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If you have a one-year-old toddler, you know that he or she is interested in everything in the world around them. They are interested in everything that is colourful, that moves, play some music or make a noise. You won’t have too much trouble, because, for them, everything is interesting and inspiring for exploring the world around them.

But of course, the best toys for a one-year-old toddler are the one that encourages their curiosity, practices their motor skills, inspire their senses and aprove their creative thinking.

One-year-old development

A one-year-old baby already developed some skills such as their first step, first word, first smile, crawling or taking the toys and other things they like to play with. The most important responsibility for parents is to support their children growth most suitably. Children learn about the world around them throw the play. When you are choosing the right toy for your one-year-old baby, you need to consider a toddler physical, emotional and mental growth. Toddlers are happy with everything that is colourful, that make some noise or play some cheerful music, and also everything that is moving, rotating, clipping and squeezing.

Every this characteristic are very important to have in mind when we are choosing the right toy for our one-year-old children. Toys are here to play and make fun, but also to learn, explore the world around them and encourage their healthy growth.

One-year-old favourite toys characteristics

As we mentioned before, the one-year-old children are very curious about the world and the things around them. They explore the world throw their sense, their move, play and searching around the environment. The one-year-old children are already capable of creative thinking and we must support them with the right toys suitable for their needs. In the text above here are some features that are interesting in your baby. Researches show that the best is if the toy provides more than one of these characteristics.[1]

Colourful toys

When we are choosing the right toys for them, we have to understand what is their curiosities. The one-year-old child loves to play with toys with nice and bright colours on them. Colourful toys easily get their attention and children are very delighted to play with something bright and colourful. At the age of one year, toddlers, can’t learn to recognize which is which colour, but they can recognize differences between colours. Playing with colourful toys is not good just for their senses it also supports creativity and is a great foundation for learning too.

Moving toys

Next thing the one-year-old baby love about their toys is that toys can get them moving. The one-year-old baby just starts learning how to make its first steps, so this kind of toys are great for improving motor skills. Every toy that is moving, rotating, have a string on it to push or pull, is great and fun for every one-year-old baby. All these toys make the baby get moving, some of them help them practice walking, and they can play and learn. At the same time, they can play and practice their skills and healthy growth.

Musical toys

The other favourite toy characteristic is to play some music or any sound and noise. Music is very fun and relaxing for a one-year-old child. All the different sounds use their ear sense and get the child’s attention very quickly. The toys that make some sounds or music is very good for learning. For example, some toys make animal sounds or make some noise from nature and that is a great way to explore and learn about the world around them and everything that lives in it. Musical toys have a lot of benefits for one-year-old babies. Although musical toys help to build fine motor skills, they are also practising selective hearing and encourage toddlers natural development, and support their love for music and rhythm.

Puzzle toys

Puzzle toys are great for fine motor skills practising and to support your baby to learn how to think. There are a lot of different puzzles toys that you can choose for your one-year-old baby. There are wooden puzzles with numbers, letters, animals, fruits. Also, there are shape puzzles when your one-year-old need to recognize where to put which shape. In that age your baby starts to recognize the difference between shapes, they recognize patterns and learn to empty and fill container. It is very fun for them even if they still don’t understand the meaning of the puzzle, but they practice their mind and coordination. Puzzle toys are also great toys for parents to play together with their baby and talk with them so at the same time you can support your baby to start the talk and learn some new words. Puzzle toys are excellent brain game even at that age. Some studies show that your baby will get some good foundation for learning, memorizing, concluding that is very important for its future development.[2]

Book toys

One year age is a great time for your baby to start reading. Babies books are a great start for learning about the world around us, to practice thinking and to expand your child vocabulary. When we talk about books, we don’t think only about storybooks, fairy tales, poems. We also think about book toys that are made especially for your one-year-old, baby, that is full of beautiful pictures, colourful pages and are not easy to break. With book toys, your one-year-old child learns to talk, use its fingers and practice fine motor skills, use creative thinking and practice interactive game. In book toys there are nice colourful and big pictures of animals, people, plants, home or nature and your one-year-old baby can easily learn to connect words with their meaning. That is very important for their brain development, vocabulary and also for creative thinking.

