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When becoming a family, having a first baby is the most exciting and challenging part. You’re partner considered it as the greatest gift and blessing in your life.  There are lots of different brands that you can use for your baby. It might be confusing what the best is. As a new mom, you always want to give the best of the best for your baby. This article will help give you some tips that you can use in raising your baby. It is well tested and trusted by all the moms around the globe.

New Mom

Can you considered yourself a new mom if you already have three children? The answer will be yes. Being a New Mom is not just about being a mom for the first time. When having children, you become a new mom in every life that comes inside you. Because every baby has its unique ways, you will encounter unexpected things in raising them even if you are experienced.

There is a different milestone for the baby. Let us talk about some baby care tips in every milestone.

Baby Care Tips For Preparation Of Childbirth

Before the most awaited day comes, new moms should prepare some things they need to use for their baby. As I said before, there are many different brands from clothes, soap, shampoo, and other baby needs. I will give some of the commonly used products and items that moms use. But make sure to consult your doctor once you see any adverse effects on your baby.

Baby Newborn Diaper

When you go into the market, many newborn diaper brands are readily available. But it would be best if you were considered the materials used. Different babies have different skin types, so it is advisable not to buy lots of supplies because they are not suited for that brand. But as also a mom, I will recommend first for you to try Newborn Pampers diaper.

Baby diapers newborn
This product is a recommended brand by Moms and Pediatrician.  It is soft that is comfortable to wear. It is somewhat expensive, but there is no such thing as expensive for your baby as a parent, right? But it is recommended if you see a pediatrician once the baby shows rashes

Newborn Clothes (Long sleeve, Short sleeve, Sleeveless, Pajama, Short, Bonnet, Mittens, Botties, Bib, Receiving blanket and Onesies)

There are possibilities that some parents know their babies’ gender due to the help of ultrasound. In that case, they can choose the color they want for their baby to wear. As preparation before the delivery day, parents should have prepared newborn clothes, but there are many things to remember. First, the climate where you are living, the parents should buy all the appropriate baby clothes needed. The second one is not purchasing many newborn clothes as you all know your newborn baby will grow in a short period. Third and last one, be sure to clean and laundry the newborn clothes once you bought them. Dirt can irritate your baby’s skin.

Newborn Skin Care (Baby oil, Baby Shampoo, Baby Soap, and Baby Powder)

When parents choose Baby oil, Baby shampoo, Baby soap, and Baby powder for their newborn, skin type must be considered. Some babies have allergies to some products, so it is much better to ask your pediatrician what skincare fits your baby. Being a Mom, I used Johnson’s product for my son’s skincare; it’s the right product and much cheaper than the others. But because of the delicate skins of newborns, babies should not overuse the products. [1]

Johnson's Bath Discovery Gift Set for Parents-to-Be
This product is perfect because you will have all the things you needed to bathe your baby. It is made hypoallergenic, ideal for your babies' sensitive skin, and the smell lasts long. You will need sure that this set is trusted by all moms worldwide because of the quality it has

Gave birth in the hospital or home birth with a doctor

Plan. When parents know that they will have their baby, they must plan on what they will do. They need to save money for vitamins, healthy foods, baby things, monthly check-ups, and giving birth. Both parents must need to be responsible enough in savings. Some people who don’t have any savings tend to give birth only in the house. Before, it is possible to happen because way back then, everything is clean, and they have no choice. But now we have different scenarios. Technology is everywhere, and this technology makes our life more comfortable. What are possible things to happen if a parent gave birth in their house? Both baby and mother’s life will be in danger. If they found any complications, it will be hard for them to bring them to the hospital that sometimes can cause death. Giving birth in the house is now standard, but many things need to consider mothers’ health, baby’s health, and who will be the one to give birth. [2]

In preparing babies’ arrival, both parents must be a researcher to find out the best baby care they need to provide. And parents should also be wise in buying things they considered first a lot of things. It like the saying measure twice cut once it says that you need to think wisely before making any decision. The parents must use their resources properly for their future.

