The Ultimate Guide to Best Strollers for Baby to Toddler

What's Covered

1. Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Stroller

Evenflo Xpand Modular Stroller
If you love jogging but worried about your baby's stroller instability then don't panic. Buy this stroller for perfect levelling


• Multiple seating configurations
• Large basket
• Different handle positioning
• One brake for all wheels
• Not bulky
• Folds easily


• Bassinet not flat
• Short canopy
• Parent cup holder right-sided only

2. Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller

Baby Trend Double Stroller
Looking to cope up with your twins while walking, then this double stroller is the best option


• Cheap
• Multiple rear seat options
• Basket is accessible from sides.
• Two separate canopies


• Bulky
• Little room for two toddlers
• Parent tray not versatile

Bottom Line

It comfortably seats two toddlers with ease and will accept a wide range of standard baby car seats. Very applicable to twins. A popular choice for a double stroller but a little more expensive than most. It provides multiple options for seating one or two kids.

3. BRITAX B-Lively Travel System Infant Car Seat


• Lightweight
• Folds easily
• Extra-large canopy
• Complete infant cover
• All-wheel suspension


• Expensive
• Low maximum capacity
• Seat not upright
• Difficult one-hand control

Bottom Line

A single stroller, expensive and comes with many convenient features. You also get an infant car seat that fits onto it easily.

4. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller, Sit and Stand, Tandem Stroller

Joovy Graphite Stroller
The stroller is compatible with most car seat. The high raised canopy protects your baby from extreme weathers. You can go out with your babies even its raining


• Folds compact
• Lightweight
• Compatible with most car seats
• High raised canopy
• 2-year warranty


• Cannot accommodate toddler and car seat
• Poorly accessible basket
• Stroller’s base close to the ground

Bottom Line

Weighs 22lbs, almost like a single stroller. The second toddler seat at the back is easily removable to access a bench seat or a ride-on platform

5. Graco FastAction SE Travel System

Graco Incredible FastAction Travel System
This product folds quite easily so if you have a smaller car deck, this will suit all your needs


• Lightweight
• Folds easily
• Complete infant cover
• Folds compact
• One brake for all wheels


• Small basket
• Short canopy
• Toddler seat not upright

Bottom Line

A single stroller that comes with an infant car seat and is compatible with other Graco car seats. Your baby will use it until when over 50lbs.

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Types of strollers

You would be surprised by the ton of options there is for just a carrier that can wheel your child around. These options are there because parents may have babies of different sizes, may want to wheel more than one child at a time, or may want to walk or run with the little buddy. Below, the differences between strollers according to baby size, the number of babies, and functions are explained. You will find it useful in choosing one that works just for you.

Baby size

Strollers are mainly designed for infants and toddlers. Infant strollers will normally hold up to 30lbs. The seats are designed such that babies lie or recline inside, but do not sit, as their pelvis cannot support their weight. Also, they normally come with extra cushions and headrests to support newborns. These can be taken off when the baby becomes bigger after a few months.

When they can sit and stand and stagger around the house, they will need to be moved to the toddler stroller. These can normally hold up to 50lbs and may allow your toddler to sit, recline or lie down. Some even come with ride-on boards your boy/girl can stand on while you wheel away.

It is not cast in stone when your child should use the infant or toddler stroller. When they will not fit or their weight exceeds the maximum for the infant stroller, they should be moved to a toddler stroller. Some strollers allow for this change without buying an extra one. These are your baby to toddler strollers. For babies, you can click on an infant car seat to the stroller. Then later, when bigger, your baby can graduate to the toddler seat.

Number of babies

As if to agree with your family-health nurses on birth spacing, most strollers let you carry at most 2 babies at a time, although there are some for three and more.

Single baby strollers carry one baby at a time. As discussed above, however, they may carry only an infant, only a toddler or may keep your infant aboard through to toddler-hood.

Double strollers are normally more versatile. Mostly they carry infants or toddlers as need be. You just have to fix the two seats that apply to you at any given time.


