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Picking the best shampoo for kids

There are many things we need to see for our kids especially those which is related to their health, mind, body, or nature. For instance, if I say that choosing a shampoo for kids and making the best choice then it might sound silly to some but responsible debate to most parents, I have seen many mothers around me complaining of hair loss, skin allergies, and other issues related to their kids after using shampoo. So now I think we need to make the best choice for them before it gets late.

Personally, I tried to learn the nature of my kid’s hair and then bought the stuff accordingly and I think every parent should do the same for their kids. I mean it’s easy for you to check which skin type your child is and then buy accordingly.

Things to consider when buying a shampoo for kids

Some might find it odd that what is a big deal in looking for the best option in kids shampoo, I mean you can just use any for the purpose which is specially designed for them but NO! Your child needs the best of all, you need to find a better option which not only is used to clean the baby but also does not bring any damage to them as well.

There must be a huge list for parents to consider the best shampoo but here we can shortlist to make it easy for you all and save time,

PH level

The worst thing we do with our kids is buying the shampoo not knowing how damaging it can be for them, for how long they will suffer from it, and lastly, it can prove to be a wrong decision of ours for their whole life.  The PH level in the shampoo needs to be perfect not much higher nor less. Ideally, it is better between 6 to 7 PH levels. It won’t damage the hair and keep them alive and healthier.

Skin type of the kids

The foremost value to check-in before buying any shampoo for the tiny ones should be you checking that skin type they have. I mean not worry that how will you find it out, we got a way out for that as well, just see if the hair of your toddler gets dry easily, do they have oily hair, or that their hair stays normal without washing them for three days even. You will eventually find a way out.


We as adults can bear the alcohol on our scalps but it is violent for the kids, it may damage the tissues of the scalp and vitally plays a role in making hair thin, so parents! Please let’s not make this mistake.

The aroma of the shampoo

Please do not torture your kids with non-fragment shampoos instead make it fun for them so they enjoy it every time they are asked to take bath or shower. The better the aroma the more chances of kids loving the showers.

1. Cetaphil Wash & Shampoo for Kids

Dermatologist recommended

After constant tests and proven results, the parents and dermatologists have made it the best choice for kids, which not only moisture the skin and nourishes it but also do cleanse the sensitive baby’s scalp. It can be used for kids with sensitive skin as well.

Two in one purposed

The purpose of having this is that it works two ways, I mean it is a body wash and shampoo both. Most of the kid’s shampoos are multi-functional for easy use and connivance not for only parents but also for the ids if they take the bath on their own. 

Top recommended shampoo

Not only have the results shown is important in a while but also to people who have loved it after using it for kids. The scalp remains non oily for days and gives the healthier look to the hair. Also that it uses all natural ingredients.

No tear policy does not fit here

If your kid is much younger that they cannot handle the shampoo hardness with eyes then do not buy it, it can be suitable for kids with good age who are prepared and know well how to use shampoo and handle such things. 

Cetaphil Wash & Shampoo for Kids
The shampoo which not only will find its way to please your ids but also is top rated and suggested by dermatologists and loved by a parent, it comes with all the ingredients you are looking for

2. Luna Star Naturals Klee Kids Enchanted Shampoo

Best fragrance

The aroma of lavender winning the hearts of kids as well as the parents. Kids love using it because it leaves their hair with the best fragrance and smoothness. They like to show off the smell of their hair around.

Organic shampoo

Now if we focus on the point of why you should buy it for your kids then I would like to quote that it’s 100% original, made with all the organic materials. It also does not contains sulfates, polypropylene glycol, parabens, and synthetic dyes which proves to be the perfect match for kids scalps along with results showing thicker and healthier hair.

Personal recommendation

I have used this for my kids, not only that I loved it but kids showed a positive attitude towards it. Especially the girls loved the aroma of lavender in their hair and how smooth and silky it leaves the hair. As far the concern of the price matters, as compared to all other organic products it’s the cheapest in the market with the best reviews.

Luna Star Naturals Klee Kids Enchanted Shampoo
The organic shampoo which not only best fits the price-friendly category but includes the great number of organic ingredients which leaves the best results in hair and loving aroma of lavender

3. Fresh Monster Shampoo for Kids

Toxin free products

The fresh monster shampoo is made up of all the free toxin products that can leave the hair silk and shiny hair. It is also BPA free which is also environmentally friendly and does not use any synthetic things which can be damaging for the hair.

No tears

One thing which should be cared for as a parent is that the shampoo their kids are using has no tears in the shampoo. This feature is for the sensitivity of the eyes and if the shampoo entries the eyes, they won’t burn the eyes of your kids. Most of the shampoos claim this feature but in reality lack but this one is proven.

