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When you are a parent you have too much things on your mind. The most important of all is that your baby is healthy, safe, happy and comfortable. All your energy you put in your baby’s wealth, preparing the healthiest meals, providing enough sleep, play and exercise, and taking care about hygiene. When it comes to hygiene for babies, the most necessary things are diapers.  Good diapers makes parent’s life so much easier and helps them feel safe and secure that their baby is dry and satisfied no matter what. So we can seriously say that good diapers make some difference in your parenting life.

What is it a good diaper?

Good diaper needs to be great absorbent, good fit, less chemical used and affordable price. The most important quality when it comes to diapers is how absorbing they are. It is very important that diapers can absorb a lot of liquid without leaking, and that the baby will stay dry and clean for as long as possible. It is also important that diapers are made from quality materials and that is comfortable and fits good with a baby so he or she could be happy and relaxed. Diapers need to be nice,  soft, with cotton layers, and the baby’s skin has to “breathe”. Quality material is very important to keep a healthy baby skin nice and safe. The other important thing is that there is not used too many chemicals in the diaper. A lot of diaper manufactures use bleaches, perfumes and colours to make the diaper look nicer and more attractive to the customers. But, too much chemical can irritate the baby’s skin and induce rashes and infections. The less chemical they put in the diapers we could be surer that the baby’s skin should stay soft and healthy.

Last but not least is diapers price. When you have new born you know that there is a lot of spent diapers just in one day. Diapers cost is a very important characteristic to have in mind when you are choosing the right diapers for your baby. Price has to be realistic and not too expensive.

Diapers absorbent characteristics

When we say that the diaper is super absorbent that means that the diaper can handle a lot of liquid and that baby will stay dry and there won’t be leaking. In some way, diapers act like sponges. To prevent leaking, diaper manufactures use synthetic polymers that soak liquid without letting any leech out. The liquid turns into gel within the diaper and it can’t run kit anymore. On top of the diaper, there is a cotton layer that protects your baby from moisture. You can be sure that your baby will be dry and comfortable even if you leave the diaper over the night, there is no risk of rash and discomfort.

Diapers soft materials

Diapers need to be soft, comfortable and safe. Almost all diapers are made of plastic types of materials which is easy to clean. Plastic material is not comfortable and good for a baby’s healthy skin so, there needs to be an extra soft layer that will directly touch the baby’s skin and protect it from the liquid. That extra soft layer needs to be cotton and soft so that baby won’t notice that the diaper is made of plastic or that it is full. Baby’s skin needs to be protected all the time and to feel nice, safe and fresh. The cotton layer also allows baby’s skin to feel fresh and air and to “breathe” as much as possible. It is very important for healthy skin with no rashes and discomfort.  Studies show that the great number of the diaper materials are polymers and they are safe for baby’s skin and for environment.[1]

Chemicals in diapers

Diapers manufacturers sometimes use too much chemicals in their diapers in order to make the diapers look modern, well designed and attractive to the customers. They are printing different designs on front of the diapers so they would look cute and modern. All that colours and bleach could get inside the diaper when it gets wet. In some cases it could be harmful for baby’s skin, especially if it is sensitive or prone to allergies. The same thing happens when we talk about perfumes and scents that are also used in diapers so that the diapers would smell a certain way. Baby’s skin can be sensitive to smell and different senses and it can cause rashes and infections. From my opinion parents is much more concerned about safety and comfortable of their babies, then about design and modern look and smell. The less chemical is safer and better for baby’s healthy skin.

Diapers price

Diapers price is often one of the crucial characteristic for most of the parents. In the first year of your baby’s life, you need a lot of diapers, and sometimes it could be an expensive item in the home budget. Quality of the diapers is the most important characteristic that parents are looking for, but there are usually not too many parents that would pay a lot of money for diapers even if the quality of diapers is excellent. The key is always in the middle. God and satisfied quality and affordable price is always the best choice for every budget.

Kirkland Diapers

Kirkland Diapers are very good and quality disposable diapers. They are made by the manufacturer of Huggies diapers and they are two very similar diapers brand. Both of them has its own characteristics, but most of the consumers will say that they are both excellent. The owner of the Kirkland brand is The Costco Company. They strive to bring quality products at a very affordable price and to make customers satisfied and save their money. Kirkland Diapers are excellent absorbent diapers, they also don’t use too many chemicals in diapers, and their price is affordable for most home budgets. With Kirkland Diapers you can be satisfied, relaxed and sure that your baby will be dry and comfortable for a long time. They have fit and there are no leaks so, your baby can move with no restrictions and feel clean and happy.