As the name suggests, strollers let you walk with your baby, whether fast-paced or slow. Their defining feature is four, normally solid, wheels. The front wheels turn 360° for easy maneuverability, and the rear wheels are a tag-along. The 4-muskateer wheels make handling easy and will go virtually anywhere. If you are taking a walk to the park or the mall or wherever the stroller is your vehicle.

Then, there is her cousin, the jogger. Jogging strollers mostly come with three inflatable wheels. They are relatively larger compared to the stroller’s wheels, 2 at the rear and one in front. The inflatable tires help cushion your baby throughout the fast motion. The tires will need regular maintenance because they can puncture or become flat. So just because you like to run should not make you a run-away parent. With joggers, you can keep fit and keep your baby close at the same time.

Buying Guide for baby-to-toddler strollers

Nature has it that the 300 bones in your infant cannot stand or walk, and even when they become toddlers, you would not enjoy matching their turtle-pace. Your stroller lets you walk outdoors with your baby and even enjoy bus rides with no hassle. A good one should let your baby, sleep, sit or stand when they want to.
The fact that your average four-year-old toddler weighs 4x your month-old, tells you that your infant stroller will become obsolete with super-baby speed. Baby to toddler strollers is there to let you on this ride with nature at no extra fare. Right from his/her tiny infant limbs till when he/she can chase your puppy in the park, one stroller will go the mile. These strollers will normally have a toddler seat/bassinet and an infant car seat that can be interchanged with ease. Some do more to let you transfer your infant car seat to the stroller and back. This is called the “travel system”. Even further, you may get to carry two of your young ones at the same time with some baby-to-toddler strollers.
So whether you want to complete the marathon with one child or another may join along the line, you have options to purchase just one stroller that will go all the way. Just go through our list of best strollers for baby to toddler and buy your “walk to freedom’.

How to maintain a baby to toddler stroller

The point of buying any of the best strollers for baby to a toddler that we recommend for you is that they will last throughout your child’s baby-to-toddler journey. After making sure that you purchase a stroller of good quality, there are recommended maintenance practices you should not take for granted. Below are the important ones.


The importance of this simple action cannot be overstated. Another defining characteristic of babies other than being adorable is clumsy. Whenever they can, they will spill their food, droop saliva, vomit, rub their feet into the fabric and go on and on. Besides, your stroller moves outside and collects dust, grass, and other debris. Whatever you do, you are guaranteed that your stroller to be dirty.

This dirt can affect your child’s little carriage in several ways. With some moisture and food particles, you would start a mold farm that may eat out your stroller’s fabric or even get your child sick. Sand and dust particles will try to penetrate and weaken the fabric’s integrity over time. Particles that enter the joints may cause it to get stuck or initiate corrosion. Also, the last thing you would want is your baby stroller emitting a bad odor.

Clean your stroller often with a soft material, and do it often. Preferably, before and after every trip. Use mild stain removers in case of stains. Handpick any debris around the wheels and occasionally oil the joints. Then you will be good to go, come back home and go again.

Adhere to weight recommendations

This is important so that you do not over-stretch the fabric and over-bear the frame. Never put a toddler in a baby seat; forget the stroller, you might injure your baby. If for any reason you have a knack that your toddler will be bigger/heavier than most, there are strollers that will accommodate him/her. Better spend a few more bucks for high-capacity strollers than breaking the regular ones every 6 months. Another area that may require adherence to weight limits is your basket. Baskets are very essential when you have to be out with a baby for a long. Therefore avoid breaking your baskets with overload.

Mind your wheels

As mentioned above, strollers will normally have a set of solid rubber (or alike material) tires. These take away the headache of pumping or checking for punctures as you should be doing with a jogger. However, it also means that you are going to have to replace the tire or in some cases, the whole set when you get tire damage.

Such damage should arise naturally with age. For all the years you have been driving your stroller up and about, your tires should wear from fictitiously kissing the ground that much. Carelessly driving your tires through sharp objects may also accelerate tire damage. Do not make a habit of pushing your stroller while the brake is on lock. You will wear the tires even faster and may break your brakes as well.

