomo Baby Bottle

Comotomo Baby Bottles
Better than Good baby bottles that your babies will love

Comotomo Baby Bottles are now making waves in the baby bottle industry. It has a very unique design that baby will love. Here’s what I love most about them.

A very unique design

Comotomo baby bottles have a very unique design that can be compared to a natural breast, mimicking the act of breastfeeding. It reduces the bottle rejection and confusion of your baby when breastfeeding. They would fee as if they are still feeding from your breast. This baby bottle is best for breast feeding moms out there that does not want to breastfeed in public or feels it is a hassle to go to a breastfeeding corner every time.

Fit for new born babies

New born babies need less milk flow as it can choke them if it is too much. Comotomo baby bottles promises to cure that with their very slow flow nipple for 0–3-month-old babies. They are very unique and can be bought individually so you can just change the nipples as your baby grow older.

Easy to clean

These baby bottles have wide necks. So wide that you do not need to use a brush to clean it. You can easily reach the bottle’s inner surface with your hands and a regular dish cloth. Just make sure that the dish cloth you use is solely for the baby bottles as you don’t want bacteria and other unwanted things clinging into your baby bottles.

Here are some things you would want to consider before buying

Nipples turn cloudy over time

Some of the downside of these line of baby bottles is that the nipple turns cloudy with continuous use. It does not affect the performance though. However, you might not want to use it in public as it might not look good.

Markings are a bit hard to read

The markings on the side of the bottle are embossed, but since it is also the same color as your bottle, it can be a bit hard to read especially without a good lighting.

NUK Smooth Flow Anti-Colic Bottle

NUK Smooth Flow Anti-Colic Bottle
A unique anti-colic bottle that promotes smooth flowing milk every time you use it

And the last but not the least would be the NUK Smooth Flow Anti-Colic Bottle. They are also one of my top choices for plastic baby bottles because of the anti-colic design of course and also the temperature indicator which allows you to see whether the milk is too hot or too cold for your baby.

Here’s what I love most about the NUK Smooth Flow Anti-Colic Bottles:

Anti-colic Design

As with my other picks above, the anti-colic design makes this line of baby bottles good for me. Why? Simply because they make your life easier. Trust me on this when I say your baby will sleep soundly and also be less irritable when they do not have an upset stomach due to intake of excess air during feeding.

Temperature Indicator

Probably one of the reasons why it made it to my top five is because of the temperature indicator. There’s this icon on the bottle that will indicate if the milk is too hot for your baby to handle. No more testing it out on your hands first moms!

Smooth Flow nipples

One of the things that you need to look out for when you are buying a baby bottle is the nipple. Your baby needs different types of nipples at different stages. Using the smooth flow feature of the nipple, it allows your baby to take control of the speed and amount of milk intake.

Before buying, consider the downside as well.

Nipple Flow too slow or too fast

According to some reviews, the nipples are too fast or too slow for their babies. However, there are also a lot of reviews claiming that it the nipples are the best they have ever tried so far.

Now that we have tackled on the best plastic baby bottles, we have in the market right now, let’s talk about its competition. The glass baby bottles.

Pros and Cons of using Glass Baby Bottles

According to history, glass baby bottles were invented around 1840’s. This was the time when the only available option is glass baby bottles. People at that era thinks they are way too much hassle and so, when plastic baby bottles are invented, people go nuts over them. But after a few more decades, people realize that plastic has chemicals that has harmful effects on humans and boom! Glass bottles made a comeback. Let’s check these pros and cons of using baby bottles.[4]

Advantage of using glass baby bottles

1.      Easy to clean

Glass is very easy to clean. It does not stain and does not incur scratches that can lead to bacteria build up when cleaned using a brush. Not only that, glass does not absorb odor and taste as well.

2.      Nature’s best Friend

Glass is easier to recycle than plastic and it is also less harmful to the environment. Glass if broken can be made to a different thing without using too much energy and resources. It is also more durable than plastic so it lasts longer so it means little to no recycling needed.[5]

3.      No harmful chemicals

Unlike plastic, glass baby bottles are chemical free. So, parents, you can rest assured that you are feeding your baby with clean and chemical free milk each and every time.

