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Children grow and improve as they get old. [1] According to some research, for kids age 2-5 years-old, their conversational abilities were becoming stable. Different levels of their grammar fluency were also gain and vary from child to child. Some kids may excel in one area, such as speaking but may be left behind in other areas that other kids of his age are very capable of doing. Children at the age of 5 mostly know how to control their emotions and solve simple problems. How your 5-year-old reacts to various stimuli provides a clue on their development. Kids at this age were transparent; you can quickly determine what’s going on inside them. Giving them gifts to help them improve more is an excellent idea.

Things to consider in buying the best gifts for 5-year-old boys

Knowing the things to consider in buying gifts for a 5-year-old boy will bring ease and assurance that what you will hand them will be worth buying and surely be appreciated by them. The art of gift-giving plays an essential role in children’s lives. [2]“Kids learn through play” this phrase is widespread and often written or heard everywhere, considering this fact makes it vital for parents to choose the right gifts to give a child. Here are some things to consider that will help you decide on what to purchase for your boys:


These days, the quality of toys or kids’ stuff improved so much compared to those we had as a kid 20 years ago. Keeping the quality of the things that we give to our kids is a must, and parents or guardians must be mindful of the quality of materials used. It is essential to ensure that what we are giving them is beneficial to them.


There are a lot of things, especially toys, that are available everywhere. [3]Parents usually choose kids’ toys on how colorful or enticing a toy can be, or some might contemplate the features and how much they cost without checking the safety or hazards it might cause to the environment. With this, kids have toys that are high in toxic levels, which may lead to health problems such as asthma or any other ailments. Reading and doing research will provide adequate information on which toys are safe and which toys to avoid.

Encourages Creativity

Kids love to discover, and allowing them to express and enhance their creative minds will help them a lot as they grow. If kids watch a toy move without them needing to do anything, it will be no fun. It will just bore them, and they will not develop any skills from it. Kids by nature are imaginative; providing them with suitable toys to improve will be beneficial. Through creative play, they will have a chance to explore and express their thoughts; develop and discover words. It is an excellent way to help them build their communication skills. You might find them talking to themselves and making imaginary situations.

Encourages Learning

Toys of different designs, colors, or can move around, or have good lights are fun, but we have to make sure that it is beneficial to them or can encourage learning. At their age, kids tend to absorb knowledge quickly; parents must grab the chance to choose toys that will make kids think, solve problems, or will require them to build things.

Promotes Physical Activity

 Nowadays, most kids enjoy virtual games and gadgets of many kinds; they do not bother to step outside their houses to have fun with friends and sweat. Although the digital world offers endless entertainment, we know that being continuously exposed to gadgets will bring us no good. Toys that require movements are best to maintain a healthy body for our kids. A simple toy is better, for example; they can get moving by merely playing catch. There are a lot of toys that they can share with friends or siblings. These toys will help them maintain a healthy body and help kids build friendships and more pleasant to fellow kids.

It Grows with the Child

Quality toys are expensive, so it is advisable to choose toys that they will use as they grow. If you happen to purchase a toy that only lasts a few weeks, your child loses interest already; the chances are that it will end up in storage or donated. It is best to take some time to research to know that what you are about to purchase is worth buying. 


Find toys that entertain and enhance kids. It is not enough that their toys look enticing; they also have to help in children’s development and provide kids the chance to use their senses as they play. Studies have shown that sensory activities have something to do with how children develop their personality, social involvement or participation, and their whole being. Their developed sensory skills will bring them far in the future.

Promotes Learning

We all want that what we give to others, especially to kids, will be helpful. Finding something that promotes learning will be a lot of help to both parents and kids. [4]A study stated that finding suitable toys according to the age of children meets children’s needs, and regularly having them play with it stimulates learning. Go for the toys that encourage gross and fine motor skills or make kids engaged in creative play.