For joggers, besides wear, you should also be concerned with punctures and tire pressure. It is always beneficial to check these at home before you hit the road. Keeping a pump and puncture patches close. Will help salvage such issues before they get out of hand. You do not want to turn your run into a “wobble game’ for your child; their spine and pelvis will not appreciate that.

Be sure also to oil your wheels often. Freer wheels put less drag on tires and hence, less friction. If your tires get too damaged, for the sake of your child, please order new ones.

Shrink your stroller

Most strollers have parts that can be shrunk, removed, or folded. It is highly recommended that if your strollers will idle for up to 72 hours, do not leave them standing whole. Fold the canopy, remove the seats, if possible and fold up the joints. A smaller object is a smaller target. However, take care in disassembling it. You do not want to defeat your intentions by breaking off a piece that will render your baby’s Bugatti non-functional.

Watch your little explorer

To your toddler, poking sharp or pointed objects into the stroller may be an adventure. You should be careful to ensure that such objects are out of the reach of your child; who knows what else he/she might poke. Anything that can damage the stroller should not be placed around it, especially when “captain poker” is wandering about freely. Keep your children safe from harm, and their strollers safe from them.

best strollers for baby to toddler


Brakes on baby strollers are normally fixed to be operated by the legs to prevent unintended hand-brakes during a walk. By their design, it is highly unlikely that your legs will reach them while walking if you do not intend them to.

Things to Look Out for to Grab the Best Strollers for Baby to Toddler

Infant and Toddler seats

A baby to toddler stroller should allow an infant or a toddler to ride on with no hassle. They will either come with both seats or just the toddler seat, leaving you the option of buying the baby seat, which can easily be fitted on the stroller. With a double stroller, both seats can be fitted simultaneously. In some cases, you may even do two baby seats or two toddler seats. Single strollers, on the other hand, only allow you to chauffeur one boss at a time. Whatever the case, you should not have to change your stroller when your child is growing from a baby through a toddler unless you did not follow the maintenance recommendations stated above.


You can decide to forgive yourself and not cry over spilled milk, but not when you spill your baby. When you are on the road, your child must be safely secured to the seat or bassinet of the stroller. As such when your stroller tilts or jolts, your child is not thrown overboard. Look out that your stroller’s harness will hold fast and secure. Also, be sure that both the baby and toddler seats have their harnesses. Most strollers have a 5-point safety harness that ensures maximum security. For older toddlers, and especially with bench seats, 3-point safety harnesses are normally used.


A good braking system is essential to every stroller. Make sure your wheels stop when you tell them to and move accordingly. Seeing your baby’s stroller run down a slope is a frightening sight and getting stuck up on the road is a sweat. A good baby to toddler stroller should not develop faulty brakes due to changing/increasing weights, especially in double strollers. The thing about break mechanisms is that they are not easily accessible and are quite technical. Therefore, when they develop a fault, most of the time, an expert or the manufacturer alone can attend to them. This makes it all the more important to buy strollers with robust and durable brake systems.

A Strong Frame

It is not practical to measure the strength of your stroller’s frame with the break test. All you can do is take the manufacturer’s word for it. However, make sure that their words say that the stroller can accommodate up to the weight of a toddler or two for single and double strollers respectively. Typically, that will be 50 – 60lbs for single, and 80 – 100lbs for double. Just like you would not want to have strong bones and week joints, make sure your stroller does not, also. The click-on for the car seats especially, as well the foldable/moveable joints should not stand the chance of coming off at any time. Check to see that none of the screws that hold these are lost and that the car seat is held fast when clicked on the stroller.

Hoods and Canopies

A good stroller should have canopies with a wide aperture. According to their mode of use, these canopies may be fixed, foldable, or removable. It is annoying to be scrambling for towels to add extra shade on a sunny day. Check to see that the canopy of your stroller can do that efficiently. Some strollers make it possible that your infant can be completely covered to keep out harsh weather or inquisitive-stranger hands. These mechanisms should at the same time provide avenues for ventilation for the baby so as not to suffocate him/her.


