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To welcome a new bundle of joy in the family is exciting. If you belong to the immediate family members or close friends of the parents, have you prepared the lists of essential needs before the arrival of the newborn baby?

Worry no more! This article would certainly help you to know the best and very useful gifts for a newborn baby without hurting your pocket that much especially during this time of the pandemic.

Here are the lists of essential gifts that you may want to buy:

1. Baby wipes and diapers

Taking care of a newborn baby is one of the significant responsibilities of good parents. They always make sure that their little one is safe and protected and they work so hard to provide all the essential needs of their child.

For parents, especially the mothers, the major things to check when choosing the necessary products like baby wipes and diapers are:

Is it safe for a newborn baby?

Of course, parents always need to secure the protection of every product that they use for their child, especially for newborns who are not easy to take care of particularly in their 0-6 months wherein they are prone to any risks.

Therefore, most mothers consider choosing a highly-recommended hypoallergenic baby wipes and diapers as it is gentle to the skin whether it’s normal or sensitive, alcohol & fragrance-free.

Does it not contain harmful chemicals?

Whenever we hear chemicals, the first thing that comes to our minds is that the product is not 100% safe and might be harmful especially to our health. Same way if a particular baby product has it and is going to use for a newborn baby. Any parents don’t want to let any harm on their child.

So, when choosing newborn baby wipes and diapers, it is important to know and carefully check the materials used and the method on how the product was made. Some parents would do the extra mile to make research on how a certain baby product was produced just to make sure that it is guaranteed safe for their baby.[1]

Is it budget-friendly?

In this time of crisis, many families are struggling especially in terms of financial needs. Expecting a new member of the family during this time could be more challenging that’s why many parents are considering budget-friendly products to be able to sustain all the needs of the whole family.

Expenses for newborn babies are expected to be high. Hence, some brands provide superior quality products and yet affordable for many, and this is always the choice of every parent. Nowadays, “bundle” or “bulk” products are widely offered to the market, this is commonly applicable for items that are high in demand. With this option, you could save more. Besides, this is not only available for baby wipes and diaper products but also in other relevant items.

Recommended Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes
This baby wipes is dermatologically proven and tested, hypoallergenic and best for newborns. Parents don’t have to worry as this is easy to use and very safe to their newborn babies.
Best Hypoallergenic Newborn Diapers
Parents don’t have to worry for their baby to get diaper rash as these hypoallergenic diapers are proven to be safe and effective.

2. Washcloths and towels

When newborn babies are taking a warm and quick bath, using washcloths and towels must have a great quality that’s best for babies as it helps to make them feel more fresh and relaxed, most importantly it avoids any possible skin irritation. Thus, it has to be 100% cotton and guaranteed soft and thick, otherwise, skin irritation may occur most especially if the towels are rough.

Baby towels that have the recommended materials will totally give comfort, at the same time if there’s a technology that says it’s very easy to clean and wash then that would be a plus. It’s not just about the comfortability when using a certain item, another important thing to consider is how it would be beneficial after using it.[2]

Affordable and Great Quality Bath Towel and Washcloths
This 100% terry cotton bath towel and washcloths will give total comfort for your baby after every bath without irritating the skin.

3. Nasal aspirator and body thermometer

The first 6 months of a newborn baby is tough and with a high-risk to the major types of babies’ illness. That’s why babies must have a regular and mandatory monthly check-up with their respective Pediatricians, same goes with their mothers who must see their OB-Gynes regularly after giving birth. In this case, newborn babies could get mostly fever and colds due to mandatory check-ups include vaccinations that are required for newborn babies. Sometimes, babies may take 2-3 vaccinations per day. With that being said, babies could feel uncomfortable because of the possible effects. Another case is if the family is living in the Western countries when a baby is exposed to cold weather it may give discomfort and possible colds. Parents must keep their eyes on their babies whenever they notice these kinds of symptoms, they should always be prepared with basic medical apparatus such as a nasal aspirator and body thermometer.

Silicone or electric nasal aspirator?

