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Pregnancy comes with a lot of physical body changes especially around the hips and the burst. The struggle comes on what to wear with weight gain, change in size and shape, and the continuous growth of the baby bump to the 3rd trimester.[1] Are you stuck wondering what type of coats to include in your wardrobe for the cold season? You can keep warm and still look chic, presentable, and elegant during pregnancy with the available variety of maternity coats in the market. There is no need to struggle with dressing during winter!

Qualities of good maternity coats


A good maternity coat should be able to take you through pregnancy and into motherhood. A lot is spent buying a maternity coat, so, it should be just a one-time thing that you wear during pregnancy and keep it after. You should be able to use it for the longest time possible.


The coat should be spacious enough to accommodate the baby bump until the end of the pregnancy. You wouldn’t want a coat that is too tight for you and your baby. Pregnancy itself is sometimes uncomfortable therefore you need a little bit of loose cloth to breathe.


It takes a lot to buy a maternity coat, therefore, a good coat should be able to serve you for several occasions to avoid the frustrations of having to buy several different other coats that can be damn expensive. You should be able to wear the coat everywhere and to every event. A good maternity coat should be able to serve you during pregnancy, after pregnancy, and when nursing for babywearing.


The main reason for buying a coat is to keep you warm, therefore, a good coat should be warm enough for you and your unborn child especially during cold weathers such as winter. During pregnancy the immune system of a mom tends to be low, therefore a warm coat keeps off any viral or bacterial infection caused by cold temperatures by providing warmth.

 Fitted with a panel

A good coat must have a front panel that is fitted with a zip, buttons, or left free but with a belt to tie. This creates ease of opening, removal, dressing, closing, and adjustment when the bump grows or when the coat becomes too warm.  The panel can also help in carrying the baby after delivery.


During pregnancy, women tend to perspire more than others and this means sweating more and losing more heat. A good maternity coat should be made of a breathable material to avoid any discomfort due to sweating and heat. The air should circulate freely for easy breathing.

Waterproof outer shell

The maternity coat should be made with a waterproof material to protect you and the baby from cold temperatures and rain.

Considerations when buying maternity coats

As the pregnancy grows from one trimester to the next, the body changes in terms of weight, size, and shape due to the growing baby bump and baby fat. Before buying any maternity coat, put the following into consideration:


Above all other considerations made when choosing a maternity coat, ensure comfort is number one. Buy a maternity coat that you are comfortable in, not harsh or allergic to the skin, and is well-fitting with the right allowance.


Purchase a coat that is within your budget. Don’t strain in buying an outfit that you can’t afford just because it is marketed as stylish or trendy. Stick to one rule; you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.


The real essence of a coat is to provide warmth for you and the unborn child. Consider buying a coat that is warm for you and the unborn baby especially during cold seasons like winter. The best material to keep warm during such a time is wool.


Choose a coat made of a material that is of high quality that will be durable. The coat should be able to last you during and after pregnancy. Buying a coat is an expensive affair, so, there is no need of buying it for that much if you will only use it once. The coat should be worth the money spent buying it.


Choosing a color depends on your taste and preference. Choose a coat of a color that you are in love with and comfortable in. I would prefer a neutral color like grey, black or blue among others.


When buying a coat, consider the weather conditions around where you live. When expecting winters, buy winter coats to protect you and your baby from the harsh cold weather. You can wear a light coat during summer and other weather, just ensure you are safe and comfortable.

Easy cleaning

During pregnancy, one tends to sweat a lot and the coat gets dirty easily. Therefore, to be on the safe side, buy a coat that is easy to clean to be re-used. It also saves on time; energy and the coat don’t wear out easily. Check the label of the coat carefully to identify the method of cleaning to maintain the coat’s color and appearance over time.[2]


Choose a coat that is fitting and not too tight for you and the growing baby bump. Choose a coat that you are free and comfortable in. You need some space to breathe! Many companies make coats of different sizes therefore, only choose what fits your size.


Pregnancy comes with a lot of body changes including weight and shape. Every trimester means a weight gain or loss and a growing baby bump. Therefore, choose a coat of your size that may push you throughout the pregnancy and can hold the growing bump until the end of the third trimester. Always ensure your comfort comes first.

Waterproof and insulated

If you live in very cold rainy areas, ensure you check the label of the coat you are buying to determine if its outer shell is waterproof and the coat is insulated for maximum warmth and safety.

