79 Wooden Educational Toys [Build intelligent kids]

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Toys play vital roles in every child’s life. Choosing the right toys for your kids is essential to help them develop and grow. We often hear or read that learning through play is a crucial part of children’s development. Thus, parents need to choose the toys that are beneficial for their kids. Giving the kids or even infants the time to play will release their extra energy and discover things that will make their knowledge expand. By merely looking at the surroundings or observing how things were, the child will have the opportunity to learn things independently. They will learn to cope up and adjust to their environment. What toys you give them and what they see often will contribute a big part to children’s personality development.

Different Types of Wooden Toys

There are many varieties of wooden toys. Knowing the different types of wooden toys to choose, will help you save time deciding what toys to buy for your kids. Here are the four types of wooden toys:

1.      Pretend Play Toys

Pretend play toys are the toy kitchens, playhouses, dollhouses, workbenches, and more that allow kids to use their creative imaginations in making up situations in their minds where they may act like adults or be whatever they wanted to be.

2.      Direct Educational Toys

These are toys that are used to make teaching kids phonics, numbers the more comfortable way. These are the ones that are making lesson explanations much better. Examples are mazes, puzzles, counting toys, and many more.

3.      Construction Toys

Construction toys are the ones that let kids build their toys. Some famous examples of construction toys are lego blocks and Lincoln logs.

4.      Ride-on Toys

Some examples of ride-on toys are the classic rocking horse and ride-on bikes. These ride-on toys show durability and are creatively crafted. A little pricey than the plastic ones, but usually worth the price.

The Best Durable Educational Toys

If you want toys that will last, choosing wooden toys was the right choice. Wooden toys are eco-friendly and indeed stand the test of time. Compared to the ones that are plastic, wooden toys were much safer. Cheaply made plastic toys tend to break easily and may have sharp edges that may harm your kids. Here are some wooden toys that may be ideal enough for having:

Educational Wooden Toys for Preschoolers

Some listed wooden educational toys below may help preschoolers to improve their thinking skills more.

1.      Wooden Building Block Set

This wooden block set is adorable, and your kid will surely fall in love with this toy. They can play with their imagination while building the puzzle city and move around driving those little wooden cars. They will also have the opportunity to develop their motor skills, creative thinking, shape recognition, and spatial reasoning with this toy. The blocks were painted and colored beautifully with non-toxic materials. Each piece was safe to use, with no sharp edges, and easy to grip because of its sizes good enough for children’s hands. Playing these blocks, children will develop how to be sociable by sharing with siblings or friends.

Wooden Building Block Set
The best toy for children to have, to develop and enhance skills.

2.      Multifunctional Clock Learning for Kids

Colorful and enticing, this wooden clock is to attract the kids’ attention. This multifunctional wooden clock is with multiple colors, so the kids will have many colors to recognize. Its numbers have different shapes so that your kids will learn to identify them by playing with them more often. Perfect to have as a bonding tool between child and parents. Adults can teach the little one the numbers and colors and how to tell time.

PDPSCVY Multifunctional Clock Learning for Kids
Beautiful and carefully crafted wooden clock that serves as an educational toy and useful enough for child's early developments.

3.      Wooden Memory and Color Matching Games

This fun game is not only for children but also for adults, especially for seniors. The wooden toy is to enhance or develop cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills. Everyone can enjoy this color-matching game everywhere; it comes with a canvas bag for easy storage and can be carried with you during travels; it can be shared with family, friends, or played solo. Using this toy will bring more close bonds with family members as they play.

Wooden Memory and Color Matching Game for Kids
A fun and an exciting wooden game that all ages will enjoy, portable and easy to use.

4.      Yo! Wow Wooden Counting Sticks Colorful Number Rads

These wooden counting sticks make learning math much more fun and comfortable. Adults can use these counting sticks to demonstrate the math equations for much clearer explanations.  Kids will love it for its different colors; they will be encouraged to learn and enjoy this toy. This toy is for developing children’s intelligence and hands-on skills. These are for basic math practices at home; it will make learning math more enjoyable. It is made with high-quality wood, colored brightly, and smooth for safe use.

5.      Kendama Kraze Beech Wooden Toy

Like the wobble board, kendama is also a simple toy that offers many benefits. Kids and adults alike will enjoy playing it. Other people use it as an exercise, for it is required to keep balance and bend your knees up and down in following the drop of the ball. It can be an excellent toy to share with your kids, to spend an enjoyable time together. Your kids can develop or learn concentration and persistence in playing it.

Kendama Kraze Beech Wooden Toy
A Japanese classical toy that can be enjoyed by the whole family, to enhance quality time; may help kids to concentrate and be persistent.

6.      Zaxideel Wooden Geoboard

These wooden geoboards help fuel your kids’ creative imagination. Using these boards, kids will have the chance to challenge their minds in creating creative pieces on boards. This geoboard can help older kids learn math, recognizing geometry shapes, literacy skills, and numbers. They will also have the opportunity to enhance their motor skills as they will try to manipulate the rubber bands according to the design they want. These will make the kids busy and encourage their minds to do more beautiful outputs. It may also serve as bonding time for parents as they join their children in doing artworks.