Best Gifts for 5-Year-old Boys

5-year-olds learn a lot of things around them. They are on the stage where they tend to gather knowledge and experience to develop or grow. Providing suitable toys to boost their acquired skills on their previous developmental stage will serve as a big help as they are getting older. [5]Studies have shown that during this age, children do not classify their toys according to their gender. It shows that girls are more conscious of what toys to play with according to their gender identity; usually, people use colors to identify which toys are for girls/boys. Knowing that kids at this age have a lot of exploration to make, seeing them appreciate the gifts you gave them is priceless. Here is a list of best gifts for 5-year-old boys:

1.      Lego Classic Large Creative Brick Box

Lego Classic Large Creative Brick Box
Lego bricks that will bring out the creativity in your child to be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

A set of legos for a gift would be great, especially if the child has a rich imagination to build whatever he wanted. If he happens to be not so creative, lego can help kids awaken their creativity and inspire them to make different objects out of the blocks. Legos don’t grow old, and even adults can join and enjoy the time that they will be sharing with kids using these. This classic lego kit has 33 different colored bricks, making it fun and exciting to use. This toy set comes with several windows and doors with different styles allowing kids to do more designs and have unlimited building possibilities.

2.      Obudy kids Construction Forts

Obudy Kids Construction Forts
A great toy that will fuel a child's imagination and discoveries.

These construction forts would make a great gift not only for 5-year-olds but also to the older kids, so it’s a fantastic toy to share with friends or siblings. These toys will help children open their minds to building and creating new and different things out of the forts. These construction toys foster creative thinking and long hours of a busy, fun time. Playing with these forts is an excellent way to keep children away from gadgets. These are durable toys made with high-quality plastic material and easy to use. Kids can build different things like a cave, tunnel, castle, and many more. The possibilities are endless. This toy comes with a storage bag to keep and secure the pieces, making it portable, easy to carry, and enjoy anywhere.

3.      Willfun Pogo Ball with Handle

Willfun Pogo Ball with Handle
A great toy to encourage kids to exercise as they play.

Having kids play pogo is beneficial to them. Kids will learn to balance their bodies well and strengthen their legs as they bounce to prevent falling. Pogos are suitable for active children, a great way to burn their extra energy and serve as their exercise. These pogo toys are made from earth-friendly material and have a durable bounce board that can accommodate kids of all ages, including adults, for it has an adjustable length. Its board is designed to be anti-slip for the safety of the users. This pogo is a great option to keep kids busy and to keep their bodies active.

4.      YEEBAY Shooting Game Toy for Age 5-10+ Years Old kids

YEEBAY Shooting Game Toy for Age 5-10+ Years Old Kids
Great pass-time toy during the pandemic, provides hours of happy and active  playtime.

These are great shooting games that your kids will enjoy, and they will keep them busy playing. This toy set is well-made from quality materials and non-toxic-made safe for kids. These are durable and will last a long time. These are lightweight, and what’s impressive about the guns are they do not need batteries to function. These can be used even to play and shot each other, and nobody will get hurt, for the balls used in guns are foam. These indeed the best toys to bind children closer as they play. Your little boy will surely love this as a gift, and you can spend time playing together as you guide him in using this toy.

5.      SNAPTAIN SP350 Mini Drone for Kids/Beginners, Portable Throw’n Go

This mini drone an amazing toss toy that requires no remote control to function. It can drift swiftly in a circle at high speed after it’s thrown in the air. It will bring excitement to kids as they learn to handle it. Kids can adjust the toy’s speed according to what they prefer. The mini drone can fly up to 21 minutes using three rechargeable batteries to prolong the fun. It can also fly in circles. At a low price, compared to others, this one is a great buy. It is well-made and looks beautiful, it indeed is worth buying and no doubt, you kid will love it.

6.      AUUGUU Dinosaur Race Car Track

AUUGUU Dinosaur Race Car Track
An interesting toy set with dinosaurs that will provide your kids long hours of entertainment.

Young boys love dinosaurs. With this toy, they will surely lend their time building the car tracts in arranging them. This toy set comes with battery-operated cars, two realistic dinosaur figures, plastic trees, gates, and 144 pieces of tracts that are flexible and easy to use. They will use their problem-solving skills in assembling the tracts and be sociable as they share this toy with their playmates. This toy also promotes imaginary play, enables kids to improve their creative imaginations. This dinosaur toy set is earth-friendly, safe to use for kids three and up for it is BPA-free, durable, and made from non-toxic materials.                