Baby Care Tips Infant Stage

This will be the day when the most awaited time came when moms were giving birth. All the pains and sacrifices will change into happiness when you hold and see your little ones.

Umbilical cord care

After giving birth child, the umbilical cord must be handle with care and clean. Umbilical cord care in newborns is also necessary. Some doctors recommended cleaning the area with rubbing alcohol until the cord becomes dries up and falls off. It usually takes ten days to 3 weeks, but some doctors recommend leaving the area alone. But you must see and talk to your child’s doctor to see what he or she prefers. To prevent any infections that can become complications if you were making some decision by yourself. [3]

No-touch until you clean your hands

Babies are always susceptible. They are also prone to some viruses, bacterias, and diseases. You need to be practice washing your hand or even your friends and relatives before holding your baby. It is not too overacting, and you want your baby to be safe. No parents want to see their baby suffers. So always remember washing your hands regularly. This is the recommended and best seller hand liquid soap that you can stock at your own house.

Safeguard Liquid hand soap washing away the bacteria
This product will take away the 99.99% off specks of dirt and bacteria in your hands if you wash correctly. This product will assure you that you are not a carrier of bacteria that possible to pass to your loved ones

Be sure to give your baby newborn screening

Why is there a need to have newborn screening? We are lucky in our generation. Newborn screening is beneficial for your baby. It can detect some of the deficiencies and complications your baby had. And in that case, you will be educated about what you need to do and things to avoid if your baby’s newborn screening found a problem. The infant screening will also give you the chance to fix the issue before it becomes worsen. [4] But sometimes, not all infant screenings produce the right result that presented the false impact that can be faced by the parents emotionally. The book Saving Babies shows you some facts that sometimes newborn screening did not give an accurate result.

Crying babies

If you are a new mom, you will sometimes panic when your baby cries, thinking about something wrong. When the baby is crying, it indicates that they are hungry or are sometimes not feeling well. Crying is their only tool to communicate with you. But don’t make your baby cry for an extended period because they are a tendency for them to have difficultness in breathing. You must also be observant if you think you gave all the possible remedies for your baby, yet they still cry. You might see or speak with an expert such as a pediatrician because some possible things might happen inside them.

Let them cry sometimes. It is also a good exercise for their heart but makes sure it is not too much.

Baby Sway Swing

Baby loves to cuddle and love to carry by their mothers, but mothers also need to do some household stuff. This product is recommended for you.

Graco Simple Sway Swing
The product is acceptable to all new moms out there. It was made with comfortable beddings for your baby. It also has music that you can use your baby feels you sang a lullaby to them. And has a swing motion that your baby will love because the baby loves to dance. It also had some safety harness, so you are not afraid that your baby will fall while doing household chores.

Breastfeed is the key to a healthier baby, and don’t forget to burp them after

The Mothers’ milk cannot be replaced with even the most expensive formula milk. And breastfeed is only the ideal food for an infant. In the first day to three months of the baby, they will need all the nourishment, energy, and nutrients found in breastmilk. Breastfeeding is essential for infant critical health and survival. [5] When moms are breastfeeding, it will be a great bonding for them, especially for their babies adjusting to the outside world. So how about moms who need to go to work after a couple of weeks of giving birth. This is the recommended breastfeeding pump. But make sure to store it in clean and cold storage for the breastmilk to last longer. Continue breastfeeding even in the toddler stage. Their lots of benefits will enable your baby to gain. Remember after breastfeeding, or bottle secession baby needs to burp to release the air they intake during lactating. Sometimes, it can cause them to vomit.

Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump
This product is perfect for working moms because they have the assurance that their babies will receive the right nutrients needed if they are not with them. This product also is electric-powered that is much better because you can still work while pumping.

