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“I’m bored.” You sigh, again. This is something you are starting to hear every day. This may be a problem during summer break, or during the cold winter months. I know you probably feel like you never know what to do to keep them occupied. So, my suggestion is to try a painting activity with your 7-year-old child. I went through and found a few things you need to get started, and some painting activities to do with your child.

What benefits can paint activities provide for your 7-year-old?

Let’s talk about what painting can do for your 7-year-old child and how it can make your child’s life better. Painting can be beneficial to all children, but especially children with disabilities, or fatal illnesses, such as cancer, as shown in a study done by the Caspian Journal of Pediatrics.[1] This study shows a decrease in aggression with children who suffer from cancer. Another study shows that painting therapy helps reduce the symptoms of Separation Anxiety Disorder in children.[2] It is also determined in this next study that painting can be used to assess a mother-child relationship using art therapy.[3] Your 7-year-old child can benefit from painting activities, especially if they are dealing with any kind of physical or mental ailment. There are benefits for every 7-year-old child when it comes to painting.

Structure through painting activities

Painting can provide structure to a child’s everyday life. What I am saying is, when you plan painting activities daily for your child, you are providing structure to their life. So, Daily structure in your child’s life is important to your 7-year-old’s development. 

Painting encourages creativity

When you put your mind to it, painting can get the creative thoughts flowing. Your 7-year-old needs time to develop their creativity, and they also need to use their imagination to grow, learn, and play. Creativity allows them to view and solve problems they may face in the future as an adult. 

Painting activities can help develop fine motor skills

Painting helps develop dexterity and coordination. It helps to develop the hand/eye coordination needed for many skills. This means that they will learn to accomplish things, especially with their hands that will aid them in their future jobs and in life. Not to mention the fun they will have developing these skills when they do paint activities.

What supplies will I need for your 7-year old’s painting activities?

I know you want to jump right into the painting activities you can do with your 7-year-old. We do have a lot of ideas. But first, you should have on hand all the basic painting supplies your 7-year-old child will need to get started on their painting activities.

Paint brushes

You need paint brushes to get your 7-year-old started on their painting activities. The brushes you may need vary, depending on each project you are working on. But a basic starter kit will work just fine. Check out this starter kit from Amazon.


It is a given that you need paint for your 7-year old’s painting activities. There are many types of paints you can get. Watercolor, washable, fingerpaints, etc. It all depends on what style you like. Check out a few different styles of paints.

Paintigo Acrylic Paint Pens
These acrylic paint pens are perfect to help your 7-year-old to learn to control their painting and are so much fun to use.


You will probably want to get a smock for your 7-year old’s painting activities. A smock will provide cover to your child’s clothes to keep them from ruining them. Be sure to get a smock to help free up your time during cleanup and be able to spend more time helping your child do their painting activities.

Bassion Pack of 2 Kids Art Smocks
These smocks are perfect for keeping your child’s clothes clean so they can spend more time painting with you.

Canvas or paper

Your child will need something to paint on, like a canvas or painting paper made especially for painting. There are great paint pads to keep all your child’s work together and organized.

Crayola Giant Fingerpaint Paper
Your 7-year-old will love painting on this paint pad. It works great for enjoyable finger painting.


An easel will help keep your child’s work off of the table or floor, and keep the paint off of everything but the canvas. It is also easier to look at your work straight on instead of bending over to paint. 

Drop cloth

Be sure to have a drop cloth under your 7-year old’s workspace. Doing this will keep the dripping paint from landing on the table or floor as your child is transferring it to the paper. Check out our choice for a super cheap drop cloth.

Super Strength High Density Drop Cloth
This drop cloth will help keep the mess off the floor while your child is painting so you can spend more time with them and less time cleaning. That will make them happy.


They will need a palette to put  dollops of the different paint colors on. It is a plus to have one with a place to experiment with colors.

Hulameda Paint Tray Palettes
This paint palette collection will make mixing colors an easy thing for your 7-year-old.

What are a few springtime painting activities for your 7-year-old?

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The flowers and trees are blooming. Baby animals are everywhere. It is a great time to paint those beautiful scenes with your 7-year-old. Here is a list of a few spring painting activities for your 7-year-old.

  1. Flower garden

Have you ever looked outside in the springtime and saw the flowers and trees blooming? It is a beautiful scene. Your 7-year-old will enjoy studying a beautiful flower garden and using all the vibrant colors to paint what they see. Or, what about this paint by number flower garden?