7.      Hedgbobo Balloon Powered Car with a Manual Balloon Pump

Most kids love balloons and cars; if your kid is one of them, choosing to purchase this toy will be a great decision. This toy set comes with a balloon pump, two toy cars, and twelve balloons of different colors.  The colors that made up this toy set will surely entice kids. All edges of these toys were made rounded and smooth for child safety, and the materials used were all non-toxic to make sure that they will not be harmful to kids. These will make an excellent gift for 5-years-olds because it’s a combination of an experiment toy and an educational toy in one. Kids will be fascinated by how things work when they experience setting this up to work. Children will have the chance to develop their cognitive skills while playing.

8.      The Original Air Fort Build a Fort in 30 Seconds, Inflatable Fort for Kids

The Original Air Fort Build a Fort in 30 Seconds, Inflatable Fort for Kids
An easy to use air fort to bind your families and provide enjoyable time to your kids.

This air fort will provide kids the freedom of unlimited creative play. Using this fort, kids will have the chance to grow their imaginations more. It is spacious enough to be shared with family and friends. It is a great tool to make families bond and a great alternative to kids’ screen time. It is straightforward to assemble, and all it needs to inflate is a standard box fan. It comes with a carrying bag to make storage much easy and tidy.

9.      BANIROMAY 5ft Kids Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

Children, especially 5-year-olds, have a lot of energy to spare. Giving a trampoline as a gift will surely excite them. These trampolines are safe enough for kids to use. They have a stable frame that will be good on any surface, whether indoors or outdoors, and a non-slip pad that will make no noise while jumping. It also has closure to make sure that kids will not fall out. These are strong enough to resist up to 250 Lb. You don’t have to worry about leaving it outdoors, for it is rust-resistant; has a breathable mat for excellent bounce performance. Playing on a trampoline will serve as an exercise and help develop kids’ muscles; they will gain a healthy body through play.

10.  The Original Stump Rocket Stump

The Original Stump Rocket Stump
This is an interesting toy that will gain your kids' attention. The perfect tool to keep kids away from gadgets.

This rocket stump is just suitable for kids who love discoveries. This toy also requires kids’ energy to make it work at its best. It will make kids do some exercise like running, jumping, and stumping. It will be a great way to burn the extra energy stored in kids. It’s also notable that this toy doesn’t need batteries to operate. Having this toy is a fun way to keep kids from electronic devices and convince them to play outside and make friends, which is also essential in growing kids. This toy set comes with three types of planes: the looper, wildcat, and glider; it also has a rocket launch stand that is sturdy enough and serves as support, a stomp pad, and an air host. With this kind of toy, children will be interested in learning science and engineering while they play.

11.  WESPREX Remote Control Walking Dinosaur T-Rex with Water Mist Spray

Most kids love dinosaurs, especially the boys. This walking dinosaur is an exciting toy that indeed brings excitement to kids. This toy will serve as a perfect gift, and they will surely love it. This dinosaur is battery-operated. It is made of high-quality plastic and non-toxic materials and meets safety standards. Its exciting features were the water mist spray that has seven colors. It can also walk and roar and have glowing eyes.  

12.  Bixbee Kids Sleeping Bag, Children’s Nap Mat, Shark

Bixbee Kids Sleeping Bag, Children's Nap Mat, Shark
This is a functional gift to give, children will look cool with this sleeping bag.

This sleeping bag is so cute. 5-year-old still love play-pretend; they will surely love imagining and encourage a play using this before going to bed. They can look fantastic with this as they watch their favorite cartoon on a couch; they will feel cozy. This sleeping bag will make a perfect gift for it is functional. Children can bring this to their slumber party or during long trips where they need to sleep or nap. It is beautifully made soft and will bring comfort to your kids; it also has a full zipper and a handle to carry it quickly after use.

13.  Vtech Kidizoom Twist Connect Camera

Vtech Kidizoom Twist Connect Camera
The perfect toy to let kids enjoy and express their creative sides by taking photos.

