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Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller is an easy-going lightweight stroller. It comes with an accessory box attached to it, which is handy and convenient to keep necessary items for the child. All moms are sure to love the upright seats that can quickly stretch out when required. You can fold it easily when sitting and resting and want to take your toddler in the lap. The large canopy can protect your little one from the sun. It features a smooth and flexible folding system, which can operate with one hand, and the high push handle is an extra advantage for short-height people to handle easily.
Overall, the stroller is very impressive, featured exceptional durability, convenient to carry around, and economical. It has a unique backup from the company with one year warranty, and it assures full replacement against defective manufacturing or quality issues. Approximately, just near to 12 pounds weight, you will find it easy to handle, and it looks much smaller than other lightweight strollers. You will experience the stand-alone feature, very comfortable, as you don’t have to hold it or put it away after folding the stroller.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Easy Fold Compact Travel Baby Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Baby Stroller
This Kolcraft lightweight stroller is designed for the family on the go. Perfect for traveling and day trips with a convenient one-hand compact fold and multi-position reclining seat.


  • One-hand folding – The stroller comes with an excellent folding feature, which lets you handle it easily with one hand. You will no longer struggle to fold the stroller, and you can easily carry it along with you since it is very lightweight.
  • Flexible 5-point safety harness – It gives an enhanced safety feeling, and you will have the option to use a harness, without restricting the movement of the child
  • Front-wheel suspension for smooth movement – The suspension system absorbs the shocks while strolling on uneven terrain. It adds up the comfort factor for your child and assures a smooth ride.


  • No seat padding – Since it is meant to use for toddlers, the seat should have provided with decent padding. The user needs to take care of the issue; otherwise, it will create discomfort for the child.
  • The seat cannot remove for cleaning – It is an essential feature that lacks in the model. So, users need to be careful about it and make sure the seat is not getting dirty.

Main Features

Foolproof traveling stroller: The Kolcraft cloud plus is a lightweight stroller designed with a good deal of impeccable features. It weighs only 11.8 pounds and is a marvelous friend of all mummies. You can carry it in one hand due to its self-standing foldable feature. The seats are very comfortable with multi-positioning points making it a conducive environment for your baby.
Front suspension wheel drive:
The stroller comes with an all-terrain wheel system with a front suspension wheel drive makes the entire thing very comfortable and absorbs the disturbances by delivering a smooth glide. Moving around with the stroller is the next natural thing for moms.
Safety harness:
It features 5 point safety harness system designed to give the best security options for your child. It will ensure extra safety for your child when in bumpy terrain. Out of the five harnesses, two are near the shoulders, two near the hip, and one down to avoid any injury when your baby may accidentally or unknowingly try to jump out of the stroller.

Buying Guide For Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

In this guide, I will share how to select and buy the best strollers which are lightweight use for kids and think you need to aware of

Top reasons to Choose Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller with 5-Point Safety System and Multi-Position Reclining Seat is a skillful, robust, portable, and convenient stroller for your baby. The stroller has a multi-positioning lying-down couch with a lengthened overhanging cover for very convenient use. It comes with a large canopy, designed exclusively to protect your baby from the sun. Further, it has a 5-point safety harness system ensuring safety for the kid. Moms will find it very convenient to use since it has a detachable accessory tray to keep the regular necessary items. The tray features a cup holder, juice tray, and food box for comfortable holding of requisites during baby feeding.

Lightweight Stroller


The Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller has an excellent design, targeting user-friendliness and comfort for the kids. It can glide smoothly even on the rough surface because of the all-terrain wheels with a suspension system on the front wheel, and your kid won’t get disturbed by the uneven movement. The 5-point safety harness system gives an extra sense of security for your kid, and it is a safe stroller for a child up to 50 pounds. It is ideal for parents with one kid, and for a long haul.  Priced under $60, and supported with a one-year warranty, it is worth the value considering the features.

The Cloud Plus Stroller is a certified product and has passed the quality control requisites. When it comes to your baby’s comfort and mothers at ease this product is undoubtedly perfection in itself. With safety features and comfort considered as a premiere factor in design, you are bound to love this at very first sight. The JPMA certification and one-year manufacturing warranty are an added value to this product.

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