COLORWORK DIY Paint by Numbers
Your 7-year-old will be challenged by this lovely flower garden. They will enjoy the challenge and learn from it.
  • Baby animals

What about the baby animals in the meadow? Your 7-year-old will love looking at them and painting all of the babies’ activities with the many colors of the rainbow. Or you could have them paint something like this.

Animal Paint by Numbers
Your child will love this baby animal paint by number kit and it will make them so happy while they paint it.
  • Handprint tulips

Another springtime painting activity to do with your 7-year-old is painting a handprint tulip. Paint a stem with green paint, then, have your child pick a color and paint your child’s hand with that color. Ask them to place their hand at the end of the stem and then you have a handprint flower. Have a look at this lovely pink paint for your child’s handprint tulip.

Crayola Washable Tempera Paint
This paint is perfect for your child. They will love the color and have fun using it.

What are some ideas for summer painting activities for your 7-year-old?

Does your 7-year-old get bored during summer break? I know I have trouble keeping my child occupied during those hot summer days, when it is just too hot to take him outside. Take a look at these summertime painting activities for your 7-year-old to do while they are on summer break.

  1. Beach setting

If you live close to a beach, this is the perfect summer painting activity for your 7-year-old. Even if you do not live close to a beach, it is still perfect because you can plan a vacation and plan the painting activity to keep them occupied while on vacation. They can paint anything they see; the water, the sand, maybe some aquatic life. 

Acrylic Painting Kit for Kids & Adults
This is a great and fun DIY paint by number kit that your 7-year-old will have a blast doing.
  • Footprint butterflies

This one is perfect for a hot summer day’s painting activity. Have your child dip their foot into their choice of paint, then simply press it onto the paper in the shape of a butterfly’s wings. Next, you can have them paint an oval for the body, eyes, and a mouth of the butterfly. My son loves to do this with the blue paint below.

Dark Blue Kids Paint
Your child will love the way this paint looks, and the way it feels between their toes.

What fall painting activities can your 7-year-old do?

Fall is also a beautiful time of year. The leaves change from green to so many vibrant colors. This is my favorite time of year. Plus, there are so many painting activities to do with your 7-year-old child.

  1. Leaf painting activity

Ask your child to gather leaves that have fallen from the trees. Place a leaf under a sheet of paper. Let them pick a color and paint the paper over the leaf. This will leave a painted imprint of the leaf. Here is our choice of paint to use for this activity.

Apple Barrel Fall Themed Acrylic Paint
These acrylic paints are the perfect color for your child’s painting activities because they will be happy to use colors that match the leaves.
  • Tree painting activity

Your child can make a tree with a simple brown rectangle for the trunk. Then, set out the different colored paints they can choose from. Have them simply dip their fingers in the different colors and then poke little, tiny finger leaves all over the paper. It is that simple. These finger paints below are perfect for this activity.

Set of 6 Primary Colors
Your 7-year-old will love these colors and playing in the paint.
  • Pumpkin painting activity 

This one is a bit different than the other ones because it uses a pumpkin instead of a canvas. But, instead of carving a pumpkin, take some paint and have your 7-year-old paint faces on the pumpkins. It will be so much more satisfying to them. The pumpkins do not rot, and it is much safer. I highly encourage this painting activity for your 7-year-old. We prefer to paint the pumpkin black then, use a white paint pen to paint with to control drippage.

White Paint Pen for Art
Your child will be so happy using this paint pen and they will not get the paint everywhere.
Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint
This spray paint is easy for your child to use to cover their happy little pumpkin with.

What are some fun painting activities for your 7-year-old to do during the winter?

We all know 7-year old’s get bored during the winter months. You cannot go outside when it is extremely cold. So, here are some fun painting activities you can do while your child is on winter break and stuck in the house.

  1. Santa

Your 7-year-old can paint Santa Claus using a deep red for his coat, pants, and hat. Use a matte black for his boots, and bright white for the beard and hair, and of course the little cotton ball on the tip of his hat. Try this paint set.

Salvador Acrylic Paint Set
Your child will be happy with the many colors in this paint set to make a painting of Santa Claus.
  • Snowscape painting

Let your 7-year-old paint a snow scene. Have your child look outside at the land and the snow covering the trees and take it all in. Then let your child transfer what they see to their canvas. Check out this nice white paint, which is most of what the painting will have. They also have multiple colors to choose from, to help make sure your 7-year-old has all the colors they need to paint a snowscape.

