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Summer is one of the four-season and the hottest of all. It is the season that our little ones have a lot of time to play. Playing is a natural task that the children do. It makes them use their minds, ability, and hearts to grow. It is the best season for the kids because of the school vacation and warm weather. In this season there’s a lot of activities offered from our little one even to the adult. It is good to have some activities outdoors for a different kind of experience that everyone will love. Activities in summer are memorable that you could never forget and reminisce.

Advantage of Summer to our little ones

Summer has a lot to offer, and “fun” is the summer’s primary role for our little ones. Even an infant can enjoy summer with proper planning. It is something to enjoy and learn something new. Since it is the hottest season, even a simple activity will be fun that our little one will be excited to do. Anyone can like summer the way our little one will love it the most, they can spend time with their family, and they can do whatever they want. It is their free season after dealing with school and spending time more inside your home. [1]We can start talking to them about summer since we have more experiences, we can talk about future events on how summer can be great, or talk about the coming times on how can they spend the summer that can make them excite more. The following are some summer advantages for your little one:

Playing totally

Playing is a beautiful thing for every child. It is the time that they don’t need to prove themselves to school, no more worries for quizzes and exams and no pressure to do things except on their choosing. Even children need a break after all the hard work.

There’s a lot of activities that the children can do. A simple playing of water with their sibling in the backyard is fun, eating watermelon and spitting those watermelon seeds as far as possible, playing hide and seek with the neighbor, and building a tent in the backyard. These activities are something memorable and don’t require purchases and electricity. It just takes imagination to play, which makes our little one more creative and confident.

Learning in unusual way

 Summer is a chance to explore things that are very unusual to happen every day. Learning new things is exciting, fun, memorable, and a different kind of experience that our little one will probably be remembered and treasured.

When you have a child who always wants outdoor activities, you can try to build a tent in the backyard and sleep with them overnight. It is a unique experience for them. Imagine they slept outside with a tent and campfire; it feels that they are having an adventure in a forest.

When you have a child, who is afraid of the pool, it is your chance to help them face their fears and show them that swimming is enjoyable. The moment they knew how to swim because you helped them, it will be a memorable summer for the kids to be treasured because that is the first summer they learn how to swim. Memories like this will give a strong bond between the parent and children.

When you have a child, who plays outdoor or in the backyard and nearly wants to go to the toilet to pee, then you can try to tell them that they can pee in the bushes, accompany them, and laugh together as they think peeing in the bushes is silly and funny. Sometimes a simple activity can be fun and memorable that your children will remember that they were doing it with you.

Summer gives you a chance and your children to do new fresh things that you can be recall and your children. Someday, they will not be a kid anymore, and you must have something to be remembered.

Help the children to avoid boredom

Some children feel bored since school is off and there are no responsibilities that they are trying to find the activities they can do. There are times that even you gave them activities like board games, sports materials, scissors, and paper to learn new crafts or cut out to design still, they feel bored. 

Sometimes when a child says that they are bored, it doesn’t mean that they are not interested in the activities. Sometimes, they feel bored because they feel not connected and want some affection or soul to push them to do things. Instead of being irritated, they say that they are bored, gentle, and understanding, and give them time. You can lay down first with them and ask some questions that they are interested in. Make them laugh, make them feel loved, you can hug and kissed them so that you can set the mood. Simultaneously, having a conversation with them, you can do some simple activities while lying down.

  • “Let’s stick our toes and ride like we are biking.”
  • “Get on your feet. I’m going to find your most sensitive part to be tickled.”
  • “Would you like to play hide and seek? Let’s hide under the bed when daddy comes home, and let’s see how long she can find us.”
  • “Would you like me to shake you to gives you an idea what to do?”
  • “Would you like me to hug you like a baby and pretend to cry and to ask for milk?”

Sometimes the silliest one is the best to entertain them and to set the mood. As for examples, you are not trying to solve their boredom, but you are trying to be outgoing, entertaining, and laugh with them. If laughter builds between you two, then the connection will be there, with those silly ideas and laughter made their mind jump, and they can know what to do again.

