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Would you rather run into the nursery every few minutes to check on the baby, or have a device through which you can hear and view how the angel is sleeping? Well, worry no more. With a long-range baby monitor, you can hear and/or see your baby from a distance. You could be in the garden, or the kitchen, you’ll hear your baby cry, laugh, or see him wake up, crawling or playing. You’ll even talk to and soothe your baby if it’s a two-way audio monitor. Your needs will determine the type of monitor you end up buying. 

What Should You Consider When Buying a Baby Monitor?

The availability of many brands in the market makes it tricky choosing the right baby monitor suitable for your desires. Listed here are the factors you may consider when deciding on the ideal baby monitor.[1]

The Type of Baby Monitor

A parent going to work daily would prefer a Wi-Fi model since you can access the baby’s nursery from as far as the workplace through a smartphone. Make sure the internet is strong to avoid connection problems that disrupt transmission and enhance security to prevent hacking. The radiofrequency monitor is great for a small house with thin walls but not suitable if you need a long-range baby monitor. 

The movement-based baby monitor is effective for a baby with health issues or during the first few months, but you may need to upgrade to the video baby monitor when the baby comes to crawl and walk. As the baby grows, viewing is an essential part of the monitor. So, you may opt for the video baby monitor.

The Range of the Monitor and Size of Your Home

The range you pick for the baby monitor depends on the size of your home and whether you enjoy outdoor activities. If you live in a large house with many rooms, you should pick a long-range baby monitor. If you love the outdoors; the garden and yard activities such as a family picnic in the front or back yard, the long-range baby monitor should be your pick.

The Security of Your Baby and Home

Parents fear the risk of someone hacking and obtaining images of the home range under the camera’s surveillance. The Wi-Fi baby monitor is susceptible to hacking that’s why it’s prudent to protect your internet by modifying the password more often. For this reason, you may opt for a baby monitor that is secure. 

The Quality of the Audio and Video

Why should you have visual and audio components if there’s no clarity of sound or vision? A monitor with high resolution should provide coherent sounds, even those on low volume. The vision should be sharp during the day and at night. Choose a baby monitor that permits a zoom and tilt feature so that you can zoom in for closer image focus. 

Battery Life

Having to charge the parent unit after a short while maybe a tedious and unpleasant task. Try to settle for monitors with longer battery life, efficient charging, and recharging, and elements that conserve battery such as sleep display screen when the baby is sleeping or you’re with him. The battery should be efficient to work well when plugged and work longer when unplugged. 

You can choose the Wi-Fi model that supports access to the monitor through a smartphone in case the receiver’s battery needs recharging. The monitors with two or three receivers are excellent since you can always recharge one while using the other.  

Special Features

Besides viewing and hearing your baby, a monitor with temperature sensor is helpful to detect excessive cold or heat in the room to warn you when the baby is in discomfort. A monitor with night vision feature is perfect since you can even see the baby without having the lights on which could disturb his slumber. A two-way talk feature is excellent, for you can speak with your baby, soothe him back to sleep and ease his restlessness just by hearing your voice.

It gets better if you can pan and tilt a camera when the baby moves. If the room is large, the baby could move outside the range of camera focus, but a tilt feature allows you to rotate the camera around until the baby comes into view.

The Number of Rooms You Intend to Monitor

You may need over one camera unit for kids sleeping in separate rooms or you want to monitor the sleeping and playroom or any other room in the house. So, to save you the cost of buying two baby monitors, you could choose a monitor that comes with two cameras or one that’s expandable to three or more cameras.

The Price of the Monitor

If you are cost conscious, an audio-only monitor is economical. You’ll still get to hear your baby, although it may lack video and other smart features.

Types of baby monitors

As you begin your search for the perfect long-range baby monitor, it’s necessary to understand the monitors in the market.

Audio-only Baby Monitor

Although it’s the oldest model in the market, with time, manufacturers have improved its features. Some improvements are.

  • A two-way audio system such that you can talk and soothe the baby from a different room before getting to him.
  • A feature that plays soothing lullabies to the baby to soothe him back to sleep.

You might opt for an audio-only monitor since there will be no need to install a camera unit. All you have to do is place the monitor close to where the baby sleeps or plays. Another pro for this monitor is its high range; the audio is accessible from a long distance within the house. This monitor is affordable.

