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I chose to homeschool my kids this year, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in quite some time. Everyone has their own opinions regarding this matter, yet we need to tune in and do what is best for us. Most days start off at a leisurely pace, beginning with breakfast and an outline of what the day’s lessons will be. We have a space set up and designated for each child with desks and books, but we don’t always end up there. Some days we decide to do lessons outside or on the sofa and as long as we are comfortable and getting things done, then I believe it’s perfectly okay. We also find time to do other activities needed to keep our minds engaged, so that each day is different and above all, it needs to be fun.

Homeschooling Science Activities

Human Body Model

One of my children is ten years old and very interested in how the body and organ’s function. We have books with pictures and have watched many videos, but I believe the key to learning is to have hands-on experience. It needs to be educational, but in a fun and positive way, otherwise, learning can become repetitive, in which case most children will lose interest in the subject. A model of the human body is a perfect way for a ten-year-old child to learn about the body, what each organ is, and where each one is located. 

Model Components

It would be difficult for a ten-year-old child to memorize all of the body’s organs. A good start is to begin with the major ones first. 

  • Spleen
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Liver
  • Brain
  • Esophagus
  • Diaphragm
  • Intestines
  • Stomach
  • Quality

If you choose to purchase a human model of the body, I highly suggest spending a little more on quality. Speaking from experience, I opted for a cheaper one, which lasted for approximately three days. (Some plastic parts snapped off when attempting to push them into their slots, and some paint on two of the parts rubbed away.) It makes more sense if the model is realistic-looking as well; it makes for easier learning, compared to one that resembles a cartoon. 

Bonus Items

It’s always a good idea to check and see if it includes a book or poster that corresponds with the model you want before ordering. It can be frustrating when you have to search for material that makes sense with what you are trying to teach your child.


Before ordering, check what the product’s warranty is. If you are paying a bit more for quality, you want to be ensured that you can return it in case of any defects.                                                                     

Homeschooling Cooking Activities for Ten Year Olds

I love cooking with my kids, they all have unique ways of doing things. Two of my kids like to bake, while my ten-year-old likes to experiment with a bit of everything. An added benefit of baking is the math we are actually doing. My child is not a huge fan of math, but she doesn’t always realize she is actually learning while baking. Converting grams to cups and ounces to grams is just a great way to incorporate a rather unfavorable subject while having fun. 

The Math Chef

I have come across several cookbooks for my kids over the past couple of years. They get bored easily, so the more interactive and engaging the book is, the better. Your child will love learning fractions and geometry while making some tasty treats. Of course, the best part is eating all those treats! The best part for Mom? Your child will read, learn math skills, and cooking, all from one book.                               

The Math Chef
A hands on learning book where your ten-year-old can learn math while cooking

Science Chef

This is not just another cookbook. It’s also a great way to learn sciences with food, just in case your child wants to be a food scientist. By the time your child reaches ten years of age, they should know the fundamentals of how food is absorbed in the body, the growth of plants and photosynthesis, and a little about which foods can harm you in their raw state. (Raw meat, seeds from jalapenos, etc.)                       

The Science Chef
The perfect book for your ten-year-old to learn about food sciences and experiments, while cooking

Homeschooling Drawing Activities for Ten Year Olds

Another favorite activity of my children is drawing. My ten-year-old likes to draw cartoon animals with enormous eyes. Usually, by the age of ten, children will express themselves through drawing, and it’s a great way to bring out their creative side. I have drawings from my children that I have framed and hung on the wall, and anyone that walks in sees them right away. It’s just another way to let them know how much we appreciate them. 

Graphic Artist Tablet

Your child will love this! Just connect to a phone or computer, and learn to draw. My child’s friend has one of these, and I will be getting one for my child’s birthday.                                                                         

Graphic Drawing Tablet with Digital Pen
An easier and more enjoyable way for your child to learn how to draw, and keep up with technology

How to Draw Cute Stuff

My child learns to draw from looking at objects, not by reading about them. If there are lots of instructions, she will skip ahead. This book will help your child gain confidence with the easy and vivid step-by-step pictures.                                                                                                                                                   

How to Draw Cute Stuff
The perfect book for your ten-year-old to learn how to draw animals, plants and people using expressions, while boosting your child’s confidence

Homeschooling Game Activities for Ten Year Olds

I like to pick one day out of the week where we take time to play games. If my ten-year-old had her way, it would be Minecraft. I’m not a big fan of video games, although they have certain times on the weekends to play. The games we play don’t have to be educational, they just need to be fun. It gives the kids a break in their routine and gives us time as a family to do something other than school lessons. They get bored with games such as monopoly and checkers, so I’m always looking for other options. 

Throw Throw Burrito

This is comparable to the actual game of dodgeball because you get to throw squishy burritos instead of a ball. I don’t think my kids would ever pass up an opportunity to throw things at one another, and not get into trouble. The game is played by finding matches in your cards. The more matches, the more points you get, but if you get hit with a burrito, you lose your points.  How much fun is that?                       

