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Finding the baby beach gear items for summer

Summer or not, some families tend to go to the beach to have a little vacation. Parents will often imagine the beauty and fun the beach can give to their babies and to maximize the beach day, giving your babies proper beach gear can make it more fun! In this article, you will find the items that you do not want to miss when taking your baby to the beach.

Best Baby Beach Gear: Best Baby Beach Travel Bags

1.      Baby Boom Places and Spaces Backpack

Preparing the things you need depends on your preferences. Some parents are okay with bringing lots of stuff and some prefer buying stuff when they get to their destination. Personally, I am between those two. I bring the necessary baby things and I buy extra stuff when I reach our destination.

Before I gave birth, I already bought this bag because I find it very useful. It has a lot of pockets and you can actually put a lot of things inside it! Before the lockdown, we were able to go to a beautiful beach in the Philippines called Boracay and this bag is the one I used for my baby’s stuff. Additionally, I find this bag very lightweight so even if it is fully loaded with my baby’s stuff, I cannot feel the heaviness.

2.      Cooler Bag

So, aside from the backpack I said above, I also have this arm bag. This is where I put my baby’s milk container and bottles. I find it very great because the bottles are placed firmly so I do not have to worry about leaking. If there is an instance that there will be any leaks, I also do not have to worry because it is a waterproof bag.

Best Baby Beach Gear For Sun Protection

3.      Baby Toddler and Infant Protection Sun Hat

My baby boy was 1 year and 6 months old when we first traveled to the beach and I did not buy any sun hat. I only used his regular ones. Unluckily, while we are on our way home and we are riding a boat, the hat fell on the shore! However, if you have a baby girl and you want her to like a little fashionista, I recommend this baby sun hat for you!

4.      Zipper Rash Guard

On our 5-days trip, I brought 4 pairs of swimsuit for my baby boy and here are the things I have chosen: One pair of two-piece short and shirt swimsuit, one pair of two-piece long short and long sleeve top, one onesie (short sleeve) swimsuit, and one full-body swimsuit. There are also available designs for baby girls so you do not have to worry about it. Personally, I recommend the one-piece zipper rash guard because it makes it hassle-free when I change my baby’s clothes.

5.      Baby Sunglass with Strap

Honestly, I really did not bring any sunglasses for my baby boy on our trip because I don’t find them very useful. However, when we reach the island, it was so hot that I regret bringing one! Fortunately, there are many sellers and I was able to get one but the price is very much high. So, I recommend buying one before your trip, and personally, this baby sunglass with a strap is the one I find great.

6.      Neso Beach Tent

One great thing about this product is that it is handy and it can fit your carry-on suitcase. It is a durable tent and it can be used in any season.

7.      Babyganics Sunscreen Spray

One thing you need to consider when you are buying a sunscreen for your baby is its SPF content and the recommended is sunscreens with SPF 50+.[1] However, it is important to consult your doctor first before applying any sunscreen on your baby so that you will be able to avoid allergies. This product is not a lotion but it is a spray. For this reason, it is easier to use and to apply on your baby!

8.      Baby Sunscreen Natural Sunblock

Sun exposure can cause sunburn that is why sunblock is a must.[2] If you prefer a lotion over spray, this is a great sunscreen I can recommend for you. It has SPF 50+ which is a great feature in protecting your babies from the rays of the sun and it is free from harmful chemicals.

Best Baby Beach Gear For Swimming

9.      Huggies Little Swimmers

If you want a disposable one (this is actually what I brought on our beach vacation), I personally recommend this product. The advantage of having it is that you can change your baby’s diaper anytime and you do not need to wash it because as long as you are bringing an extra one, you can change it anytime especially when there is poop.

Disposable swim diapers reduce the risk of leakage of fecal products.[3] During our beach vacation, we did a little island-hopping and when we reached the island where we will be having our lunch, my baby’s diaper has poop on it. I never worried because I am bringing a spare diaper and all I have to do was to throw the used diaper away properly.

10.  I Play and Snap Swimsuit Diaper

If you want a reusable diaper during your beach vacation, I personally recommend this product. Cloth diapers like this can alleviate environmental problems.[4] This product is environment-friendly and it really absorbs your baby’s pee and poops. This diaper is also a snug fit one and this makes it a great choice!

Best Baby Beach Stroller

11.  Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon

One good thing when you have this is that you can use it on any occasion. You can use it on a daily basis and you can use it when you are at the beach or when you are out when it is snowing. It can be used as a wagon and it can be used as a stroller. It is easily installed and if you have twins, it is perfect for them!

Personally, I did not bring a stroller when we had our beach vacation because our trip required us to get on a flight and as parent, I do not want to bring many things. However, if you are going for a drive to get to the beach, you can have this one on your car trunk! It does not take too much space and it is really lightweight.

Best Baby Beach Shoes

12.  Crocs Kids’ Crocband II Sandal

I brought 3 pairs of swimming shoes for my baby for our trip. The first one is the Crocs Kids’ Crocband. This is the one he used on our flight to the island and I have bought this because of its lightweight feature. It is not slippery on the floor. I am a fan of crocs and I really find this shoe very comfortable and easy to wear.