Gift combo

It not only comes with the shampoo but also the conditioner. This combo is also a good gift for your kids, but never mind do not gift just buy them. The bottles come with cute drawings along with them. This product gives silky hair and a shiny look to it.

Fresh Monster Shampoo for Kids
It comes with conditioner and the shampoo, it contains no tears feature which is friendly and perfect for the kids. Also that it is BPA free and proven with no toxic materials in it. Comes with Synthetic scents

4. Sheamoisture 2-in-1 Shampoo for Kids

Curly heads

I have experienced many parents not taking and understanding the hair type of their kids and just using shampoos, you might have a curly head who needs proper care to preserve their curls. So please keep a knee check on it as well. Well, this one is perfect for dry and curly hair kids which will help them to maintain their hair and styling would be easy.

Organic elements

Shea moisture shampoo uses all organic stuff that needs to hold the curls for your kids. Shea butter, hibiscus flowers, and coconut oil, all elements help to keep the dry hair smooth and curls at their place.

Price effective

Care for curly hair sometimes turn out to be a little expensive but this item allows you to protect the curled head of yours at very responsible prices, I have used this and I say the results are 100% perfect and are must be recommended. Not only that it holds up the curls but also gives a silk look, as curly hair can be dry looking but with the use of this and its conditioner, your kid’s hair looks shinier.

Perfect for dry hair

If your kid has curly and dry hair, then this is a must buy for you. Need not see further any options. This shampoo contains all the best elements which keep the hair in place and make them look better. It also has a conditioner which adds up more to healthy hair.

5. Johnson’s Shiny & Soft Tear-Free Kids’ Shampoo

Booster for hair

Johnson’s brings the best solution for covering the hair with natural looks. It maintains the hair with its natural means. If your kid uses this, they will be able to have better and more natural-looking hair in the future. The company also made its name because of the proven results it has shown in many years.

Best ingredients

Johnsons uses the best items in their shampoos such as argan oil, proteins, and all toxic-free items. This allows the hair to stay in their natural texture and help them grow rapidly. It contains dye-free formula as well which does not bring any damage to the hair and makes it look healthier.

Gentle shampoo

The shampoo contains gentle ingredients that enrich the hair’s health along with providing vital to the hair.  For better hair and better results start using this shampoo now. It gives hair the protein which it needs as well. It makes the hair soft as ever and kids love their hair more than ever. It also has a no-tear feature in it, thus your kid will have a bath with no worries.

Johnson's Shiny & Soft Tear-Free Kids' Shampoo
The company has made its name not because of the items they have but have gained the trust of the customers well. It gives protein to the hair along with argon oil the hair will look shiny

6. NOAH Kids Shampoo

Gift set

NOAH kids shampoo comes with conditioner and detangles spray as a set, it is ideally best for having in the home for kids because then they can have more hair care products in a single place.

Organic shampoo

Another reason why it standouts in the market is because of the unique organic elements it contains and how everyone loves using it for their kids. I have also used it for my kids and loved how their hair looked after a single wash and for how long the shininess stays. It not only makes the hair look better in looking but also helps in keeping them grow at a first-rate.

Cost worthy

The whole set comes with a little high price but I would like to say complaining about this thing is wrong and not buying is another bad decision you as a parent can make. The organic stuff always comes with higher prices and thus one is coming with all the gift sets and thus it is the best price in the market.

NOAH Kids Shampoo
The most organic shampoo and with all the elements in its purest form is here to save the hair for your kids which will not only help them maintain it but also make it look healthier

7. So Cozy 3-in-1 Shampoo for Kids

Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash

The 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash perfectly fits with the price and seeks the best way out for bath time. Not only making it easy for the kids to bath themselves but is the most convenient way to save time in bringing this one in your space.

Cleanser and washer

The shampoo not only washes away the dirt on the hair and oil out acts as a cleanser and toner. Well now you might question why I need it for the kids I can easily use the simple shampoo, well the answer is, the cleanser keeps the dirt and oil away from hair and toner gives the shine and sleek look to the hair. Now, these will add health to hair. It adds moisture to the hair.

Super effective ingredients

The key to keeping the hair keep going for a long time with health and greater volume you need the elements. Now the so cozy uses keratin, vitamin B3, and kiwi extract. This all makes the hair grow faster and with greater health, make the hair look frizz-free.


My kids loved using it because of the results it promises and how easy it is to use. The product comes in an all-purpose style which saves time and makes it a lovely experience for the kids, also for busy parents.