Throw Throw Burrito
The perfect game for kids to relieve stress and have fun while throwing squishy toys at one another

Dance Charades

We can’t always get outside for physical activity. This game keeps everyone moving, laughing, and having fun. My ten-year-old seems to know all the moves and usually ends up winning every time. Who knew that there is a dance called the lawnmower?! This game teaches new dance moves, while your family tries to guess the name of the dance.                                                                                               

Homeschooling and Learning Languages for Ten Year Olds

This year, my ten-year-old expressed an interest in learning sign language from a book she found online. I wasn’t sure how it would work out, but much to my surprise, she has already learned the alphabet and can sign her name. I thought online classes would be the way to go, but this book makes it fun in a way that makes you want to learn. The pictures make it easy to understand, and she can practice over and over as much as she likes. I’m waiting for her to finish the book, so she can teach me. I also thought it would be a good idea to learn the basics of French. [1]

 Sign Language for Kids                                                                                                                             

Your child can learn basic American Sign Language at their own pace with confidence and will learn how to sign food, numbers, and phrases. The book clearly displays the alphabet with easy-to-understand drawings.                                                                                                                                                            

Sign Language for Kids Activity Book
The perfect book for your ten-year-old to learn the basics of sign language with confidence

French for kids

My ten-year-old didn’t request to learn French, but I thought it would be a wonderful addition to our homeschooling plan. I feel children will have more advantages academically with the knowledge of more than one language. Multiple languages will give your child more options later on when choosing careers. I decided the audiobook would be the best way to go for learning, as you really need to hear how the French words are pronounced, which isn’t something you can learn by reading a book.                       

Learn French for Kids
The perfect audiobook for your ten-year-old to learn French

Homeschooling and Music for Ten Year Olds

My children have a love of music, as do most. My ten-year-old received a music keyboard for Christmas and likes to jam out with her siblings in the garage. I believe music is very important in my children’s lives, as it helps to boost moods and makes them want to get up and move.[2]

 RockJam 54 key Electronic Keyboard                                                                                                               

This keyboard is easier to play than some other ones. It comes with keynote stickers; the keys are full-sized, and it has a stand for your tablet to follow along with lessons, or sheet music. Its battery operated or can be plugged in, so your child can transport it easily.                                                                      

RockJam Portable Electronic Keyboard
The perfect keyboard for your ten-year-old to learn sheet music

Karaoke Machine

I don’t know what I was thinking when I brought this home. My kids have lots of fun with it though, so it was actually an awesome purchase. You don’t have to buy any CDs, which is a tremendous bonus, as it has Bluetooth! Your child can sync their phone with the machine, so they can listen and sing along to their favorite tunes. It also has cool lights, for that dance party effect.                                                 

Portable Karaoke Machine
The coolest Karaoke machine for your kids to sing and dance along with

Homeschooling STEM Activities for Ten Year Olds

My kids ask a ton of questions in the run of a day. They’re always wanting to know how things work and why. Pretty typical, I suppose. My ten-year-old enjoys taking things apart, hoping to put them back together in working order. Sometimes, it’s a success, other times…. not so much. It’s important as a parent, to keep their minds engaged.[3] 

Twelve in one Solar robot

A great way to get your child interested in technology and engineering is by letting them create and build. The robotic kits are great for doing this. Your child will get so much enjoyment and satisfaction from putting the robot together. Once they see something they built actually work and move around, their confidence soars. The solar-powered ones are great, as they don’t take batteries and will keep your child guessing how the sun can power things in the same way as electricity.                                                

Sillbird STEM 12- in-1 Solar Robot
A great science and technology project to get your child interested in building and creating with the use of solar power

Awesome Science Experiments for kids

This book is as the name suggests. There are over one hundred experiments with easy instructions and loads of pictures. Your child will learn about acids and bases, and be able to build a hot-air balloon using a teabag.                                                                                                                                                                   

Earth Science Kit

My child enjoys experimenting. I can’t count how many times we’ve blown up a balloon on a soda bottle with the use of baking soda and vinegar. Some science kits are great ways of learning about chemistry and physics. Just make sure the one you purchase comes with more than one experiment so your child can explore more than just one area of science. My child has learned how to grow crystals and has started a rock collection.                                                                                                                                

National Geographic Earth Science Kit
  • MASSIVE SCIENCE KIT FOR CURIOUS KIDS - More than 15 experiment activities including dueling water tornadoes, building an erupting volcano, growing a crystal, two geologic dig kits, and more
  • ENOUGH TO GO AROUND - This science lab allows kids to conduct multiple experiments and is great to share with family, friends, or classmates; you will enjoy the magic of discovery together
  • THE SECRET IS THE SCIENCE - A detailed learning guide teaches the science at work in the experiments, allowing your child to develop a deep, lasting appreciation for a variety of Earth sciences

