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Being a parent means constantly worrying about the next meal of your baby even though if you have just prepared one. To save you from the difficulty of preparing food manually we have come up with a wide range of baby food blenders to assist you. As being a busy mother, I know how difficult it can be for making the perfect meal for the kiddos but you need them to have a meal that not only provides the energy but also gives them plenty of variety to enjoy the food.

Give them the best food with full nutrients. Also, look for BPA-free blenders as they can be environment friendly and as a busy parent, you will be needing a food blender that can be washed in the dishwasher. Keep these in mind as I would suggest they will prove to be a better option.

Things to consider when buying Food Blenders for babies

Parenting can be quite challenging and the search for good quality products remains infinite. For up to the mark health of baby, hygienic food conditions are considered as topmost priorities for parents. Along with hygiene, the taste of the food should be yum too. Because let’s be honest those little stars don’t eat anything easily. Here are some of the features that should be kept in mind whilst considering food blenders for babies.

Electric food blenders are better than a manual one

I would recommend electric food blenders for babies instead of manual ones. These are more efficient and easier to use. If you are a mom who has to stand 24/7 on her feet, like me, invest in an electric one. It will not only make the puree perfectly but will also save you loads of time and effort.

Easy to wash

Prefer food blenders that are dishwasher safe and have lesser parts. Some food blenders have plenty of parts that are difficult to wash. Who has got that much time along with a baby anyway?

BPA-free Blenders

Parents are always worried about the health of their babies. I am sure all the parents reading this right now can relate to it. I always invest in a BPA-free blender for the baby. This way your baby can eat yummy blended food without having to worry about toxic chemicals.

Food steaming ability

Most parents prefer steaming food. This is the surest and quickest way to preserve the nutrients present in the food. I would suggest you buy a food blender equipped with this ability.

1. Elechomes 8-in-1 Baby Food Maker

Elechomes bring one of the finest food blenders for the babies within an easy reach.

8-in-1 blender

This 8-in-1 blender allows you to make purees, process, grind, steam, and warm food efficiently. Out of all the baby mills, available out there, I would recommend this one for the busy parents because it legit prepares the food in less than 15 minutes.

Multi-functional and BPA free

The precedence of having this food blender over the others is that it is multi-functional which allows you to make two foods at once. This blender also enables the users to mix, blend, reheat and defrost food and purees in no time. Now you can save yourself the trouble of having to stand in the kitchenfor hours to prepare little munchkin’s food and instead invest that time on yourself or your family. How relaxing is that? Moreover, this model is BPA free which sets the health and nutrition of the baby as the foremost priority.

Elechomes 8 in 1 Baby Food Maker
The blender is equipped with steaming ability and is easy to clean

My personal choice                                                                      

This model is ideal for working parents who are mostly busy. If you are a busy mom, take a smart decision and invest in this one. Save yourself the time and energy. I used to have a very hectic routine while working and looking after my baby side by side. This blender has made my life much easier. I would encourage you to buy this one and see how exhaustion vanishes from your life so quickly.

2. Magic Bullet Blender

Premium quality and affordable price

For the convenience and hygienic food conditions for the babies, Magic Bullet brings premium quality yet affordable blender to your doorsteps. The top reason I would recommend this is that it comes witha whole 11 piece blender set that is considered the perfect startup for all the parents-to-be or already parents. The set allows you to chop, mix, blend, whip, and grind food effortlessly. The blender also comes with a recipe book which can be a kick start for parents-to-be thus helping them to make delicious and nutritious foods along with saving an ample amount of time.

Time saver

Time is something that is considered a luxury once you have a baby around. The process of having to throw vegetables inside the blender along with water or any other nutritious food of your choice and getting it prepared and ready to eat is such a surreal and convenient feeling. Busy moms and dads can surely relate to what I am talking about!

Magic Bullet Blender
This blender completes its job very quickly, is versatile, easy to use and occupies very little counter space

Maximizes nutrition

I am a huge fan of preparing your baby’s food. This adds additional nutritional value to the food and babies can develop a variety of taste buds. This blender comes in with plastic cups that are cruelty and BPA free. These materials are stronger and do not break in the process of grinding. Now you can make ready-to-eat purees without having to worry about pernicious toxins!

3. Baby Brezza Glass Baby Food Maker

Baby Brezza has put a full stop to all your worries by introducing the “Glass baby food maker”. Homemade food is oh-so healthy but it can take forever to make. Now you don’t have to worry about it because this blender steams and blends the food in 1 step. This will help you to make quick and nutritious purees.