4.      Durable

Glass baby bottles are sturdy and can last long. You can boil them, microwave them and heat them to sterilize and they will never discolor, fade, or morph into a strange shape. Glass baby bottles can last up to more than a century if taken care of. You won’t find any plastic bottles like that do you?

5.      Milk Tastes Better

While plastic baby bottles tend to absorb odor and taste and blend it to your newly prepared milk formula, glass baby bottles do not absorb such things, so you can be sure that the milk will taste fresh and more flavorful each time.

Disadvantages of using glass baby bottles

1.      Breakable

Glass as we all know breaks easily. So, if you are using glass baby bottle, I would not recommend letting your baby handle the bottle by themselves especially if they are only 4 to 8 months old. They can get hurt with glass shards and splinters when it shatters or break.[6]

2.      Heavy

Glass is sturdy, we know that. However, it is also heavy and can cause injuries to you and your baby if not handled properly. If the glass baby bottle is not heavy enough, trust me, it breaks easily.

3.      Expensive

While plastic baby bottles are cheap and readily available, glass baby bottles are a bit expensive since they are a few in between. Glass baby bottles are just making a comeback to the market and thus, does not have many varieties available right now.

4.      Not available everywhere

Glass baby bottles cannot be bought anywhere like plastic baby bottles do. So, if you plan to travel together with your baby and does not want to use plastic baby bottles, be sure to equip yourself with at least 2 to 3 spares. You’ll never know if it will break so you better watch out.

5.      Does not have may choices

Since it’s glass, it’s just normally clear in color. Not many choices when it comes to color and design as glass is hard to mold into shape.

6.      Labels are not clear

Glass is hard to mark since glass is smooth and markings can be removed easily. Maybe the biggest problem with glass is how to accurately prepare milk formulas since markings are not easily read to most of the glass baby bottles.

Best Glass Baby Bottles Today

You might be thinking it is easier to find a good glass baby bottle that plastic ones since it is already chemical free. Technically, you are correct. However, there are still a lot to consider when you are picking a good glass baby bottle, like leaks, breakage, durability, nipples, sleeves and weight. Let me share my top 5 glass baby bottles with you.

Joovy Boob Glass Bottle

Joovy Boob Glass Bottle & Sleeve
The most cool looking and durable nipple glass baby bottle line

Named after mom’s breast, Joovy Boob Glass Bottles made it to my top five because it is not too expensive, has a great design, has anti-colic feature and also easy to clean.

Easy to Clean

Joovy Boob Glass bottles are easy to clean because it has a very simple 1-piece vent design. No need to waste time cleaning every piece each and every time. This saves time and energy for parents who would like to spend more time with their babies.

Great Sleeves Design

The Silicone sleeves of the bottle is eye catching and very wholesome. I love the whole look of the bottle. It looks cool and at the same time it protects the bottle from breaking even if you accidentally drop it.

Anti-Colic Feature

My babies have the worst problem with colic. They will cry non-stop during night; they feel bloated and irritated; and they spit curdled milk. If you have a baby just like I do, you would want to make sure that your baby’s bottle has anti-colic feature on them. You and your baby will fee much more comfortable and sleeps well during night.

Not too expensive

The Joovy Boob Glass baby bottles are one of the brands that is not too expensive out there.

Before buying, consider these things first.


Maybe because the bottle is designed to last long, it has compromised its weight. It is heavier than most bottles. So, if you have an infant age from 0 – 6 months old, you need to consider the weight and how you can feed your baby without the bottle weighing them down.


Some reviews say the bottle leaks like crazy. But I think that it has something to do with how you tighten the cap. With its one-piece vent system, if the cap is not screwed properly, it really can leak.

Markings are covered

When you have the sleeves on and try to prepare milk, you will find that the markings are somewhat hard to read because the sleeves are covering some part of it. Other than that, I think this bottle rocks.