Audio and Video Baby Monitor

Monitors with both visual and audio features are gaining popularity as parents take the safety of the baby a notch higher. It’s not sufficient to hear the baby, viewing is just as important. You’ll see the baby’s antics or mischievous moves that could be a warning that the baby needs closer supervision.

Wi-Fi Model Baby Monitor 

Wi-Fi Model Baby Monitor is an excellent pick because it’s both audio and video. This monitor has an extensive range, which means you can see and hear your baby from anywhere in the house or when you’re away from home. Besides the receiver, you can gain access to the camera even on your smartphone. This outstanding feature may come in handy in case the receiver’s battery dies.

Most Wi-Fi video baby monitors have additional features such as two-way audio to talk to your loved one and temperature sensors. You’ll need a strong internet connection with little interference to avoid disruption in transmission because of weak connectivity. The video feature gives a live feed as the baby grows and becomes mischievous. You’ll see him jumping and running and reach him in time to avoid injuries. For the safety of the baby, strengthen the security of your Wi-Fi connection by updating the monitor’s camera firmware and regularly change the password. The Wi-Fi model is prone to hacking.[2]

Movement Monitors

Movement-based monitors are great in the first stages of the infant. It identifies any movement such as a pulse and breathing. It’s practical for sickling babies, since it notifies you when the heart rate is high or low, or when the breathing rate fluctuates. You’ll get a beep sound in case of no movement in the specified duration, usually within twenty seconds.[3]

It detects movement when an infant makes moves such as a turnover. This could be unsafe, as he may get tangled in a blanket or wrapper leading to suffocation. The early ’90s had a high number of cases of infant deaths caused by strangling and suffocation during sleep. This was a brilliant innovation.

It works by placing the pad under the mattress, on the baby like a sock or attached to a baby’s clothing. 

Radio Frequency Baby Monitor 

A radio frequency baby monitor is a great option for a medium or small home since it has a short range. Thick concrete walls may also block the frequency. Hence, it’s advisable to consider such factors before picking the radio frequency baby monitor.

Best Long Range Audio-only Baby Monitor

1. VTech Audio Baby Monitor 

VTech  Audio Baby Monitor
An excellent choice with clear audio and adjustable sound indicator up to level five. It has an extensive range that allows you to hear the baby from anywhere in the house. The talk-back feature lets you talk and comfort the baby as if you were in the same room.

Long Range

Vtech audio baby monitor has an extensive range of 1000 feet that allows you to hear the baby from anywhere in the house. With the talk-back feature, you can start conversation with the baby to either soothe him back to sleep or assure him he’s not alone in case he’s in distress.

Clear audio

The audio transmission is sharp because of a feature that eliminates background noise; the sound you hear is from the baby’s room. It has a five-level sound indicator that allows you to monitor the noise level in the baby’s room.

Sound Sensitivity Feature

The baby unit has a sound sensitivity that allows you to choose whether to hear sounds from the baby’s room at all times or just when the sound exceeds a certain level. Control of the sound sensitivity is on the parent unit.

Night Light

It has a night light on the baby unit to accompany him during sleep, but you can control it by turning it on or off as per your preference. 

Pros: Affordable, long range, and night vision.

Cons: Short battery life and non-portable. To monitor the baby without hitches, it’s best to use both battery and AC power at the same time. It may therefore not be portable or suitable for travel and picnics.

2. TimeFlys Digital Audio Baby Monitor

TimeFlys Digital Audio Baby Monitor
It’s an excellent product for traveling and camping since it has a rechargeable battery compartment on both parent and baby units. It has a talkback feature, lullabies and night light to accompany and soothe the baby to sleep.


TimeFlys Audio baby monitor is an exceptional choice for people who love the outdoors, traveling, and camping. The battery compartment on both units makes it portable since you won’t have it fixed in one location due to plug-in. And don’t worry about charging since even a regular phone cable can charge the units in case you lose one that came with the monitor. 

Vibration Alert

Both units have a belt clip making it portable and the vibration feature alerts the parent in case he cannot hear the sounds or if the parent or caregiver has hearing difficulties. Researchers and developers are working on improving features on baby monitors for parents and caregivers with physical disabilities.[4]

Baby Soothing Features

Soothing your baby has never been easier. With a range of 1000 feet outdoors and 150 feet indoors, you can talk and soothe your baby from any room. The lullabies just add a touch of entertainment and lull the baby to sleep. For babies who find it hard to sleep in total darkness, the night light accompanies your baby to a tranquil sleep, but you can remotely control it as you need.