Basics Microscope

A microscope is one of the best products I have purchased for homeschooling. I didn’t purchase a super expensive one, but I opted not to choose the least expensive one as well. The microscope I purchased comes with ready-to-use slides. I purchased some blank slides as well, so my child could look at whatever she chose. So far, she has looked at everything from a piece of cat hair, to a sample of our drinking water. I like the fact that you can use this with batteries or electricity, so it’s easier for my child to take it anywhere within the house or outside.                                                                                       

Homeschooling Geography Activities for Ten Year Olds

We’ve done a bit of traveling as a family, but not recently. My child picks places she would like to explore and watches short videos to learn the history and culture. We thought it would be a great idea to purchase a poster of a map to hang on the wall, so we can see where we’ve been, and where we would like to go. I also think it’s important for children to have a general understanding of their geographical location and the history surrounding it.[4] 

Kids World Map

I like for my children to see where they live on a map. I think it’s a great way for them to understand the distance between where we are located and where all our family lives. Not to mention, they can look at places they would like to visit someday and learn a bit about them.                                                       

Kids World Dry Erase Map
The perfect map for your child to learn and discover their geographical location and the world around them

The Kids Travel Book

My child loves looking at different regions of the world. The kid’s travel book is such a great way to learn about countries throughout the world with beautiful pictures. The countries have significant information including wildlife, famous food, sports history and how other cultures live.                                        

Homeschooling Extracurricular Activities for Ten Year Olds

Some days it’s difficult to stay on task. Things don’t go according to the homeschool routine. Those are the days where we sort of stray from the curriculum and we do our own thing. I have a few things that my child picks out, and we save them especially for these days.[5] 

Clay Jewelry Dish Art

Polymer clay is so easy and fun to work with. It doesn’t take too long to bake, and you can make so many neat things with it. My ten-year-old picked out a kit that comes with enough clay and paint to make three small jewelry dishes. She was going to gift them to her friends, but fell in love and kept them. I guess that means I will have to buy another one of these kits.                                                 

Hapinest DIY Clay Jewelry Dish
A fun way for your ten-year-old to enjoy crafting with polymer clay

Indoor Mini Basketball

It’s not always possible to get outside and play sports, and bringing that sort of play inside is not a very good option. I can’t imagine my kids playing baseball or badminton in the living room. With that being said, I came across a mini basketball hoop, complete with three basketballs, made for indoors! We mounted it in the basement, as I didn’t think it would match my decor upstairs. My ten-year-old is quite competitive and loves when the whole family plays together.                                                               

Treywell Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop
The perfect alternative for sports, when getting outdoors is not an option

Homeschooling and Reading for Ten Year Olds

My child loves to read graphic novels. I would rather see her read something with fewer pictures and more words, but anytime she chooses to read is considered a win-win.[6] 


Minecraft is one video game I don’t mind my child playing. It consists of creativity, problem-solving, and math skills. So, when I discovered Minecraft in the form of graphic novels, I found it to be a great reading option for my ten-year-old.                                                                                                                      

Minecraft Volume 1
The perfect graphic novel for your child to read as an alternative to the video game

[ amazon box=”1506708366″ title=”Minecraft Volume 2″ description=”The perfect graphic novel for your child to read as an alternative to playing the video game”]

I came across a few other graphic novels my child liked to read, which I will list here. Perhaps your child will enjoy these as much as mine did. 


The struggles two friends face when they go off to summer camp with one another.                      

A great read for the ten-year-old that likes graphic novels


The struggles of finding lasting friendships.                                                                                                       

The perfect book for your ten-year-old child to read and learn about the struggles of finding a lasting friendship


Not believing in school policies, a girl decides to run for school council against two friends.                   

A perfect book for your ten-year-old to read about the troubles of running for school council when your two opponents are your best friends

Final Thoughts

If you’ve chosen to homeschool your children, then I’m sure you have come across a day when you and your child don’t exactly feel like following the curriculum. It’s perfectly normal in my opinion, and it’s not a bad thing to want to take a day off. There are a lot of other things you can do with your child to fill in the day. The important thing is to have fun while doing it! Personally, I would recommend book, as this is very comprehensive.

[1] Mayberry, Rachel I., and Bonita Squires. “Sign language acquisition.” Encyclopedia of language and linguistics 11 (2006): 739-43.

[2] Myers, David E. “Freeing music education from schooling: Toward a lifespan perspective on music learning and teaching.” International Journal of Community Music 1.1 (2007): 49-61.

[3] Andrade, Albert G. An exploratory study of the role of technology in the rise of homeschooling. Diss. Ohio University, 2008.

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[5] Massoni, Erin. “Positive effects of extra curricular activities on students.” Essai 9.1 (2011): 27.

[6] Smith, Carl B. “What makes our kids underachievers.” Indiana University School of Education May 24 (1992): 1996.

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