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You get irritated and frustrated a lot times after giving birth and there are even times when you do not know what to do with your newborn especially if you are a newbie! If this is you, you should probably be reading the following essential new baby products that might make your life easier.

New Baby Products for Clothing

1.      Newborn Swaddle

When I was preparing for my due date, I bought lots of stuff for my baby and one of this is the swaddle. I researched about swaddles and they really give great comforts to newborns.[1] I bought a cotton swaddle and a foam swaddle, and personally, I recommend the foam swaddle because it is easier to use. You can put this foam swaddle on your baby’s crib and when you are done putting your baby to sleep in your arms; you can lay down your baby and do the swaddling while your baby is asleep.

Newborn Swaddle Blanket
Having this swaddle makes the process of swaddling easier and convenient for you. Additionally, you will feel at peace knowing that your baby’s head is protected and safe. For the part of your baby, you will get an assurance that your baby will be able to sleep soundly.

2.      Baby Closet Dividers

When you are preparing for the coming of your baby, you do not just buy newborn clothes. Instead, you try to buy clothes up 12 to 24 months. When you have all of these stuff, the tendency is that the clothes get mixed together and it is kind of hard to find the right clothes for your baby unless you look at their sizes one by one.

If you want to get a little more organized, I recommend these baby closet dividers. They are the ones I used in separating my baby’s clothes and even if I am not around, my husband knows what to use for our baby!

Baby Closet Dividers
This product teaches you how to be organized and how to manage your baby’s clothes properly. If one day, you have to declutter some of your baby’s small and old clothes, it will be easier and faster for you to do it.

New Baby Diaper Products

3.      Cloth Diaper

Depending on your preference, you can use a cloth diaper or a disposable one. Cloth diapers are practical to use.[2] If you plan to use the disposable one, I recommend this product to you. They are easy to wash and they do not cause diaper rashes. If you are a parent who is tight on budget, then this one might be perfect for you!

Baby Snaps Cloth Diapers
This product will save your money from buying too many disposable diapers. Instead of using the money for those disposable ones, you can use them for other important baby needs such as vitamins and foods.

4.      Huggies Little Snugglers

After giving birth, I got lots of presents from my friends and relatives and these presents are practical. I got one box of these huggies diapers and I was amazed with them. I find them really comfortable and I’ve seen no rashes from my baby compared to those other diapers that I have received. Although these are pricey, I know that they are worth it.

Huggies Little Snugglers Baby Diapers
These diapers are perfect for new parents because of its indicator features. Having these diapers will assure you that your baby will never get any rashes and irritation.

5.      Pampers Newborn

Another product that I have received as a gift back then was this pampers newborn and personally, I also find them great. However, they are not as thick as the huggies brand. Anyway, different parents prefer different features. So if you are just looking for a perfect fit and thickness, this one might be the best choice for you. Although they are cheaper than the huggies little snugglers, their features differs from one another. Additionally, disposable diapers provides less infection and contamination.[3]

Diapers Newborn
This product will take care of your baby’s delicate skin. Surely, you will not have to worry about leakage and discomfort because this product will handle it for you.

New Baby Products for Bath Time

6.      Baby Shower Cap or Visor

You can bath your newborn without using any bath tub but this product will make you need it. It protects your baby’s eyes and face from soap and it will also protect your baby’s ears from water. Surely, you will love to use it and bathing time for your newborn will be fun!

During the first few weeks of my baby, I was not the one who gave bath to him because I do not know how and I am afraid that I might hurt my baby’s eyes or ears. However, when I found this product, I became confident and I really did enjoy giving a bath to my baby!

Baby Shower Cap
Having this product will make bathing time easier. It will prevent your child from having phobias during bath time and you will get an assurance that your baby’s eyes and ears are safe and protected.

7.      Plush Bath Tub

I bathe my baby when he was still weeks old on our sink and to make bathing easier, this plush bath tub is the one that I have used. This one can be an alternative to the traditional bath tubs and it is very convenient to use. I just put the plush onto the sink and bathing will become smooth and easy!

Baby Bath
Having this product will make bath time fun and comfortable. You will get an assurance that your baby will feel warm and cuddly while you bathe them. Surely, you will never have a hard time in bathing your baby and you will have that confidence and positive mindset that you can do it on your own!