Zaxideel Wooden Geoboard
A mathematical learning toy, that can also be used by your kids to express their creative side by making their designs

7.      Rolimate Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles for 3-6 years old

This wooden puzzle has bright colors that make learning and playing much fun. Children’s concentration and capacity were needed to solve the puzzle. This toy puzzle is excellent for young kids as they do problem-solving and developing hand and eye coordination skills. The wooden jigsaw puzzle is a fair interaction toy. It can be played both indoors and outdoors and share with family and friends.

8.      Gemem Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game

This is a great play set for learning numbers, color recognition, and doing math game. It is made of natural premium wood and painted with non-toxic material, finished smoothly for safe playing. The parts with different colors can develop a child’s recognition skills while developing motor skills. Colorful patterns and designs will encourage creativity and imagination through playing. Playing with this toy can also teach kids to concentrate and focus. This toy will make an excellent and useful gift to kids.

Gemem Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game
An excellent gift to kids to help them develop physically and mentally.

9.      Lewo Wooden ABC Blocks Building Games

This toy is consisting of 26 wooden building blocks; were BPA-free, made from high-quality woods. These wooden blocks provide six sides of play. Each side looks different, making it more exciting to play. This toy will help kids determine the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters; they provide images of fruits, vegetables, and animals, making playing more enjoyable. Kids will develop their counting skills and hand-eye coordination skills in playing. This set of wooden blocks can be stored safely together in the bag provided as storage.

10.  Battat Wooden Vehicles

These wooden vehicles were classic toys for kids. These are perfect toys that make perfect gifts for toddlers.  Made from high-quality materials and can be used from generation to generation.  Kids can get creative in playing with these toys. They will be engaged in dreaming for travels or going to faraway places while creating and imagining stories in their minds.

Battat Wooden Vehicles
Classic and stylish wooden toys that will last for generations; these will be perfect for long-playing, enhancing kids' imaginations.

11.  Battat- Deluxe Wooden Train

This earth-friendly wooden toy train looks excellent and stylish, and it will last for a long time for its durability and sustainability. Wooden toys were good collections if you are thinking of passing them to the other generations. It can be cherished from parents to kids to grandkids. Sharing time with your kids playing with this toy will help them develop their motor skills and encourage them to be creative. It will nourish their minds and fuel their imaginations. They will also have the chance to be social while playing.

12.  Victostart Magnetic Wooden Cutting Fruits Vegetables Food Play toy Set

This toy set consists of wooden vegetables that are safe for kids to play with; made of natural wood, with no smell, and colored with non-toxic paint. These are the best gifts for toddlers’ pretend play. They will also have the opportunity to recognize the different veggies while learning their colors and shapes too. They will also increase their interest in knowing the real vegetables too. Keep your kids busy with these educational toy set.

Victostart Magnetic Wooden Cutting Fruits Vegetables Food Play toy Set
A wooden vegetable toy set to keep you toddlers busy while learning.

13.  Wooden Detachable Kids Cleaning Toy Set

Introducing kids to learn cleaning is also a must. This toy set includes ten different cleaning toys that look like real ones. These toy sets were from earth-friendly materials that are safe for kids. This toy set provides chances for kids to bond with their parents while cleaning. They can do pretend play while helping parents get the cleaning done. They can explore imagination and develop social skills while playing, and develop their motor skills.

14.  Children’s Wooden Toy Toolbox

Through this early educational toy, you and your child will have the chance to bond and communicate with each other.  You teach your kid to design his toy the way he wanted. Children will enhance their motor skills while playing and cultivate their creativity.

15.  Lewo Wooden Rainbow Stacking Game Stacker Geometry Building Blocks

These rainbow blocks have different colors to attract kids’ attention. Colors build interest in kids; they will learn and be more familiar with various colors as they play. This toy set will help your child to be creative and encourage curiosity while enhancing their fine motor skills through play. As they use this toy, they will improve their imaginations, thinking abilities, and logic.

Lewo Wooden Rainbow Stacking Game Stacker Geometry Building Blocks
Let kids explore more possibilities in this toy and improve their imaginations through play.

16.  Spiekind Wooden Power Tool Workshop

This set is an educational construction toolset for kids. It can be an early gift for your future engineer. Having this toolset will awake their interest in building things at a young age. Parents will have a good time joining kids in construction. They will have lots of things to make like a helicopter, pistol, plane, windmill, and crane. They can explore more using their imagination and develop their motor skills, hand and eye coordination, and color recognition.

Spiekind Wooden Power Tool Workshop
A great toy set to give your child to improve intellectual ability and hand skills.

17.  Lewo Fine Motor Skills Toy Clamp Bee to Hive Matching Game

This game is by matching the bees to their beehives. Each bee has its designated hives. The color of the bee must match its’ hive. Kids have to use the tweezer in placing the bees in their respective places. The bees and the hives were colorful to develop the children’s color recognition skills. Holding the tweezer and playing with the bees will develop the hand-eye coordination and motor skills of kids. They can also be creative in playing this game.