Baby Feeding Bottles

Every mother wants to breastfeed their babies, but some of them are not capable of doing it. So they need to feed their babies using formula milk. Even breastfeeding moms need feeding bottles when they pump their milk.

Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic Newborn Baby Bottle Feeding Set- BPA FREE
This product is perfect for babies who feed-thru formula milk. The product design like a real mommy's nipple. It was BPA Free which says that it will be safe to use by the baby. Every mom needs to considered when they buy their babies essentials.

Baby Feeding Bottles Soap

There are lots of soap, but you need to be aware that not all soaps can be used to clean your baby bottles because it can cause harmful effects to them if you did not use the right product.

BabyGanics Foaming Dish Soap Refill, Fragrance-Free
In choosing baby feeding bottles soap parents must choose those fragrant free. You don't need to buy those too much fragrant. You need this product as many households used it in cleaning their baby bottles because it tends to kill 99.99% of bacteria

Baby Feeding Bottles Sterilizer

Cleanliness of feeding bottle must be clean very well. No, any residue will stay because it can cause stomach pain. After cleaning and washing, it must undergo some sterilizer.  The baby feeding bottle sterilizer will be used to kills those bacterias waiting on your baby’s bottle.

Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Sterilizer
The product is also a BPA FREE, which gave the assurance that the product is safe to use. Baby feeding bottle sterilizer can make your baby bottles free from any bacterias they can intake when lactating. The product also designed to keep six bottles stay sterilizes for 24 hours which makes sure that it was not consuming too much electricity.

Morning sun for Vitamin D and to help babies with jaundice

Even our ancestors do this for babies to have fair skin and get some vitamin D. Still. The pediatrician recommends some babies experiencing newborn jaundice keep the baby in a room that’s well light by daylight to help with jaundice. You will notice if your baby is having newborn jaundice because their skin is not normal. The baby’s skin and eyes are typically color yellow. It is a widespread case in newborn babies; it occurs when the baby has a high bilirubin level, a yellow pigment produced during the red blood cells’ breakdown. [6] For parents who have a newborn with jaundice, it is recommended for you to read this book.
Morning sun doesn’t mean you need to go outside directly to the sun because we all know that their skin is too thin. Too much exposure will hurt them. It is also advisable to keep your baby in the sun from 6 am to 7 am. Before it is possible, even if it is at 9 am, climate change, 9 am the sun is too hot that even adult can’t handle. Even my son got jaundice, and I do bring my son to the morning sun. A couple of days, his colors change from yellowish to the babies’ standard skin color and breastfeed a significant factor.

Swaddling or skin to skin contact

When your baby is inside your tummy, they feel the heat inside you, and your heartbeat is music to them. On the first day of the baby, it is good to use swaddling blankets to be heated. But it is much better to do skin-to-skin contact. Your body’s heat will give them the most comfortable sensation because they adjust to the new environment they had.  According to mammalian neuroscience, the intimate contact inherent in this place arouses neuro‐behaviors, ensuring essential physical demands fulfillment.[7] If you can’t do skin-to-skin contact, you can use a swaddling blanket now available in the market.

Cuddlebug Adjustable Baby Swaddle Blanket and Wrap
This product is only advisable for baby around 0-3 months because they are the ones who still needs to adjust for the new environment. This product is design for baby to feel the warmth even if they are now outside their mommies tummies that can make them more comfortable.

Baby sleeping habit and sleeping area

Your newborn will sleep around 16 hours per day, and it changes thru days passed. As a new parent, you need to adjust to your baby’s sleeping habits as you all know that they need your attention most of the time. Be ready for a sleepless night as your baby needs to be feed. When you came home with your baby, they should have their crib. You can share a room but not the same bed. Baby shouldn’t sleep together with their parents. In the baby’s crib, you don’t need to put lots of things into it, such as extra pillows, blankets, and toys, because it can cause suffocation. Always place your baby sleeping on their backs to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) because the number of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) has become alarming. No one’s parents want this to happen, so you must be cautious. You can have a crib that you will use until your babies grow up.