Easy to use and clean

If you are someone who is always occupied with tons of household chores and is tired of washing the utensils. Buy this blender. It is not only easier to use but is also easier to clean. The Glass baby food blender has removable water and steam tank thus saving you from the tension of washing smaller parts.

Baby Brezza Glass Baby Food Maker
Built-in steam and blend-ability makes this blender stand out among other baby food mills

Prepares food effortlessly

Moms and dads take control of your time and prepare yummy foods with little effort. Allow your babies to enjoy the delicious and perfectly mashed purees. This blender is BPA free so you can sit down and relax while your baby is enjoying healthy food.

4. Sage Spoonfuls Puree and Blend Baby Food Maker

Perfect blending for perfect consistency

Being a parent I constantly strive to make right and healthy decisions for my baby. When it comes to feeding, every parent wants to give the best food to their babies. Sage Spoonfuls Puree and Blend Baby Food Maker have made this process a lot easier and efficient. It blends the food up to the perfect consistency whilst storing nutrients of the food.


Immersion hand blender and food processor are incorporated in this food blender. The versatility of attachment allows you to make tasty and hygienic food rapidly. The stainless steel parts are durable which enables you to carry them with you wherever you want. Worth investing in if you are looking for a pocket-friendly yet good quality blender.

Sage Spoonful’s Puree and Blend Baby Food Maker
The product is durable, lightly weighted and dishwasher safe which makes it easy to carry

Worth investing

Make your life easier and bring this blender to your home. Give the best food to your baby and save your time. The best part of having this blender is that it works quietly. Now you can blend and meal prep your baby’s food without disturbing his/her sleep. How relaxing it is to have some time dedicated for yourself or your family away from the scuffle of household chores?

 Dear moms! Enjoy yourselves and let your blenders do the work for you.

5. OXO Tot Food Masher, Teal

Best for mashing

Toddlers and babies are always on the go. Feeding them is amongst the most strenuous tasks when it comes to parenting. It is preferable to provide them with mashed food so that it is easily chewable and digestible. OXO Tot Food Masher has made the mashing process much simpler and effortless.


If we look at the pros of having this blender, the presence of ridges on mashes and inside bowl work in perfect co-ordination to create desired food consistency according to your toddler’s age and preference.  Natural food is full of fibers, vitamins, and minerals that are considered vital for a baby’s physical and mental growth. This blender perfectly breaks down fruits and vegetables to create purees.

OXO Tot Food Masher, Teal
Durable Masher allows the parents to carry blender with them wherever they go. It is user-friendly


The masher is durable and it is perfect for those parents who are always on the go or need to leave their kids in daycares or at a nanny’s place.  Do yourself a favor and buy this one if you depend on daycares and nurseries. It will save you from carrying the burden of whole baby bags. What are you waiting for? The price is super budget-friendly. What else is more important than comfort?

6. The BOLOLO Baby Food Maker

Wide range of functions

Bololo is a renowned company that presents the Baby Food Maker and 6-in-1 Baby food processor. This blender is made up of special materials keeping in mind the health of babies and toddlers. I would rate this as 5 stars due to the ability of the blender to be BPA free, good quality plastic that won’t melt, and the variations of functions including food and puree making, mixing, grinding, steaming, and juice making.

Large capacity

The large capacity of this blender makes it a perfect choice for busy parents who are more into meal prep and like to organize their baby foods. On-time availability of food keeps the baby’s mood happy and less cranky. The cooking time for the majority of the ingredients is mentioned on the blender making it way too easy for people who have just step into the parenting world. A must-have in the kitchen if you have a baby around.

The BOLOLO Baby Food Maker
Combines steaming and stirring techniques reduces workload. One key operation makes it user friendly

7. Ventray BabyGrow 300 Baby Food Maker

Your hands are already full after taking care of the baby. Every parent needs some product that can reduce workload. Ventray has full filled your wish by introducing BabyGrow 300 Baby Food Maker.

Built-in timer

The biggest advantage of having this food blender is that it comes with a built-in timer. Yes! Now you can set your cooking timer and chill on the sofa while this blender will do the work for you. Easy enough, right? 10/10 recommended for those parents who are always handicapped with work be it office work or household chores. The blade is easily detachable which makes it safer to use, clean, and dishwasher safe.  Now you can prepare the best-handcrafted food for your little angel in few minutes without any fuss.

Ventray BabyGrow 300 Baby Food Maker
Heat protected jar handle for mother’s safety and adjustable timers for easier use

All-in-one food blender

The model is worth investing in if you are someone who is looking for an all-in-one type of food blender. This will save you the money and fuss of buying the stuff again and again. Ventray Baby Food Maker performs grinds, steams, and prepares food with utmost efficiency. The precision blending ensures the best food consistency for your baby.