18.  Le Toy Van Vintage Wooden Toy Phone Role Play Toy

Toddlers will love this phone toy. Kids love playing together and making some scenarios on their minds. This toy phone is excellent to use in role-playing. Playing with it encourages speech and social development. Written numbers on it and spinning wheel enable number recognition. This toy is suitable for kids 2-years and up; made from earth-friendly materials.

19.  Le Toy Van Kids Wooden Educational Pretend Play Honeybake Doctor’s Medical Playset Kit

Kids love playing make-pretend games. This wooden doctor set is a great toy to have for your little doctor. This toy set is interactive and beautifully crafted.  These are made of wood so that you can be sure of their durability, and they will last a long time. Providing kids with this kind of toy will fuel their imagination and develop their social skills. There is also a dentistry kit in this toy set. Parents will have the chance to explain well how to brush kids’ teeth effectively.

Le Toy Van Kids Wooden Educational Pretend Play Honeybake Doctor's Medical Playset Kit
An interactive doctor play set that is great for parent-kids bonding; making the quality time more educational.

20.  Kidkraft 65054 Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture

This Chelsea doll cottage looks impressive. The design of the dollhouse is very pleasing to the eye. By merely looking at it, kids will open their imagination and will get inspired by the creativity applied to this toy. This dollhouse comes with sets of furniture and has functional windows. It is a three-story dollhouse to enjoy and create more fun, imaginative events on it. Kids were encouraged to be social by sharing this toy and enjoy it with a friend or siblings.

21.  AUUGUU Wooden Tetris Puzzle for Kids and Adults

This Tetris puzzle has bright colors that are engaging and will gain kid’s attention. It promotes fine motor skills, teamwork, and communication. Children will improve their problem-solving skills and patience while playing. If played with others, kids will improve their communication skills and consider their playmates’ thoughts on solving the puzzle. It can also make parent-child bonding more fun by solving the puzzle together. It comes with a drawstring bag that serves as its container, can be carried everywhere you go.

22.  16 pcs Wooden Rocks Sorting Stocking Balancing

This wooden playset is a unique set of wooden toys that make children develop their skills such as sorting and motor skills, color recognition, creative thinking, spatial reasoning, logical thinking, and hand-eye coordination skills. Kids may find this game very challenging because balancing is not that easy, and it takes patience, resilience, and persistence. Playing this is a great way to have quality time with your family.

16 pcs Wooden Rocks Sorting Stocking Balancing
These are wooden stacking stone that are quality made; can make an enjoyable pass time with the whole family; challenging and fun to use.

23.  La Chama Wooden Musical Instrument for Kids

This rhythm instrument set is from quality wood, child-safe materials, and durable for long-lasting use.  Giving children the gift of music will make them eager to learn and discover more about music. Music plays a significant role in children’s mental development. Providing them with the musical tools will help them express their creativity and inspire them to sing and play with the beats. They will improve their hands and eye coordination while they play their instruments.

La Chama Wooden Musical Instrument for Kids
A musical playset that will open kids' minds to music and will make them eager to discover their musicality.

24.  LeQi Kids Toy Ukelele Guitar for Toddler

It is a perfect gift for kids to encourage them to engage in music. The ukulele is small enough for children to grasp. It makes an excellent sound and enjoyable to play. Right to buy for beginners, and cultivate your child’s talent as early as toddler stage. It will make parent-child bonding more fun and memorable. It help kids to develop hand-eye coordination skill and aid in brain development.

25.  Lincoln Logs

Lincoln logs are for all ages; the whole family may enjoy building things out of these.  Each piece was made of real high-quality maple wood for that fine sophisticated finish. A manual comes with these instructions on building a large cabin, houses with a bonfire, and a tall tower. The manual is easy so that kids, too, can start building on their own.

Lincoln Logs
A great bonding tool for the whole family as you build cute cottages out of these toy logs.

26.  Brain Teasers Metal and Wooden Puzzles for Kids and Adults

These brain teasers were designed to challenge kids and adults. It will surely make a great bonding tool for the whole family. Each piece was sturdy and cannot be bend, so there is no chance of cheating. Edges were smooth and rigid and won’t cause skin damage; suitable for ages five and up. The parts’ sizes were good enough for a comfortable grip. It will challenge the players’ logic and creative minds. Making kids and adults develop and improve problem-solving skills in an exciting way. It will put your electronic gadgets to rest.

Brain Teasers Metal and Wooden Puzzles for Kids and Adults
Great alternative toy for electronics, challenging brain workout in a fun way.

27.  Giant Tumbling Timber Toy

This toy will provide hours of entertainment time with the whole family. It is a classic game that everyone can enjoy. Consist of 56 parts and is made of fine durable wood. The blocks have a number printed on them; make your own easy rules for children.

Giant Tumbling Timber Toy
Set of toy for all ages, will make your family happy playing with it.

28.  Umu Wooden Beauty Salon Toys

This wooden makeup playset is consisting of 12 pieces, finely made cosmetic accessories. Your baby girl can imitate mommy while grooming; it will enhance your child’s creative imagination. Each piece was from high-quality wood and decorated beautifully. Edges were made smooth and safe for toddlers’ use.