Listening to them how bored they are is something they need to complain about, and the safest target or person they can complain about is you. That’s why you need to stay with them, make time and listen. Don’t feel irritated about how they express but understand and let them know that you are there if they are having a hard time. When you set a good mood for them, and if it happens again, they will come back to you to feel loved again.

“Emotional Spa” for children

For children’s thinking summer is the best time to have time with their parents, they think that when summer their parent isn’t so busy that they can have summer vacations. Considering that they have their parent gives them the mindset of security and love. For children, when they spent time like vacations, they think that life is better than usual, that summer vacation is relaxation after all the things that they’ve been through to the school, stress on quizzes and exam, assignments. It feels that there’s no pressure, and being with the family is a great shoulder to lean and enjoy.

A disadvantage of Summer for our little ones

When there’s an advantage for summer for kids then they will be a few disadvantages that can affect the children. Summer is the time that they can do whatever they want because it is the time for a break after all the stress on school. [2]There are some studies that the children who return to school after summer gained weight than attending occurring school days and this is one of the disadvantages of summer. The following are some of the disadvantages of summer to our children.

Sun exposure effect

Avoiding sun exposure will probably hard in summer since our children will always love to play outside. A sun exposure for a long time will give them irritation if not prevented. Be aware on what will happen if ever we let them expose under the sun. We should learn some safety tips on how we should take care of their skin during summer.

Skin allergies, sunburn, nausea, dizziness, headache, faint or muscle cramps are some effects that they will feel for long-time sun exposure. Giving them the right care will prevent those outcomes. The following are some tips to prevent those effect under the influence of the heat of the sun.

  1. Sunscreen- can apply to the skin to avoid allergies, irritations and sunburn of skin. It has spf (sun protection factor) that has both UVA and UVB protection on sunny days it is best to apply before swimming, before playing outside and after excessive sweating. [3]The study of the effect of UVA and UVB that affects our skin that contain sun radiation was led to a UV filter which is the sunscreen that contain spf that has level of protection to avoid skin problems.
  2. Water- it is important that our kids stay hydrated in able to avoid headaches, dizziness and many more. Water is the most important thing this summer, it helps to lower temperature and to restore fluid that you lose from sweating.
  3. Hat, sunglasses or any sun protective gears and clothes- it helps your children to reduce heat that they will feel whenever they play. It helps them to feel comfortable also to enjoy summer to the fullest.
  4. Taking a bath- it helps your body to reduce the heat and to feel fresh on summer time.

Longer summer breaks make it harder to come back to reality

Sometimes kids get used to not wake up early on summer because there’s no such responsibility on this season, they have a lot of time to play, to explore, to eat and sleep. When reality hits them that going back to school is in the schedule again then there will be a difficulty to raise their energy going to school.

Summer can be a result to reduce interest in academic learning

When a child exposes so much during summer on playing, swimming and outdoor activities they will find it more interesting than taking quizzes, exams and doing home works.

A longer period of time together can be a result of conflict at home

Summer can offer a quality family time, at first being off to school is a great time to spend time with your family to bond together, but the extended period of time to be together sometimes can result to a sibling rivalry or a conflict to a parent-child relationship.

There will be some disadvantages but in order to prevent this you should able to explain everything to your children the importance of summer and it will not last. It just a break for an unlimited play and they need to go back to the reality. Letting them know the importance of school and summer is definitely a big help for future problems.

Things to consider on buying summer stuff for our little ones

Summer stuff is something that can add flavor for a best summer experience of our little ones. Not all that stuff is safe and there are some considerations to be implemented in able to buy the right stuff for our little ones. Here the list of the thigs to consider when buying summer stuff.


There are many manufacturer and label are needed in considering the item. It needs that the manufacturer certifies that the stuff is safe for the children. You can see it on a logo or cover of the item.

Adapt to their age

It is important to consider the age of our little one in buying stuff. If it’s applicable with their skin especially if they are still infant that definitely has sensitive skin or if that stuff is too small and cannot be eaten by their mouth. Many stuffs were already indicated on what age it was suitable for. Be mindful on reading before buying.