8. Infanso Baby Food Maker BF300

Through Infanso, you can now have a Baby food maker and processor at your fingertips.


Becoming a parent brings a lot of responsibilities. Having a food making machine that prepares food and auto cleans itself is such a great blessing. Isn’t it? Infanso has made it possible by introducing the Auto-cleaning feature in BF300 Food blenders.

Food texture according to baby’s taste

If you are a parent whose baby likes purees and finely mashed food or if you are someone whose baby prefers the chunkier texture of food. Don’t worry at all because Infanso has made it possible to select the texture of your choice.

Infanso Baby Food Maker BF300
Stainless steel material that lasts longer as compared to plastic one, BPA and Leads free, eco-friendly

Modified Version

Best for those parents who are looking for a modified version of food blenders. The digital display screen makes it easier for you to hold your baby and process his/her food side-by-side. Food blenders have no doubt made cooking life much easier and have reduced the workload.

9. Nuby Mighty Blender

Parents throughout the world prefer steamed food for their babies because steam preserves nutrients and boosts Vitamin C production. Nuby Mighty Blender has taken this feature under special consideration.

22 Piece kit

The blender comes with a 22 piece kit set that contains everything you need to make food for the baby.

Stage selections

Out of all the baby food blenders available in the market, this is the only one that allows parents to select stages for the preferable texture of food ranging from finely mashed to chunky food to mini-meals for little munchkins.

Nuby Mighty Blender
blades for making purees and porridge according to baby’s preference, large bowls for storing abundant quantities of food for later use

Suitable for

This model is perfect for those parents who prefer to store large quantities of food. Going to grandma’s house has never been this easier before. You can carry it with you anywhere you want.

10. Bubos 5-in-1 Smart Baby Food Maker

This user-friendly food blender enables you to make nutritious and hygienic food for your baby in the blink of an eye.  The advantage of buying this blender is that you can easily cook, steam, defrost, and reheat your baby’s food with a simple push of a button. Make your life convenient with this blender since we all already know that a baby comes with a handful of responsibilities.

All the new parents stressing about their babies’ health relax because this blender is BPA free. You can cook your baby’s food without having to worry about harmful chemical reactions due to heat. 

Bubos 5-in-1 Smart Baby Food Maker
modified and the latest version, comes along with the cooking lid and spatulas thus help you to save money

11. QOOC 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker Pro

I always prefer meal preparation in advance for my baby. This saves me time and I know exactly what’s going in my baby’s tummy. QOOC has enabled me to perform this activity effectively

Single-handed multiple functions

The intuitive timing function based on food type is the best option for you to add this blender to your bucket list. The amazing part is that it can be operated single-handedly which saves you from the exhaustion of reading instructions again and again. I don’t have to worry about my toddler’s hunger pangs anymore. Pulsing every 5 seconds makes nutritious purees. I prepare the according to my time and availability.

QOOC 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker Pro
professionally designed keeping in mind convenience of parents

12. Tommee Tippee Quick Cook Baby Food Maker

Knowing your baby’s taste buds can be quite difficult. With Tommee Tippee you can now become the perfect chef for your baby. Delicious and healthy food serves as a great start to a baby’s day and keeps their mood in check.

Automatic timer

The Automatic Timer makes this blender worth buying. You can throw your veggies, fruits, set the timer, and voila! How easy is that? Saves you time and effort. This blender is best for long-term use since it can make foods ranging from the simple first stage to larger meals.

Tommee Tippee Quick Cook Baby Food Maker
safe to use and easier to clean, built-in steam quality

13. Braun Multi Quick 5 maker and Food Blender

Having Braun Multi Quick Food Blender is like having a personal assistant for your baby. I love this blender because it performs all the functions be it grinding, mixing, steaming, re-heating you name it!

Splash Control Technology

Moms and Dads take control of your baby’s health with this blender. The biggest advantage of having this blender is that it is equipped with Splash Control Technology that will help you to ditch the manual cleaning process. You and your baby can now have a full of nutrition diet with this BPA free blender. The price is also budget-friendly.

Braun Multi Quick 5 maker and Food Blender
comfortable grip, super-fast power, and grip, splash technology which makes it unique and user-friendly

Ideal for

Ideal for those mothers who like to have the cutest kitchen items. The ergonomic design of this food blender will make the perfect food for your baby and maintain the aesthetics of your kitchen.


All the blenders are top picks. I love;

Having a blender in your kitchen is a vital part of parent-hood. It allows you not only to save your time but also to keep a track of your baby’s health. Steamed and nutritious food is essential for a baby’s physical and mental growth.

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