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
These different paints will give your child a selection to choose from and they will love having all the color choices.
  • Christmas tree painting

After you decorate your tree, a nice winter paint activity would be to have your 7-year-old look at the tree and paint what they see. Have them paint the tree, lights, ornaments, etc. Then the look of each present.

Acrylic Paint Classic Christmas Set
Pretty colors that will make your child happy to paint a Christmas tree painting.
  • Gifts for family

Take one of these activities and turn it into a present for a family member. Or have your child do a footprint tree with green paint and make one for each family member as a gift.

Washable Tempera Paint
This green finger paint works perfect for your child to squish their toes in and make them giggle.

What are some unique and creative painting activities for your 7-year-old?

We have discussed many painting activities for your 7-year-old so far, but most of them have been meant for painting on canvas and paper. My 7-year-old loves canvas painting. But that is not all he can paint on. Also, there have been a lot of paint brush painting or finger-painting activities. Here are some other creative ideas for painting activities with your 7-year-old.

  1. Sponge painting

This is a lot of fun with my 7-year-old. He always has a blast. It is quite simple. Instead of using a paint brush, just take a sponge and dip that in the paint instead. There are even shape sponges like the ones below.

30pcs Sponge Painting Shapes
These fun sponges are perfect for your child’s creative side.
  • Straw Painting

Pour a bit of paint on your surface of choice. Canvas, paper, cardboard, etc. Then, have your 7-year-old blow through a straw to move the paint around. Pouring several different colors and blowing them into each other makes it an ever more fun activity for your child. These straws are cheap and perfect for this occasion.

Reusable Stainless Steel Metal Straws
Your child will love these straws, and they are reusable so they can use them over again multiple times and have the same amount of fun every time.
  • Sensory bag

A study completed by Diane Kearn, MA, ATR shows that painting can help children with sensory issues.[4] I mention this, because you may be experiencing something like this with your 7 year old. If you are, make a paint sensory bag activity a try with your child. Lay out paints of different colors in a gallon size bag with a zipper and zip it shut. Have your child mix the paint with their fingers. It will help relieve your child’s anxiety and stress. We recommend these bags for your 7-year-old’s sensory bag.

Ziploc Professional Freezer Bags
These are perfect for a sensory bag for your child.
  • Alphabet painting 

Guide your child in finger painting their name and the alphabet. This will help them not only in school but keep them occupied as well. They will love it. Or they can paint the alphabet with these alphabet painting sponges.

Alphabet Letter Painting Art Craft Sponge
These sponge stamps are perfect for your 7-year-old to learn their alphabet and have fun while doing it.
  • Egg painting 

Easter eggs are a big part of spring. So, boil some eggs and enjoy this wonderful painting activity with your 7-year-old. Or even better, we encourage you to try this egg painting kit.

Easter Squishy Egg Painting Kit
This kit is a fun and clean way for your child to paint eggs without the extra hassle.
  • Figurines

Now this one is always fun. Buy a little statue or figurine for your 7-year-old to paint. There are all kinds of little trinkets like dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. Let your 7-year-old pick one out they like and tell them to go crazy painting it however they would like.

Painting Your Own Figurines
These figurines will make your child smile. They will be so happy to pick and choose which figurine they paint.
  • Roll marbles

Lay out a piece of paper in a baking sheet. Pour a bit of paint, different colors if you would like, and let your 7-year-old have fun rolling marbles through the paint puddles. They will absolutely love it.

Beautiful Player Marbles Bulk
Your child will love rolling these marbles through paint.
  • Wooden peg people 

Check out your local dollar store, I am sure they sell little wooden peg people. If they do, pick a couple up. It is kind of like the figurines, except have them take their fingers and paint the peg people instead of a paint brush. This goes with the sensory statement, though it is not a bag. 

Peg Doll Angel Wood Bodies
Your 7-year-old will think these are so cute to paint.
  • Stamp painting 

Instead of using a paint brush or even their fingers, have your child use a stamp of their choice. They can dip it in paint and make a whole scene using just different stamps. They could paint on anything, canvas, paper, cardboard, etc. 

Foam Painting Stamper
Check out these cute stamps for your child to love stamp painting.
  1. Painting with felt 

Instead of using canvas for your 7-year old’s painting activity every time, you can use a piece of felt material. The texture is great for 7-year-old children with sensory or attention issues, as well as, those that aren’t affected by such sensory dysfunction issues.

Assorted Color DIY Craft Squares
Cheap felt squares to buy for endless fun for your 7-year-old child’s painting activities.

What are some amazing painting activities for your 7-year-old?

We have been through a lot of great painting activities for your 7-year-old child. But, what about amazing painting activities? Let’s see what we can come up with.