Umu Wooden Beauty Salon Toys
Perfect set of toy to gift your kids for enhancing their imagination.

29.  Glintoper Tic Tac Toe & 4 in a Row Tables Game Set

It is a great game set to carry with you wherever you go. It may serve as a perfect provider of fun for the whole family. These board games are challenging, and they will cause players to think faster and improve their problem-solving strategy. Kids will develop their hand-eye coordination, cultivate imagination, develop motor skills, and enhance their active brain functions. It will make them think independently. Winning will also make them confident.

30.  See and Spell Learning Toys Matching Letter Games

It comes with 26 double-sided flashcards, 52 alphabet puzzles, double-sided writing letter cards, and a wipe-clean marker. The beautiful illustrations on the cards will inspire kids to study more and focus their attention. This toy set’s colors will excite the kids to play and open their minds to arts and creativity. It is indeed an excellent toy to use to make kids love learning.

31.  Bodolo Number Toys for Toddlers

This wooden number toy provides a lot of benefits to both parents and kids. Parents can use this to make teaching their children much more manageable. The toy’s design and colors were interesting enough to get the attention of kids. Kids, on the other hand, will develop many skills. These skills are visual perception, logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and color and number recognition.

32.  Wooden Apple Lacing Threading Weaving Worm Toy

This wooden apple is colored beautifully in red, smooth and attractive, designed safe for kids. Playing this toy will train kids to focus, concentrate, and develop their fine motor skills. It can be brought everywhere you go. Educational toys help kids’ developmental skills essential as they go on in life.

Wooden Apple Lacing Threading Weaving Worm Toy
A simple fun toy for your child developmental skills.

33.  Le toy Van Honeybake Collection Ice Lollies Premium Set

Beautifully made, these ice lollies will surely entice you. These are made of high-quality materials and painted well using non-toxic paint, safe for kids’ use. These lovely toy set encourage imaginative role play and supports social interactions. Kids will also learn to share toys.

Le toy Van Honeybake Collection Ice Lollies Premium Set
A well-made toy, beautiful and safe for kids; encourage sharing.

Educational Toys for 1-Year-Old and Up

Below is a list of the best wooden toys, especially for 1-year-olds and up.

34.  Migargle Toddler Wooden Toy Ramp

This a great toddler gift. Playing with this, your child will learn the cause and effect by merely observing the wooden cars go. They will have their cognitive skills develop by playing. Your kids will be busy with this, and you may have time for yourself. It is only placing the wooden cars at the top ramp and letting them go to every ramp until they reach the bottom.

Migargle Toddler Toys Wooden Ramp Racer
This is a nice cute toy for toddlers 1-3 years old. A toy that will get their attention and make them engaged in playing while learning.

35.  Wooden Musical Instruments Toys for Toddlers and Kids

Having this musical instrument to entertain your kids may influence them to have an interest in music. As we know, music tends to develop the child’s brain. It also builds bonds with children and parents using it together. Musical toys were one of the best toys you can give to youngsters as they learn and develop.

36.  Trihorse Wooden Marble Run

This wooden marble run toy is environmentally safe and kid-friendly materials. Beautifully made and smoothened, so no sharp edges to harm your babies. It will help in toddler’s motor skills development in a fun way. This ball track consists of flowers, clowns, and balls all were wooden and child-safe—attractive and exciting toy for your babies from as early as one year to 8 years.

37.  TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube Toys

This toy is consisting of 7 sides with different activities on it. Your child will indeed have fun doing all the exciting activities. It has no small parts to cause dangerous choking for kids. It is painted with bright and cheerful colors to enhance and encourage kids’ creative imaginations. It is good to have this toy as early as 12 months old babies to start their explorations, learnings, and developments.

TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube Toys
An amazing 7 in 1 toy that will help in your child's development in a fun way.

38.  20 in 1 Wooden Busy Board Montessori Toy

The wooden board is indeed a busy board toy for kids. There are so many activities that your child will love. Kids will be super active discovering the board and interested in doing all the stuff included in the toy. It is Montessori inspired that is promoting hands-on learning, colors, math, shapes, and even problem-solving skills. It is genuinely a worth-buying item.

20 in 1 Wooden Busy Board Montessori Toy
The best toy to have for toddlers that will keep them busy for a long time, and will help in enhancing their many skills like math, shape recognition, and many more.

39.  Wooden Educational Stacking Toy for Toddlers

This toy is especially for preschoolers and those that are starting to learn. This educational toy will make learning much easier for kids. They will develop their color and shapes recognition skills. They will also learn to count and communicate with parents if playing together. They will develop their hand-eye coordination by matching the shapes and inserting them into the hole—a good toy for young learners.

40.  Sitodier Wooden Number & Shape Puzzle Sorting

Sitodier wooden number and shape puzzle is an awesome Montessori toy that offers a lot of activities. It is a 5 in 1 learning toy set painted with lovely colors to catch kids’ attention and make them interested in playing. It is an excellent tool to use to bond with your child. It is an ideal gift for toddlers for that early development. They will have the chance to learn the numbers, letters, and colors too. This toy set is good quality wood made that meets standards and is made smooth with round edges to prevent harm to kids.