The best 15 toys for one-year-old

In the text below, we made a list of 15 toys that are suitable for your one-year-old baby. On this list, you can find the toys that are colourful, musical, educative and fun. The one-year-old child learns the best when playing. Play is the greatest way to get known the world around us and to learn about everything. These toys will help your child development and support its creative thinking so, it will grow healthy and smart. Combination of music, moving, different shape and colours will arrange all your child senses and stimulate the brain in the most creative and healthy way.

1.      GEMEM Shape – Sorting Cube

My first wooden building blocks
Didactic wooden toys for toddlers, good for geometry learning, matching and sorting. Good for practising fine motor skills and healthy brain development

GEMEM Shape – Sorter toy, is a wooden cube with 12 wooden building blocks. This toy is great for your one-year-old child to learn to match and sorting different shapes, and at the same time, he or she can practice fine motor skills. It is a colourful and fun toy, perfect for exploring different shapes and colours. With this wooden shape sorting cube, your child can practice hand and eye coordination which is very important for good and healthy cognitive skills. Various different shapes and colours help your one-year-old child to practice shape recognition, and it’s sorting skills. Also, help your child to learn colours and use its fingers in play which is very important for practising fine motor skills. It is one very practice, educational, interactive and fun toy, even suitable for carrying while travel.

2.      Infantino Press and Stay Sensory Blocks

Infantino Press & Stay Sensory Blocks for Babies Age grade 6m+ , 24-Piece Set, Multicolor
Building block construction set for one year old toddlers. 24pcs bristle shape 3d building blocks tiles construction toy set learning

Press and stay sensory blocks are a didactic toy that allows your one-year-old child to be very creative. With this shape building toy, your child can use his imagination and make all kind of different shapes to play with. It is a great toy for active learning. Hand and eye coordination, fine motor skills, creativity and fun, all in one toy. Press and stay sensory blocks are a great foundation for future building skills, and also mathematics, science and architecture skills. Also, they are very colourful and have an interesting texture so,  they are suitable for practising sight and touch senses.

3.      Kidpal Learning Tablet

KidPal Learning Tablet Toys for 1 2 Years Old Toddler Baby Toys with Music and Light for 6-24 Months...
My first learning tablet is educational musical toy for cognitive learning. Suitable toy for age 1 or 2 years old toddlers. Interactive tablet, excellent for learning colours, numbers and letters.

This learning toy is educative and fun. Your one-year-old baby will play with animal sounds, learning numbers and letters and have so much fun playing. Playing with this toy will use different senses – visual, touch and hearing. Using different senses is very important for healthy brain development and healthy cognitive thinking. This toy is also great to practise hand and ear coordination and improving vocabulary and learning new words. Learning tablet is an excellent toy to remove your one-year-old child’s attention from real phones and tablets and to allow him or her to learn while playing.

4.      TAUWANR Anteater Wooden Pull Toys

Push and pull toys are great for children when they are just starting to walk. It is a very encouraging way to learn to crawl and make your first steps by playing. Anteater wooden pull toy will help your one-year-old toddler to improve their motor skills and coordination. It will encourage your toddler’s first steps and make him or she is more comfortable and relaxed when they start learning to walk. Pulling toy support your toddler creativity and imagination. Beads inside its wheels make interesting noise and playing with this toy make it more fun. This is also, a toy that is very child safe, with no rough edges, so it is perfectly safe for your one-year-old baby.

5.      Baby GUND Animated Flora the Bunny – Interactive Stuffed animals

GUND Baby Flora The Bunny Animated Plush, Singing Stuffed Animal Toy for Ages 0 and Up, Cream, 12"...
Interactive music adorable baby toy. Allows playing interactive game pick-a-boo, emotional support toy and also a language practicing toy.

The Interactive Stuffed animals are not just fun for your toddler, they are also excellent for your child emotional development. Flora the Bunny is a beautiful and fluffy interactive toy that your one-year-old baby will love it. It is also a singing and sound toy and created to play a peek-a-boo game when you press her left foot. This toy is suitable for practising language and is great emotional support for hour baby.