Infants may suffer blockage in their noses which tends to make them feel uncomfortable at the same time they may also experience difficulty in breathing. There may be a high chance that this situation might come from the cold weather or an infection or even from the possible effects after being vaccinated. If this happens, parents should also be aware of how to do non-pharmacological treatments, this could be similar to preparing a complete first-aid kit at home wherein it should always be ready and available especially by the time that it is badly needed. Same way with a nasal aspirator, it may serve as a “first-aid kit” which should be available anytime. This medical apparatus helps to reduce any excess sticky nasal mucus; it would help a baby to feel more relaxed especially in breathing.[3]

Adding an effective nasal aspirator to your list will surely be very essential when you want to give it as a gift to an infant, there are hundreds of choices of modern electrical equipment for newborn babies that are available in the market. But for this item, it doesn’t have to be electric, a silicone type of nasal aspirator will do and could be more efficient and easier to use.

Affordable Silicone Nasal Aspirator
This product is very easy to use, handy, would not take much of space in your baby’s storage box, and easy to clean as well. It’s very affordable and durability-tested, it will surely last long.

Which body thermometer to choose?

When babies are not feeling well, one of the first things that parents would check is the body temperature. When they feel that their baby’s body is hot, they would go and check it using a body thermometer. But do you know which is the right one that gives a more accurate result?

Historically speaking, a glass mercury thermometer is basic and commonly used to check a person’s body temperature. Yes, it gives accurate results however it is already rare to find in the marketplace. Also, by the name itself, it contains a harmful chemical called Mercury. When this apparatus broke, it could create a danger that would highly affect one’s immune systems especially when the substances are not fully removed or cleaned out. But hey! Don’t be discouraged, this is just a reminder on what are the pros and cons of having this object. Technically, there are more and improved body thermometers that are easy to use and available in the market, this has been possible with the help of creative innovations. The highly-recommended is an infrared body thermometer, you can easily identify the infant’s body temperature through the tympanic method or simply by checking it through the infant’s ear. In just a second, the result will come out.[4]

Infrared Body Thermometer for Infants
This innovative dual infrared body thermometer is very easy to use and you will get an instant and accurate result in just a second.

4. Bedding essentials

As part of parenthood, getting a newborn baby to sleep is such a challenge! After singing a relaxing lullaby while sitting in a rocking chair for long, transferring a baby to a crib is not easy as you make sure this precious one won’t get distracted. For a baby to continuously sleep comfortably and in peace, make sure to provide good quality bed sheets, covers, blankets, etc. as it helps a lot to make a baby sleeps in a cozy way.

Good quality bedding essentials are widely available in the marketplace, a baby head-shaping pillow is suggested as it helps to prevent a newborn baby to have a flat head. Apart from that, ultra-soft blankets are also needed.

5. Set of newborn clothes

Infants change their clothes not just once or twice or thrice but even four times per day! Yes, per day! So, parents must stock a good set of newborn clothes to save time in washing the laundry and at the same time to get enough supply for a day or at least a week. If you add this to your list of gifts, parents especially the mothers would be very happy for sure.

If you don’t have an idea what these sets of newborn clothes are, you don’t have to worry as we got you covered. Read on to know more!

Newborn baby clothes normally include the following:

  • Onesies (with short and long sleeves)
  • Sleeping sack
  • Beanies
  • Pairs of mittens
  • Receiving blankets
  • Burp cloths

When choosing sets of clothes, a recommended color is white or light gray, something neutral. Avoid buying dark-colored clothes especially black.

Cute Set of Newborn Clothes
This set have cute designs that are great for newborns, it is a complete package that every parent would love, the material used was 100% cotton which is highly recommended for baby’s skin to avoid irritation.

6. Storage organizers

Part of taking care newborn baby is maintaining the nursery room neat and organized as lots of baby stuff are expected to be seen in the baby’s room and everything must be completely sanitized and placed in secured storage. This could help very much to all the parents as storage organizers are useful and could also save much of a space in a room.

When choosing or buying storage organizers, it’s like you’re buying newborn clothes in which you should also consider the external color. It must be light, neutral, and pleasing to the eyes. The bigger storage, the better, but it’s up to you and it will depend on your budget. There are also small storage organizers, hence it includes more drawers.

Today, with the help of modern technology, storage organizers don’t have to be a wood material (which would cost you much money) because there are also other cheaper options like foldable storage bags, fabric hanging storage organizers, fabric closet storage organizers, and a lot more.