No kiss on the lips to prevent any infections

When you have a baby, all of your friends and relatives are happy. Because of the cuteness and being adorable, they become carried away and kiss your baby on their lips. Even parents must avoid kissing their baby’s on the lips because it can cause severe health consequences. There are many possible risks when someone kisses your babies, such as fever blisters, hand, mouth, foot diseases, and some allergic reactions that can be harmful to the infant. Many babies worldwide suffer from hand, mouth, and foot diseases because of the irresponsible adults around them who have taken action without thinking.[8] When someone kisses the baby, you do not know the germs and bacterias inside their mouths. Sometimes they don’t have any symptoms, but your baby will suffer once transmitted to your baby. Parents must educate others, be strict, and always maintain cleanliness and good hygiene to avoid illness. [9] You can also buy some no kissing tag or even clothes that your baby can wear everywhere to raise awareness.

THREE LITTLE TOTS – No Kissing Baby Car Seat Sign or Stroller Bag
This product will help you to educate and to be an eye-opener for them to be more responsible enough in touching or kissing your baby. And it kinda not the offensive way for you to say the message to them

A regular check-up with your babies pediatricians

Like mommies, during pregnancy baby, they were also needed to have a regular check-up. If you cant, afford there’s a lot of free monthly check-ups and health center around you. Some information is required during monthly check-ups, such as babies’ weight and height, chest, and tummy. Why? Because they will dee if the growth and development of your child are in the right way. It also their way to know if there is a problem with your baby. The health centers also provide some free vaccines and vitamins that your baby’s body needed to prevent diseases.

No water and food until 6 Months breastfeed milk is enough

Newborn babies up to 6 months are not allowed to drink water and eat food during this stage. Some of their organs are developing little by little at this stage, so they must only have breastfed. Babies kidneys cannot handle too much water leaving the baby susceptible to water intoxication. It can affect the baby’s growth and development. Parents must be patient to wait until the right time comes.

            Eating and Drinking Stage:

            When they reach six months old, you can start feeding them solid food but choose the right food to provide to them. Every food must be smashed and little by little intake. They are also allowed to drink water during this stage. Here are some tools mommies used to feed their babies.

  • Baby Food feeder
Food Feeder
This product will allow baby to extract only the juice of the food and it will come in small pieces that can be eaten or digest easily. It is also made in silicon so that if babies accidentally drop it, it will not break
  • Snack Booster Seat
Chicco pocket snack booster seat
This product is portable. You can bring it everywhere. You also don't have any worries that your baby might fall during eating
  • Baby Food Maker
QOOC 4-in1 Mini Baby Food Maker
This product is beneficial in terms of preparing foods for your little one. It can be used in both vegetables and fruits. You can prepare foods in a short period because you will not smash it manually it means you have more time with your baby
  • Baby Feeding Set
Lovely Minime Baby Feeding Set
As a mother you also want your baby to become independent. This baby feeding set consists of all the feeding tools you can use for your baby to practice eating independently. And the product has the assurance that it was made with no chemical that can cause any harm to your children.

If you have your car, you must have your babies car seat

Some of the countries around the globe are having some implementing rules and regulations regarding car seats. But sad to say, some of the countries still don’t have those rules and regulations that can be a possible cause of infant death while riding a car. If you are a responsible parent, you should have bought an appropriate car seat based on your baby’s weight and age, even if there are no rules implemented in your area. Philippine car seat law becomes hot on the internet because people in the Philippines are accustomed to traveling with their kids without car seats. Many people are mad because of the new law implemented, but it sad to think that they can afford the car, but they are angry when talking about car seats. Maybe a car seat is made for some companies to gain money, but they will not make it if it is not useful.