So Cozy 3-in-1 Shampoo for Kids
The elements it uses is rich in its purest forms and comes with cleanser and toner which gives moistening texture to the hair. It also makes hair frizz-free and sleek look for healthy hair

8. Jason Kids Only Extra Gentle Shampoo

Tangle free hair

Most of the shampoos leave the hair frizzy and make them difficult to brush which causes permanent hair damage and loss. The Jason Kids uses a formula that does not bring any frizz and makes it smooth to brush your hair. It was specially designed for tangle free hair therapy. Attention parents if your kid is having trouble brushing their hair and you see tangles, it is the right time you change the shampoo because it will cause root damage which they will have to suffer for life.

Advance formula

The shampoo uses all the perfect ingredients which kids need in their growing age to protect the hair from any damage. The shampoo is made of protein, wheat, and chamomile, these all smooth the hair and makes them more manageable, easy, and stylish sleek looking. The reason why you should look for such formulas is the betterment of the kid’s hair, so they do not suffer from any long term damage.

Free from animal cruelty

We usually forget to think that whatever we are buying, is it free from any cruelty and when it comes to beauty products there are any animals which have to suffer for us, in order to provide us the best, companies bring cruelty to animals, but Jason kids shampoo makes sure now no animal suffer and still make their customers happy and satisfied. They look after the care of your kids because any good company wants the loyalty of their customers and keep them for a longer time. This formula also prevents hair issues as well because animal stuff does not make the hair healthier but instead makes it weak and dependent on the product.

Jason Kids Only Extra Gentle Shampoo
Jason shampoo comes with zero animal cruelty and brings the best formula for making the hair look good in its purest form, now your loved ones hair will be tangle free with manageable styles

9. Suave Kids Shampoo

Coconut richness

The Suave kid’s shampoo is rich in its purest forms which come with coconut extracts helping to regrow, softening and keeping the hair look fresh for days. Your kid hair will look amazing and soft for days and no oily hair issues anymore. The coconut is rich in controlling the oil and frizz for hair naturally and gives shine to the hair.


Most of the shampoos are made gender-based and thus parents might have issues in figuring it out, but Suave announces the unisex shampoo proudly so parents find it easy for them to have the best option overall.

Good Straight hair

The shampoo is best for kids having straight hair. The point of choosing shampoo according to the hair type is that kids will have better hair and can maintain the texture proudly and easily. This shampoo is not suitable or even advisable for curly hair because the ingredients in it are specially made for kids with sleek and straight hair.

Suave Kids Shampoo
Perfect for your straight hair kid who needs to maintain the sleekness and shine of the hair, the coconut extract will control the oil and makes the hair look fresh for more than three days and do not need washing for many days

10. Natural Kids Shampoo

Gentle Tear-free

Kids and parents need to regain the trust of the shampoo companies knowing that this one gives the proven tear free elements and now your kid is in better and safe hands. If the kid is bathing on their own, they also can stay relaxed knowing that this shampoo won’t hurt their eyes and make them fear the shampoo next time.


The very important feature that this organic shampoo gives is the moisturizing texture to the hair of our dear ones. It keeps all organic material to it which allows the better toning of the hair. This shampoo lets the hair stay alive by looking silky and sleek. It not only shows the texture of hair soft and smooth but also allows the hair to be tangle free. 

Certificated Organic Shampoo

Out in the market the competition is much higher than we can think of and to keep your feet in the ground you need to compete well, now the thing is many claims to be organic while they use all the toxic materials which bring permanent harm to your toddler’s hair. But keep your head down and trust this one as this is certificated organic shampoo and the results are amazing. It shows the reality of its originality through the usage and everyone who used this loved the outcome to its utmost capacity.

Strengthen formula

The best reason why you need to have this in your bucket list is that it contains the perfect balanced PH level, as I early mentioned that how important it is for the kid’s hair to have a balanced PH level and this proves it to be worthy of trusting and usage. It is also toxin free and comes with the perfect blend of vanilla, lavender, and orange oils which gives stunning fragrance to your toddler’s hair. It not only being organic comes with many advantages but also gives strength to the hair and keeps them at a place looking perfect.

Natural Kids Shampoo
The best of all the kinds, being organic which is certificated to its purest form, gives the lovely aroma to your kid's hair and comes with balanced PH level which will enrich the hair in its true means

11. Cantu Care Shampoo for Kids

Perfect price per bottle

Cantu care shampoo comes in a handy bottle which is worthy for long use and the price is perfect, it comes in 8 ounces of a bottle which can be used for the whole month and other than focusing only on the price, it got many benefits which perfectly fits the requirement of purchasing it.

Organic elements

It is a mixture of Shea butter, coconut oil, and honey which combines with each other perfectly allowing the hair to regrow, stay hydrated, give smoothness, and enrich the original tone and texture of the hair. All these materials are 100% organic and the results are amazing, after a single use of the shampoo your kids will claim it to be perfect for their hair and you will see how perfectly it blends with the natural beauty of your hair.

