BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller

“The Ultimate Pro-Jogging Stroller”


The BOB Revolution Pro Jogging Stroller has all the qualities one would want in a jogger/stroller: adjustable handles to fit any user height, hand-activated rear drum brakes that allow for easy control when going downhill, adjustable suspension system that makes ride smooth, front wheel locks that allow for straighter path or unlocked to swivel whichever way you want it to go.


  • Adjustable padded handlebars (9 positions) that allow for easy use of different heights of users;
  • The big canopy provides maximum protection of the baby from the sun’s rays;
  • Front locking wheels that allow for straight paths (when locked) and swivel (when unlocked);
  • The state-of-the-art suspension cushions bumps so that baby enjoys a bump-free trip on level and even on uneven terrain;
  • Hand-activated rear drum brakes that give the user control when traversing the stroller/jogger downhill;
  • Can carry toddlers up to 75 pounds;
  • The jogger is provided with an extra large basket to put baby’s supplies in.


  • Bit on the bulky side. It takes 2 steps to fold so you have to have both hands free to have this folded.
  • The BOB Car seat is compatible with the stroller; however, you just need to buy the car seat adapter: this will transform your stroller/jogger into a complete transport system;
  • The stroller’s multi-purpose basket is open and causes things to fall off;
  • The cam lever that locks the stroller’s axle is missing in the current model: instead, a spring locks into a groove to keep the axle from sliding out;
  • The accessories of the stroller have to be bought separately so that the purchase price is just for the jogger, canopy and seat; even the handlebars have to be purchased separately;
  • The locking mechanism that locks the front wheel is not as sturdy as it was easily bent and did not work anymore when it was bumped in the airline while in transit;

Notes on Review

The BOB Revolution Pro Jogging Stroller is made of high quality materials and can be made complete by purchasing additional accessories such as parent tray, supplies basket, padded handle bars and car seat adapters.  The jogger/stroller is priced on the high side. This makes one expect that it could be more or less complete but you do have to pay for accessories if you would want these.  There are a good number of confirmed buyers who also reported on quality issues which unfortunately have not been addressed.


Over-all, this jogger stroller was made with the customer in mind:  it has adjustable handlebars for use by different height moms, the tires are air filled and suspension is great so that child can sit comfortably in the jogger without too much fuss.  Some sort of quality check must be done though as much is expected from the product considering that the price is on the high side.


The reclining seat can be adjusted to many positions so that the child can lie prostate on the jogger of sit upright getting full view of the scenery as he enjoys his jig with mom or dad.  Traversing uneven terrain is also made easy with the hand held rear brakes that can be manually controlled most especially when going downhill.


For those planning to bring the stroller on their road travels, make sure that you have room enough to carry the folded jogger as it is quite bulky and may need room for transporting to other places.

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