6.      Activity table – LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table (Frustration Free Packaging), Green
Educative music toy that makes learning so much fun. The colourful instrument supports teaching shapes, colours, music, sounds, and so much more. Suitable for interactive play and healthy cognitive development.

Very interesting didactic and educative toy for your one-year-old toddler. It has colourful instruments, playing different musical instrument sounds and words. Excellent toy for language and vocabulary development and cognitive learning throw the play. Your baby can explore different sounds, shapes, colours, numbers and letters, with spinning, pressing, sliding the pages and much more fun. It is a great toy for practising attention, cognitive and fine motor skills and to learn letters, numbers, music instruments and animal sounds.

7.      Melissa & Dough Wooden Farm Animal Puzzle

Melissa & Doug Farm Animals Jumbo Knob Wooden Puzzle - Wooden Peg Chunky Baby Puzzle, Preschoool...
Wooden educational puzzle for toddlers. Practise visual perception skills and learning about farm animals. Encourages hand and eye coordination and improves fine motor skills.

Farm Animal Puzzle toy is a colourful educational toy. With this toy, your one-year-old child will practice visual perception skills and learning about farm animals and country life. Also, is great for encouraging hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills. Farm Animal Puzzle is great for an interactive game with your one-year-old toddler, where you can practice his or her first words, expanding vocabulary and learn about farm animals.

8.      Fisher – Price Linkimals Counting Koala

Fisher-Price Baby Learning Toy Linkimals Counting Koala with Interactive Lights & Music for Infants...
Colourful, musical didactic toy that makes counting so much fun. With songs, lights and sounds, your toddler can learn counting and practice visual perception, cognitive and fine motor skills.

This is one musical, colourful, educative toy that your one-year-old baby will love very much. Counting Koala is an interactive toy where your baby can learn by pressing buttons for songs, lights, phrases and counting. Also can learn about different shapes and colours. Your a child can practise hand and eye coordination, cognitive and fine motor skills, and visual perception. This toy stimulates different senses – visual sense, hearing sense and touch. There are counting buttons, that plays some music and sounds, that are also educative and fun. Your baby can use its small fingers to press buttons, touch, spin and roll, and that is very important for its good and healthy brain development.

9.      UMTOY Wooden Educational Roller Coaster Toy

This educational roller coaster wooden toy is very attractive for one-year-old toddlers. It is colourful and fun and will immediately attract toddler attention and practice its focus, which is very important for your toddler’s healthy development. With these toys, by moving small wooden pieces he or she can practice fine motor skills, and hand and eye coordination. At the same time, your toddler can learn about colours and food. It’s practical for counting and vocabulary expanding, and it is very interesting for interactive play with your child. Although the pieces are small and tiny they are closed in the maze so they can’t fall apart and to be swallowed.

10.  Zebra Baby Balance Bike

Baby Balance Bike 12 24 Months | Fun Animal Themes | 1 Year Old Girl Gifts | Ideal 1st Birthday
Baby balance bike suitable for toddlers from 10-24 months. Great toy for outside playing and practising motor skills, coordination and balance.

The baby balance bike is none pedal bicycle which is excellent for a one-year-old baby that just start to walk on its own and need to practice coordination and improve its balance. This is a great toy for exercising great motor skills and supporting good and healthy physical development. Your one-year-old toddler will practice leg muscles and strengthen its bones, and at the same time will train cardiovascular muscles and support mental health. We all know how much physical activity is important for healthy and happy growth and the baby balance bike is a great a toy to provide that to your child.

11.  Baby Einstein Magic Touch Ukulele

Baby Einstein Magic Touch Ukulele Wooden Musical Toy, Ages 12 months+, Red
Wooden musical interactive toy suitable for learning music, sounds and rhythm. Supports fine motor skills and creative thinking.

One-year-old toddlers love music, sounds and rhythm. This magic touch ukulele is the perfect toy for practising creativity and use its little fingers and practising fine motor skills. There are a lot of colourful buttons and they provide different sounds and melodies so, your toddler can discover new beats and songs and develop a rhythm. It is also a great interactive toy and it provides learning about cause and effects. Your one-year-old baby will discover, that action he or she takes will cause some effects by playing music or sounds. It is very important for its healthy mental and cognitive growth. Also, this magic touch ukulele is basic for its future musical and creative knowledge.