Organizers are not only for clothes, but you can also buy a toy storage organizer, car backseat organizer where baby’s stuff can be placed when the family is in travel mode, diaper organizer, etc.

Clothes organizers

These are cute and nice ideas as gifts for a precious little one, it doesn’t have to be too fancy or contains wood material although it always depends on you. Some clothes organizers are budget-friendly and of great quality.

50 Pieces Complete Nursery Organizer Set
This storage organizer is a complete set which could help parents to bring together their baby’s stuff in just one place. This is a lightweight material which can easily be transferred from one place to another without any hassle, and parents could put a lot of baby’s essentials in it.

Toy organizers

If you’re looking for toy organizers, fabric material is also fine but if you can buy plastic or wooden material that would be better as the durability is more tested and it’s easy to clean. Neutral color is a plus although toy organizers with different colors would be great too.

Heavy Duty Toy Organizers
Here’s a must-have essential for babies, a durable toy organizer that would look neat and organized in a nursery room. Parents will not have to worry as this is very easy to clean and perfectly fit in any corner of the room. It has enough bins to store and separate different toys.

Portable diaper organizer

This is an advanced product idea that is also recommended to include in the nursery room. A type of organizer that’s best to store baby’s diaper and alike. It is very useful especially if the product chosen can be easily equipped in either the baby’s crib or stroller or even in the car’s back seat. Parents would definitely love this item!

Perfect Diaper Organizer
A very handy and easy to use diaper organizer which is perfectly fit to carry and equip in the side crib or even in the stroller. Mommies would love this as it comprises of many pockets and can hold more than 50 pcs. of newborn baby diapers.

7. Baby bag

Having a regular check-up with the baby’s Pediatrician? Vaccination day? Or simply just going to the park for a quick stroll? As parents, especially mothers, fancy shoulder bags will no longer a must. Instead, they would go for a perfect baby bag to store mostly everything that they need when going out. Adding this to your list is such a great idea! Most baby bags are quite big and have lots of dividers inside or even pockets. Usually, this product is designed to put the baby’s set of diapers, washcloths, baby bottles and milk, alcohol and sanitizers, a set of extra clothes, toys, and even some of the mommy’s stuff.

Multi-function Baby Traveler Bag
  • Backpack & Tote 2 in 1, 24L Large Capacity, 1.4lb Lightweight.
  • Has all the space & pockets you need for baby and mommy supplies.
  • Waterproof & durable oxford fabric, no-odor, load up to 40lbs.

8. Feeding bottles

Breastmilk is proven to be the best and most recommended for babies. However, some mothers cannot produce enough breastmilk which gives them the reason to switch to formula milk that’s prescribed by their respective Doctors. Whether it’s breastmilk or formula milk, this baby’s food must store in safe feeding bottles.[5]

There are lots of important things to ponder when choosing the right baby feeding bottles because this is constantly being used by newborns and we must guarantee that this is totally safe.

Here are the major elements that are a must when choosing feeding bottles:

  • BPA free
  • Accurate nipple flow rate for newborns
  • Anti-colic
  • Inclusive of bottle brush
  • Extra nipple
Trusted Set of Baby Feeding Bottles
  • Ideal starter set for the new mom with multiple bottle and nipple sizes and bottle accessories
  • Natural wide nipple shape and ultra soft feel makes it easy for baby to combine with breastfeeding
  • Ultra soft nipple mimics the feel of the breast; The bottles are made of polypropylene (plastic) and pacifiers are hospital grade silicone

9. Electric steam sterilizer

Feeding bottles are necessary to be sterilized after cleansing. This is being done to ensure & keep the bottles germs-free, completely clean, and odorless. Moreover, sterilizers are not only for feeding bottles, but also for baby cups, pacifiers, teethers, and more.