8.      Whale of Tub Bathtub

One great thing about this product is that it is free from slippage and sliding. Also, what I like about it is that it has a drain plug and this makes it convenient for me and for those parents who just had a surgery. Additionally, infant temperature stability, decrease in infection, and parent satisfaction are the things you could get when you do bathing using a tub.[4]

This product will trim your baby’s nails quietly that is why even when your baby is asleep; your baby will not be disturbed.  

Baby Nail File Electric Nail Trimmer
Nail grooming will become easier for you and you will have that confidence that you will not hurt your baby. Also, you will be assured that your baby’s face will never be scratched anymore by their nails.

10.            Baby Ear Buds

The thing I like about this ear cotton buds is that they come in the shape of a spoon. Personally, cleaning my baby’s ears using this cotton buds always make me satisfied because I can really get the dirt and wax out of my baby’s ears.

Deeyeo Baby Cotton Swabs
This product will provide a great nose and ear hygiene to your child. Having it will give you an assurance that your baby’s ear wax and other dirt are removed perfectly.

11.            Newborn Tooth and Tongue Brush

Infant oral health is very important.[6] This one is my baby’s very first toothbrush or tongue brush, should I say. I first used it in cleaning my baby’s tongue after bath time and eventually, when his first tooth finally came out, I found this very useful. My baby was born with two-teeth out (just like me!) and this toothbrush really did great!

Fingertip Toothbrush
This product will give you an assurance that your baby’s teeth and tongue are perfectly clean. Also, you will not have a hard time in brushing your baby’s teeth because you can easily control the brushing.

12.            Medicine Dispenser

As a pharmacist, I know how hard it is for some parents to make their babies drink medicines. So, when I became a parent, I made sure that medicine time will be easier for me and my baby and the tool that helped me get this convenience is this product. Also, this product can give you accurate dosing for your child.[7]

13.            Baby Thermometer

I have this thermometer even before I gave birth to my child and it’s been 5 years now but I still have it and I use it for my child whenever I worry that he might be feeling sick or when I feel like he has a fever. During the span of 5 years, I only had to change the battery once! I really find this product durable and sturdy because this product has been thrown a lot of times and yet, it is working just like brand new! It accurately records my baby’s temperature and it is really easy and safe to use. Although it is a contact thermometer, I do not really consider that as a checklist because for me, thermometers are to be used by one person or family alone. Anyway, if you want to share it with others, you can clean and sanitize it easily!

Having this thermometer with you will never give you any worries because you know that you can track your baby’s health and temperature anytime. Also, you will get an assurance that the results are always accurate.

14.            Diaper Rash Relief

Diaper rash and other rashes are common for babies.[8] Because I do not want to see my baby suffer from any rashes, I always have this diaper rash beside me. It relieves my baby’s diaper rashes in no time!

New Baby Products for Sleeping

15.  Baby Bedside Crib

Baby bedside crib provides more safety to your baby.[9] Back when I was preparing for my baby’s needs, I always make sure that the things I buy are multifunctional and when it was the time for me to buy a crib, I chose to buy a bedside crib. The reason why I bought a bedside crib is that I want my baby to always be on my sight and I personally think that this bedside crib will be convenient especially because I breastfeed my baby.

Bedside Sleeper
Having this will give you peace knowing you’re your baby is safe and comfortable.

16.  Baby Sensor Pad

Baby monitors reduces anxiety and stress of parents.[10] One common cause of death of baby is sudden infant death syndrome and this condition alarms me a lot especially at night when I am also sleeping.[11] For this reason, I bought this baby sensor in order to monitor my baby’s breathing and movement. If my baby’s breathing drops or reduces, there will be an alarm. These sensor pads are easy to install. All you have to do is place them under your baby’s mattress! Also, it does not consume too much battery and electricity because you can turn it off when your baby is not around.

Baby Movement Monitor
This baby monitor will give you peace knowing that your baby is always monitored all the time and you will be confident when it is on use because its wires will never have any direct contact with your baby.

17.  Waterproof Bed Sheet

Sometimes, you cannot control leaks from your baby. When leaks happen on your baby’s crib foam, there will be marks on the foam and these marks are hard to clean up. For these reasons, I want to share with you this waterproof bed sheet which you can actually use for your newborn!

Waterproof Crib Protector
After some time, leaks causes bed bugs and these bed bugs will affect your baby’s health and skin. However, if you have this product, you will be assured that your baby’s environment is always clean.

New Baby Products for Feeding

18.  Baby Milk Powder Formula Dispenser

There are many milk containers and some of the milk containers without scoops are not really okay with me because the powdered milk gets hard after some hours. Also, all of the powdered milk does not come out. For these reasons, I personally recommend this powdered milk container with spoon because I find it convenient and I always get an assurance that the powdered milk will never get wet.