There are substances that is toxic like cloth, paint and plastic. It is better to choose stuff that has a natural and organic materials for the safety of our little ones.

Quality before quantity

It is better to consider first the quality of the stuff. It is better to be pricy but has a good quality that you can use on the long run than a cheaper one but has a low quality.

Easy to use

Children is very excited when playing, so the best stuff is that the children was able to use it even on their own. With a simple instruction that they can follow they will definitely use it perfectly and can boost confidence as they doing things on their own.


Children are very messy when playing or when they are in activities. They are focus on what they are doing and didn’t notice that they are dirty or messy. So, it is important that the stuff is comfortable and durable when using.

Best Summer stuff for our little ones

When we say summer stuff for the little ones then there will be a lot! Essentials, toys, clothes and many more. Here’s the list of the best summer stuff that you definitely need for your children and worth buying for.

1.      Binoculars

Summer is a season where every living creature enjoy having under the sun. It is the time also where bird can be seen usually at the sky. Bird watching a simple activity that the children can do while having fun.

Binoculars for kids
This binocular is a simple but safe toy with a rubber around them for easy grip that your children will definitely love. They can use them on sightseeing the sky, watching birds that can make their summer more fun. They can use it all the time by just using windows even inside your house.

2.       Toy gardening tool set

Summer is the perfect season to teach your children how to plant. They can learn the basic materials and basic planting ways by using the toy gardening tool set. It is a unique experience that they may be just experience in summer.

Toy gardening tool set
This gardening tool set can help your children to learn new exciting activity which is planting. Children loves to explore and by plowing soil and putting seeds on it is a different way of enjoying the summer. They can use this set best in the morning which is the sun has the best vitamins at that time.

3.       Sunscreen Lotion

Sunscreen is important since it’s summer and the children have a lot of activity outdoors; they spend a lot of time under the sun. They need a skin protection that will help them more comfortable while having fun. A healthy little one in summer time is happier and livelier.

Sunscreen lotion
Sunscreen is important especially on summer time. It protects your children's skin to protect under sun rays that can cause some allergies and uncomfortable feeling. Applying sunscreen before going outside will make them more productive in whatever they do because they are comfortable

4.       Portable picnic blankets

Sitting at the backyard within a picnic blanket is a unique way in spending time with the summer. Seeing the sky, clouds and surrounding has a positive effect on children’s mood and memories, you can use it as well at night for star gazing. Talking with their sibling and parents while picnic promotes to be closer with the family which is one of the best reasons of every summer.

Portable picnic blanket
This portable picnic blanket is oversized which is your children ca lay down while enjoying looking up the sky. No need to worry if it will get wet since it is a water proof and sand proof. Picnic is something that they will love seeing their beautiful environment while eating is an interesting activity because they are with their family. You can have a picnic even in your backyard.

5.       Inflatable pool

Swimming is the most common activities on summer. Having an inflatable pool can give you the exact feeling of vacation. If you don’t have time to go far away for swimming then an inflatable pool can provide it for you and your children.

Inflatable pool
Inflatable pool is the answer for giving your little ones a chance to swim especially if you don't have a plan on summer vacation. You can enjoy the summer even the in the best space of your house. They can be confident in water by practicing in the inflatable pool that they can adopt in a real swimming pool.

6.       Splash pad

This splash pad is easy to use and perfect for summer. A splashing water which your children will be enjoy to play while learning because of the ABC that was designed through it. In the time of summer, water is the best thing on it.

Splash pad
This splash pad is a good activity for our little ones, it is interesting and enjoyable because of the splashing water on it and very educational because of the ABC design on it. Getting wet is something entertaining that is perfect for summer activity. It reduces your children's boredom in case.

7.       Water Gun

No pool or splash pad to get wet in summer? It is not a problem because we have a water gun which promotes fun moments and enjoying getting wet. Shooting with their sibling or parent gives a unique joy and strong bond between the family. A simple activity like this can satisfy the heat of the summer while playing.