12.  Push & Spin Dog Toy

Toy To Enjoy Push & Spin Toy - Easy Press Button Ideal for Fine Motor Skill Development and Learning...
Colourful and fun toy ideal for fine motor skill development and learning activity. Supports visual and fine motor skills.

This is a nice, colourful and fun toy that is also great for learning different skills. With its bright and happy colour, it will easily attract a child’s attention and develop its visual and fine motor skills. With a push and spin toy, your one-year-old child will learn about cause and consequences and practise its natural curiosity. This toy will keep your toddler attention for a very long time because he or she can be clinking and spinning, pushing and rolling which is very fun at that age.

13.  Joyshare wooden hammer toy

Joyshare Pounding Bench Wooden Toy with Mallet, Hammer Toys for Toddlers 2-3 4 5 Year Old
Interesting and fun wooden toy with mallet hammering block punch and drop instruments. Supports tactile development and fine hand coordination and fine motor skills.

The wooden hammer toy is didactic and fun. With its bright colours, it is a fantastic toy for your one-year-old child’s visual development. It improves hand and eye coordination and practising all other perception and development. The wooden hummer toy supports tactile development and also hearing and visual development. Your child can practice fine motor skills by a push and pull and grab with its fingers, and also can learn the difference between colours. It is practical for exercise fine hand coordination and for the interactive game with other children or their parents.

14.  DITTY BIRD baby sound book

Ditty Bird Musical Books for Toddlers | Fun Children's Nursery Rhyme Book | The Alphabet Book with...
Educational musical book toy for one-year-old toddlers. Great toy for supporting creative thinking and practice fine motor skills.

Sound books are educational, didactic and interesting toys. The book toys are the ideal toy for your one-year-old child because he or she just starts to talk. With books, they can improve their vocabulary, practise creative thinking and imagination. Books are great because toddler uses its fingers and practice fine motor skills, use creative thinking and practice interactive game. Ditty bird sound books have more different children’s songs that your baby can learn, and also with a song, he or she will remember easier and learn about animals, nature and the world. Book toys are important toys for the one-year-old child because they learn to enjoy reading which is very important for their future education.

15.  LeapFrog 100 Words Book

LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book (Frustration Free Packaging), Green
Didactic and educational toy book that helps your one-year-old child to learn new words, improve its vocabulary and enjoy colourful pictures.

LeapFrog 100 words book is an educational toy that will help your one-year-old child to learn new words, improve its vocabulary and enjoy colourful pictures. It is also a music book with different sound effects, so playing with this toy connects all senses and develop creative thinking. It is also educative, your child will learn about the world, nature, animals, food, colours, activities, and so much more. Not just that with Words Book your one-year-old child will learn to enjoy reading, but also will support cognitive and creative thinking which is very important for healthy brain development.

Final word

One-year-old toddlers are curious about life and the world around them. They like to play and to investigate the world with all their senses. A good toy for a one-year-old child must have different characteristics and need to support their good and healthy development. Colourful toys and toys that make music and sounds are very attractive for toddlers, and this kind of toys makes them learn in a fun and interesting way. Personally, I would recommended LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table (Frustration Free Packaging), Green as very interesting musical educative toy for your one-year- old toddler.  Also, a very good toy for your one-year-old toddler is KidPal Learning Tablet Toys for 1 2 Years Old Toddler Baby Toys with Music and Light for 6-24 Months... as a toy that stimulates senses and positively stimulates their curiosity. To practice their motor skills, my recommendation is Baby Balance Bike 12 24 Months | Fun Animal Themes | 1 Year Old Girl Gifts | Ideal 1st Birthday.

[1] Goldstein, Robin. Toys, play, and child development. Cambridge University Press, 1994.

[2] Bergen, Doris, and Gail Burnett. “PUZZLES AND MUSICAL TOYS.” The Handbook of Developmentally Appropriate Toys (2021): 239.

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