Graco Fast Action Snug Ride Click Connect 35 Elite Travel System

“The Complete Travel System”


The Graco Fast Action Snug Ride Click Connect 35 Elite Travel is a jogger with matching  click connect 35 elite car seat that can be connected rear facing if you want your kid on the car seat instead of the stroller.  Because of this, you can also very easily transport your kid without necessarily taking him out of the car seat as the seat easily detaches from the stroller with the push of a button and you can transfer baby on the car seat in an instant.


  • Includes a rear facing one click connect car seat that can carry an infant from 4 to 35 pounds;
  • Car seat has a 6-position adjustable base that can provide baby with a snug fit when on the stroller;
  • Has good suspension and pneumatic wheels that cushion bumps while on the jog;
  • Locking front wheel provides options for either straight paths (when locked) or easy maneuverability (when unlocked);
  • The jogger can be locked with just the push of a button and can stand by itself when locked;
  • To ensure safety of the car seat, it has been crash tested many times over jus to ensure that the baby will not be hurt should the car seat fall off its base;
  • This jogger/stroller can be used in all kinds of terrain so that you won’t have to worry about not being able to have the jogger move about because of uneven landscape;
  • The stroller is equipped with reflectors for low light visibility;
  • The one-step click connection ensures that the car seat is securely attached to the stroller when you hear the clicking sound that connects the seat to the stroller


  • Handle bars are not adjustable so that it could be a bit of a struggle when being towed by a less taller person;
  • The stroller/jogger when folded is quite large and could not fit in the trunk of a small sized car;
  • Stroller with car seat could prove to be a bit heavy at 37.5 pounds which could impact on easy maneuverability;
  • Some stroller accessories are not as important and may be taken off to lessen stroller weight e.g. parent’s tray with phone cradle

Notes on Review:

The Graco Fast Action Snug Ride Click Connect 35 Elite is a complete travel buddy for those parents who are serious about having daily jogs with their children.  For those with newborns though, the snug ride could prove to be challenging owing to the weight so prospective buyer is advised to check first whether or not the jogger is really for them.

This stroller/jogger would do well for parents who enjoy jogging with their kids on a regular basis:  otherwise, parents are advised to get the simpler style strollers which are easier to handle.  Noe that the car seat is an optional attachment:  thus if there will be not much need to travel using the car and more importantly if weight is a consideration, a stroller is recommended because of its light weight.  If there is the possibility of using a car seat in the future, then a jogger may be bought as there are a number od f car seats that can be bought separately that may be compatible with your jogger.  Same goes through for a stroller:  car seats which are compatible with your stroller are also available and can be attached easily with the click connect technology to ensure baby safety.

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