Water gun
This toy can make our children cool down on the summer, a water fight is something the love, they will treasure every minute they shoot. Summer is not complete without those big water fight using water gun. You can use it in your backyard, inflatable pool or in beach

8.       Summer camp set

Camping is an exciting activity for everyone even for you. It gives your children a chance and to introduce camping which is you need to build a tent, sleepover the tent and having some camp fires. It is a chance also to invite friends to sleepover for a good and memorable experience.

Summer camp set
A summer camp that was held in your backyard is a safe environment for the children while they are gaining their self-confidence as they learn new exciting skills. A camping is something that the children can do during this summer because of the good weather, don't miss to make your children experience it

9.       Training bike

After being busy in schools, homework, quizzes and exams learning to bike is the best when the summer time comes. This is their chance to learn new skills which is biking because they have a lot of time and with sunscreen on the skin they can train under a beautiful ray of sun.

Training bike
  • The Hottest Balance Bike! Just Like A Big Kids Bike! Do you remember your first toddler bike? It needed to be light enough to drag, but strong enough for those moments of frustration when you threw it to the ground! It had to be safe, but of course, look cool too!
  • Safety First: The GOMO kids bicycle has a turn limiter for greater control while they master the skill of steering. The custom footrest lets them place their feet safely as they go fast for their very first time. Through-wheel axles stop wheels from falling off while the padded seat lets kids hit their first tiny “all terrain bumps” without jarring.
  • Sturdy Enough To Grow With Them! To ride like the big kids’, there’ll be a few spills along the way. So we gave the GOMO push bike a steel frame that’s as light as it is tough. It’s the first bike that grows with kids and their confidence! The adjustable seat allows for a ride height 12” – 17.5” and grows from 18 months to 5 years; and up to 60lbs.

10.   Baking set for kids

Baking is an easy task kind of cooking which is you just need a right recipe in able to accomplish your favorite cupcakes, cakes, cookies or bread. You can teach your children how to bake which is a unique skill that they can learn. Baking is something that they can be proud of, who knows maybe your little one is the next best baker.

Baking set for kids
This baking set can help your children learn how to bake which is a very good skill that they can acquire. This baking set is nontoxic which is safe for your children and has a smaller tool than the usual baking tools for easy grip of those little cute hands. They can do this activity to add flavor to their summer experience

11.   Bubble blower

A bubble blower can add enjoyment spending time in swimming or other activities that you do. Catching bubbles is very entertaining and the children with all ages cannot resist the floating delight. They can play anywhere by just blowing those bubbles, it feels refreshing and energizing.

Bubble blower
It gives your children a different kind of experience by being amaze to the bubbles floating in the air, it gives them an urge to catch those bubbles which is an exercise for them too. Don't worry for the bubbles if this is safe because it is made to secure your little one's skin and eyes

12.   Sun hat

Summer hat is very important for the kids when doing activities outdoor like playtime in playgrounds or pool parties. Don’t let the sun ruined the fun moments and protect your little one’s head with this hat. A UV Sun rays can result allergies, sunburn and many more so better watch out and let their head safe.

Sun hat
A sun hat can protect your children's head from the harmful UV rays of the sun, by the looks of this hat it protects the whole face, ears and neck area too. They can use it every time they have an activity outdoors. It is not easy to carried away by the air since it has a tie that can lock with the chin

13.   Rash guard

Rash guard is the right suit for our little one especially when swimming on the beach. It protects their skin against the harmful sun rays and when it comes to the designs, it makes our little one cute which is perfect for a summer photo remembrance.