Kirkland Diapers absorbent

Kirkland Diapers are eco friendly, they are using 23% of plant-based materials in their diapers. Also, they are standard disposable diapers, and their diapers are effective, convenient and comfortable. In order to provide great absorbency, Kirkland Diapers are using the presence of synthetic gel (SAP), that absorb liquid and keep it from the baby’s skin. The main task of good diapers is to keep your baby dry, happy and comfortable. Diapers need to have a good fit, and babies must be free to move without restrictions and discomfort. To provide all that it is very important that a diaper is made from good and quality materials. Because of the liquid, some part of the diapers are usually made from plastic parts, but if you want to provide comfort for the baby’s skin there must be a cotton layer that will protect baby skin from irritation and rashes.

Kirkland Diapers soft and eco-safe materials

Kirkland Diapers are made from eco-safe materials, that is totally safe for a baby’s skin. Diapers are filled with particles that turn into the gel in contact with liquid. It protects the baby’s skin from moisture and keeps it comfortable and healthy. You can easily and with no worry leave the diapers overnight and your baby will be dry in the morning and there won’t be any leaking. Kirkland Diapers are super absorbent. Cotton material also provides air so, your baby’s skin will be fresh and feel natural and happy which is, according to studies very important for your baby’s healthy skin care.[2]

Kirkland Diapers testing and proper fit

In some testing, Kirkland Diapers achieved excellent success for absorption. Testing results showed that there was a very small percentage of liquid on the filter paper. That proves that Kirkland Diapers are excellent absorbent. They are good at closing moisture up and prevent it from leaking, so your baby’s skin will stay dry and healthy. When your baby’s skin is dry there are less chances to get rash or irritations. When we have this testing in mind and when we know that Kirkland Diapers come at a very affordable price, we can say that with this diapers you can get excellent absorbent diapers for your money and that you can be relaxed and satisfied.

There is another Kirkland Diapers advantage that is very important. That is a proper fit. A proper fit is a very important characteristic for diapers. If the diaper fits properly there won’t be leaking or tight up your baby. Diapers need to be comfortable but tight enough to make sure that everything that needs to be in a diaper, stays in a diaper. To make sure that everything fits fine, Kirkland Diapers have flexible Velcro tabs on the size and elastic waistband on the back of the diaper. Kirkland Diapers are very cosy, with soft backing, and they are very soft on touch. All of these things help your baby’s skin to feel nice, relaxed and satisfied.

Kirkland Diapers prices

Kirkland Diapers are affordable and that is diapers that don’t cost much and you will get excellent quality for your money. Price of the diapers is not a small task on the home budget. If you change your baby on every two or three hours a day, just do the math and you will see that it is not such a small expensive for your pocket. Because of that diapers price is a very significant factor when you are deciding which diaper is good for you and your baby. Kirkland Diapers came at a good price, they are not the cheapest, but they are not expensive either.

Kirkland Diapers have a big package rule. You can’t just buy a small package of diapers. Some parents are not so satisfied because of that. But, the big package is the main reason why they give you a lower price and that they are so affordable. Big package diapers could be a problem if you need to change a diaper size and you still didn’t spend the last package. On the other side, a big package is very practical because you don’t need to run to the grocery all the time, you can buy one big package that will last for a month. If your baby is nearly ready to change the diaper size, our advice is just to buy a bigger size, and the problem is solved! With a big package, you will get a better price, and it is saving you money, time and energy.

Kirkland Diapers Wetness Indicator

Kirkland Diapers have one very practical and interesting idea for their consumers. They have a wetness indicator. Even when you are a professional in diaper changing, and always know when is the right time for a new diaper, this is a very good and convenient solution. Kirkland Diapers manufacturer put some yellow stripe as an indicator. That yellow stripe is on the diaper centre and goes from the front to the back of the diaper. When your baby’s diaper got wet, that indicator is changing colour. When the diaper is wet, the yellow stripe turns into blue colour. This is a really great solution, especially when you need a quick checking or when you are in some hurry. You don’t need to wait or guess if it is time for a new diaper, you can just check out the colour on the indicator. Parents all over the world are very grateful for this smart solution, it is very helpful to them in so many situations. Sometimes it happens that the wetness indicator doesn’t change colour. It can happen when a baby has just a little bit of poop in the diaper that didn’t get in touch with the indicator and didn’t turn up into a gel layer. But that is an exception and not the rule. Most of the time wetness indicator works perfectly.

Kirkland Pros and Cons

Just like every brand, we could analyse the Kirkland Diapers brand and talk about its pros and cons. There are a lot of benefits and advantages to Kirkland Diapers, but of course, there are and some disadvantages too. We analysed references and reviews of Kirkland Diapers consumers and here is what they said about their experience.

Kirkland Diapers Pros

Pros – Kirkland Diapers are good quality diapers, with great absorbent characteristics and a very affordable price. They are made of eco-safe materials which are soft and comfortable for a baby’s skin. Diapers are very absorbable and there is no worry about any leaking or moisture on the baby’s skin.  The layer that touches the baby’s skin is made of cotton and it is breathable and soft, so the baby’s skin can feel natural air and freshness. The Baby’s skin stays healthy and happy without irritations and rashes. Kirkland Diapers don’t use perfume in diapers and there are just a few chemicals in its ingredients which is another health benefit for a baby’s skin. Kirkland Diapers have a wetness indicator stripe, which is a very practical and convenient idea. They made excellent quality diapers for a very good and affordable price and also offer big packages that save your time and money.