Best for all the type of hair

Need not worry about thinking if it fits curly head or the straight, or may say wavy hair as well. Just get this one and it fits all the hair type. You also need not worry about if it would bring damage to curly hair or wavy ones, or may say it will damage the texture of straight hair kids, no well it is made this way to protect the hair at all the cost.

Cantu Care Shampoo for Kids
The best solution for all the hair type you are looking for blended with perfect organic elements which will give a lovely texture to the hair of kids and help them have the healthy hair in no time

12. Fairy Tales Curly-Q Daily Hydrating Shampoo for Kids

Curly winding hair kids

Hello! It is the time to save the hair of your curly head children at no price and absolute formula. Parents should not take it easy that every kid needs the same hair care and products because that is the most false statement you can tell yourself. On the other hand, every child needs special care for their hair accordingly. There is special care for curly hair as they require a great amount of time and effort.

Hydrating formula

Personally, I have seen kids with curly hair having frizzy and dehydrated hair and parents ignoring this point that they need proper care products. It is advisable to give your kids proper food for good hair and health but they also need good shampoos to maintain the look. Fairy tale curling shampoo allows the hair to breathe the air and keep them alive with zero dryness.

Recommended one

Through a customer’s reviews and personal usage, I would quote it is worth buying, they keep the hair moist and frizz free. The best way to hydrate the curly hair and make them look lively, purchase this one now and let your kid’s curls breathe.

Perfect scent

The biggest reason why kid’s loved this is because of the unique and everlasting scent of the shampoo. It carries a vibrant pear basil scent which gives a refreshing aroma to the hair and the basil property enriches the color and health of the hair more.

Suitable for all age

The shampoo best fits the requirement of all ages. Even if your kid is much younger or comes in adult stages of kids, the shampoo fits them. Fairy tale curling shampoo fits for all the type of curly hair.

Fairy Tales Curly-Q Daily Hydrating Shampoo for Kids
Fairy tale shampoo is the best solution for your curly head, give them the best scent with everlasting hair health, no more dryness and no more fizziness

13. The Honest shampoo for Kids

Tear-Free Kids Shampoo

The kids are always worried about burning their eyes during bath time but now the proven tear-free shampoo is here to solve this problem. They now can bathe without worrying that if shampoo entries the eyes, they won’t harm anything.

Naturally Obtained Ingredients

The honest shampoo company loves your kids and seeks the best solution for you. The reason you should buy is, it comes with all-natural and kids friendly elements. They also have the scents of orange mixed with vanilla which leaves an everlasting fragrance in the hair.

Dermatologist recommended

After all the recommendations, now if you still want to clear your thoughts you need to see how the company is trusted with dermatologists and their results. It contains the best ingredients as well to keep your kids’ hair healthy and safe.

Loving scents

The fragrance of the shampoo contains orange and vanilla which is loved by the kids and how the scents stay longer in the hair and make you confident.

Easy for the use

The 2 in 1 formula makes it easy for the parents and kids to enjoy the bath time more. By 2 in 1 formula means that it is a body wash and shampoo as well, so makes it time-saving as well and hustle free too.

The Honest shampoo for kids
the trusted shampoo by dermatologists with all the elements which will help your kids to grow hair in natural ways along with perfect scents which last in the hair for a longer time and make them confident to move around

Final Thoughts

How difficult it is being a parent but we all have a solution because after all, we are parents. Hair care can be a difficult task and choosing the best solution for our loving kids, but here are the top three shampoos which can save your kid’s hair and make them confident:

Luna Star Naturals Klee Kids Enchanted Shampoo, it is the best organic shampoo in the market which is best known for its proven results, my kids have used it and now they love how amazing their hair look, the scents in the shampoo makes kids and parents love the product. It also contains 100% organic elements serving the best care for your kid’s hair.

Fairy Tales Curly-Q Daily Hydrating Shampoo for Kids, hello curly hair protectors! It is time for you to buy the best curly hair shampoo for your toddlers so they can have perfect stylish looking hair from their childhood and do not need many efforts after growing up, the hydrating formula keeps the oxygen level of the hair maintained and it is suitable for every age.

So Cozy 3-in-1 Shampoo for Kids, cannot get over how perfectly the shampoo outstands the market with being available for all type of hair, the cleansing and toning abilities making it count as a whole package in a single place. How perfectly blended ingredients make it worthy of the cost.

Take a chill pill because even if you do not like the top three and your kid needs something else accordingly to their hair type, we got your back, we deeply concern about your children and love them equally. All the shampoos listed are worthy of purchase and carry unique properties. 

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