Style and Design

Design and style are personal choices since every mom’s taste are different. Go for a design and style that suits you from the prints/patterns to color to orientation and appearance. Maternity puts someone out of shape and you do not have to look buggy, old, and oversized just because you are pregnant. Choose a design that still makes you look like the young beautiful lady you are.


Consider what the coat will be used for. Will it be worn to work, events, or for keeping warm at home when winter strikes? Choose coats for the right functions to avoid the coat lying idle in your closet because you can’t use it. The coat should have buttons or a zipper for easy opening and closing and an adjustable waist as the pregnancy grows.

14 Best Maternity Coats

1.     French Terry Pea Coat

This comfortable and cozy coat is made of 57% cotton and 43% polyester. This coat’s fit and fabric will take you through and after the pregnancy and, it has a removable waist tie that can be adjusted as the bump grows.

Women's Maternity Shawl Collar French Terry Pea Coat with Removable Waist Tie
This coat is not only comfortable and durable but also easy to clean.

2.     3-in-1 Sweatshirt Fleece Hoodie Jacket

This warm and cozy hoodie jacket is suitable for maternity during all seasons including winter. It has an allowance for a third maternity panel that helps to hold the baby. The jacket can be worn to keep warm and protect you and the baby from cold and can also be worn during regular occasions like travel. The panels can be removed so the jacket can be worn as a regular coat.

3.     Waterproof and windproof Down Duffle Maternity Coat

This coat is suitable for winter to protect you and the baby from wind and cold. The panel attached to it is detachable so the coat can be used with and without the baby. It is 100% polyester making it very cozy and warm.

4.     Hooded Toggle Down Parka Pregnancy Winter Coat

This jacket is warm and comfortable to protect against wind and cold weather. The hoodie is removable and it has exterior hand pockets to keep hands warm. It is available in all sizes and has an adjustable string at the back to give you a flattery chic look during every stage of your pregnancy.

5.     Kangaroo Maternity Hoodie Coat Sweatshirt

This coat is fitted with a front pocket that is detachable and it is warm and cozy to protect you and your baby against cold and wind. The pocket helps in carrying the and to ensure the baby is safe, hold the baby with your hand while in the pocket. It is 75% cotton,20% polyester and 5% spandex.

Kangaroo Hoodie Coat for Mom and Baby Maternity Coat Jacket Sweatshirts
The product has a variety of colors and sizes to choose from and is very comfortable.

6.     Maternity Light Cover Up Jacket

This maternity jacket is light, breathable comfortable, and above all, stylish for nursing mothers. This is a must-have for any nursing mother since it makes breastfeeding easy. It is made of high-quality material that is soft and durable.

7.     Women’s Prue Quilted Parka Coat Pregnancy Winter Jacket

This 100% polyester fill weather-resistant maternity coat has been fitted with an adjustable interior elastic drawstring to ensure your comfort. This coat protects you and the baby you are carrying. The coat fitting can also be adjusted as the baby bump grows to give you a stylish look.

Momo Maternity Outerwear Women's Prue Quilted Parka Coat Pregnancy Winter Jacket
This coat ensures the protection of you and the baby from cold and wind.

8.     Maternity Outerwear Wool Pea Coat Winter Jacket

This maternity coat is made of 70% wool with an A-line silhouette design to the baby bump fits as your baby grows through the pregnancy and it will also give you a stylish chic look after pregnancy. It is available in all sizes from small to extra-large. Wool is the best material to keep you warm during the cold winters.

Momo Maternity Outerwear Women's Stella Wool Pea Coat Pregnancy Winter Jacket
This is the best coat to keep you and the unborn baby warm in winter.

9.     Long Puffer Maternity Coat

This coat can be used pre and post pregnancy and can also be used for babywearing after delivery. It is also easy to use for nursing and the panel can be detached to be used as a regular coat. It is fitted with a zipper that makes dressing and removal easy.

Penelope 3 in 1 Long Puffer Maternity Coat
Apart from keeping warm, it can be worn as a regular coat after pregnancy and it is easy to clean.

10.  Outer Wear Wool Pleated Maternity Swing Coat

This is a perfect coat to give you a stylish look during pregnancy while protecting you and your unborn child from cold during the winter season. It is free and spacious for a comfortable fit as the baby bump grows.

Momo Maternity Outerwear Women's Jessie Wool Pleated Swing Coat Pregnancy Winter Jacket
This coat is a perfect design to give you a stylish look during pregnancy.