Kids nowadays love taking selfies using parent’s phone. They love striking a pose or take pictures of things that surround them. Giving this vetch camera as a gift will surely make them happy and encourage them to get creative in every picture that they will take.  What will inspire them more to take beautiful photos are the available special effects, including stamps, frames that they can use to beautify their shots. There are 50 available decorations that they can use. It can also be used to record videos and sounds. With this toy, they can communicate and mingle with friends to store photos for memories to keep. They will be improving their creativity and will gain interest in photography.

14.  BANZAI Bump N Bounce Body Bumpers

These body bumpers offer a lot of fun and physical activity to kids. These toys were the right gift to give to a 5-year-old boy. Most boys love games that require them to move and consume their energies. These bumpers will allow kids to bump to each other without causing harm to playmates. These bumpers were created using PVC construction, making them durable for a strong impact. In the package, a repair patch is also included in case of a setback. These will keep kids outdoors and play with friends. Kids will become sociable and establish a friendly relationship with other kids and have a chance to enhance their speech more. Not only they will gain a healthy body, they will also improve emotionally.

15.  Superhero Capes for Kids Super-Hero Costumes for Boys

5-year-olds have their superhero idols, especially the boys. They love copying the action moves that their favorite hero is making. If your 5-year-old loves a superhero, this will make an excellent gift for them. These capes are suitable for kids 4-to 12 years of age. These have velcro to allow kids to put them independently. These capes were from high-quality materials that feel smooth to the skin, and it is double-sided to make it look better and adds up comfort to kids as they wear it.  This costume allows kids to have a creative play. They will have the opportunity to enhance their creative imaginations.

16.  My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things: For Little Learners Who Want to Know Everything

My Encyclopedia of Very important Things: For Little Learners Who Want to Know Everything.
A book that will feed kids' curious minds and will encourage them to love learning.

5-year-old are starting to get curious about anything or everything around them. If your child shows interest and curiosity, then this will fit to give as a gift. With this book, kids will learn a lot, almost anything that their young mind can think of. With the colorful pages and exciting stories about animals, planets, dinosaurs, and more, undoubtedly, the kids will be inspired by this book. This book offers a lot of learning for your big boy. He not only gain knowledge, but he will also be encouraged to learn to read. The colorful images and pages will awaken their creative minds to love art.

17.  Shifu Orboot (App Based): Augmented Reality Interactive Globe for Kids

Shifu Orboot: The Educational Augmented Reality Based Globe
The ideal gift that you can give to a curious kid to awaken his curiosity and eagerness to learn.

This shifu orboot interactive glove is an incredible gift that you can give to a child. It is educational and exciting at the same time. It is like traveling the world in the comfort of your home. It offers hands-on experience to kids. The package comes with a travel kit, passport, stamps, and more stickers and a help guide to make learning and playing easy. You can download orboot app for free on ios and android. The orboot app will allow kids to explore 1000+ facts about cultures, animals, inventions, and many more from different countries. This toy is beneficial because it offers kids chances to gain knowledge and feed their imaginations.

18.  Hape Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run Construction

Hape Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run Construction
A durable toy that will last longer and provide hours of fun; great alternative for gadgets.

This marble run is an amazing and great-quality toy that will make a perfect gift to your boy. Kids will be encouraged to learning in STEM concepts. This toy set may be a perfect tool for the whole family bond as they were setting up the marble run. It encourages kids to develop their problem-solving skills and spatial thinking. Having this toy will provide kids plenty of hours, keeping them busy while developing their natural skills. It is a great way to pull kids away from their electronic gadgets. Hape toys are known for their toys made of high-quality woods and are painted carefully, making sure no edges were rough, using non-toxic paint to provide a safe play experience for kids.

19.  Toysery Kids Archery Bow and Arrow

Toysery Kids Toy Bow & Arrow Archery Set
A fun toy set that your kid will enjoy; provides hours of active play.