  1. Steppingstone painting activity

We all know how cute steppingstones are in our gardens. Have your 7-year-old paint their very own steppingstone like the one below.

Paint Your Own Turtle Steppingstone
This steppingstone is the perfect painting activity for your 7 year old. They are going to have a wonderful time painting their own steppingstone and it is going to make them so happy.

  • Rock painting activity for your 7-year-old

This painting activity brings out the creative side of your child. Please check out this great rock painting kit from Amazon.

Rock Painting Kit for Kids
This is a great kit for your 7-year-old child. Painting rocks will make your child so happy and show off their imagination.
  • Sand painting 

So, we knew we could do all of those painting activities with, well, paint. But, did you know you could paint with sand? Amazing huh? Well, take a look at this sand painting activity for your 7-year-old child.

Faber-Castell 3D Sand Painting
Sand painting is a great activity for your 7-year-old child. They will have an amazing time painting with sand.
  • T-shirt painting

Well, yes, you can! T-shirt painting makes a wonderful activity for your 7-year-old. Not only that, it makes a wonderful keepsake that your child may be able to pass down for generations. Look at this wonderful t-shirt painting activity kit for your 7-year-old below.

Fabric Paint Art Markers Set
This t-shirt painting kit helps your child to have a great time making their own keepsake. They will be so happy to have it through the years and to give to their child later in their life.

  • Paint-by-number

Paint by number projects is not only fun, but a great painting activity to teach your 7-year-old their numbers. This cute paint by number below will be perfect for your child.

AMETUS Paint by Numbers Kit
Your 7-year-old will love spending their time on this painting activity.
  • Refrigerator magnet 

Your child can paint their own refrigerator magnet. It is a lot of fun for a 7-year-old child. My 7-year-old has painted many magnets and has loved every minute of it. We also get to see it every day, which is a plus as well. Check out this refrigerator magnet painting activity kit for your 7-year-old.

YOFUN Paint Your Own Wooden Magnet
Your 7-year-old child will have an amazing time doing this painting activity kit. It is a lot of fun and easy to do.
  • Paint a birdhouse

This is a common school project, but you can try it at home as well. I did it with my 7-year-old and he had a great time. He also loved that he made something for the animals. I highly recommend this painting activity.

Grayblock Bird House Paint
This bird house will make your child so happy to paint it and they will enjoy hanging it in your yard afterwards.

What are a few educational painting activities for your 7-year-old?

As a parent, we want the best for our child. We also want to contribute to our child’s education. So, for a 7-year-old, painting activities are great. Not only are they fun and help with their creativity in the ways we discussed earlier, but they can also be educational. Check out these educational painting activities for your 7-year-old child.

  1. Portrait painting activity

Bring a little mirror to your 7-year old’s work space and let them look at themselves. Then, let them paint the way they see themselves. You will be able to learn about how they see themselves in their own eyes. Meanwhile, you paint how you see them from your eyes. Use this canvas for this. 

White Blank Canvas Panel
You and your child will love painting portraits on this canvas style.
  • Paint mixing activity

Teach your child which colors to mix to make other colors. Ex.: blue and red make purple. This will be a great lesson for your 7-year-old child to learn about primary and secondary colors.

One last thing

When you do paint activities with your 7-year-old child, it will not only be fun, but it will leave you with so many good memories and keepsakes. Try any one of these painting activities and I promise it will keep your 7-year-old child happy. Remember to cherish those memories you make, too. These are my favorite recommendations linked below. Grayblock Bird House Paint, Fabric Paint Art Markers Set, Paint Your Own Turtle Steppingstone

[1]Khodabakhshi Koolaee, Anahita, Roza Vazifehdar, and Farshad Bahari. “Impact of painting therapy on aggression and anxiety of children with cancer.” Caspian Journal of Pediatrics 2.2 (2016): 135-141.

[2]Khadar, Mojtaba Gholamzade, Jalil Babapour, and Hassan Sabourimoghaddam. “The effect of art therapy based on painting therapy in reducing symptoms of separation anxiety disorder (SAD) in elementary school boys.” Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences 84 (2013): 1697-1703.

[3]Gavron, Tami, and Ofra Mayseless. “The joint painting procedure to assess implicit aspects of the mother–child relationship in middle childhood.” Art Therapy 32.2 (2015): 83-88.

[4] Kearns, Diane. “Art therapy with a child experiencing sensory integration difficulty.” Art Therapy 21.2 (2004): 95-101.

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