19.  Self-feeding Pillow

My mom gave my baby a gift like this and honestly, I find it very useful especially when I have to do many other house chores. My baby used this when he was 3 months old and everything was easier for me back then. I found my baby learning to hold the bottle alone and based on what I have researched, pillows like this are great in enhancing the developmental milestones of a baby.[12] Also, it allows my baby’s head to be elevated so I find it really great! However, when you use this, you have to always check out on your baby time after time to prevent choking.

20.  Spill-proof Sippy Cup Lids

These products are very handy and useful especially when you are not at home. It prevents spilling of liquids and drinking will be easier for your baby. Additionally, these sippy cups can teach your baby how to become an independent person.[13]

Sippy Cup Lids
This product will teach your baby how to be independent and you will have confidence knowing that there will be no mess wherever you go!

21.  Magic Bullet Blender

This magic bullet blender has been our best friend ever since. My auntie has been using it since 2009 and it never disappointed us. I used to tend my aunts’ children before and whenever I use this blender, everything seems so easy! Now that I am a parent, I made sure that I have this one! Additionally, this type of blender increase the quality and shelf-life of the food you prepare.[14]

Magic Bullet Blender
This blender saves your time and effort from preparing your baby’s foodie. Surely, in no time, you will be able to create a delicious meal for your little one.

22.  Disposable Baby Bibs

I find these bibs very useful especially when we travel. I prefer them over those washable one whenever I feed my baby because sometimes, it takes a lot of effort and soap to clean the washable one especially when the stain is really hard to remove!

Disposable Bibs
Having this disposable bibs will give you confidence that no mess will be around your baby when you are feeding them outside your home!

23.  Baby Food Storage Station

The thing I like about this item is that it is very portable and is very useful especially when I am not around. I can prepare food for my baby and store them without having to worry about being spoiled. It is easy to operate and it is also easy to clean.

Squeeze Station
This squeeze station will save your time and effort in preparing purees for your babies. You will have an assurance that you will never ran out of food during emergency.

24.  Baby Mini Food Maker

Honestly, as a new parent, I do not how to cook food and the only way I can prepare food for my baby is by making puree and other fruits and veggie foods. Luckily, I found this product and everything became easier for me!

25.  Transition Baby Bottle

After giving birth, I got a 3 months maternity leave and during these 3 months, my baby got breastfed purely. The night before i needed to go back to work, we tried to make our baby drink milk using a feeding bottle. Surprisingly, he always sucks the bottle nipple out! I became a little anxious that time because his father might have a hard time the next day when I am around so, we went to a supermarket and looked for feeding bottles that can mimic my nipples. Luckily, I found this transition bottle and everything went well. There is this nipple confusion and I believe that this is what happened to my baby.[15]

26.  Baby Brezza Formula Pro

I really find this product very innovative and classy. I had the generic one but it is not as durable as this so, I recommend this baby product more. This product makes warm milk for your baby without the need for scooping the powdered milk. It is like a coffee maker because it can instantly make warm milk! It mixes the water and powdered milk smoothly so you will not have to shake the bottle after.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro
This product will save your time and effort from preparing milk. Also, you will get an assurance that no powdered milk will be spoiled and at the same, you will be at peace knowing that there will be no chunks of milk that might choke your baby.

New Baby Gear and Furniture Products

27.  Backseat Car Organizer

Honestly, I am guilty of being disorganized before I had this product. Our car was always messy because I bring lots of stuff for my baby, and yet, I do not know how to organize them. Luckily, I found this product and everything looks clean and green!

Backseat Car Organizer
This product will teach you how to be organized and you will not have a hard time to look for the things you need while you are on the road. Additionally, having it will not make you have to clean your car all the time after your trip and you will have a lot of space in your backseat.

28.  Sofa for Breastfeeding Moms

Breastfeeding a baby can cause back pain especially if the chair or bed you use is not designed ergonomically.[16] After giving birth, back pain will be there especially for moms who have undergone cesarean section. Personally, my experience was bad because I really cannot stand up or sit down properly when I want to feed my baby. So, my husband found tis product and I find it very comfortable to use.

29.  Diaper and Crib Backpack

This product is really great and I truly recommend it for travelers. It is a container bag and at the same, it is a foldable bed for your baby! You can wear it like a normal back pack but its features and spaces are realty amazing. I really find it very multifunctional and durable, and no one will ever notice that you are bringing a baby bed!