Alarm Function

Another prominent feature of this unit is the temperature sensor for baby’s comfort. You’ll see the temperature readings for the baby’s room on the parent unit. If the temperature goes below or over the set limits, it will sound the alarm showing whether it’s a “LO” or “HI”. The alarm sounds also when the battery is low and when you’re out of range. So if you walk further you’ll get an alert to maintain a safe distance that’s within range.

Pros: Long battery life, long range, affordable and portable, travel and outdoor choice.

Cons: Some customers reviewed on difficulty to turn off the night light.

Best Long Range Video and Audio Baby Monitor

3. Hellobaby Video Baby Monitor

Hellobaby Video Baby Monitor
This video baby monitor has large LCD for a crystal-clear image, a remote pan and tilt of the camera provides a broad room coverage, a zoom factor for a closer view without compromising quality and two-way audio to calm the baby from a distant room.

Secure Transmission

This is a number one bestseller on Amazon, with over ten thousand reviews and a 4.5-star rating. The baby monitor has digital encryption technology for secure transmission and continuous monitoring of the baby. 

Great Camera Function

Hellobaby baby monitor has a large and high quality LCD, remote zoom, pan, and tilt features. You can rotate the camera in a vertical and horizontal direction to see the baby from any corner in the room. This feature helps if the baby rotates to far corners in the crib during sleep or when the crawling baby moves further from the point of focus during play.

Ease in Communication

You can hear, talk back and comfort your baby as if you were in the room. You can lull him to sleep with the various inbuilt lullabies. Isn’t that great? You don’t have to rock him every time he whines. 

Smart Features

The night vision lets you monitor the baby without having to put on the lights that can disturb sleep. This monitor has a heat sensor that sounds alarm if the room exceeds the set limit, to ensure the baby’s comfort. A sound level indicator alerts you when the baby is crying or if it’s just normal noise during play.

Pros: Secure transmission, soothing features, high quality rotatable camera.

Cons: A setback to the Hellobaby is that the monitor freezes, but you could counter this by resetting the monitor when this happens. 

4. Anmeate Digital Video Baby Monitor

Anmeate Digital Video Baby Monitor
A long-range video baby monitor with two-way talk and lullabies to soothe and calm the baby from any room in the house or outdoors within range. Temperature sensors and sound indicator alert you to the baby’s discomfort. It’s an affordable long-range baby monitor that gives a subtle image and has a two times zoom for image clarity.

High Quality Image

Anmeate baby monitor has a high-resolution display for a clear image, and two times zoom magnification for closer focus. The high definition night vision gives a high quality live feed at night to ease your mind that the baby is well and sleeping.

Remote Pan and Tilt

You can remotely pan and tilt the camera to allow full room coverage in case the baby moves from the initial spot. This monitor is easy to install; either place on the table or mount on the wall.

Long Range

A long range of up to 960 feet allows you to talk back to the baby or set soothing songs to comfort him from a separate room in the house. You could be outside by the garden and still hear and talk to the baby as long as you’re within range. The alarm will beep if you step beyond the range.

Worry less on baby’s comfort when going about your chores or sleeping, because the monitor has a temperature sensor that sounds alarm if the heat goes beyond the set limit. The monitor has eco-mode voice activation and a sound indicator to check on the noise level in your baby’s room.


Anmeate baby monitor has high expandability of up to four cameras. If you wish to monitor over one room, you can buy an additional camera without having to buy the complete unit. Cost minimization, right?


Remember, if you’re at a place where you can’t plug in the parent unit like out in the garden, the high-capacity battery can run up to 8 hours so you can watch your baby without interruptions. 

This product makes baby care easier. Do you know you can set and schedule feeding and diaper change? The alarm will remind you when the time for change or feed comes and don’t worry; the alarm will not disturb the baby since it only sounds on the parent unit.

Pros: Great reviews, affordable, expandable and clear live feed.

Cons: Without plugging in, battery goes only for eight hours.

5. Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor
Infant Optics baby monitor gives a full viewing capacity because of its remote pan, tilt and zoom, and interchangeable lenses. This award-winning monitor assures on privacy and safety of your baby since the transmission technology is hack-free and no other gadget can access the camera unit. It supports four cameras, making it expandable to more rooms and areas around the house.

Camera Functions

This award-winning baby monitor for 2020 is the only monitor with interchangeable lenses. You can switch between the zoom lens and the wide-angle lens to reach further in the room. It has four times zoom ability without compromising video or image quality. The remote tilt and pan work well to rotate the camera to focus on the baby even as he moves to different spots within the room. 

Rest easy knowing you can monitor the baby day and night. With a clear night vision, you can view what the baby is up to even in a dark room.

Privacy and Security

Infant Optics baby monitor gives a secured live transmission of the baby’s room. It uses FHSS technology, which means no hacking or accessibility to other devices except the parent unit, hence strengthening the privacy and security of your family.

Large Screen

It has a light battery, making the monitor light and portable for easy mobility around the house. Although it has a large screen, you can sleep the screen to transmit on audio mode to save on battery charge. But you can still schedule the screen to light up every few minutes for continuous video monitoring of the baby. You may wish to set it on both audio and video transmission, but the battery will not last long. The good thing is it’s a rechargeable battery.

Alarm Function

You can monitor your baby from a safe distance within the house or outdoors. The alarm feature alerts you when you are out of range. Room temperature monitors temperature changes and the alarm sounds if it exceeds the set limit.

Pros: Full room view, expandable, and secured transmission.

Cons: Does not have a long battery life. Best used when plugged in.

Best Long Range Wi-Fi Model Baby Monitor

6. Victure Wi-Fi Camera Baby Monitor 

Audio Quality

Victure baby monitor has fine two-way audio to hear and talk back to the baby to calm him from anywhere. The built-in speaker and microphone and anti-noise technology give clear audio free from other disruptive noises. Because of the Wi-Fi connection, you can view and hear the baby when at work or away from home through your smartphone. 

Phone Notifications

Motion detection is a smart security feature. Upon detection of movement or any abnormity, this monitor sends a notification to your phone via the Victure home app. To have continuous monitoring of the baby, set the app to run in the background and you’ll receive notifications anytime. It’ll take instant videos and store them on cloud and SD card. 

Camera Features

The camera is rotatable, making it easy to focus on the area of interest. You can place it on a tabletop or mount it on the wall. The high-definition camera offers you clear images of the baby. The camera will turn on the LEDs for automatic night vision when the lights get dim and you’ll see the baby at night without disturbance. 

Shareable Account

If you worry about missing out on some events owing to phone charges or you’re too busy to watch the baby throughout, then fear no more. You can share your account with the other family members increasing the number of eyes watching over your loved one. The app is compatible with iOS and Android phones.

Pros: Long range, mobile app, quality video and audio.

Cons: Increase the security of your internet connection to prevent hacking. Change the password regularly.

7. Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor
This smart baby monitor allows two-step authentication for secured access. As you share access with the family, you can restrict what one can see or do. Temperature and humidity sensor ensures that the baby’s room is comfortable for a peaceful sleep. You can see and talk to the baby from anywhere.

Motion Detection

Get subtle bird’s-eye views of the baby using your Android, iOS, or Kindle Fire device. Talk to the baby using the two-way audio, listen to him from your phone even when the screen is on sleep mode with background audio. You’ll receive instant sound and motion notifications to your phone as it takes videos each time it detects movement.  

Baby Care Assistance

Another smart feature is the temperature and humidity sensor that sends notifications to your phone to check on the baby’s comfort. Through the Nanit app, you’ll get expert sleep guidance and tips from the world’s best pediatrics. The sleep tracker in this monitor gives the baby’s sleep stats each morning. 

Capture and Share Memories

Enjoy every fun moment and milestone in your child’s growth. Nanit camera captures your baby’s finest moments in your app. Never miss a moment and share the love and memories with friends and family.

Safe Account

This award-winning baby monitor has a two-step authentication that keeps your account safe.  However, you can give access to the parenting team to have extra eyes and ears on the baby. You may control what the team sees or does through the permissions you allow on the app.

Breathing Monitor

You can buy the Nanit swaddle and breathing band if you wish to monitor the breathing pattern of your baby. Rest well knowing the baby is safe and comfortable, and in case of any changes beyond the set limit, you’ll get a notification to your phone. 