Philips Avent Glass Bottle

Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottles
The Easiest to clean line of glass baby bottle today

I love Philips Avent Glass Bottles as it really promotes natural feeding for babies. It has a wide nipple that is suited for transitioning your baby from breastmilk to bottle and back again. The nipple has anti-colic feature as well.

Heat Resistant

Philips Avent Glass Bottles are very durable. It is heat resistant and also thermal shock resistant.

Ergonomic design

The design makes it easier to grasp especially for little fingers to hold on to.

Anti-Colic Feature

As I mentioned previously, I am all for the anti-colic features. It is so convenient to use and also helps your baby a lot. I cannot stress this enough, but anti-colic feature is a life changer.

Easy to Clean

One thing that parents usually look for in a bottle is how they are cleaned. We don’t want to buy something too complicated to assemble and too many parts to clean especially when the parts are small and can easily gets lost. This glass baby bottles are very easy to clean with minimal parts to assemble as well.


Yes, Philips Avent Glass bottles are light than most glass bottles so it is easier to hold.

Before buying, you might consider these things as well.

Sleeves are sold separately

Sleeves are sold separately with the bottles. While the sleeves hold the bottle and does its job of protecting it from breaking especially when dropped, the sleeves cover most of the bottle so you do not easily see if the bottle still has milk or not. Also, it makes preparing milk a bit difficult.

Breaks Easily

While the bottle is heat and thermal shock resistant, and maybe because it is lightweight, these baby bottles are breakable. It would really help to buy those extra sleeves. It is a mess to clean, not to mention dangerous to you and your baby.

Dr. Brown’s Options+ Wide-Neck Glass Baby Bottles

Just like their plastic baby bottles, Dr. Brown’s Options Wide-Neck Glass Baby Bottles made it to my top five because they are effective, has vent system that prevents your baby from ingesting air too much, and comes with a cute silicone sleeve as well.

Wide Nipple

The wide nipple feature makes this glass baby bottle stands out as it mimics the feel of the mother’s breast. Your baby won’t suffer from nipple confusion that could arise if you are doing breastfeeding then suddenly switch to bottle feeding. With its wide nipple design combined with its soft nipples, it would feel like your baby is still feeding from you.

Vent system for Anti-Colic

Dr. Brown’s line of bottles, both plastic and glass uses their unique vent system to prevent colic problems due to excess intake of air from bottle feeding. Their vent system is super effective in this area and I highly recommend trying them.

Silicone Sleeves

I love that it came with a silicone sleeves for added protection from breakage and also heat as glass is known to be heat inductors. These silicone sleeves come with different colors and try this glow in the dark ones! So, if it slips from your hands and into the floor at night, you can easily locate it.

Kindly consider these things before buying though.


The bottles are made of thick and heavy glass making it durable but also heavy. The problem with heavy bottles is if you are feeding an infant 0-3 months old. They are prone to inquiries if they try to lift the bottles to tilt it during feeding so you need to constantly hold it for them.


If you do not properly install the vent system, milk will leak from it.

Too many parts to clean

Because of the vent system, you will have extra parts to clean and it can be time consuming, not to mention parts can easily gets lost as it is small.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Glass Bottles

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature 3 in 1 Convertible Glass Baby Bottles
One of the best anti-colic and natural feeling glass baby bottle there is

Just like their plastic baby bottle line, Tommee Tipee glass bottles made it to my top five because of the wide nipple that is easy to latch on. This is one of the best glass baby bottles I would recommend to moms that is breastfeeding but needed to switch to glass baby bottles because they need to go to work or if they do not want to breastfeed in public.

Tommee Tipppee Glass baby bottles are awesome because of these things and more.


This line of baby bottles has a venting valve that keeps colic away. Combining it with their slow flow nipples, this is highly recommended for new born babies that is still learning on how to suck.

Easy to Hold

Because of the curved shape of the bottle, they are easy to hold and does not slip easily.