30.  Portable Stroller

The first thing you must consider when buying a stroller is the safety.[17] There are many strollers available but this one is very unique for me. It is foldable and at the same time, when you fold it, you can carry it like a trolley! You do not have to carry it heavily because all you need is to handle it like a trolley bag. I always use this stroller on our trip because when my baby cries while we are walking, I will not have to worry how I will carry the stroller.

Baby Stroller
This stroller will not take much of the space in your car and because of its brake feature, you will be assured that your baby will always be safe.

31.  Stroller with Breastfeeding Cover

Breastfeeding in public is not easy and it required courage.[18] As a mom who breastfeed my baby, I kind of find it hard to breastfeed my baby in the public because of malicious people and so before, I only use a cloth. Later, I found this product and it seems so fine for me.

Kooi Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding
This product will give you the confidence anytime you want to breastfeed your baby. It will give you the privacy you wish to have so you would not have to worry about exposing your breastfeeding time!

32.  Kangaroo T-shirt

Kangaroo care is a very effective way in enhancing a baby’s health.[19] If you want to give your baby a kangaroo care, this front pouch shirt is great. It calms your baby and it gives them your warmth. I find this one easy to use because you do not need to do the wrapping. All you need to do is put your baby inside the shirt and everything will go well.

Kangaroo T Shirt
Having this shirt will surely allow you to make your baby feel you warm embrace. Additionally, it will calm your baby and it will help you relieve your baby’s restlessness.

33.  Jogging Stroller

For parents who love to do exercising, you can have this innovative stroller that is made for jogging! It is very convenient to use because it works smoothly and the baby will stay safe inside the stroller.

Jogging Stroller
This product will keep you fit even after your pregnancy. Surely, you will enjoy being back on track without having to worry about who will watch over your baby.

34.  Car Seat to Stroller

Back then, I really do not have much budget to buy an innovative product so I had to stick with the traditional one. If ever I need to buy again, I would really choose this one this time! It can be converted to car seat and stroller and it can be installed easily.

Car Seat to Stroller
This will save your money from buying two different items. You will be able to enjoy using it because you do not need to bring 2 items. Surely, you will be confident knowing that you are ready for anything, anytime!

35.  Portable High Chair

You will never go wrong with this portable high chair because it is very handy and easy to use. It can be a substitute for traditional high chairs and personally, I use it on a daily basis at home, and everywhere we go. This portable high chair will make the most out of your budget!

Portable High Chair
This product will make everything effortless for you especially during meal time. It will give you an assurance that your baby is safe and secured while they are on their seat. Surely, everything will be convenient for you and your family.

36.  Baby Susher

There are times when you really do not know the reason why your newborn baby is crying sometimes, you think that it is because they have not adapted to their new environment yet. Fortunately, there is this baby susher that can help you relieve your baby’s restlessness. This baby susher uses a real human voice which is responsible for the calming of the baby.

I found a set of this product that comes with a swaddle, susher, and a pacifier that you might want to try.

Baby Susher
This product will help you calm your baby and it will also allow your baby to sleep soundly. Surely, you will feel the fulfillment and satisfaction because you are able to calm your baby in no time.

37.  Portable Diaper Changing Pad

I always use this gear on a daily basis especially when my baby was weeks old. Changing time is always easy for me because everything I need is already inside that pouch. This one is waterproof so I do not have to worry if ever I get to spill out some water while washing or cleaning my baby. My husband really love this one!

Portable Diaper Changing Pad
This product will give you a stress-free moment when you are changing your baby’s diaper. It will also make you organized and you will see that your baby will be comfortable while doing the changing process. Surely, you will not need to put much effort and you will not have a hard time while you clean up your baby.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the needs of your baby is not easy especially when you are tight on your budget. There are many baby products available but more of these are wants and not needs, depending on your preferences. It may be tempting to buy all of these but you have to consider buying the important ones or the products that will make parenting easier for you.


How often do you bathe a newborn?

Giving bath to your baby daily can dry their skin. Since your newborn baby is not that mobile yet, giving your baby a bath three to four times a week is enough.

How soon can you take a newborn out?

Some recommend that you must wait for a baby to turn one month old before you take them out. However, there is no specific rule about this. You can freely take your baby out as long as you use the products that can keep your baby safe.

How do you clean a newborn’s face?

You can clean your baby’s face by washing it gently using washcloth or cotton balls. If your baby is just a few days old, try to avoid using any soap.

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