13.  Bigib Toddler Kids Swim Water Shoes

This is the second pair of shoes that I brought for my baby during our beach vacation and I bought this because it dries very quickly. However, I had to bring another one so I have something else to use when we decide to go back to the beach in the afternoon.

14.  Crocs Kids’ Swiftwater Sandal

This is the third pair of shoes that I bought for my baby for our beach vacation. Since I am a fan of crocs and I am sure that they are comfy to wear, I got one and I was never disappointed. They dry quickly and they are non-slip so I am confident that my baby will be able to enjoy the beach without getting hurt.

Best Baby Beach Gear: Best Baby Floats

15.  SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy

If your baby is under one year old, this is the baby float I can recommend for you. It has a canopy that acts as a covering for your baby’s head. It can also be inflated and deflated easily which makes it perfect for your luggage. The canopy and its octopus designs are removable so you can decide whether to put them on or not.

16.  Speedo Kids’ Begin to Swim Vinyl Basic Arm Bands

The reason why I bought this Speedo product is that it does not take too much space on my baby’s bag. I can fold actually and it is not too heavy to wear. I recommend this product for babies who are able to walk on their own because it will be going to be an inconvenient for a parent if he or she will carry their babies while their babies are wearing this arm float.

Best Baby Beach Toys For Kids

17.  Click N Play 18Piece Beach Sand Toy Set

This is the only toy that I can recommend when you go to the beach especially when you need to ride a plane to get your vacation days. This toy comes with a bag so your baby can wear it and surely, it will excite your baby more! You can buy many toys at the nearby beach stores but that will be more expensive. On the other hand, if you will be driving and not riding a plane, you can bring many other toys so your baby can enjoy more!

Other Essential Baby Beach Gears

18.  Toothbrush and toothpaste

During our beach vacation, I really forgot to bring these items for the whole family so what happened is that I had to spend money on buying pieces of them. However, this is not necessary for those families who are going for a day trip.

19.  Medicines

Do not forget your baby’s medicines whenever you go on a trip. Have them place in a proper container that will assure their effectiveness and safety. I brought emergency OTC medicines especially paracetamol on our trip because I want to make sure that my baby will not get any fever (back then, airports are really strict when it comes to temperatures so I never want my baby to get quarantined).

20.  Bottle Soap and cleaner

These are baby beach gears that are essential for those who are having an overnight or a week trip. Of course, you want to make sure that your baby has enough clean bottles and you would not like those bottles to get some bacteria after being used with milk.

21.  Rash cream

Lastly, this is a very essential item for me which you must not forget on your beach trip. Sometimes, babies get those rashes and you would not really know their origins. In order to relieve these rashes, this rash cream will be a great tool.

Personally, I recommend the Equate Anti-itch Cream. It is a product that I have been using for my son since I gave birth. It can relieve diaper rashes and allergies in no time.

Baby Beach Gear that Can Be Useful

22.  Wet Bag

You might want to consider bringing this wet bag for your wet clothes especially when you are going to have a one-day vacation. During our vacation, I brought this wet bag just in case our clothes for the last day of our trip will not dry out.

23.  Baby Beach Pool

This baby gear is also great especially if your baby does not like to be in a deep pool. Having this beside the beach will make your baby enjoy the beach day!

24.  Spoon

Having this spoon beside you on your vacation will make feeding easier for you especially when your baby is picky or your baby does not like the food that is being served while you are on your vacation.

25.  Beach Chair

I recommend this for travelers who are going to the beach for just a day or overnight, and no flight is required. Having this will allow your baby to rest and just enjoy the sun.

26.  Baby Robe

I brought my baby a baby robe when we went to the beach but was not able to use it because he is so much into the water. Although the situation may vary, I still recommend you to bring one so that when your baby is out of the water and resting or eating, he or she has something to wear in order to warm him or her up.

27.  Snacks

Do not forget to bring some snacks on your beach day just in case your baby would want to chew something on while he or she is resting. I find snacks very calming for babies because their attention is drawn away. Also, I have observed that usually, there are no baby foods at the beach and when there is, the foods are expensive!

Final Thoughts

Going to the beach is the best escape you can ever have as a parent and as a family because family time will surely be memorable! You do not need to bring a lot of stuff when you plan on having a beach trip. The only thing you need to consider is bringing those useful and essential ones.


Can You Take a Newborn to the Beach?

Of course, you can! However, you have to think carefully of the things you need for them especially an item that you can use to put them to sleep. Also, consult your doctor for the sunscreens you can use for your newborn.

What Can You Do at the Beach With Your Baby?

Being at the beach with your baby is the best way for you to spend your time with them especially if you have been busy in your work life. Just keep playing and swimming, and make the beach your baby’s new playground.

How to Plan a Beach Vacation

The first thing you need to do is to do a budget and follow it by planning the activities you want to do with the rest of your family. Make sure that the things on your list are suitable for the babies and elders in order to have a fun and enjoyable trip!

[1] Meurer, Linda N., and Barbara Jamieson. “What is the appropriate use of sunscreen for infants and children?.” (2006).

[2] Glenn, Beth A., et al. “Sun protection practices and sun exposure among children with a parental history of melanoma.” Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Biomarkers 24.1 (2015): 169-177.

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[4] Leverich, Leah. Cloth Diapers. Donald C. Cooper Ph. D.

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