Sitodier Wooden Number & Shape Puzzle Sorting Montessori Toys
A good quality toy set for toddlers' quick mastery of letters, numbers, and colors.

41.  Babe Rock Wooden Color Sorting Stacking Rings

The wooden toy is appropriate for learning for babies from 1 year and older. With the guidance of adults, toddlers will start to recognize the colors and count. They will have the opportunity to develop their fine motor skills and enhance their hand and eye coordination skills. The toy is from fine wood, environmentally friendly and non-toxic colorful paints, pleasing to the eye.

Babe Rock Wooden Color Sorting Stacking Rings Board Educational Learning Counting Toys
A gorgeous educational sorting toy made from wood that will help in toddlers' brain development.

42.  Babe Rock Shape Color Sorter Toddler Toy

Inspire kids’ imagination, curiosity, and discovery skills with this lovely wooden toy. This toy has 12 shape blocks that are chunky, big enough to be grasped by kids’ small hands. There is zero chance of choking, and it is safe to use; made from environmentally friendly materials. Promotes children’s problem-solving skills, develop hand and eye coordination, and color and shape recognition.

43.  KIDS KORNER Animal Wooden Puzzles for Toddlers

This toy is for 2-year-old and older. It will make learning more fun. Kids will enjoy building the animal figures by using the numbered parts as guides. It’s a good start to introduce and make the kids recognize the numbers and colors by playing. They will also have the chance to get to know the names of land and water animals in the puzzle. The puzzle pieces were big enough to hold for a comfortable play and painted using non-toxic materials. Edges were rounded and smoothly made so it will be safe for kids to touch.

44.  KIDS KORNER Bilingual Wooden Bear Stacker

Bilingual wooden bear stacker is a classical stacking toy but with a twist. This toy will help in developing toddlers’ fine motor skills while they grab and stack the rings.  It will also build a sense of curiosity and creativity. Each ring has the color’s names written in English and Spanish, so the kids will learn to read. They will be familiar with the color’s name and eventually will be encouraged to read.

KIDS KORNER Bilingual Wooden Bear Stacker
A bilingual wooden stacking toy that can be used as a discovery toy and stacking blocks. Made perfectly to help develop child's skills through play.

45.  Timy First Bead Maze Roller Coaster Wooden Educational Circle Toy for Toddlers

This wooden bead maze roller coaster is a fantastic toy made pretty by colors and sanded smooth to make kids play safe. Eco-friendly and interesting.  It has sea animal patterns that kids will love. Tend to help develop children’s fine motor skills, shape recognition and differentiation, and hand-eye coordination. Kids will enjoy observing the beads move and turn from the roller coaster part, sure to catch the toddler’s attention.

Timy First Maze Roller Coaster Wooden Educational Circle Toy for Toddlers
An amazing and interesting toy that your kids will love, tend to enhance and develop toddler's recognition of colors and shapes.

46.  Arkmiido Wooden Hammer Toys with 2 Mallets

It is a colorful and cute toy that will surely attract the child’s attention. This toy is made from high-quality wood and painted with non-toxic paint. By holding the mallets, kids’ little hands will get used to grasping and promote muscle development. Encourages hand and eye coordination skills and cultivate attention. This wooden hammer toy comes with two mallets so that kids can share the toy with friends or siblings, making playing more fun and interactive, which promotes communication—letting kids be more friendly.

47.  Award-Winning Mighty Mini Band Wooden Percussion Instrument

This mini band wooden percussion instrument is a 5 in 1 musical toy with printed designs to entice kids to play. It is wooden and from child-safe materials. Kids will develop their love of music and sounds by having this toy. Music is a known factor to help in the developmental processes of the brain. It also will inspire creativity in kids for the colors that it has. It will make a good gift for youngsters.

48.  Walk-A-Long Puppy Wooden Toy

It is a wooden pet puppy that kids can command to sit, stand, roll, and go for walks. This wooden toy can enrich your kids’ imagination and help in developing their fine motor skills. It promotes hand and eye coordination, dexterity, and creative vision. It is non-toxic and made with quality wood.

Walk-Long Puppy Wooden Pull Toy
A pet made of wood that kids can take along anywhere; help kids develop creative imagination.

49.  Baby Toys – Kid’s Activity Toy – Wooden Push and Pull Learning Walker

It is a fun educational wooden learning toy. Have lots of activities to offer to make kids busy and learn at the same time. Made with high-quality wood and painted with joyful colors using child-friendly paints. Kids will enjoy playing and discovering their abilities while playing. Kids will have exercises while pushing the walker and also develop their motor skills. They will grow their love of music by playing the xylophone and developing color, number, and sounds recognition. 