Rash guard
Rash guard is an applicable suit for children especially when swimming at the beach, it has long sleeves that protects their skin under the heat, can avoid scratching their skin on the sand and can prevent irritation on a rapid impact of ocean's waves. Comfortable clothes, make them comfortable to play, enjoy and swim

Tips on choosing rash guard

  1. Has a UPF protection (Just like the spf on the sunscreen) it means Ultraviolet protection.
  2. Fashionable, cute designs
  3. Easy to take off and on in case our little ones need to poop or to change outfit
  4. East to wash which is machine washable and machine drier

14.   Bug catching kit

This bug catching kit is a unique activity to your children. Since it’s summer and many insects will be around the flowers, plants or anywhere in the surroundings then it is the time explore those bugs and insects which is very educational that they can see the different kinds of bugs personally while guiding them about it.

Bug catching kit
A bug catching kit can help your children experience a different kind of activity, they will be familiar on a different kind of bugs and can do this activity on a camp at the same time at the backyard. Promoting a creative and playfully activity, caring the way they play or what they play is important. Making sure that it's fun, safe and educational at the same time

15.   Inflatable pool floats

An inflatable pool floats is specifically made for the babies ages 3-7 months. Since they cannot swim alone, an inflatable float is perfect for them putting them on the float can make there excited to be surrounded on water without fearing on it. They may not be swim on actual but it will be refreshing seeing their parents and sibling assisting them by moving them on the float. In that case even an infant baby can enjoy the water at summer.

Inflatable pool floats
This will help your baby enjoy the heat by putting them on the float and be amaze on sightseeing the ocean or the water on pool. It will help the parent to easy carry the baby on water to enjoy the swimming time as well. Even the baby can experience a best summer ever.

16.   Camera for kids

This toy camera can actually capture images. This toy is good for summer since it is the time that they can spend more time outdoor and can capture images on it. They can capture plants, flowers, insects, playmates or even the other activities that they doing at the same time that can be remembered by the photos they took.

Camera for kids
This will help your children to appreciate the surrounding, events and environments by capturing it, it makes them creative on how they can capture images beautifully and can recall the images once they miss the summer

17.   Beach toys

Beach toys is perfect to use on spending time on a beach. They were playing while expanding their imagination and engaging to their creativity. They can learn new skills by playing sands and molding castle it improves their eye and hand coordination.

Final Choice

Summer is always a part of everyone’s heart especially for the children, A life is not complete without experiencing what summer feels. It means a lot of time playing outside, feeling the fresh air, sightseeing the great view of our surroundings, swimming endlessly and a time to have a break on the reality. Giving our child the best summer will be one of the best memories that we can offer especially with a bond of the family together. Providing the stuff that they need can add a wonderful and comfortable experience to be recall in the future.

Here are some of the top products:

Baby Bum Mineral Sunscreen Lotion | SPF 50 | UVA, UVB Face and Body Protection | Fragrance Free Safe...,

Inflatable pool
  • 【Extra wide for stability】10% Wider and 10% Longer than other Baby Floats; Includes Non-inflatable sponge chest support to protects the baby belly.
  • 【Design】Our baby swimming float provide an ideal swimming posture for babies, let the baby easy to learn kick and swim in a horizontal position (Instead of vertical ).Raised front and Widen sides:to prevent flipping,Soft bottom support to avoid baby slide out.
  • 【Newer Model】Newer pool float come with a breathable and removable sun canopy to protects baby’s skin away from sun,enjoying summer time anytime,anywhere.

The stuff I linked above is the stuff that is the most needed during summertime. Sunscreen is a must, and it will never be out of the picture. It needs every time they expose to the sun. The inflatable pool is a portable swimming pool that you can build everywhere even on your house, swimming is the main activities during summer and it will never complete without it, while beach toys are the best toy at the beach, which is fun while learning.

[1] Hudson, Judith A. “” Do you know what we’re going to do this Summer?”: Mothers’ talk to preschool children about future events.” Journal of Cognition and Development 3.1 (2002): 49-71.

[2] Brazendale, Keith, et al. “Understanding differences between summer vs. school obesogenic behaviors of children: the structured days hypothesis.” International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 14.1 (2017): 1-14.

[3] Fageon, L., et al. “Importance of sunscreen products spreading protocol and substrate roughness for in vitro sun protection factor assessment.” International journal of cosmetic science 31.6 (2009): 405-418.

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