3-in-1 Steam Sterilizer
  • Uses natural steam to sterilize baby bottles and other baby products, killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria without chemicals
  • Sterilizes in just 6 minutes; then automatically shuts off for energy savings and safety
  • 3-in-1 adjustable modular design fits a variety of bottles, pacifiers, pumps and accessories and takes up minimal countertop space

10. Play gym

Newborn babies acquire different milestones as they grow up, these milestones are noticeable mostly every month. With the use of different toys that are recommended for infants, it utterly helps them to improve their brain development. Obtaining these milestones also includes the way their parents are taking care of them on a daily basis just like by simply talking to their babies.[6]

Another point of interest in improving the brain development of every infant is by giving them self-learning toys, one good example is the play gym.

Today is the era where different types and forms of gadgets are common and generally used in daily routines. At an early stage of newborn babies, it’s not advisable or safe to expose them to interact or use gadgets as a way of learning or helping them to progress. Rather than buying them gadgets even if it’s recommended for their age (as they grow older), still, the best idea is to give them a safer and less risky kind of self-learning toys, this is apart from personal interaction with their parents.

Play gym is a kind of baby essential that helps an infant to interact and develop their curiosity by touching or reaching to the toys attached to the play gym, sometimes it includes a musical toy which is also important to improve the development of an infant.

Developmental Play Gym for Infants
  • 2-IN-1 TUMMY TIME MAT & PLAYGYM: A unique new gym with 6 developmental zones designed for back & tummy time play. Arches raise up for 360 back play, designed to help baby develop well rounded body movements. Lower the arches around the mat for tummy time play. With 12 age-appropriate toys & activities, each developmental zone comes with a coordinating toy to match baby's progression by milestone
  • 12 ACTIVITIES ENCOURAGE LEARNING THROUGH PLAY: Includes baby safe mirror with back easel for self-discovery, 3 high-contrast attachables: rattle, squeaker & bear plush, removable rainbow chime, textured teether, 4 crinkle flags, 3 textured peek-a-boo flaps, 4 tactile ribbon rings, and a 2-sided pillow prop. Many toys are removable for take-along play
  • DEVELOPMENTAL PLAY: Includes a guide printed directly on the mat. separated into 6 developmental zones, provides helpful hints for caregiver regarding what to do and how long to play on tummy, month by month

11. Baby bathtub

It is such a challenge to bathe an infant as it requires holding them very carefully. Before, showering an infant was just holding them with bare hands, imagine that holding the baby and at the same time you get the bath gel and tub of water. Struggle, right? But now, parents can do this using a good baby bathtub by just laying the baby there which makes life easier!

There are too many cute, affordable, and safe baby bathtubs in the marketplace. Today, with the use of the internet and modern technology, lots of businesses are starting to depend more on selling their products through different e-commerce platforms. Sure, that you can also buy this stuff at the comfort of your home and just by browsing through the internet. There are many reliable sources to choose from and most of them offer a wide variety of options, even this portable baby bathtub is also available online.

12. Mosquito net

Some babies are prone to mosquito bites and other similar insects. If these are commonly seen in the house, it has to be avoided; infants should be protected from these. A safe and suggested product that could protect the baby especially when sleeping is by using a mosquito net, something that can hang or attach to cover the whole baby crib or bed is much recommended.

Basic Mosquito Net
  • Designed in the USA by Pro Baby Safety
  • The Baby Crib Tent by Pro Baby Saftey is the perfect stylish and sturdy infant crib topper. Be sure to check out the highest quality construction available on Amazon. 100% satisfaction guarantee—no strings attached.
  • Give all mommy's peace of mind; protect your toddler from falls or bites. With a high-end 55" x 52.5" x 28" baby safety net, you can save your precious angels from falls, bug bites, and getting stuck between rails.

Final thoughts

Welcoming a newborn child is a blessing and it describes the true meaning of love by the family. It will be a fun and memorable experience along the way. Before the baby arrives and greets the world, parents, and immediate family members along with close friends would be very exciting to welcome a precious little one. Shopping for the baby’s essential needs is part of the exciting moment, there are lots of items to buy but it’s more vital to prioritize the basics and most important and useful items.

[1] Schlichte, Megan J., and Rajani Katta. “Methylisothiazolinone: an emergent allergen in common pediatric skin care products.” Dermatology research and practice 2014 (2014).

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[4] Uslu, Sinan, et al. “A comparison of different methods of temperature measurements in sick newborns.” Journal of tropical pediatrics 57.6 (2011): 418-423.

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