Many studies, tests, and trials and errors are made before they develop the right product. And their main goal is to protect the children inside your car because the accident is unexpected. This is the recommended brand you can consider in buying a car seat. Always remember to buy a car seat according to the age and weight of your baby.

Graco SlimFit 3 In 1 Car Seat
This car seat is a bestseller and has different features that you will be in love. Many people don't want a car seat because it's bulky and occupies big spaces, but this one is slim that saves spaces in your car. And you have the assurance that the product is done and passed some experimental check 

Baby Care Tips When They Start Walking

Many products will help new moms guide and teach their babies to learn to walk by themselves.  

Baby Knee and Elbow Protection

Before they start walking, they use crawl knee pads and elbow protection to ensure they are not hurt during crawling. But it can also be used when they start walking as they are adjusting. They tend to fall.

Baby Crawling Anti Slip Knee Pads
This product is a versatile you can use it when they are crawling for them to not slip on the floor. And when they start walking. There knee and elbow also can be safe from the rough floor that can cause some little bruises to them.

Baby Walker

It is so amazing when your baby starts to learn to walk. It may be a big help for you to have a baby walker for your baby.

Baby Playpen

When a day starts walking, it means the beginning to make a mess. Lots of toys need to tidy up every day. This playpen will help you to organize more of their toys, and for you to save time.

Fortella Cloud Castle Foldable Playpen
This product will enhance your children's skills in walking it has a lot of activities they can do outside. You will be able to do and relax while they are playing inside the playpen. Your work will be easier also as the toys that your baby will play is only at the playpen, so it lessens your work.

Sharp Corner Cover

As they start walking, they want to go all over the house, and there are many types of furniture in your place that might have sharp edges. It is recommended for you to use a sharp corner cover for your baby’s safety.

Fortella Cloud Castle Foldable Playpen
If you are a mother you want to look in your for 24/7, but it is impossible to happen because you had other things need to do. This product makes sure that your baby will be safe even if they hit sharp corned edges. Baby is so active, so there is a significant tendency that they bump into sharp edges that can hurt and cause some pain with them. It is better to prevent it before it's happening.

Baby Care Tips For Education In The Early Stage

We want our babies to be the best academically and personally. They should learn at a young age. There are many educational toys you can use to teach them while they are enjoying at the same time.

Baby Activity Cube

If you want them to learn, make sure they need to enjoy it first. Teach your baby step by step. And maybe let them sometimes discover things on their own.

Activity Cute Toy
The activity cubes has a lot of different kinds of activities. It will test their skills and knowledge while enjoying it develop their eyes and hands skills and lot more. It will be build also your bonding together

Smart Television

Many said it is terrible for a baby to watch television. It only becomes bad if they watch near the tv or watch in a couple of hours. Lots of nursery rhymes and other educational shows are available on the internet. You can use it to educate them but make sure to put it in the proper area or distance between them and have only screen time.

TCL 32
Maybe I think that majority of Household had Smart Tv in their house because even parents used it to entertain their selves. This smart tv that had no bigger screen perfect for our little one makes you entertain your babies while learning. Children in this generation are good at speaking in English that they develop while watching on TV. As a parent, all you need to do is to be responsible enough in their screen time.

But being a parent, you should play outside. Let them see other children don’t lock up there inside your house there’s a lot of lessons they can learn outside. And sometimes you don’t need to buy expensive or fancy toys or educational toys to teach them. There are many things in your surroundings you can that you can use to teach them and make it a bonding. Remember, you must give them some time to enjoy first and not pressure them to be geniuses at a young age. Be balance so you will not become a strict parent with them.

Final Thoughts

Being a new mom is fulfillment in every woman; it is quite challenging yet. Having your firstborn will be difficult because a lot of adjustments are needed. But with the help of your partner, families, and friends, you will pass it. There is a lot of ways to fight those challenges. You will learn in every lesson and experience. All you need to do is be healthy for the baby who relies on you to bring joy to your life. Just enjoy the gift from above.

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