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As we grow older, we have a lot of memories stored in our minds and hearts. Some are good while others are not, yet those memories are still vivid to us. Good memories during our childhood are the ones we prefer to keep. By recalling these memories, we seem to go back to our childhood[1] days where we feel the real essence of happiness.

Usually, toys differ on our children’s gender, but a horse toy is being played by boys and girls alike. Now, let us try to learn more about this kind of toy.

What is a horse toy called?

It is also well-known for the term hobby[2] horse, cock horse, or stick horse. It is ideally made of a horse head with a stick attached to its head. Children would hop into the stick and go around to play. They feel like they are riding a horse. Later on, the rocking horse toy was invented because of this children’s concept. Here is an example of a hobby horse:

Linzy Hobby Horse, Galloping Sounds with Adjustable Telescopic Stick, Brown 36”
Built with durability and sturdiness to ensure safety of your little ones.

The Advantages of allowing your child to play with a horse toy

Parents believe that toys play a significant role in their children’s overall development. Some toys are developed to aid in the cognitive development of a child. Others are meant for social and emotional development. There are also toys for speech and language development while others are for fine and gross motor skill development of a child. It is claimed that allowing your children to play with a horse toy supports their gross motor skills. With the information we have gathered we can determine how true these claims are.

1.      Develops versatility

Playing with a horse toy at a young age or as a toddler aids in developing the child’s versatility[3]. Their muscles improve each time they practice their balance while trying to ride a rocking horse toy, for instance. Doing this more often will eventually help the child in learning how to walk and run. This routine will bring out great progress on your child’s development too. During the old days, a rocking horse toy looks as simple as this product:

Orange Nursery Fox Rocking Chair for Outdoor & Indoor
An OLD SCHOOL design that is greatly beneficial for your child’s motor skills.

2.      Honing Independence

Allowing your child to play with a horse toy could mean developing independence. During your child’s first encounter with a horse toy, you are responsible to guide and show your child how to use it. When your child continuously plays with a horse toy they can be used to it and can play along with it while being alone. That’s being independent!

As years go by, horse toys are being developed and different designs were created but with the same goal – to ensure the safety of the children who will use the horse toys. Here is an example of a rocking horse toy bearing the same material(wood) but with a more contrasting design and functionality as well:

White Alpaca Baby Plush Rocker Toys, Plush Wooden Riding Horse for 1-3 Years Boy & Girl, Toddler Outdoor & Indoor
An improved design that will give your child comfort and more enjoyment while riding the horse toy.

3.      Tends to learn sharing

This attitude could be developed more if your child has a playmate. Like having a sister or a brother or a cousin to play along with or use the horse toy. They will be aware that they also need to give way for other people to be able to use the toy. Without noticing it, the attitude of sharing is starting to be instilled in your child’s behavior or personality[4]. The attitude of sharing will not only be practiced by your children with the horse toy but eventually, with other toys they possess and later in life other things that matter to them too.

4.      Calm and Relaxed mind

During play, children find enjoyment while playing. But not all toys can give satisfaction and real enjoyment. A horse toy sends a unique feeling of having a calm and relaxed mind while playing and at the same time experiences real fun. They seem to be in a very comfortable zone where they play to their hearts’ content. Thus, it enables our children to have a healthy mind and spirit. A great deal in exchange for worth the cost, right?

The Disadvantage of allowing your child to play with a horse toy

Based on research there is only one certain point of the disadvantage of allowing your child to play with a horse toy. Given the example is the rocking horse toy. Most of the early manufactured rocking horse toys have no straps or safety equipment that is why parents should be more attentive to their children while at play. This will impede the children’s development of self-independence. This will also be a limitation for parents to do more while their children are busy playing by themselves.

Choosing between a Plastic horse toy or a wooden horse toy?

Parents are usually torn in choosing the right toy for their children. Their decision varies on the durability, support for nature, and prices. As we walk through this topic in this article, you will be given some insights to help you with your decision-making in purchasing a toy for your children. We have gathered quite some comparisons[5] on the materials used in manufacturing the horse toy be beneficial for both parents and children.

Plastic Horse Toys

Let’s begin with the positive ones of course – the advantages are the following:

1.      Low-cost

Most of the horse toy which is made of plastic is cheaper, especially if compared with wooden horse toys. Parents who are quite on a tight budget would normally opt to choose this type of toy with the mere intention of giving their children a toy to play with. They would have this gut feeling that they did their best for their children.

2.      Cleanable

These plastic horse toys are very convenient to clean and sanitize to ensure a germ-free toy. Having these types of horse toys for children could bring a comfortable feeling to parents knowing that their children’s health cannot be at risk.

3.      Supple

Children can turn and twist plastic toys to their fulfillment. Just by looking at the happy faces of their children while at play using this type of horse toy could mean happiness for the parents too.

Take a quick glance on this product as a sample for this type of manufacture horse toy:

The not so good side of it – these are the disadvantages as I must say:

4.      Brittle

Some plastic toys are made of delicate materials which makes them easy to break for children. Parents should be wary of how this tiny detail might have a great impact, especially on their children’s health.

5.      High-risk 

Often plastic materials can be dangerous to children’s health especially if being swallowed. If you plan to go with this type of horse toy, make sure to give your full attention to your children while playing. Your children’s lives are more precious than anything in this world.

6.      Non-organic

From the word itself “plastic” we are all aware that it is harmful to our nature. With how we are battling the climate change issue with our world, you might want to reconsider your plan in purchasing a plastic horse toy. If it is healthy for our planet then I think it could be healthy for humans as well. You can check out this product sample:

Little Tikes Rocking Horse Magenta
Modern horse toy that your children will surely love to play with.

