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Racing car is something which is enjoyed by kids and adults. My kids always love to play with small cars and car race tracks. If your kid likes to play toys filled with adventures, thrills, and actions then racing tracks are the best option for them. In the tough time of covid and quarantine, toys like racing tracks helped me a lot to keep my kids busy whole day. Studies shows any constructive toys like Lego blocks, wooden blocks or any racing tracks that you build will help to improve STEM skills, concentration, focus, and memory in kids.[1]

Top Picks for Best Race Tracks:

There are many racing tracks that are available for kids, but below are some of my top picks for ages 2 years to 12 years old. These selections what I made are based on my kids experience and research about the tracks.

Ontel Magic Tracks Xtreme – Race Car

Recommended age for track – 3 years and up

Ontel Magic Tracks Xtreme – Race Car
Ontel Magic Tracks Xtreme race track is fun for kids because of its cool features like glow in the dark. Track is easy to assemble and will improve creativity and imagination.

Ontel Magic Tracks are the best race car toys for little racers of age 3 years and up. The set comes with easy to assemble 10 ft. long glow in the dark speedway track and one LED race car. Kids will enjoy playing with this race track especially in dark because of cool vibrant color of the car and its LED lights. The track is designed to snap together easily and it can be bent and looped in many different ways. The track can be extended using other tacks from Magic Tracks. 

If you are looking for race tracks that can keep your kids busy while on vacation, then this is the perfect track. Not just for kids, even adults will also love to play with these racing tracks. Car is battery operated and requires 2 AAA batteries, makes great gift for kids who love to play with race cars with lights. The best thing about this track is cars don’t make any noise, especially at night. This fun STEM toy helps kids to build the track and increase engineering skills.[2]

Only negative thing about this track is car don’t have any on / off button, every time you need to remove battery using screw driver to switch off the car. Kids can create this super cool track in many different innovative ways; this will improve their imagination and creativity skills. It is believed that playing with any type of constructive toys help kids to develop motor skills and spatial skills.[3]

LOYO Toddler Car Ramp Toys with 10 mini cars

Recommended age for track – 3 years and up

LOYO Toddler Car Ramp Toys with 10 mini cars
This race track is fun for kids because of its cool features like glow in the dark and 10 colorful cute mini cars. Track is easy to assemble and will improve cognitive skills.

LOYO Toddler Car Ramp is perfect birthday gift for kids of age 3 years to 5 years. The set contains 7 interconnected ramps with crocodile mouth, and 10 colorful mini cars. This car ramp is easy to play for toddlers and is light weight with strong construction, and most important it doesn’t need any batteries to play. The cute design of crocodile mouth will attract kids to play and they will have more fun in racing. Cute little mini race cars are of perfect size for little hands to hold and play. 3 cars are connected together and 7 other are single mini cars, and if your kid loses or breaks cars then you can buy them in amazon separately.

The drawback of this set is crocodile head comes off easily, but can be fixed quickly by little ones. The cars are very small in size and not for kids below 3 years old. It’s highly unlikely that little kids swallow cars but wheels are choking hazards. Kids will get attracted by colorful mini cars racing on the ramp, it helps to develop hand and eye coordination, and from colorful cars they will learn about different colors.

Carrera Go – Car Racing Track Set with Jump Ramp

Recommended age for track – 5 years and up

Carrera Go – Car Racing Track Set with Jump Ramp
Carrera Go track is battery operated and comes with two American muscle cars. This is the great way of spending countless hours of fun time with kids.

If your kids love racing car then this is the perfect gift for them. Your child can have countless hours of head to head fun racing with adults or siblings. The set comes with battery operated 14.10 ft. long track which requires 4 D battery, two stylish red and blue American muscle cars, two speed controllers, and two piece jump ramp for more fun. Kids will enjoy seeing how their car will jump from the ramp and catch the speed again to reach the destination. Kids can use controllers to speed cars for up to 370 – mph, to slow down the car in turns or while jumping from the ramp.

The set is compatible with all Carrera Go cars and track set allowing kids to expand race track for up to 32.8 – ft. and you can purchase electrical transformer to convert this set in to electric Carrera Go. This set is perfect for kids of age 5 years and above, but not only kid’s even adults can also enjoy countless hours of fun racing with kids. By playing with racing cars kids will develop concentration power and they will become competitive. There are also different Carrera Go sets with Super Mario brothers, Paw Petrol, and Speed Trap with police car.