50.  Hahagift Cute Dinosaur Stacking Toys for Kids

These cute dinosaur shape blocks will surely capture the kids’ attention. Dinosaurs are popular among kids, and they love them. Kids will be encouraged to play with the colorful dinosaurs in this toy set. Their imaginations will be enhanced while playing. Stacking these dinosaur puzzle pieces requires patience and concentration because of the complicated shapes. Kids will learn to hold their emotions as they fail to stack the parts if not careful in placing them. Playing this puzzle will test the children’s thinking ability, logic, and hands-on skills. They will also develop their color recognition while playing.

51.  Wooden Train Toddler Toys

This eco-friendly wooden train is for toddlers’ early physical and intellectual development. It is made from eco-friendly materials for child safety play.  Each wooden block is made chunky, big enough for the toddler’s small hands for a comfortable grip. It can encourage creative imagination through play while developing the color and shape recognition skills of kids.

Wooden Train Toddler Toys
An educational toy for toddlers to inspire imagination and enhance creative minds through play for early brain and physical development that child needs as he grows.

52.  Ealing 16 Pieces Wooden Hercules Balancing Blocks

Playing with balancing blocks have a lot of benefits. It is nice to play these blocks if shared with many. It will be challenging for your little one to balance each block, so your kids will learn to focus and have a lot of patience while playing. Teaching your kids your technique in balancing the puzzle will create a special bond and encourage toddlers’ communication skills. They will also have the opportunity to think of their way or discover how they can balance the puzzle together. While playing, they will enhance their motor skills and get used to each piece’s colors. Playing with these puzzles is an excellent way to make learning easier.

53.  Wondertoys Wooden Abacus Educational Counting Toy

This colorful toy is for fun and to introduce kids to simple math at a young age.  The bright colors in it will entice the kids to gain interest in playing. It is to help children build their math skills. The parts of this toy were smooth, painted with non-toxic paint, and BPA free. It is to demonstrate simple math problems to help them understand better. They can also learn counting, colors, develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Wondertoys Wooden Abacus Educational Counting Toy
The right toy to have in developing math skills for kids. Attractive and easy to use, it will make learning math much easier.

54.  Lewo Wooden Rainbow Stacking Game

 This wooden rainbow toy will inspire children to use it creatively. Kids can develop their color recognition skills by playing with it. They can use their imagination and keen observation in determining different sizes and colors of the rainbow toy.

Lewo Wooden Toy Stacking Game
A simple yet creative toy, letting kids have a creative play and develop skills.

55.  Even Earth Discovery Blocks

The ever earth discovery toy is suitable for one-year-old and up. These are from high-quality wood and made safe for children’s safety. By playing with this toy more often, children will develop their fine and gross motor skills, cognitive abilities, and hand-eye coordination. It will also make kids engaged in creativity and imagination. These are brightly colored and well designed to entice kids and encourage them to play.

56.  TOP BRIGHT Wooden Shape Sorter Toys

Having this toy will make the shape sorting game for kids much fun. Kids can learn the different shapes and colors while playing. They will be encouraged to think and match the shapes to the sorter, developing their cognitive skills. Kids can also develop their motor skills as they move the truck by pushing or pulling it.

TOP BRIGHT Wooden Shape Sorter Toys
The perfect first educational toy for toddlers that will open their curiosity and develop physical and intellectual abilities.

57.  Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano Wooden Musical Toy

Made from wood and have no piano keys to press but play music and creates sounds. This cute wooden piano will surely attract your kids. There are two modes to play, and toddlers can play the classic melodies or create their own. Music is essential in babies’ brain development; classical music is known to cause higher IQ. Children will also develop their color recognition skills with this colorful piano.

Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano Wooden Musical Toy
  • Unleash your baby's creativity and build a lifelong love of music with their first piano toy that magically makes music with just a touch; includes 3 sheets of music & 6 different songs
  • Montessori-inspired; practice color coordination by matching the color-coded notes on the sheets to the keys on the piano; with 2 modes of play, babies can create their own original songs or discover familiar ones
  • Volume control allows you to set the music to “low” or “high” depending on your environment and preference; higher end quality speakers ensure clear sound at either volume

58.  Baby Einstein Cal’s Smart Sound Symphony Magic Touch Wooden Electronic Activity Toy

People knew Baby Einstein toys to their quality and durability.  It has a magic touch technology by merely touching the piano’s flat surface; it plays music. This toy encourages kids to communicate and play with others. Kids will surely enjoy playing it. There are three options that kids have these are freestyle, instruments, and colors/ animals. Musical toys can help in children’s listening, cognitive skills, and mental development.

Baby Einstein Cal's Smart Sound Symphony Magic Touch Wooden Electronic Activity Toy
It is a great attractive gift for your young ones, children will surely love it.

59.  BABYBJORN Wooden Toy for Bouncer

 These attractive wooden toys are made with high-quality materials and colored using non-toxic paints, safe enough for babies to use. It has a colorful and playful design to stimulate the baby’s development and desire to play. It will help babies to discover their capabilities and urge them to move and develop their motor skills. Playing with toys helps them developmentally and physically. It will also make the child wants to stay on a bouncer behave.