This archery bow and arrow can be played by your kids both indoors and outdoors. It is a great toy set for your active kids, plus your child can develop their hand and eye coordination skills as he plays and sharpen his archery skills. What’s more interesting about this toy set is flashing lights and sounds, activated as kids shoot arrows on the target. This toy set is easy to use and assemble, and it has a hook that you can use to hang it anywhere. These are made of high-quality non-toxic materials and are durable that can be used often. Guaranteed safe for children to use.

20.  Gamewrigth Outfoxed! A Cooperative Whodunit Board Game for Kids

Gamewrigth Outfoxed! A Cooperative Whodunit Board Game for Kids
A great game to teach kids cooperation; provides bonding with friends and family.

This cooperative board game is quite a fantastic gift option for kids. They will learn to share this game and communicate well while learning to cooperate as they play. Kids have to work as a team and collect clues using their detective skills before the blameworthy fox disappears. The whole family can play this board game. Bonding and playing altogether.

21.  Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Motorized Track Set

This hot wheels criss cross crash motorized track set will give your kids long hours of fun and excitement game. Your 5-year-old will surely love these. I barely know a young boy that doesn’t have an interest in toy cars.  This toy set will make a perfect gift, especially to kids who love playing with race cars. Undoubtedly, this will bring happiness to a child, plus it can also be shared and enjoy with siblings or friends. Children will not only develop their communication skills, but they will also be exposed to problem-solving while setting the tract and imaginary play.

22.  Cafferia Kids Walkie Talkies

Cafferia Kids Walkie Talkies
An interactive fun toy that your child will enjoy; useful and very fun to use.

These walkie-talkies are fun to use around the house, outdoors, during trips, and everywhere kids prefer. Within a two-mile range, these walkie-talkies still have a clear sound. These are made smaller especially designed for kids’ use. Kids can get creative and add this toy while playing hide and seek to make it more fun. Children will enhance their speech while playing with it. They will also have the opportunity to engage in a creative play and use their rich imaginations while using it. These will make a perfect electronic gift for kids. Its radiation power is too low to be harmful to kids. These are made from earth-friendly materials that suit kids and are made durable.

23.  BMAG 120 PCS Magnetic Building Blocks

BMAG 120 PCS Magnetic Building Blocks
Magnetic building blocks for all ages; provides hours of fun and creativity.

These are beautiful and colorful building blocks that kids can share and can get creative building anything that they can think of. These are fun and educational, encourages imagination. Kids can build buildings, figures, and even vehicles because there are wheels provided. The colorful magnets will make your blocks stand taller and prevent them from falling. This toy set comes with 120 pcs basic shapes and cars. These will serve as a fun gift for children that loves building and creating. These magnetic blocks are safe for kids to play with; each piece was made from quality plastic. Children can play with these blocks together and share ideas while they play.

24.  What Should Danny Do? (The Power to Choose Series)

What Should Danny Do?
A well-written book that will educate kids about their actions.

5-year-olds have their naughty sides but also can understand and think well. This book is an excellent gift to kids and serves as a reflection book for them. This book contains nine stories that kids will love, and the lesson that they will gain will bring impact to them. It is a book on behavior that will make kids think of how they respond to what’s happening around them. According to the customers’ reviews at, teachers find these book helpful in imparting the value of making decisions of kids that will lead to another.

25.  Star Projector MOQOKI Night Light Lamp

Star Projector MOQOKI Night Light Lamp
Beautiful Star projector that will make kids love bedtime.

Add a little bit of fun to your child’s bedroom with this night light lamp. Kids will surely enjoy staring at the designs until they fall into sleep. It projects the night sky full of stars that have different colors on walls or ceiling. This toy encourages imaginative play and eases the fear of room darkness. It is also best to take it along during camping to make the tent look fantastic. It will be the best gift to a 5-year-old, both boys and girls, because who wouldn’t want to stare at the stars before going to sleep?

26.  Sillbird STEM Building Blocks Robot for Kids

Sillbird STEM Building Blocks Robot for Kids
An excellent robot toy that your kid will surely love and enjoyed while learning.