Easy to Clean

The bottle’s wide neck design makes it easy to clean. Since it only ha few parts, that would make these bottles easier to clean than most glass bottles that promotes anti-colic feature.

However, you also need to consider these things before buying them.


The glass bottles are more expensive that that of its plastic counterpart. However, if you look at the benefits of using glass instead of plastic and the durability, I would say it is worth the price.

Does not comes with a silicone sleeve

Since glass bottles are fragile and can shatter in many pieces, a silicone sleeve can prevent it from breaking. But this bottle does not come in with a silicone sleeve so you need to be extra careful when you use and clean them so they won’t break.


Because its glass, it is naturally breakable. So, if you are using these to feed your little one, I would suggest to always keep an eye on them while feeding. Also take extra careful when you wash them to prevent it from breaking.

Chicco NaturalFit Glass Baby Bottle

Chicco NaturalFit Glass Baby Bottle 2 Pack
A unique design and breastfeeding experience for your little one

And last but not the least the Chicco Natural Fit Glass Baby Bottle. I like the angle nipple of this line of baby bottles as it provides a more natural feel. I would also suggest to get the 2-bottle set so you have an option if you want to use the straight nipple or the angled nipple. Not only that, it also has a bonus silicone sleeve. Talk about money saver.

Angled Nipple

As I mentioned previously, the angled nipple provides a more natural feel when breastfeeding because it imitates the angle of the mother’s breast. These nipples also come in with anti-colic feature, which again, is on my top priority when it comes to selecting baby bottles.

Easy to clean

The 3-piece baby bottle is easy to clean and since it has fewer parts, even easier than most. It also has a wide neck that allows you to clean the bottle with using just dishwashing clothes.

With free silicone sleeves

Since its glass, it would be great if you have sleeves to protect it from getting damage. And since this set comes with a silicone sleeve, it saves you money and energy from hunting down one that fits with your bottle size and shape.

Before buying, here are some things to consider.

Nipple inverted

The problem with the nipples is that it automatically inverts if the nipples are not properly attached. The venting anti-colic system of the Chicco glass baby bottle will not work if the nipples are inverted. So always check the nipples if they are properly attached when you are assembling it.


The glass is thinner than other glass bottles and can get easily damaged, broken or cracked if not taken cared of properly. Always keep in mind that you are dealing with glass and not plastic when you are washing them or using them even with the silicone sleeves are on.

One other tip if you are planning to buy glass baby bottles.

Silicone holder

If you are planning to buy glass baby bottles, it would be wise to get silicone holders for them as well. It prevents the glass bottle from slipping and also protects it from breaking or shattering into a million pieces when it accidentally slips out of your baby’s hands and directly into the floor. They also make your baby bottles look chic.

Final Thoughts:

Whether you are planning to buy plastic or glass baby bottle, you need to remember that your baby’s comfort and health must be your first priority. Based on my personal experience with baby bottles, these are my most top choices:

I had an issue with my firstborn when I tried switching her from breastfeeding to bottle feeding and I ended up resigning from my job because my baby had a nipple confusion. When I had my second baby, I also bought Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottles bottle. This time, my baby was able to switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding and back again. That’s just simply amazing for my. Plus, with its anti-colic feature and easy to clean bottles, it makes this bottle great for me.

Tommee Tippee are one of the best out there. With its closer to nature design that gives your baby the feeling of feeding from natural breast, you can be sure that your baby will take milk from the bottle everywhere and anywhere at any time. Your baby will surely love this bottle and combined with its anti-colic design, your baby will get a god night sleep every day. And it is made of glass which makes it on top of my list as well. Comotomo Baby Bottles are a game changer. With its silicone plastic material, you can remove your doubts about your baby ingesting bad chemicals that plastic usually present. And since it is made of silicone plastic, you don’t have to worry about them breaking anytime.

[1] Glausiusz, Josie. “Toxicology: the plastics puzzle.” Nature News 508.7496 (2014): 306.

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