BABYBJORN Wooden Toy for Bouncer
A great product to make your little one enjoy his/her bouncer for a long time; help for parents to keep their baby calm and quiet.

60.  TOP BRIGHT Toddler Toys for 1-2 Years Old Boy and Girl Wooden Race Track Car Ramp Racer with 4 Mini Cars

This toy set is excellent in quality that kids will love. The cars were bright in color, and kids will surely grow interested in playing. It has unique top parking space and car ramps that are enticing. Your toddlers will build their tracking visual abilities as they observe the wooden cars go down the ramp. Communication skills will also be developed as your child play with friends.

TOP BRIGHT Toddler Toys for 1-2 Years Old Boy and Girl Wooden Race Track Car Ramp Racer with 4 Mini Cars
A well-built toy, beautifully designed to make kids engaged in playing while; will make kids happy and enjoy.

61.  Melissa and Doug Geometric Stacker

These geometric stacker pieces are designed right for easy grasping and stacking. Each part was made smooth and easy to grasps so kids may develop their motor skills through play. All the rainbow colors are present here; an excellent way to introduce them to your kids while playing. Kids will learn the shapes and differentiate each part’s sizes; they will learn how to focus and be observant.  Sharing toys with siblings or other kids will make them develop their communication skills too.

Melissa and Doug Geometric Stacker
A great simple toy used to teach kids the different colors, while developing other essential skills that they need as they prosper in life.

62.  Hape Elephant Wooden Push and Pull Toddler Toy

It is a cute and fun toy to carry, pull, and push around. Sturdy and sure to last. Your baby will have a fun walk with this wooden buddy. They were designed for easy grasping for toddlers, for that motor skill development that they need. This elephant toy is an excellent playmate to help kids in mental development.

63.  Hape Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike

It is a perfect indoor scooter for one-year-old and up. Very sturdy and well-made, its color combination is appealing to kids too. It is ideal for babies that are starting to learn to balance. It will make them improve their balancing skills more. Using their small feet to push themselves as they ride, babies will develop their muscles and be healthier. Riding it will build confidence in young children, for they will roam more freely and independently around the house using it.

Hape Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike
A well-made wooden bike for toddlers, help improves muscle strength and balance.

64.  Award-winning Hape Walk-Along-Snail Toddler Wooden Pull toy

This walk-a-long snail toy is 2 in 1. Its shell features a removable sorting game with three shapes. Kids’ skills by playing with this toy are sorting skills, color and shape recognition, and motor skills. Its appearance is enticing enough to encourage kids to play. It is colorful and sturdy, made from high quality and non-toxic materials, made safe for kids.

Award-winning Hape Walk-Along-Snail Toddler Wooden Pull toy
It's a 2 in 1 adorable and colorful snail, a perfect gift for toddlers.

Wooden Montessori Toys

Montessori toys are the ones that encourage the kids to explore and learn through touching or holding and manipulating objects to develop motor skills.

65.  Montessori Toys for Toddlers Math Games and Teaching Numbers Counting Toys

It is the perfect gift to give children to enhance their math skills. With this toy, it would be much easier for kids to learn basic math like counting, adding, subtraction, and much more games using each piece. This playset is durable and made of wood, safe and kid-friendly.

66.  MHMYDIS Magnetic Wooden Rescue Cheese Game for Kids

This wooden game set will be a fun and challenging game for kids. It is beautifully made from non-toxic materials and is child safe.  Children will have the chance to enhance their eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, and dexterity.

MHMYDIS Magnetic Wooden Rescue Cheese Game for Kids
Cute and fun toy for toddlers, provides learning and development opportunities for kids.

67.  Bopoobo 5pcs Graffe Organic Wooden Gift

This toy set is consisting of five different wooden toys for babies. Each edge was polished and smooth to avoid damage to babies’ sensitive skin. They are made of natural wood and non-toxic materials, unquestionably safe for babies. These are the best toys to give to babies to develop their grasping skills; sizes were just right for babies’ hands to hold. Each piece has different sounds, making it more interesting for babies.

Bopoobo 5pcs Graffe Organic Wooden Gift
Perfect gift to newborn babies to help them develop and encourage to explore.

68.  Counting Ladybugs- Montessori Counting Toys for Toddlers

If you are looking for a fun way to introduce numbers to your kids, this is the right toy to give them. Using this cute and fun toy, your kids will be interested in playing, learning, and counting simultaneously. This playset is from high-quality materials that are child safe. Each ladybug is made smooth and has dots on top, a written number under it to quickly learn numbers and counting. There is a beautiful green bag provided for easy storage after use. It can also be enjoyed during long road trips or anywhere when you need to entertain your kids.

69.  Wooden Alphabet Tracing Board A to Z

It is a high-quality toy, made simple but very useful. It can help the kids to learn writing in a fun and easy way. It will serve as a guide until kids master the letter and are independent in writing. It will blend well in any room because of its simple wooden appearance.

Wooden Alphabet Tracing Board A to Z
A useful educational toy, that will make teaching how to write stress-free.