Wooden Horse Toys

These are the benefits of purchasing wooden toys:

1.      Sturdiness

Woods are considered tough and sturdy so toys made of this material would mean to last long even a lifetime. Don’t you think it would be a wise buy for a wooden horse toy since you can pass it on to even your grandchildren? It is cost-efficient!

2.      Conventional

Some parents would prefer buying toys made of wood because they have used them during their childhood years. Just passing the tradition. Since you have experienced it yourself and you find pleasure using it, it would be a good idea to let your children experience the same great feeling.

3.      Eco-friendly

Once the wooden toys tore out you will not worry on how it will be disposed of because it has no hazardous content. As humans, we must contribute even with the slightest good act to make our planet a better one to live with.

This time, these can be the disadvantages for your when buying a wooden toy:

4.      Solid material

Since it is made of strong material there will be a possibility that your children might hurt themselves while playing. You can prevent this from happening by checking your child from time to time during playtime. If you cannot do this by yourself, you can ask for assistance from your relatives or other members of your household. If you can hire a nanny, that would also be great.

5.      Can cause wound 

A lot of children love to bite their toys. Doing this to a wooden toy could create wounds on your children’s mouth if left unattended. Children can easily understand and be educated. You can constantly tell them that biting any toy is not good at all. By doing this, you will no longer worry that your children might be injured while playing. Yet, it would be more reassuring if you can monitor your children’s activity. You might want to consider looking into this product:

Belleur White Wooden Rocking Horse for Baby, Toddler, Boys & Girls for Indoor & Outdoor
Innovative design for your child’s fun-filled activity and full of enjoyment.

What possible factors should be considered in choosing the best horse toy?

As parents, our utmost priority is the safety and happiness of our children. This always applies to the things we do for our children and for every toy we purchased for them. We always aim for the best only for them. These factors are important things to rely on upon purchasing the best horse toy for your children:

1.      Age matters

Nowadays, toy manufacturers are more detail-oriented. The product label reflects the age bracket[6] of children who are appropriate to use the toy. With this given detail, it will be easier for you in choosing the best horse toy for your children.

2.      Variety of toys

You must be well-informed of what type of horse toy does your children would love to play with. Horse toys offered a lot of variety – mini and large figurines, craft sets, ride-on, and a rocking horse. You cannot insist on buying a craft set if your children are more engaged in rocking horses, right?

3.      Size and dimension

These are factors to be considered when buying the best horse toy for your children because along with this you are taking into consideration your children’s body built and the size of your house as well. It could bring discomfort for everyone in your house if you decided to buy a large toy even though you have limited space in your house.

4.      Material used

Since we already have fed you with information on the comparison of plastic and wooden horse toys, you will find it more convenient to decide upon after analyzing the benefits of each category of materials used for the toy.

5.      Quantity

By giving a thought to this factor, you can have an idea if this could bring more development for your child. Since horse toy offers a lot of variety, among these are small sizes that could bring harm to your children if left unattended. Along with this factor is keeping in mind your child’s age. It should always go with “quality over quantity” and most importantly safety of your children.

6.      Color design

Children even at a young age have favorite colors. You will surely feel a lot of happiness as well if your children show more appreciation for the horse toy you purchased with their favorite color in it. You will feel that genuine happiness that reflects on their faces.

Suitable horse toys according to child’s gender

As a parent you would not want your male child to play with a fanciful and glimmering horse toy, right? So, we should choose toys based on our child’s gender and their choices as well. Going against what your child would love to play with will not only hinder their enjoyment but rather would have a great impact on their emotional quotient.

Best horse toys for boys

You can offer your boys horse toy playsets, inflatable jumping horses, collectible horse sets, Toy Story Woody Character, and horse sticks (comes with different styles). From these collections, you have to choose according to their ages. These are some of the few sample products to check on:

Best horse toys for girls

The best horse toys you can offer for your girls are as follows: toy horses with sound and grooming set, doll and horse collection sets, snuggle pillow horses, styling books with hairbrushes and hair clips. Out of these sample collections, you now have to choose again what could be suitable for your girls according to their age. You can view these sample products for your reference:

Suitable horse toys according to child’s age

In life we must make choices, part of these choices is deciding the best toys to purchase for our precious children. It is best to choose wisely the kind of toys that we must provide to our children. We can do so by creating a guide as to what type of horse toy suitable for our child’s age. These guides are as follows:

For ages 1-3 years old

The best option to give to your child is a rocking horse toy. The material does not matter, anyway. If you opt to go for a rocking horse toy made of plastic or a wooden one. Just follow your personal choice. Check out this sample product:

For ages 4-6 years old

You can buy horse toys with accessories or pretend play. These types of toys for your 4-6 years old children will not only bring enjoyment but as well develop their creativity and imagination. They will surely love these types of horse toys because they will also find this challenging while at play. Look for this sample product.

For ages 7-9 years old

This horse toy suits best for your little man/woman. This will boost in acquiring strong bodies and minds that will aid them in facing life challenges as they keep on growing. Alongside sharpening their body and mind they need to taste the pleasures of life and that would be through playing. Here is a sample product to check on:

Attachment of images for your reference

I will show you images of horse toys that you might think would be the best fit for your child. These are just samples that can be used as your guide in purchasing by looking into the website given. Including the inputs that I have previously stated, I would assume that it will be easier for you to pick the best horse toy for your children. Shop to your heart’s content, enjoy!

Final Thoughts

The love of parents toward their children is truly immeasurable, selfless, and unconditional. Children are the most valuable asset a parent possesses, the reason why parents can do even the impossible for the sake of their children. They would want nothing but the best hence this applies to every toy they bought for them. But parents should bear in mind that it is not the best toy or the most expensive things that their children need and wanted to have. Their parents love affection and time- these matter the most.

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