This STEM building block robot is the best educational gift that you can give on any occasion. Kids, especially boys, love robots, so you don’t have to worry if they will like it or not. What’s more interesting about this robot is it is educational and will keep kids busy building and playing with it. It can be operated using a remote control. Its remote control is user-friendly to let kids use it efficiently. It can also be controlled using an app that is connected through Bluetooth. This toy will make kids enhance their critical thinking, developmental skills; promotes creativity and hand-eye coordination.  Children will build social bonds and relationships with fellow kids by sharing this toy.

27.  Toddler Scooter, TONBUX 3 Wheel Kick Scooter for Toddlers, Kids Age 3-8

Toddler Scooter, TONBUX 3 Wheel Kick Scooter for Toddlers, Kids Age 3-8
An ideal gift for an active kid; will serve as an alternative to gadgets.

Giving a scooter as a gift to a child will surely make him happy. Scooters develop the balancing skills of kids. It has an adjustable height so that it can grow with your kid. Its wheels will light up as your kid glides; the scooter head will need AAA batteries to make it light too. Having a scooter will encourage kids to play outdoors and spend some time with friends. This scooter’s deck is made to make kids play comfortably, and it is easy to operate. It is an excellent alternative for electronic gadgets and to keep your kids moving.

28.  Learn & Climb Science Kit for Kids

Learn & Climb Science Kit for Kids
A kit that will entertain and let kids learn while discovering science.

5-year-olds love to discover and are always curious; this learn & climb science kit will satisfy their hunger for knowledge. Kids will indeed be surprised by experiments. The interactive experiments brought by this kit will provide hours of entertainment and learning to your little boy. Consider this kit as a gift to give your child, and you can be sure that he will love it. The box includes a 24 pcs kids science kit except for the typical household items like water, eggs, and oil. The other ingredients and apparatus needed to experiment were inside the box. There is an available video with step-by-step instructions so that kids can quickly perform their experiment. All components were child-safe. This kit allows kids to do their experiments like a scientist. They can explore, learn and discover while having fun.

29.  Learning Resources Pretend and Play Fishing Set

Learning Resources Pretend and Play Fishing Set
A fishing toy set that will provide hours of fun of play-pretend.

These fishing sets encourage imaginative role-playing and provide kids the chance to get social and interact with fellow kids while doing pretend play. It surely will entertain your kids and make them busy playing. Kids will enhance their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination in playing. All the pieces included in this set were kept safe by the sturdy plastic box. There is also an activity guide included that has six pages of fishing activities. This fishing set will be a good buy and will make a perfect gift for your 5-year-old.

30.  Mimton Drawing Stencils for Kids

Learning Resources Pretend and Play Fishing Set
A complete set of drawing tools that your kids will surely appreciate.

Kids will love to have these drawing stencils, especially if they are already interested in drawing. Awaken your kid’s creative abilities with these art sets. This drawing stencil kit includes a sketchbook, 20 plastic stencils, 15 colored pencils with a case, a sharpener, and a mechanical pencil. It is complete and ready to enjoy by the kids. These will enhance their creativity and let kids improve their drawing skills. With these stencils that are plenty, kids can do their artwork together to make it much enjoyable.

31.  Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart

If your 5-year-old boy receives like this as a gift, he will surely jump for joy. This sporty-looking go-kart has an adjustable seat to cater to kids with different heights and still make them comfortable. It has a rubber wheel to make driving more smooth and has a front cover with a hero design, making it look cooler. With this stylish go kart, kids can play pretend to be a hero and use their rich imagination. This kart can load up to 120 lbs weight of kids. This pedal go kart will be a great tool to make kids spend their time outdoors and mingle with other kids to gain friends. By making friends, kids will develop their communication skills, and they will learn to get more sociable.

Final thoughts:

If I were to give a gift to a 5-year-old boy, my first choice would be , I love how cute this product is. I also like that it will spark kids’ curiosity and eventually lead to a willingness to learn and discover. Secondly, , I’m recommending this book because upon thinking, having kids learn to listen and finally become more responsible in their action is something that I wanted for my kids too. Third, The Original Stump Rocket Stump I find this one interesting, and I love that it will require kids to exert effort to make it work so, it’s an exercise plus play, plus learning in one.

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