Baskets as if to reflect their normal position on a stroller, may appear bottom of the list for many stroller requirements. But soon, you realize that your stroller will not only be doing short trips to the neighborhood pharmacy and back. Many times, you may have to do long walking trips or may have to be outdoors with a baby for several hours. In those cases, you are going to require more than baby juice and a water bottle for yourself. Sometimes even, you may have to pick groceries. These situations prove stroller baskets lifesavers or at least, stress relievers. When it comes to baskets, the more room the better. Also, it is much helpful if they can be accessed from different points, especially in situations where they can be blocked by your toddler’s legs.


Most strollers will have either a fixed, moveable, or removable baby tray. Manufacturers understand the hustle of being out and about with a baby who is not asleep. Food and water have to close, and with these trays, you worry less about spills. Again most strollers provide pockets and holders or trays that are directly accessible to parents. They should be able to hold your phones, small purses, cups, keys, etc. These, however, are better accessible and more conveniently placed with more options on higher-end strollers.

The Ultimate Guide to Best Strollers for Baby to Toddler 1

How much Baby to Toddler Strollers Cost

Baby to toddler strollers is supposed to be cost savers, letting you buy one stroller instead of two. Still, different brands will do different damages to your budget. Below are the price ranges.


From under $100 up to $150, you get a single stroller that will have a click-on for an infant car seat. You can be almost certain that it will not come with the car seat; you would have to buy it as an extra. Features like a braking system, a handle, and harness are essential to every stroller and should be present on it. However, you may not enjoy the maximum convenience from extras like parent trays, baby trays, and a basket. You cannot also entirely count on the quality of the build.


For $150 – $300, you will get most of the double strollers you can rely on for years. Some of these double strollers can let you ride one seat at a time, while others, more targeted at twins, have the seats conjoined. Most joggers are in this category too. You can trust that if properly maintained, most of these strollers will go past 5 years. They will also come with most of the amenities. However, you may find them lacking in one or two conveniences. Safe to say that a single stroller that costs within this range a little pricey.


These strollers should cost you between $300 and $400. Over here, you should find a quality build, concerning the frame, cushions, and attached plastics. These strollers may also go the extra mile with amenities; give you more or multiples options with a parent tray, for example. They may also be relatively lighter or provide other conveniences that the moderately priced ones will not.


Yes, you can think of “baby Bentleys” when you think of these strollers. As their price range suggests, they are of the premium build. No one says that they are perfect in all regards, but at least, the materials they are made of are quite close. Talk of polyurethane or PU rubber wheels for your baby to glide on, PU leather on cushions, and the best of metallic/plastic frames. They might even come with windproof and rain covers and mosquito nets. As you can tell, the greater the level of sophistication, the more bucks you would have to draw up. For starters, know that you will not be paying anything less than $400 for a single stroller of this caliber.

Conclusion; Folding it all Up

Baby to toddler strollers offers parents the convenience of using one stroller through their baby’s years of development. Even better, when you can get your hands on a double stroller, you can manage two kids at the effort for one. Cost-wise, it is always cheaper to get a double stroller than two single strollers of the same quality. If you are a runner and would want to do so with the baby, then you have to buy a jogger in addition to your normal stroller. It is not practical to use one for either purpose.

For any stroller you acquire, you expect to use it for years. Hence only those that can see you through these years with no glitches must be acquired. Mention has been made of things to look out for when you intend to buy a baby to toddler stroller. First off, the frame and fabric should all be strong and durable. A good brake system and harnesses are critical. A canopy, basket, and amenities are also needed.

Even the best quality strollers can break down with time if not properly handled. Be sure to clean the stroller regularly, attend to the wheels and tires often and fold it up in safe storage space if it will not be used in a while. Keep them in areas where they are likely to avoid spillages and getting scratched, poked, or cut.

Keeping your stroller well is important because they are generally expensive. The cheapest single baby to toddler strollers will cost just a little less than $100. Moderately priced single and double strollers will hurt between $150–$300. For the ones on the top of the pile, be prepared to dish out $350 or more.

According to your strength and preference, grab one of the best strollers for baby to toddler as we have recommended or described and walk-in smiles for many years to come.

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