70.  Vanmor Wooden Tangram Pattern Block Set

This block set includes sixty double-sided pattern cards, 120 different numbers, letters, geometric figures, and animal shape cards for kids in a tin box. It will be an excellent tool for color recognition and hand-eye coordination skill development. There are many forms with different sizes of patterns that you can create using this toy set. Adult supervision is advised for younger kids because small parts were available. Prevent kids from choking hazards. Playing it is a great way to improve your problem-solving skills.

Vanmor Wooden Tangram Pattern Block Set
An excellent gift for all ages, kids won't realize they are already building their mathematical and problem-solving skills while playing.

71.  ERUGI Wooden Expression Matching Block Puzzle

This matching block is from the quality and non-toxic materials. Made with bright colors to attract kids’ attention. It will be a challenge of eyesight and thinking. Playing these will require fast thinking and fast hands to take action. It is best to share it with four people. These wooden blocks have 50 challenge cards on them, 12 square wood print models with faces drawn on them, and a box used for storage. Players will choose the building blocks of their desired color, place the challenge cards upside down on the table and open one card each time. When they see the opened card’s design, each child needs to assemble their blocks based on the design. The child who finished first is the winner.

ERUGI Wooden Expression Matching Block Puzzle
An interactive game, a good toy to train the kids' hands to move fast and think fast.

72.  GEMEM Wooden Pattern Blocks

These blocks were used by kids to sequence the geometric blocks to create a pattern. Kids will make the designs or patterns that are on the cards. These pattern blocks will serve as an early introduction of kids to math and geometry learning. By merely playing with these blocks, visual recognition and creativity skills developed. Colored with bright colors and made with quality materials. Kids will indeed have fun building patterns while playing with other kids.

73.  200 Pcs Wooden Pattern Block Set

Let kids explore and express their imagination with these wooden block set.  These have bright colors and round edges to be pretty enough to attract kids’ attention and be safe while playing. it is an impressive wooden block for developing intelligence. These are also useful tools to interact with family members or friends, making kids sociable.

74.  UNIH Baby Einstein Toys

Go for this one if you are looking for a superior educational toy set that will encourage your children’s cognitive and creative skills. This pay set offers a lot of varieties. It is painted beautifully, with excellent and smooth parts that make it comfortable to hold. It includes a fishing game, Arithmetic number puzzle toys, counting, sorting, stacking, and recognizing shapes and colors.

UNIH Baby Einstein Toys
It is a comprehensive toy set with a lot of varieties; surely worth your money.

75.  Wooden Montessori Toys for Toddlers Sorting Box Educational Toys

This educational toy promotes the child-parent relationship. Parents can teach the kids to sort the pieces and see your child develop. Kids will build their color recognition and hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. Kids’ memory will improve as they play.

76.  Skyfield Carrot Harvest Game

This wooden carrot harvest game is a perfect gift for any occasion if you are looking for a toy to give toddlers. It is a toy that is good for sharing with others to enhance communication skills and develop interactions. Made of quality wood and painted with non-toxic paint to make it more appealing to kids. It will help kids distinguish different sizes and encourage hand and eye coordination and attention span.

Skyfield Carrot Harvest Game Wooden Toy for Boys and Girls
A simple yet cute wooden toy to inspire sharing and communication skills in toddlers.

77.  Wooden Montessori Phonetic Cubes

This phonetic cubes toy shows creativity in how it is made. It is designed carefully for fun and safe uses. It is a great learning tool to have in teaching the children the basic words. It encourages and challenges kids to build words out of the given letters. It will be fun to play it. It is the best wooden game to use to bond and spend quality time with the family.

Robud Kids and Toddlers Kindergarten Educational Learning Toys for 2-6 Years Old
An excellent wooden toy to share for the whole family; challenging and promotes active brain development.

78.  UMTOY Wobble Board

A simple yet elegant wobble board is for kids, teens, and adults. This board can help kids develop their sense of balance and help them develop physically and mentally. Using this toy requires a correct posture to balance well, so the kids will learn to use the specific body parts that they need to use it well. They will also learn to focus and concentrate to not fall from the board. It may seem simple, but kids will enjoy this board.

79.  Hey Kiddo Wooden Montessori Toys for Toddlers

This wooden toy is safe for children. Smooth and safe from splinters and sharp edges, painted with enticing and ton-toxic paint. This Montessori toy is a combination of three games in one. Kids can play catching the worm, fishing games, and harvesting carrots. It will be a fun learning experience for your kids, plus they will also develop their fine sensory-motor skills in playing. They will learn problem-solving and develop hand-eye coordination, plus shape and size recognition.

Hey Kiddo Wooden Montessori Toys for Toddlers
A cute wooden toy that is child-friendly and easy to use to help them develop and learn.

Final Thoughts

There are still a lot of good toys that are not on the list above. Considering our children’s needs and what skills they still have to learn and develop, that can be our guide when buying toys for them. Every child deserves to receive the best. Always go for toys that are beneficial to have and will last. Wooden toys may not be as shiny as those plastic ones, but they will surely worth their price. Choosing the right toys to give your kids will significantly impact their personality and behavior that may affect their lives or the way they respond to various stimuli.

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