Nanit Plus Smart baby monitor is an excellent choice for working parents since you can check on the baby even when away from home. If you aren’t price sensitive, then this is a great pick. 

Pros: Two-step authentication, phone notifications, shareable memories and compatible to Android and iOS.

Cons: Costly and since it’s a Wi-Fi model, strengthen internet accessibility to prevent hacking.

Best Long Range Baby Monitor for Twins or Multiple Rooms Surveillance

8. Motorola Video Baby Monitor

Motorola Video Baby Monitor
An excellent choice with wide-angle HD cameras for full room coverage and night vision for ultra-fine video feed in the dark. Remote pan, tilt, and zoom to reach the furthest corner in the room. Comes with two cameras in case you have twins or wish to survey the sleeping and playroom.

Two Rooms Monitoring

Motorola video baby monitor comes with two wide-angle cameras that give a clear, wide view of the selected rooms. The split-screen allows you to monitor either rooms or babies at the same time. Get an impressive video feed on a five-inch LCD color screen at all times. The infrared night vision allows you to have clear feeds on the baby throughout the night.

Remote Pan, Tilt and Zoom

Through the parent unit, you can change the viewing angle of both cameras because of the remote pan, tilt and zoom features for a finer, closer view of the far end corners in the rooms.

Long Range

The 1000 feet range lets you view and hear the baby from out in the yard or up at the artic. You’ll get alerts in case you’re out of range or battery low. You’ll get temperature readings for the rooms and an alert will warn if the rooms are too hot or too cold.  

Talkback Function

Comfort and calm your baby through the two-way intercom. Lull him to peaceful slumber with the five built-in lullabies. The sound-sensitive technology enables the monitor to detect the slightest sound alerting you when the baby is crying or in distress.

Baby Care

This baby monitor is compatible with iOS and Android phones. It has made parenting easy through the growth and development tracker. You can log the baby’s feeding, changing and sleep, and get expert advice through relevant articles suitable for the baby’s age. 

Pros: Two wide angle cameras, two-way talkback, sound sensitivity and relevant parenting aids and tips.

Cons: Prone to hacking.

9. Babysense Video Baby Monitor

Babysense Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras
A baby monitor with advanced two-way audio to calm and sing to your baby and if your voice isn’t enough, lull him to sleep with the built-in lullabies. You won’t miss a thing, this long-range monitor gives you a live feed whether you’re outdoors or within the house and alerts you when you’re out of range. The two cameras give surveillance on over one room.

Double Room Surveillance

As your angel grows, you may wish to monitor sleeping and playtime. Having a separate playroom calls for an additional camera, and that’s why the Babysense video baby monitor is right for you. This monitor comes with two cameras that you can place in separate rooms and view through the split-screen feature of the parent unit. A superb choice if you have twins.

Essential Monitoring Features

You won’t miss a thing, the remote pan, tilt, and zoom allows you to have full room coverage. No need to check on where the naughty one crawled; see it right on the large-high-quality screen. The night vision gives a video feed so you can have that restful sleep, knowing you can view the baby at night without having to walk into the nursery. The temperature sensor alerts you on heat fluctuations in the nursery and helps to ensure the baby’s comfort.

Soothing the Baby

With an extensive range of up to 960 feet, run your errands within and outside the house and still hear, see and talk to the baby from a distance. Don’t worry; you’ll get a notification if you get out of range. Your baby can still enjoy your familiar calm voice as you talk, sing, and soothe him if he’s in distress. The two-way talkback feature gives clear sound as you listen and talk to the baby. If the baby gets restless, the built-in lullabies will lull him to a peaceful slumber.

Secure Transmission

The security of your home and baby is intact because of the FHSS technology that makes it impossible to hack into the Babysense video baby monitor.

Pros: Secure transmission, long range, two cameras, split screen view and temperature sensor.

Cons: Customerscomplained of short battery life.

Final Thoughts                                                                                          

If you need an affordable long-range baby monitor, we recommend TimeFlys Digital Audio Baby Monitor.

The Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor has all the brilliant features but it’s quite costly.

The Babysense Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras is great for twins. All these are excellent choices, but since you can only pick one, we’ve narrowed the choices down to make your work easier. A baby monitor lets you enjoy parenting as you attend to your errands and watch the baby at the same time.

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