11.  Women’s Cindy Wool Trench Coat

It is very light and comfortable and it is fitted with a removable belt for adjustment appropriately as the belly grows. It is also stylish and warm, and can still fit after delivery. You want to look good in that pregnancy, this is what to go for.

12.  Zip Us In Jacket Expander Panel

Not everyone is ready to spend money buying a maternity coat or jacket reason being they are expensive. If you already have a jacket that is big enough at home, you can turn it into a maternity coat/jacket by attaching an expander panel to it. It will ensure you and the unborn baby is protected and the baby bump fits in perfectly well. It is comfortable and can still be used to carry the baby after birth. It is available in a grey color that is neutral and can be used in every jacket color.

Zip Us In Jacket Expander Panel
This product saves money, is durable and spacious to accommodate the baby bump.

13.  Women’s Parker Hooded Puffer Parka Pregnancy Coat

This water and windproof maternity coat ensure you and the baby are protected from wind and cold. It is comfortable and is fitted with an adjustable string on the waist. This ensures the pregnancy fits in every stage as the baby grows. The hood is also removable especially when not needed.

Momo Maternity Outerwear Women's Parker Hooded Puffer Parka Coat Pregnancy Winter Jacket
While ensuring you are protected from cold in winter, this coat gives you a stylish flattering look.

14.  Nina Hooded Vest Convertible Parka Coat Pregnancy Winter Jacket

The main feature of this coat that makes it different from other coats is the fact that it has removable sleeves and hood. In case it gets hot and you don’t feel like removing the coat, you can remove the sleeves and the hood to let out extra heat and get fresh air.

 Advantages of maternity coats

  • They are stylish and are designed to fit you and the growing baby bump perfectly so that you avoid the frustrations of wearing just any oversized coat that will make you look buggy and overloaded.
  • The coats are meant for pregnant women thus, are easy to use. They are easy to wear and remove and whenever you feel too much heat, the coat can easily be opened to allow free cool air circulation.
  • Most maternity coats can still be used before and after giving birth and can cover you and your baby to keep warm even if the baby is in a baby carrier.
  • Other maternity coats are 3 in 1 and can be converted to and used as a normal coat since after pregnancy the body readjusts to its original form before pregnancy.
  • The coats keep you and the unborn baby warm comfortable, and safe. During pregnancy, especially the first trimester, there are hormonal changes, indigestion, nausea, and unusual heat, therefore, dressing in a maternity coat gives utmost comfort due to its loose and free nature. Studies have shown that women wear maternity clothes for comfort and presentability.[3]
  • These coats boost one’s confidence. You do not have to feel shy about the pregnancy since most maternity coats are very stylish and comfortable to give an appealing and chic look to every pregnant woman
  • Pregnancy coats are worth investing in since some are made to enable babywearing and nursing/breastfeeding of the baby.

Tips and hacks for Maternity Winter Coats.

  1. When buying a maternity coat, ensure it has an adjustable waist for convenience and flexibility. The string, belt, or cinch will help you adjust the waste appropriately as the baby bump grows. These features can also make the wearing of the coat after pregnancy easy and stylish.
  2. When thinking about keeping warm in winter, wool can be the best fabric to consider for your coat; it is stylish and super warm.
  3. Consider buying coats with pleats and empire waistline since they are stylish and good for the baby bump’s growth. The features can still make the coat look stylish and suitable for use even after birth.[4]
  4. If you can’t afford to buy a new maternity coat, you can consider renting one that is less expensive as this will help you save on finances and still keep warm and safe.
  5. If you already own many coats and jackets, there is no need to buy another one. Just turn the coats you already have into a maternity coat by buying an expander panel and attaching it to your zipper. The fabric should be elastic to accommodate the growing baby bump through the pregnancy.
  6. Avoid wearing coats that are too tight for the baby bump since they are not free, your baby heat increases and there is no room to breathe properly.
  7. If planning to use the coat for nursing after pregnancy, consider one with a trench coat with a flap or a coat with the technology that allows breastfeeding.

Final Thoughts

Dressing for the cold season can sometimes be difficult with the baby bump growing from the first to the last trimester. There are a variety of affordable, good-quality trendy maternity coats that can keep you and the baby protected and still enhance your beauty. My top three maternity coats are: Momo Maternity Outerwear Women's Parker Hooded Puffer Parka Coat Pregnancy Winter Jacket, Momo Maternity Outerwear Women's Cindy Wool Trench Coat Pregnancy Winter Jacket and Momo Maternity Outerwear Women's Stella Wool Pea Coat Pregnancy Winter Jacket.

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