Hot Wheels Super 6 – lane Raceway with 6 Hot Wheel Cars

Recommended age for track – 5 years to 9 years old

Hot Wheels Super 6 lane Raceway with 6 Hot Wheel Cars
Fun way of racing for kids with family and friends.  As name indicates its 6 – lane track, your kid can race with 5 other racers at a time.

My kids use to collect and play with hot wheel cars when small. Hot Wheels 6 lane Raceway is one of my favorite and is the best quality race track ever. This was a birthday gift for my son when he was 5 years; he is 10 now and still loves to play with it. The set is perfect for single player or kids can race with friends and family for more fun. This is fun way of spending time with family and friends.

Kids will experience the fun racing with real lights and sound. The track is 8 feet long and comes with 6 hot wheel cars. Track takes minutes to set up as it contains fewer parts and you can start racing immediately. It requires 3 AA batteries for lights and sound. When cars reach the finish line it makes sound and will show who the winner is. The track is very long, but you can fold it to store in small place or take it along with you while travelling, and there is also built in box to hold all hot wheel cars. You can buy additional race strips to add more fun for your 6 lane track. This track is overpriced but fun track for kids. By playing race track kids will become competitive, and this is the great way to spend time with friends and family in this busy schedule.

Best Choice – Kids Magnetic Tile Car Tracks with 2 light up Cars

Recommended age for track– 3 years and up

Best Choice - Kids Magnetic Tile Car Tracks with 2 light up Cars
The Magnetic tile race set is fun toy for kids of age 3 and above. This set is fun way of learning different shapes and colors for kids.

STEM magnetic toys are my favorite for kids, and this track is one of the best. Magnetic Tile Car Racing Track comes with 212 pieces, 2 cars those lights up, stickers and traffic sign. Kids will enjoy connecting track pieces with magnetic edges which is easy for little engineers to construct. This colorful track is perfect for kids of age 3 years and above. Kids will enjoy racing with two light up cars which can be turned on by switch. If you can afford to buy 2 sets then it is more fun to connect them together. The track stands are not that sturdy and breaks easily if you don’t remove them carefully.

There are many ways to set up the track, plus kids can have fun with connecting just magnetic tiles. This set is good for STEM learning, which will help in developing hand eye coordination, motor skills. Little racers connect the magnetic pieces which are of different shapes will help them to think creatively. Kids will also learn shapes along with racing their super cool cars. Be very careful before giving this set to kids under 3 years as it contains small magnets. Highly recommend this track for kids and got very good reviews in amazon.[4]

Disney Pixar’s Cars Rust – Eze Racing Tower Race Track

Recommended age for track – 4 years to 7 years old

Disney Pixar’s Cars Rust – Eze Racing Tower Race Track
Kids will experience sky high thrilling, action packed race with Lightning McQueen and other Disney Pixar cars.

Experience the sky high thrills with this Disney Pixar’s Rust – Ez Racing track. Personally I am the big fan of Cars movie and Lightning McQueen is my favorite character from the movie. I like this set as it comes with Lightning McQueen car which is plus point of the set. This Rust – Ez racing tower set contains sky high, side by side race track, and 1:55 scale plastic Lighting McQueen car.

Track is easy to assemble for toddlers with instructions and also there are stickers which kids will enjoy putting on their track before assembling. Kids are able to race two cars at a time on side by side spiral tracks. They can lift the cars with car elevator and take them to launching deck to start the race. There is also start activation gate to race cars fairly, and when car reaches the finish line the spinning flag gives the real competition fun. You can purchase additional compatible track set to connect for more thrills and actions. Good thing about this track is you can use any hot wheel car to race. When two cars race at a time there are lots of crashes and lots of laughter every time for the kids and whole family.

Hot Wheels Track Builder with Vertical Launch Set

Recommended age for track – 6 years to 12 years old

Hot Wheels Track Builder with Vertical Launch Set
If you want to experience adventure of free fall of your racing car with twists and turns, then this set is the perfect buy.

Experience the thrill of free fall of hot wheel car from 50 inches tall vertical track with this cool Vertical Launch Set. The set is easy and fun to assemble for kids and it comes with 3M command strips which will help to stick vertical track to the wall. The track is so much fun for little ones but very big in size and occupies more space in the room, plan to buy this track if you have lots of space at your home. When kids are done playing you can keep the vertical track attached to the wall and just remove connected loop, this will save the space while not playing.