Kirkland Diapers Cons

Cons – Kirkland Diapers are good quality diapers, but there are also some disadvantages according to some of their consumers. The first thing they criticised is the fact that Kirkland Diapers don’t offer small packages, just the big ones. Big packages are not very practical when it comes to the time when your baby’s size is going to overgrow. Sometimes your baby didn’t use all the diapers in the package and they don’t feet him anymore. Big packages are an economically good solution, but when it comes to this it could be a problem. Our advice is to buy a bigger size before your baby overgrows this one, in that way you can prevent that some diapers stay unused. The other disadvantages are their wetness indicator stripe. It is a great and practical solution, but some reviewers noticed that sometimes wetness indicator doesn’t work well. It happens mostly when baby poop, probably because there is no liquid which will indicate changing the colour on the wetness indicator. At other time wetness indicator works perfectly. Also, there is some complaint about diapers fitting. Some consumers said that Velcro straps are too thin and that they had problems with them.

Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers

Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers
Disposable baby diapers, soft and comfortable for baby's skin, great absorbent, excellent fit and wetness indicator. Big package for a very affordable price.

Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers are suitable for parents who are looking for a good quality diaper that you can buy in big packages. Kirkland Signature Supreme are excellent disposable diapers with a good price and promising testing results and customer reviews. They are very comfortable and durable diaper, soft and protective to the baby’s skin. They give great absorption and leak prevention according to experiences. They also give reasonable offers for the price, making them a top choice for the home budget. They are made of natural and stretchy materials and fit nicely to the baby’s skin and allows it to feel free and dry. Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers of excellent quality, very gentle and soft for baby’s sensitive skin. Provide great absorption, with no risk of leaking. And they provide all that for a very affordable price.

Kirkland Diapers Comparison

It is very important to find a good and quality diaper for your baby. Almost 24 hours a day, the baby’s skin is covered with diapers, so it is very important to use diapers which are soft, nice and comfortable for the baby’s skin. At the same time, it is important that diapers are durable and that don’t cost too much. Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers provides all of that. They are great for a baby’s skin. With no perfume and fewer chemicals, they protect your baby’s skin and make it feel free, comfortable and healthy. Diapers are very elastic and flexible around the baby’s waist and legs and they feel steady and comfortable. They are perfect absorbent and also fit great so, you don’t have to, worry about leaking even if you leave the diaper overnight. Also, they got a wetness indicator which is very practical adding and helps parents in their everyday diaper changing routine. The simple colour changing of the yellow stripe indicator is very helpful and practical especially when you are in the middle of the night or in a hurry.

 Kirkland Diapers  Pampers Diapers
AbsorptionExcellent absorbent, Use synthetic polymers that soak liquid, Wetness indicatorGood absorbent, No leaking, There is no wetness indicator
MaterialEco safe material, Soft and comfortable, Cotton layerPlastic types of materials, Cotton layer, Soft and comfortable  
ChemicalsFewer chemicals, No perfumesNo colours and bleach, perfumes and scents
SizeGreat fit, Elastic waistband, Comfortable and no leakingProper fit, No leaking, Comfortable
PriceAffordable price, Big economic packagesGood price for quality, Big packages

Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers offer a great price which is more affordable than the price of some other premium diapers. With them, you get more than satisfying quality for an affordable price. For all these characteristics above, Kirkland Diapers are approved by so many satisfied parents, and from their experience, these diapers have everything that you need to be sure that your baby is going to feel dry, relaxed, happy and comfortable.

Final word

Good and quality baby’s diapers are very important for a baby to feel comfortable, happy and safe. The Baby’s skin is very sensitive and gentle, and good diapers provide healthy skin with no rashes and irritation. It is important to fit well and to provides no leaking so that baby can move free and comfortable. My recommendation is Baby diapers Kirkland Supreme as excellent quality diapers that came at a very good price. Also, there is that are great absorbent and made from natural eco-friendly materials with fewer chemicals and no perfumes. Kirkland Diapers fit well and comfortable ln baby’s skin, protect it from moisture and wet and keep it dry, healthy and happy. They make the diaper changing easier with their wetness indicator and saves your money with their diapers big packages. Kirkland diapers are smart and excellent solutions for dry and healthy skin with no irritations and leaking.

[1] Kosemund, Kirstin, et al. “Safety evaluation of superabsorbent baby diapers.” Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology 53.2 (2009): 81-89.

[2] Adam, Ralf. “Skin care of the diaper area.” Pediatric dermatology 25.4 (2008): 427-433.

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