Kids can extend the track by connecting it to other hot wheel tracks for more action and fun filled racing. You can use other hot wheel cars to race on this track but only certain kind of cars work as very light cars tend to come off the track and heavy ones do not really complete the loop. I have purchased similar track for my kids, the track is fun but the only drawback is command strips rip off the wall paint when removed. If your kid loves adventures then this action filled set is perfect for them with endless hours of fun with friends and family, and will help in boosting confidence in them.

Hot Wheels Motorized Track Builder with Ultra Stackable Booster Kit

Recommended age for track – 6 years to 12 years old

Hot Wheels Motorized Track Builder with Ultra Stackable Booster Kit
Fun toy for kids who love to play with motorized tracks. It can be customized in 5 different ways which will help kids think creatively.

If your kid loves motorized tracks then this is a great buy for them. The track can be customized in 5 creative ways for more fun and thrills. This super fun track is very easy to assemble with only 20 large track pieces, and also two stackable boosters requires 4 D batteries(not included). Only problem with this track is batteries are expensive and runs out too quickly. The track can be connected to other hot wheel tracks for unlimited fun and thrills not only for kids but also for adults.

The track works best with any sports car which are light weight, heavy cars does not race properly on the track. The cars race really fast one behind the other with two powerful boosters and surprisingly track does not make loud noise like other tracks. The track is bit pricey, but it’s worth spending as it comes with 5 customizable fun tracks.

Hot Wheels Ai Starter Set with 2 Smart Cars

Recommended age for track – 7 years to 10 years old

Hot Wheels Ai Starter Set with 2 smart Cars
Smart cars, smart track, and programmable remote controllers makes it extra fun for kids to race with friends and family.

Hot Wheels Ai Starter set is one of my favorite tracks from hot wheels. This is perfect game for kids to play on play date or sleep over. The track comes with 22 pieces of smart track, 2 high performance smart cars – Fast Fish and Spin King, 2 gaming controllers. Kids can program the controllers with 3 race modes and 3 skill levels. Track is easy to set up and works well on carpet as well as on wooden floor. You can race up to 4 cars, but have to buy 2 extra cars and remote controls separately. The track material looks like think paper in picture, but it is actually good plastic material closer to laminate.

This was a gift to my son for his birthday, and he love to play with his elder brother. This set is similar to Anki Overdrive and comparatively is less expensive. The best thing about this is it comes with 2 controllers to race and Anki Over drive has all controls on iPad. Nothing against Anki Overdrive, that track is also very cool set but Hot Wheels Ai Starter set is perfect for younger kids. Track is fun to play for kids as well as adults, but make sure you have enough space in your room as it takes up more space. Smart cars will stay on the track because it uses computer enhanced Artificial Intelligence. There are sensors below each car that will read lines on the track. This track is great for kids to develop interest in Artificial Intelligence and programming skills.[5]

Dinosaur Car Race Track Set with 3 Cars

Recommended age for track – 3 years to 7 years old

Dinosaur Car Race Track with 3 Cars
If your kids favorite animal is dinosaur, then this toy is great set to buy. Track helps in improving creativity and imagination skills in kids.

What race tracks that too with dinosaurs? I think this is the best combination ever for kids. Track is perfect gift for kids whose favorite animal is Dinosaur. The set contains 260 pieces with flexible tracks, 1 dinosaur car and 2 military off road cars. The track is very simple to assemble and 2 dinosaur head and 7 mini dinosaurs’ toys are the main highlight of the track. The cool dinosaur car does need 1 AA battery and no remote control required. The track is very flexible and kids can build many configurations to make the dinosaur car to race on it.

Kids can pretend that they are in Jurassic park, and can have hours of fun with this amazing race track with their friends and family. Kids will enjoy playing with 7 mini dinosaur toys which are included in the set, and will keep them busy whole day while not playing with race track. Overall this great quality dinosaur race set is great toy for kids to improve imagination, creativity skills, and boosts confidence.

Final Thoughts for best tracks for kids

If you are looking for best race track, then go with Hot Wheels Super 6 - lane Raceway, with 6 hot wheels cars.

If you want to buy educational track with STEM learning then go with Best Choice - Kids Magnetic Tile Car Tracks.[6]

If you are looking for fastest race cars then Best Choice - Kids Magnetic Tile Car Tracks is the best set for little racers.

If your kid loves magic tracks then go with Ontel Magic Tracks Xtreme – Race Car.

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